Comfort shows and talking to adhd friends


Mind to elaborate on the adhd part?


I like talking with fellow ND friends where I can express my grievances and have some level of validation because I’m not the only one who is suffering with said issue


God my ADHD is so bad I just recently noticed that I only grab onto a few words and go from there. I have to stop them multiple times to the point I just started going silent and nodding my head, best thing ever was becoming my own best friend. Don't listen to myself either but at least I understand.


At work today I had a contractor repeat his availability 5 times. In the fifth time I laughed and said, "dude, I'm sorry. My brain is like 3 rats fighting over a slice of cheese... Hold on one sec I need to get a pen and paper and you're going to have to tell me that availability one more time." It was at that moment I realized I forgot to take my meds.


>"dude, I'm sorry. My brain is like 3 rats fighting over a slice of cheese...< Honestly, I'm going to have to put that on a tshirt!


100% agree. Best days post adolescence have been talking to that one friend who was on the same adhd level as me. We would talk for hours about everything and nothing at the same time. Usually two or three topics would be being discussed at the same time and we always knew what we meant. There was no structure or natural flow to the conversation that was recognizable but it was the only time I didn’t feel alone in that way. Sadly, his addiction got the best of him. I haven’t really felt like I have had a satisfying conversation in about 5 years and it hurts sometimes all the time


My cousin and I would do this; have a full conversation involving 3 separate topics , all weaving together, while not responding to what we were saying only to keep talking about these topics and somehow understanding what we were telling each other 😆 It gets so bad sometimes that we even damn near talk at the same time, overtop of eachother. It's kind if difficult to explain but I'm sure you understand considering your comment is basically explaining this dynamic.


That last sentence and a half of your comic is poetry.


my bf doesn't have adhd but one of my besties does. it's always very cathartic talking to her abt things, especially since her partner also doesn't have adhd. it's nice talking to someone who just Gets It


It really is nice to talk with someone who Gets It, no matter what the subject. I was talking with a stranger today, we had 30 minutes together in a doctor's office, instant friendship despite not knowing them, only sharing the same medical issues. Talked about education, advances in biomedicine like CRSPR and mRNA, and how it will revolutionize things like agriculture with the diminishing cost and effort of researching soil microbiology, aired grievances about how the drug maker changed the needle geometry on the shots such that they hurt more, all kinds of things. To talk with someone who just clicks is wonderful.


Yo throw me in the group chat. My wife hates when I use my adhd as an excuse. It's not an excuse it's an explanation. I'm sorry I wasn't able to read your mind/remember your preferences. Yes, I still love you even though I forgot that important thing, I was busy trying to remember your preferences, not drown in my thoughts, and balance my life. Sorry I don't naturally have the ability to give you the attention you deserve/want. If I take my medicine, have a strong financial position, a good relationship with my family/friends, more healthy habits instilled, then I can probably give you the attention you need, my lovely wife. But it's a pandemic and shits not always balanced. I'm sorry. I'm really trying.


Yesss and it’s so so nice sometimes to talk to someone who understands and like…. Doesn’t make a big deal out of stuff, you know? Like sometimes I just wanna make an off handed comment or joke about what I’m going through without someone acting like the sky is falling. Like Me: “lol was wondering why I felt sick then I remembered I literally haven’t eaten a single thing today” NT friends: “*gasp*! Aquestionablewhat! That’s awful, that sounds like an eating disorder! Are you okay? You need to take care of yourself!” ND friends: “lol rip” “dumb bitch lol” And like GOSH the second one is so much more cathartic. Like I just wanted to get it off my chest not be further burdened by guilt and embarrassment because now you’re worried I can’t function or something. Which I cant but like that’s MY problem and not why I said anything lol


It's the best when we're all jumping from topic to topic, but we're all still following because its interesting. Meanwhile, the poor non-adhd person in the room is like "wait, you guys are talking about 5 things at once" 😂


My closest friend has adhd and our conversations have the craziest format, it’s what works for us and I cherish it.


