This is beyond weird, I was on my way home last night and was wondering if other ADHDers felt this way too. Night time is the absolute BEST time.


Its like we get some magical creativity and productivity buff at midnight


Half the distractions of the world are gone at night


Exactly. The only real distraction I have is that my kid is in bed in the room above my computer. I put my headphones on and take enough snacks and drinks so that I don't have to get up often, and all the other distractions are gone. The only other temptation is social media, but half an hour of checking notifications catches me up, and nobody else is posting during the night :)


We're all just part vampire. Or werewolf? But without the super strength because we forget to eat.


I wrote my best papers in grad school at 2am. Felt like my executive dysfunction went away and I could focus so well. Shift to the real world where work hours are 9-5 and I'm constantly trying to battle my lack of motivation. Just let me work from 7pm-3am


I tried to do my thesis the typical way of "progressing at least 1 page per day everyday on work hours" it was 2 years of wasted time




There's some new research coming out that suggests late nights and long periods of wakefulness start to decrease the effectiveness of dopamine reuptake systems. This effectively increases the available dopamine in a way that seems somewhat similar to Adderall and other ADHD medications. Now, the research about sleep deprivation / being awake late at night was saying that tired people do dumb shit. But I wonder if tired people with ADHD actually do more neurotypical shit...


I find after a single night of no sleep or little sleep, I'm able to get through the day much more peacefully and stress-free. When I was young this could last a day or two, but now sleep depravation hits me super hard on day 2 of little sleep. I always called these days "ADHD-less days"


So weird, right? In grad school I was averaging like one and a half all-nighters per week. In retrospect, I think it had some to do with workload forcing me to stay up, but also had a lot to do with not actually being able to get through my to do list until that second day. My life would have been a lot easier if I had been medicated about two and a half decades earlier...


I guess that explains why I did okay in high school on 5 hours of sleep a night *at most*. That's kind of horrifying. Even now that I'm finally medicated, I still kinda feel better when I've gotten less sleep. What the actual F.


When I'm sleep deprived, it's like my brain only has the energy to keep up on one or two trains of thought instead of bouncing all over the place. There's that sweet spot between too rested to focus and too tired to stay awake that's just bliss for productivity. But there \*is\* the sleep deprivation crash afterward that isn't so great.


Definitely. I always say “I COME ALIVE IN THE NIGHT TIME!”


This is literally me. When I was still working mostly from the office I'd always be 30-40 min late (luckily nobody ever minded). I can't take getting up before 9-10am. Working from home made me way less sleepy and tired throughout the day because I can wake up and do things at my own pace.


Right, and work from home you don't have to crowd your brain with all the other crap you need going into the office. Don't have to pack a lunch, clean appropriate work clothes, remember Dave's retirement party on Thursday, engage coworkers on crap you don't care about ... On the other hand going into the office gives me a great reminder to shower ... So it's a trade off I guess


>Night time is the absolute BEST time. All the spammers, bill collectors, and appointment reminder people have gone home for the day. Most of your coworkers are offline. After 11 your partner and kids are all in bed and even the dog is asleep. There's is no other time in the 24 hour cycle that is so free of potential distraction. Also, all the things are closed, so if you have any obligations you can't do anything about them right now and the "it'll have to wait till tomorrow" excuse is legitimate. No other time in the cycle is so free of obligation.


Whether that explanation in the meme makes sense or not, statistically most ADHD have a delayed sleep syndrome


For me it's the silence and lack of constant interruptions.


It's the magical time where nobody can ever bother you


Had prefect 20/20 vision all my life. I still do now, but with a slight astigmatism. I never noticed it until I had my routine checkup and she asked how long I've had an astigmatism, I told her I didn't even know I had one. She mentioned about squinting while sitting and watching TV or seeing lines in head lights or lights at night. And now it's all I can ever see. It's annoying driving at night now, but I used to love it.


