What did they ban you for?


I was ranting about how school was difficult for me and if anyone wants help w physics/math they can always contact me (I'm a physics grad student). This was about a year ago tho


You monster.


Lmao, i think they said it's self promotion. I'm not mad they deleted my post, as mods i give you full authority for that but ban me?? That's a lil extreme imo


Its a gross overreaction and is a great example of how people act when they’re given even a speck of power over others. Most mods ive seen on reddit are just vindictive assholes who derive enjoyment from banning. I get the impression they were bullied and this is how they make themselves feel better, you know, or they become cops.


Straight to Jail


Overcook the chicken? Jail, undercook the chicken? jail, journalists? Straight to jail


Would you believe it?


Idk why permabanning people is considered acceptable behavior for a subreddit who is supposedly for people with ADHD for doing ADHD things. It’s almost like they’re run by people without adhd to push narratives to disenfranchise adhd people


I’d believe that, can’t tell you how many people I’ve tried to talk about my ADHD in real life only for them to turn around and say “it’s not that bad, I have it” when they really don’t.


Shhhhh... there might be mods around, they might hear you.


Reddit mods were rejected from police academy


They were just hyper-focused on being an asshole, lol


I'll probably be downvoted for this but I get it they are taking a hardline stance on advertising "private services." A lot of people make posts saying to DM them so they can scam them out of public eye. Once they are out of public view there's really no way to know what's happening so a lot of subs like to discourage that sort of thing in general so that they can mass ban it since a lot of bots employ this tactic.




Uhh think you'll find the sub is for whining *only.* any help or empowerment will not be tolerated.


In all honesty, that sub’s moderation team should be replaced


How dare you ask for help.


How dare you seek help with your ADHD on an ADHD-Sub?


Damn I thought that's kinda what the sub is here for


This is the superior sub with blackjack and hookers.


in fact... forget about the ADHD!


What ADHD?


What were we talking about?


Reddit mods are at average garbage and are the most clear factor (other than the mobile video player) to the decline in reddit quality over the past several years. Normal people get banned on relevant fringe cases while repost bots dominate most subreddits


I told someone to be gentler to themselves and got banned. That sub is bad news. I just hate it because people with ADHD have spent their lives being over-punished for their brain chemistry, and then that place is doing the same.


What...??? Seriously, *what?!* My brain is having trouble processing this. What kind of "support" sub promotes self-loathing??


R/adhd! It’s wild! It’s like, crazy banhammer for the smallest things. And don’t you dare say something like “my adhd and the way my mind works makes me a great problem solver” you get banned for saying adhd is a “superpower”. You can only be in a misery spiral on that sub. They even chased me down in adhdwomen and I begged them to just stop harassing me.


How dare you trying to help people wiþ one of þe hardest subjects in school/s


That really sucks I'm sorry OP. I hope school is going well though!


I had a question about a rule on that sub and asked a moderator... never got an answer. I like this sub for some of the people there, got some good advice there but some of the rules and mods are really stupid


They have adhd, so they don't answer right away


Or they see the notification in between games, take a look just before the next game starts, forget about it during the game then think about it only two weeks later.


Don’t call me out please


Oh how very true lol 😂


I'm in this comment and i do not like it


Its been weeks. And yes I know they have ADHD, atleast the one I asked but if your ADHD symptoms prevent you from being a good moderator, maybe you shouldnt be one.


Do they tho? From all I've seen they act like they resent the condition (understandable maybe) and anyone who actually has the condition (not understandable). They've created an environment which, if anything, is Anti-ADHD, which isn't something I'd imagine people doing if they genuinely have it.


All _four_ mods have ADHD.


I don't think they do, actually.


Now apply this to any subreddit and it’ll probably be true.


I talked about a way of thinking about ADHD that helped me, and made it learn it wasn't how it worked and was more like a metaphor. They removed it saying they don't allow talks about alternative treatments... like wat


r/adhders is the better version.


You read the rules and messaged a mod. You my friend have been cured.


lol Someone made a post about mod abuse, and I said that mods are volunteers and that the sort of person that volunteers to moderate internet forums tend to lean authoritarian like that. Boom. Ban. If only the mod understood irony they would have had a good chuckle!


