I keep a large collection of shower products. I get to choose a “flavor” every time I shower and that keeps things novel! I do the same with toothpaste as well :)


Yes! My fiance thinks I'm so strange for this. I buy these ridiculously expensive toothpastes. They're in bright colours, they have different words on them I can match to my mood (explorer, day dreamer, challenger, rising star) and really exiting flavours (citrus and bergamot, persimon and gin tonic, blackberry licorice). But it makes me so exited to brush my teeth, and it really helped me to maintain the routine of brushing twice a day!


Ooh! What’s the brand? I want to try fancy toothpastes!


It is called curaprox. I highly recommend their toothbrushes too, because their toothpastes are not as foamy as regular ones, and it combines very well with their soft toothbrush and a circular brushing technique (explanation comes with the toothbrush). Makes my teeth super clean and completely smooth when I run my tongue over them. Don't know if I was never taught how to brush properly or what, but this revolutionized my mouth hygiene even more than flossing. And I swear this is not an ad, haha. Just me being passionate and finally found someone showing interest in them!


Thank you! I’ll check it out.


Having a set routine helped me a lot (shampoo, rinse, conditioner, wash body, shave if I'm gonna, rinse, bask, get out) It also helps that I have a serious aversion to the way my hair feels at about the 3-day mark and that I have this really lovely feeling shower hairbrush thingy that makes washing my hair better. cutting 20ish inches off my hair also helped with that. I like my scrubby gadgets, I have this silicone scrubby thing that unlike a loofa feels nice and deals with my skin issues, and my hairbrush, and a back brush that hits just the right blend of scratchy and pleasant. Baking in a period to just enjoy the hot water without guilt, is really important for me otherwise my showers feel unfulfilled and incomplete.


What is this shower hairbrush thingie? I came across one a while ago and it looked SO good but then lost track of it.


Hair brush[hairbrush at walmart](https://www.walmart.com/ip/Shampoo-Scalp-Massage-Brush-Century-100-Made-in-USA-4-Pack-2-Black-and/176587357?athcpid=176587357&athpgid=AthenaItempage&athcgid=null&athznid=siext&athieid=v0&athstid=CS004&athguid=pYdUQedynoxHwm1KyAU02Ysv82GAAaYzo6oB&athancid=null&athena=true) This looks like mine, it is stiff plastic with lots of bristles and a finger loop. I've had mine nearly 10 years and my dad had one in excess of 20 years. We did buy them from our barbers so i don't know the brand.


I finally got my own shower hairbrush and it is SO NICE! I have super thick long hair and cleaning my scalp is both boring and exhausting, but this brush made it so much easier and it felt like I was getting a head massage. Thank you so much for the recommendation!


I am so glad it helps you


One easy trick: sit down in the shower. For me it's the standing around that turns the whole thing from relaxing to exhausting.


I feel the exact same way (I like not being rushed in the evenings but I’m so unmotivated when I am tired.) What helps me is: Treating it like a relaxing bath: 1. Candles 2. My favorite playlist 3. Scalp massager/shampoo brush 4. Body scrub that smells good and makes my skin feel smooth It’s not perfect and I hate the annoyance of a shower but this seems to help!


Don't know if this helps, but this is what I do: 1. I don't shower every day. I generally do it every 3-4 days, depending on if I'm sweaty or dirty. I wash my private parts and armpits every evening with a wash cloth, if needed also in the morning. If I am feeling completely disgusting one day after a shower, but don't want to go through the whole routine I shower without washing my hair. Dry shampoo helps a lot. 2. I have one shampoo, one soap, one conditioner. Some people have mentioned that they like having lots of choices as it excites them. This is not the case for me. The more choices, the more I get overwhelmed. 3. I don't shave, I wax every few weeks. If you do want to shave, maybe don't do it in the shower as it adds another step to an uncomfortable routine. If your routine is shorter and more uncomplicated, you might be more likely to do it. Maybe shower on day one, then shave on day two. 4. Set out all utensils you need before you shower (towels, soaps, lotions etc). Then you don't forget a step and you don't have to think about what to do anymore. 5. Take a bath if showering is too overwhelming. Watch Netflix while bathing, so it's more fun. Hope this helps! Especially the washcloth is something I can only recommend to everyone. You don't have to shower to be clean.


This was very helpful, thank you!!


I bought a japanese style shower stool and bucket. When I’m struggling to get into the shower because the idea of standing up and washing and using all the things stresses me out, I just stick the stool in the shower and just sit there nakey and let the water pour over me. For some reason being able to sit down makes it just a bit easier! Also, I like to fill up the bucket and dump it over my head every now and then. It keeps it interesting/refreshing.