Left to my own devices, I tend to be nocturnal. Otherwise, I tend to be sleep-deprived. Guess which state society demands I live in?


A state of eternal tiredness lol


I'm the kind of tired sleep doesn't cure


Sometimes I think about taking a quick nap while I'm driving in to work at 4:30 am. That usually scares me awake enough to make it in. Also every time I've ever taken a 20-30 minute nap at work I end up feeling 200 times worse than if I'd just powered through it.


I have become crepuscular. I sleep in two sections. 2-4 hours in the afternoon, and 4-5 hours at night. I am now a cat.


Gee, Chip the *OCELOT*, I wonder how long it took to become a cat...


I didn’t even realize that lol


Ocelot solidarity lol


I feel like that should be “ocelotidarity”


So funny you say that, I’ve always described myself to people as a CAT. Maybe I should start sleeping in intervals 🤔


I had an ex describe me as a cat because I would be up all night, sleep a few hours then vanish for several hours and pop back up without the slightest hint of where I was. Combined with my natural curiosity and yeah, big shock lol


Facts cuz I could totally just disappear and roam around for hours, nap off and then pop back up like normal. Then demand love and attention. This sounds delightful!


Very much me in my early 20s lol


SAME. 😂 I wish so hard I could do it now 😫


The most efficient sleep schedule is apparently 2 hours awake/2 hours sleeping, for your brain. Too lazy to find the source though, I will just admit it right now


Lmao!!! It’s ok! More Google searches and rabbit holes to add to my repertoire! Thanks! I struggle with insomnia BAD so I would need to learn to fall asleep naturally first. I have perpetual exhaustion down Pat tho! 🤣🤣🤣


Same. I hate visitors, I get random bouts of energy, I'm lazy, I hate the cold, quiet, weird, almost nocturnal, ghost people unintentionally, love listening to the neighbors arguing, and I'll just starve if I don't feel like eating the food available. A cat, in my own way.


That was me when I was unemployed lol. 7-11 am and 6-10 pm


Stupid ass society. The concept of traffic rush hours enrages me especially so. With everyone and their faces of contentment withering away in traffic. How does anybody think this is good for anyone! Even neurotypicals!


SERIOUSLY. I always look around at the people surrounding me when I'm forced into rush hour traffic, thinking "just... just stagger workday hours. It's not a crazy concept!!"


Public schools already figured it out. Why do you think elementary, middle, and high schools have intake and dismissal times usually spread across as much as 3 hours?


I would still say they do it wrong. No one should have to wake up at 5:00 in the morning to go to high school. No one should have to be up at 7:00.


Worse, at least in my area: Elementary school starts in the middle of the schedule, middle school starts latest, and high school starts earliest. So, after your first several years of getting used to waking up "early" you get a three year break of being able to sleep in a little extra before getting yanked back to the earliest wake-up call you're going to have in your pre-adult life. They should have the start times going directly in sequence. Earliest to latest would probably be best, as high schoolers tend to have more after-school activities, and other responsibilities that will keep them up later. Of course, the reverse would give high schoolers more time to deal with those things without impacting their bedtime. Either way, my main point is they should reduce the extremity of the middle-to-high school transition.


It’s to train the kids to be workers


This is basically it. I 100% believe this theory and will die on this hill. Signed, a still stupid idiot (STILL NOT USING ALGEBRA IN MY DAILY LIFE!) who graduated high school that had to walk to school all 4 years at 6 AM with no breakfast to get there at 7:30 AM in Arizona.


I was blessed with a 9 am start time with a day that is was 8 am (gym) for high school. Sucked because we got out at 3:30 pm but it was a blessing nonetheless. Breakfast was 8 am - 9 am as well. Then I decided you know what I wanna wake up at 3:30 am every morning for work. It wasn't a terrible choice but it stucks for any late day things.