They laughed all the way to the "Ban" button.


I said that executive dysfunction can manifest as a symptom of chronic physical health problems (eg. systemic inflammation) and suggested that people investigate if their diet is contributing to their brain fog and was banned for "pseusoscience" :( It was very painful, that community was one of the few places where I felt like people related to me. Edit: yes, real true science! Inflammation harms the brain, and the link between the gut biome and inflammation is well established. https://www.tcimedicine.com/inflammation-can-harm-every-part-of-your-body-especially-your-brain https://www.health.harvard.edu/staying-healthy/foods-that-fight-inflammation


Is there science backing that up?


Reddit mods are people who have no power irl and so they abuse it on here. Let them have their moment. It’s the only one they’ll ever get.


... I'm a mod. Of several subs, and I really try not to abuse my power. Even if someone does say that poutine is not a French fry based food, I will just argue with them. Then again, I explicitly say that in the rules. You won't be banned, post won't be removed, but you will have a fight. Those posts in r/poutine genuinely deserve to be cross posted to r/frenchfries, because fries are a central ingredient. I will die on this hill. But, mostly, my work as a mod is correcting post flairs. People don't always choose the right one. If you made them yourself, it's "homemade". If you bought them from somewhere else and they are just plain fries, it's "fries". Chili cheese fries? "Tastefully topped" Sweet potato fries with homemade fry sauce and a cheese dip? "Beyond mere mortal fries" It's really not that hard. Why can't people just do the bare minimum?


This. Mod. Fucks. Keep on the good gravy fries fight!


THERES A POUTINE SUBREDDIT?! Thank you from a Canadian living in the US, joining now!i Edited to add that fries are definitely the base. Anyone saying otherwise doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Die on that hill.


What, no!? That's- that's not what I... *-sigh-* Yeah, no problem. Feel free to crosspost to the fry sub. Use the "poutine" flair if you do.


>What, no!? That's- that's not what I... -sigh- If there was ever a "do you realize what sub you're in?" moment...


As a poutine connoisseur myself I also like to crosspost some of them to r/poutinecrimes


There really is pretty much a sub for everything. There is a sub for pics of cats standing up, and one for cats sitting down.


>poutine is not a French fry based food How can you have poutine without fried though? Are they trolls, or just stupid?


I am, quite literally, the only person on that subreddit who has ever mentioned poutine... But I have my contingencies in place. No one is arguing that poutine isn't fry-based. I am just really salty about poutine not being posted to my sub. It deserves to be there, that's my traffic. I... May be *really* into French fries. Like, a special interest.


French fries are awesome


They are. Don't get me started, I might not stop fishing about my love for fries.


I just want some now!


Right? I'm sure a lot are about the power, but some of us just frequent a shared space and decided to help keep it clean. 95% of the accounts banned by us are spam accounts (bots or YouTubers going all OF mostly). The remainders are generally people that went all "7 words" towards a member or a mod, got a temp ban to cool off, then escalated anyway. "Unpaid janitor" - yeah, because it's hard to enjoy my fries when the seat is covered in garbage. Of course I'm gonna clean it up.


I ended up modding fries because there was no active mod. I requested it from the Reddit admins, and decided to make it better. I just wanted to see people posting pics of fries. And I had the experience of having been made a mod of a private community I really cared about; figured it would be easy. It is, when your sub is super inactive. I can't imagine having 1.5 million users. Especially since redditors can be so touchy. Add in ADHD rejection sensitivity, justice sensitivity, and hyperfocus... And it's no wonder so many people get banned.


Yeah, that numbers bit hits the most. Even with a 1% false-positive rate they're still gonna catch someone that shouldn't be banned every couple weeks; on top of the misunderstandings and so on from the other issues. We've got around 65k users, like 150 bans, and a few of those tried to spin off their own "TRUE*whatever*" subs. Can't imagine how many archived ADHD spin-offs there are at 1.5m users. Not defending or attacking them, it's just more nuanced than it's normally portrayed - nice to see a sub-thread that explores it :)


My favorite messages are the ones from people who sound like they think they're filing a brief in criminal court. > To whom it may concern: > > On May 23rd at 8:43pm my post entitled "Lol wtf nerd" was deleted by a member of the moderating team. > > At the time of its deletion, the post had 4 likes and 6 comments. > > I believe that this action was a gross violation of my civil rights and demand it be immediately reinstated!