I like hella challenging shows personally; that’s more therapeutic in my eyes. The Leftovers and recently Station Eleven come to mind; very challenging watches that deal with stronnnng emotions I have tried not to feel for years


Being able to talk to an online friend you usually can't talk to due to timezones for extended periods of time, even if doing so may potentially wreck your sleeping schedule.


Ok, I feel called out by this


You guys have online friends?


You guys have friends?




VR has been amazing for this to me. My friends and I moved all over the world after college. Being able to meet up with them all in a virtual living room is incredible, we can throw a movie on the TV through Netflix, and sit around a virtual table and play board games in cabin on a lake or pent house apartment in Tokyo. It’s amazing how quickly it becomes natural and you forget you’re in VR.


Really? How do board games work? And audio? I find the audio the most difficult part of virtual get togethers - if multiple sounds happen at the same time (Netflix in the background, people starting to talk at the same time) - it quickly becomes atrocious virtually when in real life it’s easier to balance those things at once.


The board games are a bunch of non licensed stuff like checkers, chess, connect 4 stuff like that, a bunch of hasbro games oculus has some kind of deal with them so stuff like scrabble, monopoly, boggle, trivial pursuit. Along with a few others like settlers of catan and cards against humanity. The sound is great it’s very realistic if my friend is sitting to left at the virtual table it really sound like he’s on the left if I turn my head to face him the sound comes in more center, the TV on in the virtual living room has its own volume control for everyone so you can decided how loud it is for you but it really sounds like a TV in the distance, it also has nearly every radio station in the world so you can also listen to the radio if you want. There also plenty of more involved games like ultimate frisbee, paint ball, things like that but you need more room to play if you want it to be as immersive.


Wait whaaat, what's the name of that app?


It was originally called Oculus Rooms on the GO and was taken off and moved to the beta version of Horizon, I don’t currently see it in the released version of Horizon but I’m sure it’ll be in the Metaverse.


The Netflix and getting together to watch stuff sounded like bigscreen but I don't remember there being board games. I'm super curious about it too


As someone with audio sensitivities, I find the audio in VR tends to be quite good, both PS4 VR and Oculus Quest 2. It definitely is spatially located even being digital, and there seems to be some accounting for the chaos possible in group chat. Not at all familiar with the technicals, but I am a fan.


I'll add onto this, a friend who is divorced from your circle and who with there's no romantic attraction or sexual tension that you can talk to about all your shit with is SO helpful I have this friend Jackie who I met on tinder, and we have ZERO interpersonal chemistry. When we first met up to bang, we were both so uncomfortable that nothing ended up happening. Everytime we've hung out since it's been the same level of discomfort. We have only one mutual friend who neither of us are very close to. But she's GREAT TO TALK TO THROUGH TEXT. We basically just share all of our personal shit and drama we're struggling with and offer each other advice and support for whatever we're going through at the time. It's severely grounding, because we have no reason to lie or sugarcoat anything, so we can be pretty objective about whatever situation the other person has found themselves in, and there's never any risk of us revealing each other's secrets because there's no reason to share with our friends or family, and even if we did no one around us would care or remember It's great tbh


Sitting by campfire and feeding it wood


This was going to be my response. Just bought a house (miraculously) and finally able to own and use a fire-pit. Told my wife, "I'll always ask you to join me by a fire I build in the backyard, but just know if that you say no I'm just gonna have it by myself." Did it recently, and it was just so relaxing. I'm usually scrambling to find stimulus, but when I'm building a fire it's the only thing I'm paying attention to. Sometimes I don't even need music playing or anything like that.


congrats on your house!!


Yes! I got a backyard fire pit as well and it has been the best thing for me! I’m so annoyed that it is too cold outside because I like to spend time when the kids are in school just staring at the wood burning. And it’s a fairly cheap past time. Also watching the birds on the feeder with a book and a snack and something playing in the headphones because books are boring. Come on warmer weather!