Biologically speaking, highschool should just be shorter. A teenager spends so much energy on you know, growing up, that they actually need more sleep than children, and tend to go to sleep and wake up later. Not to mention the social aspects of growing up. A well adjusted teen needs time to explore and socialize. If a child is expected to do a 6 hour school day, a teenager should be doing 5. But of course that would make sense.


In my area, elementary school begins the earliest, at 7am. HS doesn't even begin until almost 9. Which makes sense, kids have to be dropped off by parents, but it's crazy that parents are somehow supposed to be at school by 3pm?? The only ppl who get home by 3pm are the day shift hospital workers. But they also start work at 6 so they can't drop their kids off either.


Not where I live. Everyone from elementary to university starts between 7:30 and 8 AM and usually public transit is *packed*, because - surprise - most companies also start their workdays around that time. German efficiency my ass.


It’s because of bus schedules. The same set of busses are used for an entire district, so one bus may do several runs each day, depending on how close the schools are and how staggered the start and end times are. I got stuck at a high school that had one of the earliest start times, while my friend got to sleep in a whole extra hour - I was quite jealous!


I'd wager that that's got more to do with scheduling the bus fleets rather than working around anyone's sleep schedule. They'd need several times more busses and drivers if everyone got out at the same time.


It’s also because of limited number of busses and drivers so they have to stagger the usage. It’s a bad system though since younger kids can wake up earlier and older kids like high schoolers generally stay up later and therefore need to start later. Also, it’s a shock when you’re waking up the latest in middle school to jump to the earliest wake up for high school. This doesn’t even mention the fact that high schoolers are effectively the parent of elementary school kids until both the parents and any middle school children come home later in the evening, which causes them to have to deal with a younger sibling and take care of them while pushing their own needs later and later and therefore going to sleep later all while having to wake up the earliest. It’s unfair.


I get SO ANGRY about traffic. Like literally seething being stuck in it. I hate it.




Whew I wish I could do this but being on time for things is also my curse 😫😫😫😫😫 I’d miss the bus more than not 😂


There's a reason why business can't stagger hours, they need to conduct business with each other. Can't do that if they're closed. Any other institution however should be able to change into off hours.


Watch basically any Not Just Bikes video and you’ll really start to seethe. Binge watch a bunch and you’ll either get real sad, real motivated, or both. Human beings on this stupid planet seem deadset on picking the absolute worst options at all times, and when the option isn’t bad enough we’ll make one that it is. Sitting in traffic because we think we have to *and then never once questioning it* seems built-in. *Defending it* on the worst reasoning possible is bordering on fetishistic.


So true it hurts


Right there with ya. And as luck would have it, just guess what makes my ADHD far, far worse...


Same, then I started working nights and it's actually pretty great


Great for your body and mind on an individual level. Shit for when you want to have a social or family life.


Yup, I don't have much social life outside weekends


The one summer in college I didn't work I became nocturnal in like 2 weeks.


but but! It's a syndrome if you don't match societal demands! /s


In my case it's not society that fucks me over, it's my dog. I work from home and my first meeting is at 9:30, so if I wanted to, I could basically roll out of bed at 9:25. My dog wakes me up promptly at 6:00am every morning


Our dog will do that sometimes but we've started taking her out at midnight/1am before going to bed and so most days she's fine to sleep in til 8!




This is why i love working evening shift at hospitals. Go into work at 2, leave at 11


I've had interviewers be shocked that when asked for my preferred shift, I'd say "Overnights and if that's not an option, pretty much 5pm and later. Earlier than that, you're better off putting me in the back to work with or on anything that can't be offended by a lack of "great customer service." I am only a morning person when "morning" means 2am to about sunrise.


I'm a night owl but I like starting early. If my job starts later in the day I feel like it's looming over me until I have to go to work, then when I get off work I pretty much have to go to bed. When I start early that means I get off early and I can have the rest of the day to myself relatively stress-free. It's probably not a healthy combination but I really can't go to bed any earlier than midnight.