The best variant of those are when the user deletes the post too so you can't even restore it :D


This is a fresh and juicy aspect of life i had no idea existed. Thank you


Yeah, of course. Happy to help. ^^You're ^^excited ^^about ^^the ^^fries, ^^right?


It's carnage over there


What carnage? Where? My sub is doing fine. I'm confused


*carne Whoops, autocorrect. *it was supposed to be a pun, sorry*


There are exceptions of course, mainly on the small subs. The larger ones and especially default subs are full of power mods who moderate dozens of large subreddits and can't handle even the mildest of disagreement or challenge to their "authority". They spend every waking moment on Reddit and fit the stereotype to a T.


Honestly, I feel like the community is in the smaller subs anyway. When it gets too big, you don't really get to stick out. You're just one in a sea of users. I like connecting with people. I think they are my ADHD collection. They are so cool. Everyone is unique in what they love and what they're interested in. Each person is so special, I want to get to know them all on a deep and personal level. That's obviously unreasonable, but still a big reason why I like the smaller communities. You get to know the users.


I get fries and gravy, but how is adding cheese curds any good?


No idea. I've never tried poutine. One day, I'll try to get some of the good stuff. But the point is that there is a subreddit full of French fry based posts that aren't making it to the fry sub. I'll ask my Canadian friends what makes poutine better than fries and gravy.


Partially true. The amount of rulebending to get me banned is over 9000. Makes me wanna just shut my mouth.


Why shut your mouth when you could just speak freely. If the mods are being abusive then write one of the actual Reddit mods a letter. Worked for me, they removed the abusive moderator.


When rulebending is involved, then i have a hard time to argue effectively - or the rules are so unspecific that they can be applied to anything. Thats the case in anything that is about political correctness. Sometimes, mods are just plain uneducated and have information that has been debunked in the last ten years ( for example nutrition / sugar). Well the gist is, i have adhd, and when i get banned, i am just so pissed that i block anyone involved and go my way. Arguing with someone fucks up my emotions. I kearned to guard myself, but i didn't learn to pick fights where i can win.


If someone does me wrong. I have a scorched earth policy.


For me it is not a policy, but i am so angry that i gotta have revenge aka autism /adhd rage.. Thats not voluntary. I try to let it go, and safest way is to just not see it anymore in my feed. Its really difficult to not do stupid shit when i feel the rages.


I will have you know I’ve never banned anyone from my sub unless they were a spam bot. r/STFUitsadragon is a welcoming community as long as you don’t say dragons aren’t real, you’re good. Otoh, I’m lead at work so I do have some authority IRL, so maybe that’s why I don’t go all god mode over there.


Well you are clearly doing gods work even if not in god mode. But yeah I think that’s the thing - those of us with jobs and stuff that don’t spend hours debating the minutiae of rules that no longer serve a purpose can’t really see the logic of those that do.


Mod of a small plant-based sub here! I just exist to remove tshirt and porn spam, and answer the same three questions about plants over and over again :)


They've banned the term neurodivergent on the page too


This is so frustrating. I have only realized recently that I might have ADHD or autism and "neurodivergent" is an extremely useful term at this stage. My neurologist said she doesn't need much to tell that I have ADHD (no formal diagnosis as of yet - I'm procrastinating on that lmao) but without testing, I'm only comfortable using neurodivergent at the moment.


That's just stupid actually


Yeah, they have a logic behind it based on their experiences with people from "the neurodivergent movement" harrassing them. I respect their experiences but I question their blaming a decentralized movement somehow representing how many people with ADHD, including myself, identify


How pathetically one-sided and selfish that they think everyone should have the exact same opinion or be banned. What is the point of a forum? Absolute trash people, seriously fuck them.


I don't like the nd term, but I don't like banning it, either. People use whatever terms they want for their own brains.