Yes! I got a backyard fire pit as well and it has been the best thing for me! I’m so annoyed that it is too cold outside because I like to spend time when the kids are in school just staring at the wood burning. And it’s a fairly cheap past time. Also watching the birds on the feeder with a book and a snack and something playing in the headphones because books are boring. Come on warmer weather!


This one you can really just feeeeeeeel


Pretty sure humans just like doing that. It’s evolution by this point


I cannot leave it alone. I am constantly rearranging the wood for optimal burn and evenness, drives my husband nuts that I can’t just sit there for an hour and watch it without fucking with it.


When I was leading a troop of little scouts we used to tell them they’re only allowed to play with fire by the fire (it’s not literally play with fire, it’s a German word to indicate playing around with some twig and watching it burn on the tip). They couldn’t stop themselves, we couldn’t stop ourselves. Fire really keeps your spirits up and the mind going, whatever evolutionary rudimentary thing that is. I love it


I can smell this comment


I've always loved sitting by the fire in the middle of the night next to all your buddies, some kind of drink in hand, staring up into the stars or into the flames and chatting about whatever happens to come into conversation.


coming home after a long day and staring at the wall in absolute silence 😍


It felt so good to finally get validation for/realize I’m not the only one who does this at 32. I’ve always been known as “spacey” and can sit and let my thoughts entertain me for hours if I don’t stop it. It’s much better on medication, I’m a much better worker, but part of me wishes I didn’t have to let that part of me be “cured” just to function in society.


My son just turned 7 in December, and just before then got his ADHD diagnosis, not that there was any doubt. He has such a hard time focusing in class that he just by default sits there staring off into space. It’s so consistent that when the school’s resource teacher was substituting last week she called us to ask if he wanted to just bring a book to read in class instead of sitting there doing nothing. i asked him about it, if he wanted to bring a book, and he said “no, I like daydreaming”. Me too, kiddo. Me too.


You get me.


when you finally allow yourself to have that good cry you’ve needed for too long


I've been trying to let myself cry for years. But I just... Can't do it. I think I have alot of stuff bottled up. I feel so numb all the time, and have trouble expressing emotions. But I'm really trying. My greatest wish is to be considered a warm person, but it's not easy when my face looks like a rock.


When I really need to get my cry on I watch super heartwarming or nostalgic movies/shows. Then I can cry and blame it on the screen. Maybe there's something out there like that for you.


Season finale of The Good Place gets me going every time.


Watching Rick Grimes and Michonne on Carl’s last scene. The way Ricks body twitches when you here the silenced gunshot. Fucking kills me everytime. I lost my infant son do to congenital heart disease and surgery complications around 5 years ago. I’ve numbed myself to it and sometimes it makes me feel like I’m not human. Some days I miss my boy and just want to cry for him, that one scene from TWD always helps me get to where I need to be. Edit: I also love the good place. I'll say this to you, my friend, with all the love in my heart and all the wisdom of the universe: Take it sleazy


If you just want to be hit in the face and get the crying over with, Graveyard of the Fireflies will do that. PSA: it is a VERY sad movie about kids trying to make it on their own during WW2 (I think?). I can't watch it again. It was overwhelming, so well done, but just so sad....


I rarely ever cry. It feels weird and wrong and then I get self aware and feel even more uncomfortable, because I have no reason to be crying. BUT if I'm watching sad scenes in movies or tv shows, I just weep uncontrollably. I think it's my body's way of letting out everything that I've been holding in. I love it, because I feel like I have an actual reason to cry and don't mind letting myself go for it. Maybe it could work that way for you, too? It helps to break down the numbness a bit (for me, at least) and cleans out my eyes quite nicely


This thread is blowing my mind Had no idea "not being able to cry" could potentially be linked to my adhd! Research begins....soon. ;)


After I lost my brother to addiction, I think it broke something in me, and I find it so hard not to tear up at all kinds of things. Like, just earlier today, I was listening to a podcast, and they were talking about The Elephant Man movie. They played a scene where the EM sees loving family photos at the doctor's house and speaks about how he wanted to know how it felt to have someone love him. His parents chucked him out at a very young age, and the carnival master that took him in was purely exploiting him and was a terrible person to him. All I could think was, "how can someone not love their baby?" and it choked me up while I was vacuuming.