That’s an awesome idea! I always feel the urge to sit while I’m showering but it’s sort of odd to just sit on the shower floor.


Let me tell you, dumping a bucket of nice hot water over your head is a feeling like NO other. The dopamine hit is top notch 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻


I love listening to music any chance I get so I always see showers as a time to listen to my favorite songs. I even got a shower speaker (that I always forget to charge). I usually shower when I get home from work and my feet hurt a lot so I’ve honestly started sitting down to shampoo and put conditioner in my hair the days I wash it. It still gets the job done but I get to just sit for a little while. I kept putting off showed because I didn’t feel like standing but one day I was like “wait why do I have to stand the whole time?” And that was honestly a game changer for me. I only wash my hair twice a week now (my hair is wavy/curly) so my daily showers are usually super short unless I have some good songs queued up! As for tips with hygiene in general, I kinda just take what I can get with myself at this point. I just started accepting my energy and motivation levels each day and stopped feeling ashamed when I don’t do certain things. I have my days where I’m highly motivated to take care of myself and some when I couldn’t care less. I just stopped being so hard on myself and that took a lot of pressure off of me and actually made me want to take care of myself a bit more often! This isn’t the best advice but I hope it helps!


Music is my motivator too. I queue the songs I want to listen to put them on the speaker, and then the shower is the stage, and I sing soooo loud and it makes me feel good. Singing gives you similar endorphins to exercise so I come out feeling good, I think that association over the last few years of not house sharing has reconditioned my brain to have positive associations.


I’m working on the acceptance thing, too. I feel like I have so many high expectations for myself that I will inevitably not meet. Is there anything you say to yourself specifically (like an affirmation or something) that helps you be compassionate to yourself?


I don’t really have a set mantra I say to myself, but I have just started questioning why I have to do things. Like why do I absolutely have to do this right now? I feel like we make all kinds of rules for ourselves to follow, when in reality it’s not as big of a deal as we make it. For example, I’ll feel guilty for sleeping in late. I don’t have class anymore and I don’t go into work until 3, so why should I feel guilty? Is it going to completely wreck my life if I sleep in a bit later? No, so I don’t have to make myself feel bad for doing it. I do things when they need to be done, but most of the time the things I “need” to do aren’t worth feeling guilty over.




I find it much easier to get into a bath. I love a hot bath and a good book. I bring water and sometimes chocolate and reheat it if it cools. Then, once I'm in, it's a lot easier to get myself to do the inconvenient chores like washing my excessively long hair or shaving my whole entire body. I hate showering and it's very hard to get myself to do it. I think I associate it with being in a rush as well as being overwhelming. I have also started to take short showers just for the pleasure of it, and not wash my hair or shave while I'm in there, and it's helping me have a more positive association with them. Good luck!


This is the only way I've ever been able to shower consistently: I downloaded the Routinery app. I built my morning routine as follows: * weight check [1 min] * meds [3 mins] * ADHD warmup [40 mins] I found I really need a minimum of 40 minutes in the morning after taking my meds to scroll through reddit and I heard a podcast that allowing yourself this warmup time is critical for us ADHDers to have a successful day. I tried to go down to 30 minutes but I kept running over by 10 minutes so I just accepted I need it to be 40. * Make bed [1 min] * Laundry swap [7 mins] (either starting a new load, moving a load to the dryer, or taking a load out of the dryer and folding it) * Clean [15 mins] (I give myself 15 minutes to clean whatever needs it - might be doing dishes, or taking out recycling, or tidying a room) * Floss and brush teeth [3 minutes] * Shower [12 minutes] I tinkered with this routine until I found the optimal daily steps for me. On the first day I set a timer to see how long a typical shower for me actually took [much less time than I thought] and went from there. I also bought a bluetooth speaker for my shower so I listen to about 3 songs in there which is enjoyable. * Hair care [2 mins] I think having wet hair was a big roadblock for me showering, but I got a microfiber hair wrap thing, so I just brush my hair and twist it up in that. Then 15 minutes later it's almost dry, still a bit damp, and I take the wrap off and twist my hair into a bun and clip it. When it's fully dry I take the clip out and have frizz free waves. I used to think I had to blow dry my hair to look presentable and I hated getting hot under the dryer. * Skin care [2 mins] * Makeup [7 mins] * Get dressed [5 mins] Moral of the story is you have to tinker around and find hacks that work for you. Personally, just having the shower routine figured out wouldn't have worked for me, it needs to be set in my overall morning routine for me to do it when I have momentum.


Thank you for sharing! Was this something you built up over time (starting with a couple things and then building on?) or did you just start by doing it all?


