I want more friends from the agere community! :3



Hihi. My name's daemon and I'm a little socially awkward (makes me dry text sometimes when first meeting people) Im 18 and also nonbinary (afab) who uses he/they pronouns! ^^ we have similar interests and you seem like a nice person :3 so, hewo ^^


Hi I’m 19! My name is princess/buggy! I use any pronouns! I don’t use snap to talk or discord for anyone other than my cg though :(( do you have Instagram by any chance?


Yes I do! :3


Hey I’m 20 as well do you want to add each other and talk more?


Hi~ My names Jaz and I’m 22. I was just logging on and thinking if I had the guts to put a post out like this. I love art and nature. M’y go to game is Minecraft on PC and I just love having fun and meeting great people. ☺️ I’d love to have someone in this community to chat with more, since I really don’t know anyone else who has this similarity too


Hi! I’m tj, I’m 18 and regressed between 1-3, id love to be friends and snap/ chat sometime!(: