And it changes in an instant? I care about nothing and feel emotionally dead inside. Ten minutes later I’m thinking of all the stuff I want to do. It’s a weird cycle


Find a new topic, watch thousands of videos on the subject for months, become really knowledgeable, and then one day never watch another video on that subject.




....do you have any recommendations, particularly for cooking/nutrition? I'm desperately trying to get myself to be interested again, because I can't remember the last time I ate three meals in a day and I need to fix it....


The most honest advice I can give you is to find an angle into it that you are *genuinely* interested in, and use that as a wedge to get into the giant world that is health and cooking and nutrition. Do you like history? You can listen to podcasts and lectures on the history and evolution of food and cooking. Do you like science? You can read The Food Lab. You can watch some lectures on the science behind cooking. Art? Read Julia Child But practically you have to cook. No matter what it is, the best thing you can do is practice. Recently I've been watching lectures from beer brewers to mycology experts because I've been wanting to understand what's happening at a microscopic level when leavening bread. It's basically become a hobby that no longer feels like I'm wasting time. I can go to bed at night feeling like I had learned something useful and spent time on something important, something I can control, and it can alleviate at least one source of anxiety.


You said you’re looking to get interested “again.” What about cooking was interesting to you before? I think that plays a huge role in how one should approach food as well as exercise: it should be something you like, and don’t have to fight too hard to do.


I was just telling my physical therapist this last week about "taking a walk". I have to trick my brain into going for "a walk" by not making it a walk, but a photo shoot of nature's awesomeness lol. Gets me out and walking around but with a purpose other than the walk. (I've got grade 3 Spondylolisthesis l5-s1 so even the thought of walking is like nope)


I hardcore relate to needing a purpose. Cooking has become a way for me to connect with loved ones, share unique aspects of my and others’ cultures, a way to tune into my senses with excellent ingredients, etc. I’m a foodie, but I also gamified the nutrition aspect of it. When that stopped working, I got into organic farming/gardening within a community garden so it’s also become a mission to feed as many disenfranchised folks the freshest, most nutritional produce my two hands can produce. That I eat better every so often when I have a meager harvest is a pleasant bonus, but the “purpose” has become to garden and get huge harvests and bounty. Right now I’m about 50% coffee and takeout, 25% snacks and 25% home cooked or grown food. Working to get it to 20/30/50. Side note, I’m sorry about the spondylisthesis ): I’m so glad you’ve found a way to at least get the blood flowing with some gentle movement and are in touch with the mental side and purpose of visiting Mother Nature. Is the condition itself an autoimmune phenomenon? I know these things can feed into ADHD pathology from recent discoveries about “neuroinflammation”


I'm not sure what exactly happened to cause me to be supposedly born with the condition but i am under the care of rheumatology looking for what autoimmune disorder i do have. I'm thinking the for cause of that is stress and anxiety so I'm actually supposed to see a psychiatrist to see if i can even work with my likely ADHD, c-PTSD (also a cult survivor), and likely hoarding disorder combined with some OCD. My brain is a super mess haha


For me it's watching Dr. Ks adhd videos, learning a bit about Ayurveda and my dosha. Then learning how the monks pretty much believed foods are psychoactive.. like we think alcohol, meds etc are. Then I realised like literally how much better I feel with specific foods. Adhd tend to be [Vata (Wind element)](https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/vata-dosha#diet) Seeing the science and Ayurvedic diet (which is like.. Essentially homeopathy 🙄) align is super interesting to me lol. Idk bout you tho. The real real real trouble is now impulsivity. Hoping the more I adapt to healthy eating, I'll eat something which makes me less impulsive and not eat half a chocolate block after still.... 😅


It’s crazy reading something from someone else that is so accurate to yourself. I recently got into learning about cave diving, watches ridiculous amounts of hours on it, from equipments to the science of water pressure, I could hold a full conversation with a professional diver on the topic yet for weeks I haven’t watched a single thing on it and it rarely crosses my mind.


I spent months watching every video and lecture on... ADHD. Eventually I scratched the itch / got bored. Cave diving sounds more interesting. One thing I find interesting is, you watch a video and learn something. Watch the same video later on, and you release how much was going over your head the first time.


currently i’m interested in tikka masala paneer. i had it last week and it was very good. much better than i’ve ever had before. i have been obsessed with figuring out how to make my own


And don’t forget when you try to start doing that stuff you go right back to being emotionally and motivationally dead!


It’s a cycle for you? I’ve managed to accomplish feeling both ways at once pretty much constantly. Maybe I’ve transcended ADHD.


It's a spectrum lol


Its an all or nothing kinda life


All, then nothing, then all (how could it ever be nothing???), immediately followed by nothing (ALL IS OVERWHELMING), continue pingponging back and forth forever


Absolutely no in-between.


I live in the extremes baby!!!!


Ahhh the infamous all or nothing lifestyle. When I am going to chill on my bed will I a) Just chill b) Nap for 10-20mins c) Wake up 1 - 24hours later and be confused AF what era it is.


I don’t feel like I’m the same person from years ago, or last year, or 6 months ago, or yesterday.


This one astounds me the most. Similarly, I feel like I have an issue with anything that enters long term memory. I've stopped watching shows, playing games, reading books, because they enter long term memory. They just feel bad somehow. like the unconscious thought of "ew, why would I go back to that?" for no logical reason that I can explain accurately, it feels undesirable now.


I get that entirely! Only now I also feel like I’m losing all my long term memory. I’m introducing my gf to all of the marvel shows, and for each one I’m kinda like “ehhh I’ve already seen this and I don’t want to but it’s part of the experience” but then I realize I forgot 90% of it and enjoy it all over again lmao


> They just feel bad somehow. like the unconscious thought of “ew, why would I go back to that?” I’ve noticed this whenever I’ve watched or listened to something during a bad period of time. I associate those bad feelings with whatever I was occupied with


That has been a reason in the past for me. I've gotten really good at not making associations (They're a choice, and when I can be mindful, I choose not to. This isn't perfect but it helps) but sometimes it's involuntary or inevitable because they're so tied together. The only working theory I've got is that I just dislike or don't approve of my past subconsciously. So when things enter into "my past" it's lumped together and undesirable even tho it's not related technically. That it's just my sentiment about old things even if I don't do it on purpose. I don't really hold a lot of stock in this theory but it's all I could imagine since it's so damn inexplicable. The other possibility is that it's just regular ol' overwhelming myself irrationally and overthinking to the point of avoidance. The piece of media in question is old enough to me now that I won't remember all of it, so I'd want to re-experience it from the start again. But it wouldn't be that interesting because I'd seen it before, even if it's fuzzy. It feels like busywork just to get back to where I left off so I can enjoy it again. Or if I don't do that I'll be confused and not understand parts of it because I didn't refresh myself. So it'll interrupt my enjoyment from where I picked it up again. or I won't remember how to play or where key story/quest points are in the game and I'll just waste even more time trying to figure that out again. Looking at you, Breath of the Wild. ;_; Which just makes a long list of reasons not to do something. If it only takes one reason for me to avoid/not do something, imagine how I feel after I've unknowingly manifested and decided upon half a dozen. :V It's basically not happening unless I consciously decide to try and overcome this rationally. Which is how I've overcome a lot of my problems. I understand them completely and try to be mindful. It is not a 100% successful method and there's lots of failures. But any amount of success is welcome and experience with success with working methods has reinforced my commitment to them and therefore my continued and increased success with them. Lastly is that older things that lost my attention for whatever reason, even if it had nothing to do with the thing itself, have not enough novelty to bring me back to them. They simply just aren't as interesting. "If you actually want to do something, you'll do it." I hate this phrase so much. It's true, but untrue at the same time. There are dozens of things I want to do, but can't get myself to do. I should finish up here or I'll write a book. So it's a lot of different possibilities but none quite fit well enough to be satisfied with them as an answer.


I did something the other night and literally 30 mins later questioned who the fuck I was prior...


looking at photos of myself is wild, i'm always like "??? who is that?"


yikes, this is hitting home.


You ever wonder what the fuck is wrong with you then your see one fucking video on they internet and your entire life makes sense 😵‍💫


Yes. This. I'm already looking around to get tested :)


I ravenously eat in 5 minutes or less, then kick myself for eating ravenously in 5 minutes or less.






Pretty much.






What did we say about yeppers


What did we say?


We said not to say it.


Can I have a little bit of that eat nothing? Just to level me out some.


Do an "all" activity for a bit and you will forget to eat for 12 hours.


Yep. Hyperfocus can be a great diet aid. But it can also be the WORST diet aid also. It’s a fine line


start taking adderrall. I have lost 27 lbs in a year. I needed to lose it. its not like I am starving myself. I juist don't binge eat anymore.


My issue there is I cannot swallow pills and I have a strong feelings the methamphetamines won't like being crushed or chewed :D Need to work on that anxiety since I was a kid that I am going to choke on pills.


There are dermal patches, and liquid formulations of ADHD meds in some places.


damn, I am learning a lot today about my options. Thanks!


I know there's a chewable version of vyvanse. I'm sure some of the others have that option too.


Well shit, may be time to talk to my doctor. I have not taken anything for the ADHD since high school and I graduated in 2000 so its been a minute.


If you are physically able to swallow pills, but just gag or whatever, you might ask your doctor for some help with that. My ex got over it by tilting her head back, filling her mouth with water, THEN dropping in the pill. If she did it right she never felt the pill at all. Anyway, capsules can usually be opened and the contents mixed into water or poured on to yogurt or something. Ask the pharmacist to go over it with you.


Thanks for the tip! It is the gag reflex for sure. Ever since I was a kid its been terrible, even the doctor using a tounge depressor sets me off.


Agree with them! Pills either float or sink, and it helps to use a different technique for each type. For really big or nasty ones I usually take a swig of something carbonated, and my partner can't swallow pills so he chews up a piece of fruit and then adds in the pill to the center.


Are there other options?




Drugs just keep you at all while on, and at nothing whilst off


Drugs can give a bit of all when you're nothing, and a bit of nothing when you're all


No, there are not.


Friendly reminder to all the adhd folks: if you’re being productive, don’t sit down until the task is 100% done 😂


Unless your task is at a computer. Then don't get up until you're 100% done 🤣


Unless you have a standing desk, in which case you're back to not sitting until the task is 100% done. 😅


Unless you do a Dwight and someone tips you over 🤣


Omg right! I was just thinking how oxymoronic the actual name ADHD is-- like, first a deficit (attention) and then an excess (hyperactivity)!! It's literally "not enough/too much" disorder, and then it hit me it's called that too 🤦‍♀️


I still disagree with "attention deficit". To me, it's "attention surfeit". I have too MUCH attention so I have to pay attention to ALL the things - or rather, everything grabs my attention. Outside of hyperfocus, of course.


Nobody else bothered that this video is cut to loop twice, but it's cut short for both play throughs?


ADHD is the answer to that


Yuppity yup yup yuuuup


As I explain to people - it's a light switch, not a dimmer.




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Oh… so that’s why


That Connor guy is the best ADHD content creator I've seen in a long time. Describes the experience really well! Go DAVE!


Who is he? I like the How To ADHD channel on YouTube also


I watch him on instagram, here is the [link!](https://www.instagram.com/connor.dewolfe/?hl=en)


idk if i had adhd, i always though i'm just lazy but sometimes (rarely) i do too much stuff


The difference between laziness and adhd is whether you’re physically unable to do the thing (even if you want to) or you can do the thing if you wanted but just don’t feel like doing it.


Google a list of symptoms and see if more sound like you. But I'd say the easiest single overarching symptom would be like when you have a deadline, and you know it's approaching, and every day you're like "I need to work on the thing. I will work on the thing today" and then you just don't until like usually the night before it's due when you're out of time, your brain FINALLY lets you start working on it, and it sucks because you cobble something together, but it would have been so much easier if you'd been able to get it done in 2-3 days long ago when you first were handed the task. And that's how it almost always goes. That's probably ADHD in a nutshell. There's so much more and different things hit different people differently, but that's probably the single most common symptom.


damn, that's literally me when i'm at school... at least now at work there's no more "deadline" and i try to finish everything before deadline, although sometimes i still did that too.


Time to get tested. :) But seriously. If you've got it, meds and even "coping techniques" can help. And if you don't got it, knowing that helps, too. Worth checking out the symptoms here: https://www.cdc.gov/ncbddd/adhd/diagnosis.html But in addition to that, I'd say other key markers: - House looks like a tornado hit it - always messy, never have company over because it's messy - Music stuck in head, can't get it out. Just.. almost always - Reading a book or whatever, and you realize suddenly that while you've read every single word, you have absolutely no clue what you've read, so you have to go back a few pages to find where your mind wandered off - In conversation, you relate to others' stories by telling your own - "I understand, because this happened to me" - but others often think you're trying to make everything about yourself - "What?" but while they repeat what they said, you suddenly comprehend it - Some "old people" things, even if you're not old - like walking in a room - "Why did I come here?" - losing things like keys/phone constantly - Leaving the house without keys/wallet/purse/phone - things you always need - Always being late to places/meetings/gatherings And the flipside, hyperfocus: - Sometimes you do stuff and lose track of hours - forgetting to eat. Don't hear your name called unless someone shouts at you If that sounds familiar........... you might have ADHD. :)


too familiar.... it's literally me lol. i really wants to change but it's so hard kinda confused when reading that link since it's for 17-18 (im 30)


I was diagnosed at age 30 - 17 years ago. Nobody develops ADHD - if you have it, you've always had it. but for some, it does seem to diminish in adulthood. But if that liast seems like you: Get diagnosed. That's the absolute best thing you can do. :)


With me, it's all, or nothin, is it all or nothin' with you? 🎵🎶


All of the above


I both don’t get enough sleep and sleep too much at the same time 😅


The blinking box was too distracting lol what did the video say?


We were all born to be Sith


And the video ends before it actually should, an even more perfect metaphor.


yah uh huh






We deal in absolutes.




can u be this but not ADHD? Is possible??


Bipolar cycles, possibly?


Maybe here and there but if it happens with any frequency and in you have trouble stopping it, and you’ve had the patterns all your life, it may be right to suspect ADHD


I shared a lot about my struggles with ADHD before I found this group and man this video hit the nail on the head, literally described my 20’s!


So I should go get started on getting a diagnosis


Ohhhhh, shit


"you either don't eat or eat too much" "you either sleep or don't sleep" me who haven't eaten or slept since yesterday morning: \*nervous laugh*


This is me thinking about how I have no middle gear at work. I'm either not trying or I'm sweating my ass off.


this resonates for me.


>You either finish editing the video correctly, or you get distracted halfway through, and mess it up? >yep


You either run it through twice or not at all?


Are you me?


Fuck I feel hurt. Sent this to my brother so he can understand


I'm pretty sure I went to college with this girl...


And the thing I'm dealing with today. Every week I send out an email with a schedule. I have to carefully check it for accuracy. I carefully checked it. I missed a thing and someone pointed it out. I'll send out a correction in another hour or two, but I just can't right now. I'm so done with it. But… gimme another hour or two and I can send out the stupd correction. heh But right now? I would just about walk away from this job if I had to send it out right now. but it'll be perfectly fine in an hour or so.


Fits perfectly.


This is me 9 months ago I had 4 perfumes that I was gifted Now I have like 45, I have also turned over and sold like 60 bottles, and I have about 50 samples too (: I don't know how to feel about this :)


bro im up until 8 am and sleeping til 5 i just did it rn


Oh noooo.... undiagnosed, but all the things 😂 ah! What do y'all do to cope when those "too much" moments happen? Caring too much, sleeping too much, or whichever


Lol maybe I should show my therapist this. I’m too scared to say I might have adhd cause I feel like I may just be overthinking it. But this video nailed it right on the head for me.


So basically it’s two spectrums I’m on the no shits given and eat too much side what about you?




i feel like everyone can relate to all of these to some extent. it’s very generalized


Is this a personal attack on me


God, I really feel that “doing 30 things at once or doing nothing” part. Recently I’ve just not been doing anything in my free time, not even the things I enjoy doing. Ya know, except for three days ago when I inexplicably decided to finally start deep cleaning my entire room at 8pm, including getting rid of old clothes, organizing my belongings, dusting, and vacuuming. I’m glad I finally got it done, but damn I was tired the next morning.


It’s called adulthood


Stooooooooop I'm dead already.


My life in a tik tok vid.


I just don't like eating


All of this.


Sounds like bipolar to me. Got both of them. A lot of people with ADHD also have others like bipolar, so


It’s either off or on there’s no in between


That's fucked up yo


No that's normal for ADHD. No need to be rude


Lol I mean like I agree