I definitely get why some people don't like it as a term that sort of separates into other words for "normal" or "not normal", which is a shitty thing to be called (I've been called not normal as an insult, verbatim). But I do see myself as not normal or typical, but not in a bad way anymore. the term ND actually really helped me that way. I think both responses are valid


Yeah. As a neurotypical person (but i do suspect I might have ADHD) so take what I say as you will, my understanding is that neurodivergent is literally a term created specifically to be destigmatizing, to express that people's brains work differently but that it does not mean their cognition is inferior relative to neurotypical people's cognitions. So I don't understand how anyone could dislike their term unless they want to deny that cognitive differences exist. It's like people who emphasize colorblindness over anything else.


I’m actually thinking of leaving that sub just because of all the weird rules. And all the people they’ve banned for no apparent reason. Like neurodivergent is such a bad word wth


They also banned someone for talking about porn addiction. Apparently you can’t say anything bad about porn there. It’s weird.


I got a warning for not following rule 13.5....there is no rule 13.5!


I bet that really fucked with your Justice sensitivity


That’s such a good point OMG




This exact thing happened to me 5 years ago and I made [reddit.com/r/adhdquestions/](https://reddit.com/r/adhdquestions/) because of how outraged I was, I guess it never took off haha


I joined to hopefully get it going. r/adhd is such an annoying subreddit to ever ask a question on or do anything there. You should promote your subreddit here and there a bit more, maybe it’ll take off


Not trying to ruin this, but r/irladhd was created a few months back in response to this and has a decent following already but could use more. I like the community and the rules are lax.


I joined


I’ll join too :)






Honestly, it's not just that group, I was banned from a narcissism support group because i appealed a post not being allowed... ironic that a moderator of a narcissism support group can't possibly be wrong 🤦🏻‍♂️😂 It sucks but give the wrong person an ounce of authority and they'll abuse it.


I was banned from r/moviedetails because I miss labeled my post 1 time! I asked them about it and they eventually unbanned me but wtf how is that the protocol


I was banned from r/nevertellmetheodds for replying with a slightly political, but respectful comment on a very political post, I got banned while the post got thousands of upvotes. I checked the rules and my comment wasn't against the rules, and I still to this day have not received a reply or anything from the mods, it's been more than a year since that happened.


If it's the subreddit I'm thinking of, there are rumors that the main mod for it is on a bit of a narcissistic power trip themselves. Mention of family in any way in this sub dedicated to narcissist relationships, even in a way where the relationship is still the main issue has gotten me nastygrams and deleted posts. I just stopped contributing bc I no longer felt safe.


That's probably the one, i don't want to name the subreddit and feed their ego but I left because I didn't feel safe too


The attachment theory sub is run by a dictator as well. Removes posts that don’t break any rules because he deems it not related enough to attachment theory, when they’re literally posts about attachment theory. I had some posts removed where thousands of people had upvoted and said “me too!” and there was great discussion. But then he silently deletes them if he doesn’t like them.


Impulsivity is a huge symptom of ADHD. The fact that those mods have such a hair trigger banning people is one example of how hostile that sub is to folks with ADHD. The idea that well-meaning people could misspeak once or accidentally violate their very restrictive rules and then no longer have access to the sub is really terrible. I used to be in that sub but then I saw people posting here about some of the silly things they were banned for and I left.


Sounds like all the best people get banned from there.


You're not allowed in that sub unless you're a powerless victim of society with no capability to sustain a meaningful life because of the penultimate life-crippling disability known as ADHD. At least that's what I've gathered from that sub.


Yeah, which is far too negative. But then, I've seen other places where you're not allowed to say ADHD is anything but a sparkling personality trait. I have yet to find a sane middle ground.


r/ADHDirl seems OK, but I don't hang out there often


Tl:dr hospital story about having a good mindset when in trouble. Somewhat related: was in hospital for some scar correction. Had pain when nurses changed dressings - but i would try to work with them, i just said "ouch, god damn, that hurts so much, give me 10 seconds." Thus, they could still work with me, didnt dread working with me. When i got angry, i aleays said it wasnt about them, i just cant hack it enotionally, and that i was sorry, but pkease proceed. The guy next to me had it bad to, but he would cry, like, for real. He was so fixated that he would tear up before they touched him. He bid them to just let him be. I get why. I dont judge it. But for the nurse, it was 10 times harder to help him in any way. He would not work with them. And i guess thats the difference between people that have it rough. Some work with it, some dont. The guy was 49 but looked like 60. I swear he wasnt that in jured, but he had enough. I guess he had major depression, kind and polite on the outside, but inside he had given up.