This is exactly how I feel. I prefer my 6am shifts. Take a nap when I'm home or just stay up until 12 am or 1 am, lol. Feels awful waking up if I don't time my sleep right, but I get over it once I get to leave early


Yep. I'd rather get the work day done and over with and be groggy than sleep in and then not get off work until almost 7. Any time I have a somewhat flexible schedule I always chose mornings because I get done "quicker" and have more time in my day to do as I please. Now how much of that is me or how much is because normal businesses close at 9pm at the latest and I can't freely roam to shops and whatnot after that time is a different story.


"Ah, yes, the sun, time for bed"


"They tend to hyperfocus on tasks and don't want to break their momentum." This is why I find it annoying whenever someone calls me. I'm like "Oh, ffs! I just started doing this! Now I have to pick up the damn phone and lose my concentration!"


“Hey, can we pull up real quick?” *proceeds to write down what I’m working on, get everything situated* “Hey, I was wondering _easily googled question_ but I realized that someone else knew. Never mind. Hey, catch the game last night?”


Absolutely this. That’s yet another reason why working from home has been so awesome, because I’m not getting interrupted every 15 minutes, and as such not losing my momentum multiple times a day


Ugh my boss sits across from me and she will just start talking and its such a burden to try and shift my entire mentality mid thought. Then she gets upset when my answer is invariably incorrect.


I both get annoyed by people who just start talking to me... But I'm also guilty of the same thing.


Yep. I get urgent emails all the time at work because other departments have no sense of planning and dump fires on my team last minute. I always gotta drop what I'm doing, put out that fire, and then try to get back in the groove on my current one. Some days the groove never comes back and I hope I can get into the next day. On projects where that happens a lot, my manager isn't happy when I inevitably go over budget hours. Like sorry man, tell the other department to get their shit together and I'll be able to work more efficiently.


Or Teams. I love and hate Teams, mostly hate. I supervise a team of 5 people and am constantly getting messages throughout the day. If I'm trying to fix something or work through a complex problem and I get a message, all focus is lost and I become irrationally angry. I try to coach my group that ideally Teams messages are for urgent issues or quick answers. I don't think they understand what urgent or quick mean. I would close out of it if my boss didn't use it to message me. Just the sight of the taskbar turning orange makes my heart rate go up.


Mornings are great. I love mornings. If there was a way to experience mornings without having to be awake for them I would be all over it.


Sometimes I'll be up a bit later than usual and get to experience the sunrise. And I'll think, "wow, mornings are truly wonderful. I should get up earlier!" *(Narrator: and he never did.)* also obligatory garfield https://www.gocomics.com/garfield/1979/01/28


I was working at an east coast company living on the west coast for 9 months and I loved it. I'd roll out of bed at 5:30 am and start work at 6. Done with work at 2 and skipped "lunch". Then it was 2pm with time for me to do anything for the next 8 hours before I went to sleep.


Yes. I love how fresh and quiet it is in the morning. But I can't wake up early for the life of me.


It’s the perfect time to go to bed tbh.


Truly, you are my soulmate ❤️😴


Back when I did triathlons, I used to do my workouts in the morning around 7am before I was fully awake and aware of what was happening to me


There shouldn't be two 6 or 7 o'clocks in one day.


Used to be me until switching to a 9-5 job. I think if I didn't have a work schedule that dominated by habits I'd be back to being nocturnal. Figured out really early on that I like the quietness and knowing I'll be left alone with my interests. Now I just wake up earlier than I need to so that I get the same effect in the mornings. I've got a very consistent 11-7 sleep schedule now. I'm pretty much guaranteed 2 hours in the morning since my fiance sleeps until closer to 9. Working at a coffee shop that I'd have to be out of the door by 6am to open is what really inverted it for me


I’ve started to just lay down at 9:30-10 most week nights and it’s helped. I dont sleep until 10:30 but I wake up around 7~7:30 naturally. But that 9-12am period I could easily be awake and work on things on end.


