So I should just walk around in my office clothes all the time?! 🤔 good to know! 😉😂




I love to dress up… my favorite is wearing lingerie under and no one knows.


That is super hot to just read…can’t imagine how awesome it would be in reality…lol


That’s always a bonus!




Yes!!! I love it! I feel so sexy when I do that.


I really like dressing up to meet my AP, especially as I've been working from home since late 2018. He likes it as well, especially when I have some especially draughty lingerie under an especially conservative outfit. And when I showed up wearing a retro hat with a retro outfit, he discovered he has a near-fetish for hats. My only problem is that I've sorta forgotten how to walk in high heels.


🤣🤣🤣💀💀 at your heels comment. I've been out of corporate America for 7+ years and haven't worn heels since. Lol


If I asked nicely would you?


Sure. Just don't ask me to walk a mile for a Camel.


How are you heels holding up? Like you profile pic in heels. Cute.


Thank you. I confess I only wear them on dates, and I get annoying calf muscle spasms at times. I'm thinking I should wear them around the house now and then.


I find dresses extremely sexy. One, they look great, and two you can have instant access to what is under the dress anywhere. And the thought of two drives me crazy!


Haha yes this is why I wear dresses when I can.


A sexy woman will look sexy no matter what she's wearing......


Yup. And stretch pants. And jeans. And daisy dukes. And lingerie. And nude. Let's be honest, I like women in whatever they wear as long as it is not the typical attire for Walmart. The song "Show them to Me" by Rodney Carrington is like my life journey.


> I like women in whatever they wear as long as it is not the typical attire for Walmart. I agree with ***THIS\^*** although I *HAVE* seem some wonderful looking walmartians on occassion.


Now being attracted to women at Wal mart is something you should take to your grave. 😂😂


🤣🤣🤣🤣 Sorry, but I am attracted to hot women. Hot women are where you find them! Once in a while they can be seen at Walmart.


Stretch pants!!!!!


This is Kryptonite, makes me weak in the knees!


U definitely struck a cord here. High-powered business woman in work attire, glasses and hair in a messy bun. Holy hell if that’s not an amazing sight to see. 😍 And wonder what’s underneath it all. What’s she like behind closed and locked doors. What’s going thru her mind as she notices me looking at her in passing…😈 And then my mind goes right back on the express train to the fucking gutter 😂




Hey this guy has a little dick


Whenever I go out with SO or friends I dress this way. The problem is that men my age want one of 3 things, a purse, a nurse or arm candy. They don't want to get to know me. They judge everything by the outside. Too bad they never get to find out I'm intelligent, have a great sense of humor and real.


I get it. It’s unfortunate that a lot of people can’t appreciate the other side or aspects of someone beyond the surface.


It happens quite often.


Well dressed professional women are an eye turner for sure.




A sexy woman looks sexy in anything or nothing


I think there is something to be said for a well dressed woman. Sometimes leaving things to the imagination is fun.






Business suit eh, lol


Porn (which there is no shortage of … ) kind of ruins lingerie for me. It’s almost just another work uniform at this point. However, if a woman I know and like asks me to come in, and *she has put on lingerie just for me*, that’s a kind of personal act, and nice. But, honestly, I just find a woman who is comfortable, being herself, and relaxed around me to be the most sexy. So, maybe that’s a woman in her favorite T-shirt and jeans, eating ice cream on the sofa, and telling me a story about something we are both interested in, like Kierkegaard writing under various pseudonyms.


Lingerie used to matter more when I was younger, and I have consumed a fair amount of porn since then, so perhaps you are on to something. Frankly, though, my AP could be wearing a garbage bag and she'd still be the sexiest woman in the world to me.


I really like well dressed and turned out women. A smart business suit, cocktail dress or evening dress can all be so sexy. Similar effort in hair and makeup too is appreciated. Of course I then like to unwrap her to find out what is beneath. I often say (and mean it), that I find the effort a woman puts in to look good sexier than the raw material. An "average" looking woman who has really made an effort is far more attractive to me than some toned "babe" who just throws on sweat pants and top.


I put "average" in quotes because of course no-one is average, everyone is different and that is one of the things that makes life interesting.


Totally understand. And agree.


I fully support this post!


ExAP used to say that it turned him on for me to walk into the restaurant and I was dressed in long sleeves, skirt to the knees and heels. He would say that his imagination would go wild wondering what I was wearing underneath.


He’s right!!


I always thought he was right


A woman who is sexy is sexy no matter what she wears


Pencil skirts and heels will get a long look from me every time.


Definite fun to get your hands on a lady all dressed up in her power suit. Leave her all sweaty and tangled up. Preferably in her own office. 🥰


Yes! Absolutely! I find a well dressed women very sexy. Unfortunately, in today’s society, both women and men tend to dress like slobs.


Nope. The company I work for used to have a formal dress code. I don't find the clothing to be particularly sexy.


I love business suits or any office outfit for that matter. Its not just you. :) You can mix and match a lot and it looks sexy as hell :)


Very true!


Agree with you and some women do have those killer looking office attire which does get me thinking what does she wear underneath them. Had one such experience when i was visiting India 2 yrs back


Wow this is hot. Indian women can be really sensuous, specially married ones! Pls do share more details!


I wear the business attire for work and I often get that a lot from past AP's. They have requested me to wear a specific skirt or dress, and its always been a huge turn on.


It really doesn't matter to me, it's what's inside the person is what matters to me,so a Sharp dressed woman or one in lingerie it's all sexy 😍


Yes, I think women in business attire put off a very powerful aura, it’s an incredible turn on. Also it makes me think they are going start asking me why I haven’t turned in my TPS report.


I think my AP likes the idea of my nursing scrubs, with a sexy bra and panty set underneath. 🤣


Maybe if the woman’s body looks real good, so good that the silhouette is undeniable under expertly tailored and fitted business wear, especially more along the lines of haute couture fitting


Why do you care?