I feel that. This is an even further unrelated story but its vaguely entertaining. Im petrified of needles and despise hospitals. Ended up in a&e and was very suddenly told i need an IV put in right tf now. Stated crying, ended up full blown hyperventilating. I knew i was being unhelpful but i was so freaked out i couldn't get my shit together so i turned to the nurse and just said between breaths "just do it, whatever you need to do, ignore me" i wanted that thing over and done with asap One held my shoulders down, the other got it in, i just cried and tried to keep my arm straight and to not wriggle, a very loud scream that had the receptionist coming back to check what was happening and a glass of water later id calmed down. The nurse said she was sorry i was so distressed over it, and i was tripping over myself apologising and reassuring her that she absolutely did the right thing and im so grateful, it was my first IV, i was scared, it was late at night, id had a fucked day and i just panicked. I wish id gotten her name to put in a formal thank you with the hospital. I cant imagine how freaked out she was that i was reacting like i was fucking possessed But yea, i wasn't gonna be unhelpful where i could control it, id much rather a dr or nurse keep going while im fucked up with adrenaline rather than pussyfoot and risk me loosing the will to do it at all and end up wasting a bunch of peoples time.


They did ban someone for saying they feel empowered by their adhd...


r/ADHD sucks. They ban you for just breathing.


I mentioned neurodiversity once and I got warned for using pseudoscience even though I can link to you hundreds of peer reviewed articles that use the term or actively endorse neurodiversity


What other word are we supposed to even use?


“Neurocapable” /s


Special neurons?


I got the same for saying “neurotypical.”


*still holding breath*


r/ADHD mods are the equivalent of half the American Police force. Sure, they could use their talents for something else, but they rather just beat people with batons even if they aren’t getting paid for it.


This is speculation on my part, but I think the thing both of those parties have in common is that they start doing what they’re doing for the right reasons. They see problems, needs, and struggles, and want to be part of the solution. So they do what makes sense to them, and seek power. What’s almost universal about these types of people is that power played a big role in shaping their worldview as children. Most were hit, yelled at, or otherwise overpowered in lieu of more patient parenting practices. They might have tried to appeal to their authority figures in a variety of ways, but as a kid, you can always be overpowered, and by the time you’re big enough to resist that power, the psychological damage is done, so to speak. So they grow up, and when they see a problem, their instinct is to appeal to power to fix it. Other people might manipulate, appeal to reason, appeal to emotion, bargain, seek pity, offer compromise, or any other of a multitude of resolution seeking patterns— some healthy, some not. But the type of people who like to be cops and content moderators appeal to power because it’s what they know, by their deepest mental networks. I think you draw a good analogy, but it also sort of trivializes and ignores the very real inner worlds of the people you’re describing. It’s just what they learned. We all learn some incongruous shit here and there; it’s what makes us individuals instead of machines. And I think if we try to know each other as people rather than caricatures, we’ll have an easier time classifying and solving/ winning our disputes.


Not all cops do it for the right reasons. Some of them are just looking for an excuse to mess someone up. I don’t have any sympathy for someone who makes a bunch of super draconian rules and then enforces them in a way that’s lacking in empathy for people with the literal condition the sub is supposed to be there for.


Right, I meant to say ‘most cops’. Still, “looking for an excuse to mess someone up”… that’s still just an outside idea of what their motivations are. It’s too simple. Brains are complicated. With all due respect to whatever your experience with cops is, I grew up around them and was raised by one. I know the mindset, I have it myself. I’m just lucky my other parent taught me better ways to relate to other people. Look, I get it, it became especially cool to dislike cops a couple years ago, and now saying shit like “they just want an excuse to mess people up” counts as academic philosophy, but it detracts from any effort to actually understand what makes people do the shit they do. Nobody wakes up and thinks “I want to mess somebody up. Guess I’ll go down to the police academy and sign up”. You can make that pattern fit over everything else that’s going on in their mind if you psychoanalyze them with a bias, but it’s the same saying that someone who goes to college “just wants an excuse to write things down”.