Meanwhile if you ever fear not being able to commit to something at 7:00AM on a Monday people treat you like a fuckin monster. Shout out to kids in high school. I slept through my first three classes every day and I couldn't stop. School admins: *don't help just give F*


After I failed 3 classes in college because i never showed up, I stopped taking classes that started before 10 AM. Didn’t fail any after that!




This was me, but chemistry. I wanted to major in biology, and I knew chem 101 would be a slog but then I got to do the cool stuff like organic chem. I never made it. That professor was so fucking boring, all he did was start with a solution to a problem and work backwards to the question. Genuinely, I have no idea how anyone else followed it, but I gave up a science degree after that.


This was me and Calculous. 8am class, no wonder I did so poorly in what was usually one of my best subjects.


I literally fell asleep *every* day in my first class in high school. No one ever even asked if anything might be wrong. Having fucking church before school every day didn't help... anyway, here I am in my mid thirties getting my adhd/bipolar diagnosis and everything is making sense. I'm a bit angry and sad I didn't figure this out sooner.


I always revert back to a 2am - 10am sleep cycle when I'm left to my own devices for a period of time. Always.


Same, I’m making coffee at 5am for my typical 6-6 work day, as soon as Friday/Saturday comes I stay up until 2-4am and somehow wake up by 10am latest thus fucking me for the week to follow


I'm super productive at 5am, unfortunately waking up at 5am kills me slowly


Life hack: go to sleep at 5am


More like 10am-2pm for me


precisely but like 2-5pm, 10 pm-10am




So you're the weird dream creature that came quietly into my dark room and took my vitals at 2:30 am, 3 am, 4:15 am, 6 am.....


I joined for memes but I'm starting to get concerned about myself


I joined for memes too but realised I've been in this situation for months now


What happens after you are diagnosed?


Nothing really. You know the name of your demon and how to curb some of its worst behaviors, but you can never kill it. The doctor will give you some little blue candies to appease the demon, but they can only do so much. Once you've lived with it long enough, you begin to understand each other better, and sometimes you can even get along for a few minutes. But then the demon runs through town wrecking shit out of nowhere again and you're left to clean up the mess.


No joke, I got tested recently after seeing memes on reddit. Turned out I have ADHD.


Breaking the momentum is a huge deal for me. I'm really bad at cleaning but every once in a while I'll get a burst of focus and start going and I love my fiance to death but if she tries to help it just derails the whole plan I had in my head and I feel like I shut down and don't know what to do lol.


This is wild, because I’ve noticed that when I go through periods when I don’t have to get up at a certain time, my sleep pattern is literally 2am to 10am!


Vindicated validated and a lil tired




During college I was like this and learned about Sleep Procrastination, basically staying up late to reclaim “you-time” that you’re forced to spend doing other things during the day. ADHD got me procrastinating everything 😐


This in a big way. I've heard the same. Or similarly that delayed sleep is another example of executive dysfunction. It's one more task that you just can't find the motivation to start (getting up off the couch, getting ready for bed, then going to bed).


I actually like sleeping but it makes me feel guilty and like my life is passing me by. So then I get up and spend 3 hours on Reddit 🤦🏻‍♀️


I read somewhere that there's a theory of "Watchmen" sleep patterns. That is, that in our early-human phase some members of a tribe would have naturally developed sleep patterns that put them to bed later in the night so that the tribe always had someone keeping watch at night. If I remember right there were 3 posited sleep-patterns. Most people fall into the 10/11-6/7 pattern whereas others land 2-10 and I think there was one other but I can't remember it now.


We're also tired out from daily general [Heavy work](https://www.understood.org/en/articles/heavy-work-activities) and so we are more capable of sitting and focusing


Omg this is it. I ways want to do my heavy work during the day and my concentration work at night. Still haven't figured out where sleep fits in.


It always bothers me that most of these articles and diagnostic criteria talk about 'ways to help your CHILD'. But here I am, 37 year old man, paying bills, recently diagnosed, and trying to figure out what the grown-up, publicly acceptable, version is for 'swinging on the monkey bars' or 'squishing play-doh'.