If you see a professional, they'll get it out of ya. I highly recommend it.


Finally, a good 1 and a half hour silent cry session. Cant do it out loud at the risk of annoying the 2 other people in this room with my existence Edit: I know I say this as a joke, but it has truth to it


if you have a closet, it's a good spot to cry. the clothes muffle the sound alternatively, buy a container of ear plugs and leave them in a central location so your roommates can use them if you're too loud (this is more of a joke but idk maybe it would work)


God, yeah. I’ve been blocking out a lot of shit but a new co worker told me about a similar experience she had. Got in the car, played a song that reminded me of a friend that passed recently and cried for a while. Felt really good.


This was me last night. I waited almost 3 years to talk to my ex. *Finally* I got to feel better. Been thinking about it every single day, without being able to do anything about it. Cried my fucking eyes out after the call. It felt so good afterwards. I'm still not satisfied with everything in my life right now, but I'm doing my best. And *nothing* can fucking stop me now.


Haven’t done it in 15 years, really looking forward to it


Pulling that protective cling wrap off electronic and stuff. And Having laundry done and my room clean. (Never said it had to be realistic)


Sitting on fhe floor.


I sit on the floor in the kitchen corner sometimes. Very peaceful.


something about the kitchen floor is really really special


Right? I think for me its the high counters that I can kind of hide behind. Keeps the sensory input low while not confining me to a small space like a closet or bathroom.


There is a heater vent in the corner of my kitchen that my mom put in specifically to keep her feet warm while making coffee. I say there to eat breakfast in the morning all through middle and high school


Your mom *gets* it


Laying on the floor. Laying on the grass. Laying IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET


Laying in the middle of the street is underrated


Sometimes when I’m with my friends and they’re taking forever I’ll just lie out on the parking lot where we meet. Also done it at a park and in a church. There’s something very nice about lying down in “wrong” places.


I used to climb up on top of a four story bank at night with a friend sometimes after a night out and we'd just sit there, invisible, watching drunk people walk home and it was really peaceful and nice. Looking back it was really dangerous because we were drunk and sometimes we'd be smoking weed while up there too, and we'd climb out and sit on the ends of two of those triangle roof things that go over windows and our feet would dangle over the street four stories beneath us (google search says the roof things are called dormers).


Wow, you just unlocked a memory of that dull heat and rough texture of asphalt in the late afternoon / early evening


Have y'all ever laid on a train track though


I’m a fan of lying under tables.


Lol Perhaps you could find a safer concrete venue to lay on?


Wonder if one of my coworkers met you lol He was driving some of my other coworkers around at like 10 pm on a quiet country road and some dude ran out into the middle of the road, laid down and screamed "HIT ME"


I see your Floor Time and raise you Floor Time Plus Weighted Blanket


Those make me anxious for some reason. I raise you floor time plus fidget toy.


Totally get that, I enjoy the squish but recognize it can be smothering. Fidget toys are excellent alternatives!


Whats your favorite kind of fidget toy? I'm not getting into pop-its.


Have you tried just playing with a pen its a really good budget fidget toy and really fun


Infinity cube is good. marble mesh is surprisingly good. Pop-its vary a lot in how satisfying they are- generally they don't have enough rigidity imo. I have always loved squishy slime/ powder filled toys, but they break too easily. I used to have those baoding Chinese stress balls- a very old school fidget toy.


My sister crocheted me a blanket out of wool. She raised the sheeps, sheared them, cleaned and spun the wool, then made the blanket. It’s my favorite thing. It has kind of a “chain mail” weight to it. If you pick the whole thjng up, it’s quite heavy, but if you just lay under it, it falls perfectly. Anyway, we call it our therapy blanket. (I share it with my kid sometimes).