I mean I’m sorry but you’re hugely generalizing. You don’t know the mindset of every cop. You’re saying people are complex but also that you can say what all their motives are. Some people are violent and look for acceptable ways in our society to unleash that violence. Same with the military. Maybe you know about street gangs sending members to the military so they could get trained in infantry tactics. Some people become cops for the wrong reasons. Some people want a badge because it means they can get away with their own crimes. Not every dirty copy was there for the right reasons and then gets lured to the dark side. Some of them were already dark. I’ll let you have the last word, I’m not gonna go on about this more in a thread about Reddit mods, it’s getting pretty off topic.


I don’t think people are inherently violent. That’s a controversial belief, endlessly debated, but at this point in my life it’s what I’ve been led to believe. No infant comes out of the womb wanting to beat people up; these tendencies are learned and they can therefore be unlearned or at least understood. I’m not saying I know what’s going on in everyone’s head; that’s why I started off my statement by saying that it’s speculation. I’m just trying to work out some ideas that I think are prescient. Anyway, I think that the individual’s inner relationship to their concept of power is super important in managing ADHD. It can make the difference between self acceptance and self loathing. Anyway, sorry for dragging the conversation along, I didn’t plan on soap boxing lol.


I don't have much to add, other than I see both sides, both points of view.


Hey, I dig that, thanks!


Petition to perm ban anyone on r/ADHD mod list


I block moderators I don't like. Why? Because I find it kinda funny that there's a chance they get pissed off because they can't dig thru my post history (except for posts in subs they moderate) or reply to me outside their subs A while back, I went thru and blocked a bunch of mods if they modded 10-15+ unrelated subs, and also all mods of some shitty subs


I’ve found r/ASDandADHD helpful, plus they allow vent posts. (You don’t have to have both ASD and ADHD to use the sub, it’s for anyone with ADHD or ASD or both.) I hope that you find this helpful OP. :)


The ADHD sub looks down on self help too. My unpopular opinion is that sub is just a bunch of people complaining about their lives but don’t wanna hear any ways to improve it. Yes adhd sucks but doesn’t mean your life sucks


r/ADHDers Op, come over


Best ADHD sub.


I got told off for perpetuating unhealthy stereotypes by saying in certain situations my adhd is a superpower and I benefit from it while in others it’s hard to deal with. You can’t say it’s a superpower there. Seriously fuck those mods. I don’t believe they have ADHD the way they gatekeep their personal opinion. I think they’re psych students with an unhealthy obsession and superiority complex. They seriously fetishise adhd being a disability with only negatives.


I think it is a superpower... But realistically. A hammer is neither good nor evil, it's just a tool. Hyperfocus is neither good nor evil, it's just a power. When purposefully applied, we can do incredible things with our toolset. But it takes significant energy and control to apply it in that manner. Most of the time, the power traps us in less-than-helpful tasks, or we fail to do something we want to do, or outright forget necessary events or appointments. It's 5X easier to use this power for evil or simply self-serving activities; but we can use it for good. And using it for good feels 15X better than the others.


I’ve had that vibe too - like when you try to acknowledge some of the positives it’s as if you’re minimising other peoples struggle. They are incapable of nuance and balance, but also the empathy to understand for some of us, we really have to work hard to find the positives in this and when you occasionally do, it feels wonderful and that you haven’t just been totally shafted by genetics.


Well it is absolutely not a Superpower. But i get the gist of what you mean. Altough the suppossed superpower does not even balance out the negative impacts of adhd. As far as superpowers go, they are pretty weak. I would Gladly hand in creativity, enthusiasm and the ability to get up up after the worst accidents, i would hand that in just for a basic amount of emotional and cognitive stability.


I’m not a fan of the superpower stuff, especially from people using it to sell books or promote themselves. I think there are positive aspects of it though and in that sub they will ban you for saying anything positive about it at all.