Its just a somewhat convoluted way of saying that physical movement helps some people think. The language in that article is more useful in a clinical or research setting. For you it means that throughout the day activities like exercise, chores, walking about, etc. will have a calming effect that improves concentration into the evening hours.


My workplace has a gym room that's about a 30s walk from my desk. When I find I'm getting antsy, I'll go pick up and put down heavy things made of metal for a few minutes. Not enough to break a sweat, just to raise the pulse slightly and work my arms, legs, or core. After years of this... I still ain't some model of fitness, having BED issues to accompany my ADHD, but at least I'm never asking anyone else to open the pickle jar for me. And I lol at most "two man lift" boxes unless it's too ungainly large.


You are an adult. Squish that fuckin’ play-doh if you wanna. (But Silly putty is better for bringing places and not drying out.) and there must be plenty of gyms that have adult-sized monkey bars… or maybe a climbing gym?


This is wild to read. I've literally built a system in my basement for heavy work. I just didn't know it. I built a frame with hooks on it to attach therabands to, so I can... Engage as much muscle and joint as possible. It helps me when I'm stressed or worked up, and I use it for exercise! Neat


Oh man I have extreme sensitivity to different types of heavy work, and extreme fondness for the ones that are a good fit for me. Carrying/pushing stuff is the worst possible sensory experience. Running and push/pull-ups are the same. Working with therabands however is great. Exercise is normally sensory hell, especially what most trainers recommend. I've recently been in physical therapy for like 4 months and it's been way different. All body weight exercises, no weights, recognizing when my body get confuses elevated heart rate for anxiety and threat and being able to slow down and avoid that is so helpful. In the past, everyone's always recommended pushing through and acclimating to it... So I tried and tried and failed and failed but it turns out that's actually completely unnecessary and works for neurotypicals, but often fails for people with ADHD and other sensory issues.


For me it's been the opposite in recent years - I get sleepy *too* early and wake up really early too (but that's when I can concentrate the best). I admit that being a night owl comes with more difficulties in the society, but it also isn't ideal to basically feel ready for bed at 8 pm. Or it wouldn't be, if I had any kind of a social life, but thankfully I hardly have one.


This gives me hope that I will transition to your version because like...the social life aspect is way less important to me than the job part which I need to not be homeless, rather be a little sleepy for social stuff rather than sleepy every single day for life Here's hoping


Same but I've always been that way. I naturally wake up about 6:30. Like you said being ready for bed at 8pm is not ideal. For me, its not just wanting to go to bed, its that I literally can't stay awake past 10pm. I will start nodding off and no matter what I do, I'll fall asleep.


Straight up that's my rhythm always has been. 2-10am is the best sleep I ever get


Me who forces myself to be in bed by 2200 every night so that I can wake up at 0715, only to fall asleep at 0200 and wake up sleep deprived: HMMMMM.


My ideal sleep schedule is 4am-noon which is close lol


I have this every weekend, during the weekend my sleep patterns always shifts an hour to two hours later (so from 23-7 to 12/01-10), I didn't know why it was happening and it's quite annoying but it's unfightable Edit: it also results in me having a jetlag after every weekend


Holy fuck, that's it, that's why I can never get to sleep at a good time, and why I'm almost always super fucking tired in the morning


This is the best post ever! The comments are giving me my validation dopamine fix!!!


I have done that my while life.


Last semester they made all my classes morning classes since the lectures all left to teach other universities later in the day. Guess how many times I skippee classes.


