My little age is anywhere from 4-7 but it’s not very concrete bc I have really really bad time memory…and I’m autistic so I didn’t really act like a “normal” kid anyways 😭


I can totally relate! I also regress to around 7-9 (due to trauma as well) and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that age range. If you’re interested in regressing to a younger age I’m sure there are options, but still there are a lot of older regressors and lots of activities you can do as a 7 to 9y/o! I think this sub might have some helpful posts and/or my DMs are always open :D


The age thing is a big cognitive bias. The babies make more noise and post more about how exciting their regressions are. People regress to older ages as well, but just aren't as vocal about it, which gives the illusion that every age regressor is going to baby age. When I regress, I go to about 10, though it's not because of trauma or anything. I feel like a weird mutant too, and really appreciate when others share that they go to an older age as well.


Thanks that makes me feel a lot better.


Plenty of people have older "ages," although online at least most people seem to favor 0-4. You're totally normal.


I started looking at age appropriate school coloring page’s and fun activities. I myself can regress to a middle age you aren’t alone.


You don’t have to worry, I usually regress to around 0-9 and I know atleast 3 people on here who have said they regress to older than five. They shed you regress to some people like to call “middle” space instead of little space, so yes your a regressor you just regress to a different age


My regression is "8+"! I don't actually know *exactly,* but I just say that because it's the easiest way to describe how it is for me. I'm entirely independent as a regressor.


Around 6-8 my name's River nice to meet ya!