I feel like I stopped doing this as a sort of masking thing, people thought it was weird when I reached a certain age. But man when I do it, I just feel so much... safer somehow? I don't know something feels good about being on the ground instead of in a chair or couch.


I'm a woman of mid-thirties. I regularly sit on the floor at work to focus. I guess I've never thought about how it's perceived. If I can decrease my personal space to just myself and my laptop, I can get shit done.


Now if only I would remember to vacuum/actually start the vacuum.


*start the vacuum* Spoken as one with a roomba. I sure love mine haha


I sat on the floor only in highschool for months teachers didn’t care because I kept to myself and was more productive, until the kid behind me complained too much because it was weird


I was extremely stressed last semester and felt like laying down on the floor for a few days, but thought that would be weird so I didn’t. I finally just let myself do it and idk what it was but it honestly felt really comforting. Would definitely recommend!


Having the house to myself for a while.


That sounds amazing. My husband works from home. It makes me want to kick him out of my house. Lol.


Funny you say this as my wife and I both work from home. It took some conversation, but she now understands my need to have time to myself. So every now and then I'll plan a day off and she will take the kids somewhere for a few hours.


Been trying for years to get through to my husband how much I need that, just a few hours to be completely alone in my own home.


The same playlist I've had for a thousand years/stimming


When I was younger I’d latch onto a song and listen to it days on end, usually when I was especially stressed or anxious but sometimes just for fun and wasn’t under stress or anxious. It happened only in HS, I still need noise in the background but it’s a streamer or more varied but themed/playlist music


When 1989 came out and I first heard Shake it Off, I thought damn, this is awesome. Then I played it on loop at work for the next three or four weeks. Not the whole album, mind you; just the one song. People are always incredulous, like “how can you listen to one song on loop for eight hours a day for a month?” but like, I’m not *listening to it*, I’m just getting energy and dopamine from it so that I can work better.


I do this too! You know what else is amazing? Digging up that playlist you made TWO thousand years ago and those songs give you the juice like it was your first time hearing them. Like coming off an endorphins trigger tolerance break!


Blanket fort in the living room, familiar movies and snacks. Like an entire weekend.


I second this. Every weekend I try to watch a movie in my pjs with popcorn. If I can get my husband to join me it’s even better.


When my dog crawls in my lap and puts her head on my chest and looks at me like I’m the best thing since sliced bread


That tiny groan when they plop down on you.


A long hot shower and a quiet house afterwards.


Shower beer.


I feel like alcohol plus my brain probably isnt the best combo




It is beautiful, isn’t it


I am running my first games session one in a couple weeks outside of a few one shots with my family which was a party consisting of my mother on her phone, a 9 year old and a 7 year old. I ran a session zero with the party and a session 0.5 with each player semi privately both over the phone and over text with the last introduction session being all together introducing people. My players are four bisexual women. I have a celestial warlock who insists they are a cleric who is definitely not a cult leader, a bardbarian goliath, a sorcerer, and a scam artist rogue with some artificicer thrown in. That is to say four characters with 20s in charisma and proficiency in every speech related skill. I have been possibly threatened with an in character orgy. I have a very important NPC who is a succubus. I may have dug my own grave there. I can only describe my party as maliciously horny and I fear the day I have to stay in character as the only guy at a table of four women playing a succubus. I mean I can't complain too much about it considering the ~~warlock~~ I mean cleric of our lord and savior Jesus (hey-soos) Crust. A character that only exists thanks to typos, and a really shitty bordering on dad joke level crime against humor I made that spiraled out of control. Then in the session 0.5 for that character the warlock seduced a character so hard I have a girlfriend now so yeah, I call that a win.


That’s a big one for me. My group keeps saying “i know you got a lot going on, don’t worry if you need to cancel” No man! I need this!