*laughs in third shift worker who goes to bed at noon*


I have never felt more rested than when I switched to a job that was 11am-7pm


Yep. Tell us something we *don’t* know, monkey boy!😂


I've worked graveyard my entire life


Where is this from? Sounds interesting


yeah I'd really like to read this study


Any sources on this? I find this to be anecdotally true but don't want to assume things without data


Does anyone have a source to the study this is referencing? I’d like to look into this more


I find mine likes to roll about the time cycle


Honnestly i'm the most active at 1AM but qi also thought it was bcs no one was bothering me and I had only the stimulus I put in place (music, cat trying to get pet, the occasional video in the bsckground) and not the fucking demolition crew building and breaking the same building everyday (i swear i have to lool through the window every fucking time, WHY THE FUCK DOES IT SOUND LIKE AN HELICOPTER WHAT ARE THEY DOING)


3-4am to 11-11:30am most days, except im almost never productive and i just play games. Im a lazy, sleep deprived fuck i know


I definitly feel more energized at night, but does anyone else feel like their natural sleeping rhythm is something closer to awake 20-22+hrs, asleep 10? Even after a busy day i have a hard time falling asleep if I've only been up 16 hours, and then I rarely feel rested after 8...




That's why I've been thinking for a while if a 9 to 5 job is for me. I just finished my master's and I don't know whether I should continue to PhD or return to being a corporate slave. I'm just starting to discover that I'm not at my best during mornings, even after consuming coffee.




Of course I know him, he’s me!


Anybody have the sauce on this?


you guys are having cicardian rythmes?


4am to noon gang rise up!


I was literally denied an ADHD diagnosis because “my horrible sleep schedule is probably responsible for all of my mental struggles.” My horrible sleep schedule? 7am-3pm every single day because I was used to working nights.


I thought it was all like this because I was a goth


Thanks for giving me another reason to postpone my studying for another 12 hours


100% correct


That makes perfect sense. I mean, on the weekends I tend to sleep until like noon ish. When I do get up for work it's supposed to be like 6:30, 6:45. But I end up getting out of bed and rushing out the door around 7:00 - 7:15. Super tired during my commute to work. I've been trying to force my sleep patterns, especially with the new medication I'm taking, so that I'm getting more like a 10:30 - 6:30 sleep schedule. I can manage my commutes now, but I'm super tired in the mornings now. Between 8-10 I'm basically running on the ADHD equivalent of a caffeine rush. I enjoy the work I do, but with a wife and going on 5 cat children, I'm finding it difficult to look for the kind of work that allows me to go from something like a 10a-7p and still have quality time with my family and for myself. Society really doesn't appreciate people who sleep past 7am. I feel like I could be so much more productive if I could choose my schedule. It's a big reason why I want to get a business going full time, but all I can do is side gigs. It comes back to poor time management and the fact that again, society is more apt to people who work that 9-5 grind, that I've yet to do that.


Oh. So I'm "normal". That's good to know, people have criticized my sleep habits for years. 😅 2am to 10am is very normal for me. Maybe that's why I liked restaurant jobs the most as well, they catered to my natural circadian rhythms?


Wow. That’s just been my sleep schedule since forever. I always figured it was due to anxiety about the coming day and wanting to delay it but I guess ADHD fits the bill there. It’s the same as anything. Going to bed is something my brain sees as a negative so I put it off. Once I’m actually asleep, it becomes the best thing ever. I’m realizing that’s the same mechanic for just about everything in my life…avoid at all costs but once I start working, it’s not so bad.


What If you’d like to sleep from 11pm to 10am?


My mom always called me "her little vampire" because I would not be really active till like 5pm/dusk.