It's like a monkeys paw wish superpower. Like you wish to have all the money in the world but then everyone just makes a new currency. Whoops! If someone is trying to look on the bright side of something they have to deal with forever I try to just take a little of that optimism with me.


I hate the superpower talk because it sounds so sugarcoated and unrealistic to me. It's even made it harder to get accommodations I needed to function (boss literally asked me why I needed extra time if the ADHD is supposed to make me more creative). But to ban for it, eh. That's too much. I'd rather keep it in conversation to help temper it with realism and different experiences.


There seems to be a lack of distinction between how your ADHD feels and how other people should feel. Like, I get no super power ADHD moments but as long as you don't expect me to why wouldn't I be happy for you?


That's so bizarre. I just finished reading ADHD 2.0 and it's all about learning how to embrace and work with your mind to help you actually stabilize and be functional. It mentions at least once or twice that framing of your ADHD is important, including seeing your different brain as something neat and powerful, just needing to be brought into check a bit.


They hate Hallowell in that sub lol. Go post about that book and see how fast they ban you.


That's wild. Some people really like to victimize themselves instead of working towards helping themselves....I guess it feels a lot easier to embrace being broken and unfixable than it is to make changes to help yourself feel better. That's not just an ADHD thing either, that's an everyone who needs to make changes kind of thing Edit: yall are proving my point. I never said anything about superpowers, just learning how to treat your brain and body in a way that helps you stabilize. I have multiple disabilities and have no chance of ever improving from most due shitty genes. I know how hard it can be to deal with them. But I am trying to deal with them. A lot of people dont and just accept they aren't going to get better because trying is too hardor they expect to grt better after anday or two of doing something hard, instead of learning how to make minimal incremental steps... It's like people with adhd have an all or nothing mindset and get offended when they aren't perfect immediately and then get mad at others for a perceived slight when they are able to make progress and feel better. /s


I mean, ADHD really does have a huge negative impact on people’s lives. I don’t think it’s victimizing oneself to acknowledge that. I’m not a fan of the whole ADHD is a superpower thing and I’m not sure I’d even go as far as Hallowell in terms of positivity. But I also wouldn’t be a mod banning people or deleting posts for mentioning anything positive about ADHD. I do think there are positive things about my brain that are likely a result of it. There’s just no middle ground with those mods.


Don’t forget getting muted for atleast 7 to 28 days


ADHD sub need modding by a True ADHD then. we’ll have zero problems only understanding


Never join the main sub of a hobby or subject, always join niche or splinter ones. Far better experience overall.


CONGRATULATIONS!!! Being banned from r/ADHD is a right of passage it seems. That place is evil. Do not venture there. Embrace the memes, we still talk shop here.


I feel like there needs to be a meme designed specifically for "the dumb reason I got banned from r/ADHD"


Yeah. This sub doesn't even really work either because text posts get downvoted into oblivion. You have to make a meme just to start a conversation.


Lol why do you all keep going there and expecting acceptance? That place is not for us, it's for.. well I dunno who, but it's not us. Rant here! We can do *Rantin' Ravin' Tuesdays* or something. Why Tuesdays? Tacos, that's why. Point is: that sub bad, this sub good. Like tacos.


One of the worst subs out there


Make one, I'd join it. r/ADHDiscussion Edit: I made it.


You have been banned from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Please return your membership and resume normal functionality.


I see them get a bad rap. What’s their issue? Is it just that they don’t allow jokes or “neutodivgergant positivity?”