(idk if this helps you personally, but) before i go to the bathroom, i play a random song from my playlist and have a challenge, that i have to be dry until the song stops playing. (Gives adrenalin and dopamine etc.) ( I wash my hair separately, bcs i dont like the feeling of wet hair standing up.) And while washing hair, i have the same strategy. I shower one day, second day hair, then shower, then hair...


1. I habit chunk it with going to the gym. I’ve splurged on the fancy gym with a steam room and I lovelovelove the steam room. Then once I’ve steamed, well I may as well shower. 2. Use products to motivate me. I found a body wash that I really love the scent of, but it fades fast. So if I want that scent, gotta shower. I’ve also really honed in on textures I love in my skincare routine, so every step feels as good as it can.


I try not to think about the whole thing. I lie to myself a bit "you just need to walk into the bathroom." " You only have to take off your clothes" " just step in the shower for a second" " you only have to turn on the water." Ect. Usually once i'm naked in the bathroom its not too hard to follow through for me, but sometimes it takes forever. Honestly it's mostly the fact that I have to go to work that makes me shower. My hair gets greasy and I don't wanna be judged. When I don't have work I go for quite a while without


I love using these whenever I feel like I don't wanna shower: [BodyRestore Shower Aromatherapy Tablets](https://www.amazon.com/Essential-Oil-Shower-Steamer-Set/dp/B089VN6FMS/?_encoding=UTF8&pf_rd_p=099956fd-c8fe-4f81-b532-442f1dd4b7ec&pd_rd_wg=ZhyhP&pf_rd_r=NDAW9VKD9B95Z5ADE1VH&pd_rd_w=JsQQK&pd_rd_r=4e6a6377-d9e5-4707-ad64-9def724c17e0&ref_=pd_gwm_dealview3)




I just turn the water on when it comes to mind. I often think of it and lack motivation or I forget honestly, so I’ve started coping by just turning on the water when the thought passes. I take very efficient showers because it’s boring to me, but I at least put on a podcast or music for 15 minutes and get it done. Edit: I should mention part of my disdain is sensory/I have POTS and too much exposure to hot water can cause me to pass out. So the efficiency I gained from avoiding POTS trigger, I took to coping with ADHD.


Pardon me for sounding silly to ask you this -- what's POTS?


Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. In layman’s terms, my heart rate shoots up when I am standing/vertical position.


Thank you for sharing, I learned something new!


Two or more marijuanas.


OHH! Duh, of course! Thank you! 😅😅


Yes! - listening to podcasts while I’m in the shower - shower at night right after dinner so I don’t get too tired - brush my teeth first so I’m all done after the shower - do exactly one “extra” task every night, so instead of trying to shave my legs, exfoliate, or wash my hair on the same night, I spread it out - only wash my hair about twice a week (but there are methods for getting it down to once) - found an easy, low-maintenance hair care routine (chill in microfiber turbie twist for 30 mins, then leave-in conditioner, rough dry, then wrap it up in a claw clip on top of my head overnight) - got my hair thinned out at a salon so it’s much faster to wash and dry - apply lotion while I’m still a little wet so it sinks in nicely


Thank you for sharing!


I like getting really cool looking and smelling soap nars so that I look forward to using them. Also helps that I have Ehlers Danlos and warm showers give me pain relief


I put on a face mask, hair mask, anything that needs to be washed off in the shower.


I find that getting soap that i really like helps a lot! For me my issues are sensory based. Growing up my parents never had a clean bathroom so I always felt so icky having to shower. So I keep the shower/sink clean and it really helps. I also really try to shower everyday. I am SO routine based that if its not an everyday thing i just cant get into it. I don't ever give myself a "time to shower" though. Whenever it crosses my mind I just hop in before i get distracted!


I’ve had a lot of trouble with this, especially in my house right now. The drain gets clogged with hair and it’s just gross. What helps me is planning ahead of time. I’m always behind on my laundry, so when I wanna shower I wash a towel. I tell myself I’m gonna shower once I have the towel. Listening to a podcast I like while showering is a good distraction. Also if you wanna get out of there fast, just washing head to toe. First wash your hair, then your face, etc. once you’ve watched your feet you can rinse off and get out of there! Last but not least, THC has helped me the most. Obviously not everyone does it but if you do, it’s quite a good distraction!:)


I listen to music while I shower.. it distracts from the mundane, helps me keep time, and it helps my brain either wake up or get sleepy or prepare for a night out…


I haven't seen this mentioned yet. Invest in a good body powder and several powder puffs (so you can wash on a rotation). I do alot of the recommendations here. Shower every other day unless there is an absolute need to shower day over day. I've let go of the desire to be picture perfect all the way around so I only tackle shaving about once a week and hair washing every few days. I either keep my hair long for a high bun or in the past, a inverted bob (less than 5 min blow dry). Eventually you'll find the combinations that work best, but the reality is, unless you are doing tenuous work with sweat and dirt, you probably don't need a shower daily or up to 1.5-2 days. It strips your skin of natural oils. Thus the power of a quality body powder.


So I have solved this (for me). Shower at the same time every day. Get a handheld nozzle so I can literally just spray and wash “smelly” areas if I want. Laundry hamper in bathroom next to shower. MINIMAL PRODUCTS in a right to left fashion. A shampoo-conditioner, a body wash, and a bar of soap I wash my face with. I only wash my hair 3x a week on set days. It’s super helped. I now have a time and days when things need to get done. There is literally nothing else in my shower but 3 products. I also started air drying my hair. Screw styling!


I keep a plastic bag in my shower for my phone, and just watch TV.


I put one of those foldable household stools in the shower so I can sit down while I shower. And copious THC beforehand. If I’m not in a rush I’ll light candles instead of overhead light. Makes it feel more like a spa than a boring typical shower. I should also say I typically only do a full shower & hair washing once a week. But every morning I wash the parts that get sweaty - armpits, crotch/butt, and feet. Baby wipes are also a crucial part of the routine. And I just wear my hair up when it starts to get greasy. The way I see it, bathing your whole body every day is unnecessary and a waste of water, unless of course your whole body is actually getting sweaty or dirty daily (or some medical reason).


Do you like podcasts? A waterproof speaker in your shower so you can listen to podcasts is a great way to make it a bit more interesting in there!


I guess podcasts make me think too much, which causes my thoughts to race. But a speaker in the shower would be nice for listening to music.


I really like to take my speaker in the bathroom and listen to music. I also multitask - brush my teeth, do all my before bed things, and drink water. It actually helps me do all the little things which I struggle with more than the shower. Products also help, if I don’t have anything I’m particularly excited to use - it’s going to deter me


If you are prescribed medication for your ADHD, take it before your shower. It will go so much more smoothly I guarantee it won’t be so overwhelming. I had to move stuff around in my schedule, as I take my medication with food I can’t just roll out of bed and jump in the shower, I have to eat, take my med and wait for it to kick in. I have a nice variety of scented bath products in my shower. Choosing which one to use keeps my brain engaged in a positive way. Also I have a set of steps I always follow that are now ingrained in my brain so I don’t have to think - I wash and condition my hair first, then while my hair is conditioning I wash my face, ears, neck, armpits and my privates; rinse hair, face, neck, pits and privates then I go to town with my body wash everywhere below my neck. That way my stinky bits get washed twice. I have to admit that often my impetus for showering is smelling my own b.o. which is embarrassing. At least my dogs don’t care, and my husband laughs when he catches me smelling my armpits. It feels so incredibly amazing when you’ve just showered, after not bathing for a few days 😳


I’ve gone through some pretty serious depression where I couldn’t even get myself to brush my teeth. Here are some tips that have helped: 1. get some spray hand sanitizer for your armpits. It disinfects and takes away smells when you have low energy. 2. Have baby wipes in your bathroom, night stand, car, desk drawer etc. seeing them will remind you to use them. 3. Buy a shower chair. They’re $40 on Amazon and totally worth it. The chair even has a handle to put the shower head in so you can use both hands. 4. Print out and laminate a step by step chart and hang it in the shower. It’ll take some of the thinking out of it. Here’s a chart you can print out: www.etsy.com/listing/1163848938 5. Get a space heater for your bathroom. I realized I was avoiding the shower a lot because getting out and being cold sucked. I’m still working on finding the energy to keep up with it, but these things have made me be more hygienic more often. Edit: I wanted to add something that helped me today. I was having a battle in my mind about getting up to brush my teeth, so I googled something like “how does dental hygiene affect the body” and I scared myself into getting up and flossing, brushing, and tongue scraping. Felt so much better after. Apparently poor dental hygiene leads to a bunch of messed up diseases and the fear enabled me to handle it. I’m going to do that every time now.


I trick myself! Did this yesterday. I told myself i was only going to wash my body, when I was quick with that and washed my body, I told myself “you’re already in here, just wash your hair!” And then I did a full shower! Music also helps! I love singing in the shower and it makes it more enjoyable. Another pro tip: if you want to take a faster shower/ not let your mind wander, have a playlist where you know the length of the songs/ entire playlist and time yourself!