Alright, i relate to every single bloody thing on here. All the psychiatrists ive been to... Yeah, they might aswell look into another career.


hyperfocus activated: Find the source, supporting information, and/or citations for this image. informative links I've found because its not 2am yet: - https://www.addrc.org/adhd-sleep-presented-roberto-olivardia-ph-d-audio/ (presentation by the Dr. Olivardia mentioned in OP's image.) - https://www.addrc.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/ADHD-and-Sleep-A-Twisted-Affair-ADDRC-NYC-2.pptx (slides for the above video, lists a bunch of studies with presumably valid citations. I didn't have the attention span to watch the video, but these slides really look solid. - https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6299464/ meta-study with links /references to other peer reviewed original research. A lot of good info and summaries in here. - https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0211873 intgeresting, but skimming through quickly I didn't see specific references to delayed sleep issues, just "sleep disorders" - https://www.aastweb.org/blog/attention-deficit-hyperactivity-disorder-and-delayed-sleep-phase-syndrome-may-be-linked > Prevalence of ADHD > Some scientists now believe that ADHD and DSPS are linked and believe that an estimated 73-78% of children and adults with ADHD also have DSPS. In recent years, scientists have begun investigating whether treating DSPS in people with comorbid ADHD and DSPS improves ADHD symptoms. i for one deal with DSPS, obstructive sleep apnea (and its really hard to stay on top of using my cpap), and am also obese; I think I may eat for stimulation.


Jesus Christ, is *everything* about me just the ADHD?


I’m caught


I am so much better at doing things after 4pm


This is true lmao


Uuuhhhhh, no shit Sherlock.


And here I was wondering why I apparently love being on the late shift at work...


That... yeah that adds up.


This makes a ton of sense actually. I should convince everyone to let me sleep in and work later instead


Why I took nightshift


This is exactly my natural tendency. Stay up until 2, wake up at 10. It also helps that 10pm-2am is my main time to be alone with no expectations on me. I do my best work in those hours.


I am constantly battling to shift my circadian rhythm to 'normal' hours. I always default to, pretty much precisely 2am to 10am. Maybe I should stop fighting it 😂 And my anxiety *noticeably* drops when the sun goes down. Wild.


I always do my best writing at 2AM. Suffice it to say, when I'm on a healthy sleep schedule, not as much writing gets done.


When I'm on top of work and have a routine set up, I like to sleep early and wake up early. It's amazing the amount of work you can get done at 4am and mornings are beautiful. When I'm in a bad phase, I will sleep at 4am and wake up at noon.


Dis me


I wish I could send this to my boss and feel confident that he would actually read and care about what it says.


How do I fix this?😩


This explains a lot. Mainly why 2:30 is always the time I fall asleep no matter how early I wake up.


Combo ADHD and DSPS person checking in.


Literally my life rn, 2a.m. I get off work. Go home shower, sleep, then wake up to my boys around 8:30-9ish.


Eh my sleeping cycle is variable but for work I go to bed at 7:40 pm and wake up at 3:40 am which I'm not that tired. On days I don't go to bed for work it depends because I have split days off so I don't have a day to "recover" but I normally go to sleep around 9-11 depending on how tired I am.


I sleep about 12am-7:30am because of work but if I could I'd probably sleep 1am-9am like I did in college. I miss it but I need money.


This isn’t funny haha its funny weird I look at this at 2:02 AM


What about 2 to 7 :(


So ADHDteens are even more fucked over by school starts times?


11PM-12AM >Oh wow I’d love to do *everything* now because I’m finally waking up after being drowsy all afternoon/evening. Shame that acting on it will destroy me because I have to be up at 8AM.


I am a creature of the night. I like to sleep from 3am to about 11 and I can sort of feel normal.


I gotta stop learning facts about my own brain from this subreddit


I suddenly want to clean my mess and entire house AT 10PM WHY


At the moment I take sleeping pills to be sleepy by midnight, wake up at 7 AM, off to work at 7:30. On my weekends (thurs-sunday right now), by saturday night I'm up until 4 AM and wake up at 9 AM due to conditioning for work-wakeups. I strive to stay up until 4AM + on wednesday nights but I never can, brain is too used to going to sleep at midnight, so it takes until saturday night going into sunday to stay up as late as I actually want to. I miss staying up, seriously. But I *hate* second shift jobs so I gotta deal with getting work outta the way first early in the morning and then enjoying the rest of my day.


Now if only office jobs could quit making everybody work the same early morning schedule for no reason.