I've personally gotten more help by talking to meme sub than the main sub


It does seem more useful and friendly. Just sort of at a loss why the other gets so much hate (or rather what they do to deserve so much hate, as it sounds well founded from where I sit)


Tbh they don’t allow any question someone with adhd might have, I’ve posted countless of questions on there to find my post removed even after following the guideliness. Even posts that made it somehow got removed within half a day to a day so I tend to post elsewhere if i have a question (I would give you the examples but my memory sucks so its all anecdotal) They also have that stupid rule (or maybe they got rid of it but I doubt it) where you need like 300 characters (or is it words) in every question/post, which just discourages people to write these. Most questions don’t need a story behind them and well someone who has adhd isn’t going to just want to write that if they know that their post might as well be removed after putting that effort into writing it. Like other people said, the mods will try to ban you over anything which discourages people from being on there. Its basically like a policestate subreddit with tight restrictions that force people who are bad at following directions like me (aka people with adhd) to comply or get banned, and even the tightest slip up will get your post removed (or if the mod just feels like removing your post for some reason)


It’s not just that they don’t allow “ND positivity”, it’s that they actively reject any framework of ADHD that acknowledges potential positives (even when weighed alongside the struggles and frustrations) and any kind of ND coalition that acknowledges how many of the issues ND people face are societal and not inherent. If the mods as individuals disagree with that perspective, that’s fine, but removing posts and issuing bans based on a different lens/framework is pretty suppressive and unwelcoming. They built their own bad rap through overzealous post and user removal that doesn’t allow for nuance and different understandings of what it means to live with ADHD. The sub itself is full of people posting relevant content and there’s nothing wrong with that, but the key is looking at what’s missing, not what’s there.


Yeah, god forbid somebody doesn’t hate their ADHD enough or in the correct way, according to some Reddit mods.


That’s part of it. But also that they ban people immediately who make mistakes. The hysterical thing is that they expect people to read those rules and memorize them or something. It’s people with ADHD, of course they forget the rules lol. It’s outright hostile to folks with ADHD which is super weird.


I remember I made a post about adhd people being sexy mfs and instantly got a PERMA ban lol. My own people hate me


You too eh? Cant joke around with nobody over there. How the hell do you think we all cope?


Absolutely terrible




That’s so dumb


fuck em


why else do you think everyone moved over here lol


I left that sub awhile ago, it's this and their weird policies on the term neurodivergent


Hey join the new subreddit: r/Neuro_Rants for ranting / venting and random stuff tbh


That sub is toxic af.


Go to iRLADHD. We homies over there.


People can get banned for really petty reasons on some of the subs.


I thought most people knew at this point that r/ADHD are super ban-happy and that there are better subs…


As soon as I saw that they ban all discussion of Gabor Mate, it was pretty obvious these folks aren't interested in strong feelings of any kind.


Okay but what did you actually do.


r/irlADHD I love that sub. Seriously!


I misunderstood that my post had been caught in the filter and I needed to ask to get it taken out. I thought my post just didn't do very well. My follow up went huge and I mistakenly mentioned my first post being unpopular and nearly started a mini riot of people calling for mods to restore my old post and I was like "I am getting banned for sure" Thankfully, came out unscathed. I'm too scared to post up the final update on the post because it goes against mod world view.


r/adhd mods live in constant fear that someone will create a post, so they ban anyone who does. glad you found your way here to the real adhd discussion sub!


It’s every sub… someone gets Offended and reports you , and boom ! Your out! Hahaha!


Can we collectively ban the dumbass mod that perma-banned you? 😤


daily reminder that reddit mods are power tripping, unpaid internet janitors, losers.


That sub is a big pharma propaganda machine. I made one post about choosing not to use meds as an alternate take to every post being about seeking meds and got banned. It wasn't inflammatory, just hey not all of us use meds, it's not bad to use meds, but there are other avenues". Ban. Lol.


“Hey just a heads up mind altering drugs aren’t for everyone and there’s other options…” Instant ban from r/adhd


You were advertising your tutoring services.


I find it impossible to believe that you aren't an alt for the mod that banned them, or an associate to that mod.


There are a lot of people who love to suck up to authoritarians in power unfortunately.


For real, this guy is literally up and about everyone’s business


Honestly if that's why they got banned, it's OPs own fault. Why would they think advertising on a subreddit would be okay? Like that's just flat out against most subreddit rules. No one wants to go through pages of posts all advertising whatever service or product everyone is shovelling.


Lol to everyone going how dare they, its actually justified in his case like most tend to be also this is a meme subreddit. Gtfo of here with this post hope u get banned here as well


Those mods in that sub won’t see you sucking up to them if you post it here. You have to do it in r/adhd!