*Gimme my click clack time you hoodlums!*


I just got that exact reaction the other day when I was telling my party that I had surgery the next morning and they might want to keep me overnight for a few nights so I'd have to being my laptop and headphones and hope the hospital internet cooperated. Everyone was being very kind, all *no need to push yourself, your health is more important!!* I literally told them, "I'm not pushing anything, nothing would bring me more relaxation and happiness during a rough time than getting to play. *Let me have this.*"


ADHDer DND sesh anyone?


ADHD dming is amazing, i have no idea what the story is going to look like in a year


Listen, as a DM myself it's more like "Prep? The fuck is that? You're now fighting a freaking Skeleton Archer horde because I was playing Minecraft 10 minutes before session."


Same! I litterally decided to dm a session completely after hoc and threw together some stat blocks a story and got a map and boom a session happened. By the end one players an invisible stalker, the enemy general got transformed into a vork, and every item in his tent is now alive


Lol my table has no idea that when I say “I wasn’t able to plan this week so we have to skip” what I really mean is “I didn’t get a chance to get 4 hours in a row to take my ADHD meds and hyper focus on writing out about 15 possible storylines in an expansive world rich in details and backstories that would take me literally years to actually play through all of with you and then throwing away 99% of it because I hate my ideas they’re all terrible and then asking my massage therapist which if the 1% of ideas I should keep”.


ADHDnD, if you will


What a beautiful, terrible, disjointed and meandering story we could create together...


I want to start playing soon, sounds super fun


You have no idea. Like, it sounds like it's just a game, but I haven't seen a game pull people in so hard as DnD. We'd been wanting to play for a long time. Our first session included my GF, who hates both board games and RPGs, and a friend who started the session while watching sports on his phone. Half an hour in, everyone was so invested I couldn't believe it.


That’s a good one. Before the pandemic, I was playing Pathfinder and the Pathfinder card game two nights a week at the local comic store. Sadly they haven’t opened up the play tables yet.


Beat me to it I actually thought I was on r/dndmemes at first


Right? I need a good 5 hours of dick jokes and whisky to keep me going


Okay can someone eli5wADHD what DND is? I mean I know it’s a game but like how it works? I’ll start: There’s a dungeon master and then the other players. You can select a character (dungeon master has pre-made characters or you bring your own idk) and characters have diffeeent stats that help them in the game. The DM lays out a scenario and you take turns just kind of trying to do stuff. Not sure if it’s an open world imagination thing or if there’s like a certain quest or whatever. You have to roll a 20 sided die during your move to decide if you’re lucky enough for your plan to work. Games can go on for a long time and your DM kind of makes or breaks the game for you. Okay am I in the right track? Just putting it together with the things I’ve gleaned from various Reddit posts and tv shows etc.


You're not far off from reality. I also just realized that you said ELI5, so probably ignore the later part of my post. You get a group, talk about what you want in a game (RP, Combat) and make a character, with stats and abilities. DM either uses their own world or uses an already written story to create puzzles or combat for the party, and to keep story and purpose and intrigue flowing. You roll for some things, like picking a lock and attacking, with your character bring better at some things than others. The end goal varies WILDLY from game to game, depending on what your group is looking for. Basically, you and your friends are co-writing a story, led by your DM, with luck deciding some plotlines. Old: The beauty of D&D is that it can vary from DM to DM, from game to game. Some DMs have made entirely open-world sandboxes. Others run pre-written modules, nice and structured. It could be combat focused, RP focused, or a mix of the two. The DM *could* make-or-break the game for you, but they could also just be running a game you don't like. Common practice is to have a Session Zero before playing, to talk of expectations before the game even starts. Generally starts with making characters and finding your character's place in the world, as well as making an inciting incident to give your party reason to group up. For example, the game I'm in, started with half of our party captured, blindfolded and chained, in a wagon escorted (unknowingly) by the other half of the party. Since then, we've discovered the city we were being taken to had an issue with slavers and abductions that were being swept under the rug, which led to us uncovering a cult that's sacrificing prophets of Selune to resurrect the Empress of a ancient civilization founded on Necromancy, with the intent on bringing down the Pantheon and all gods therein. As far as gameplay goes, there are different skills, ability checks, attacks, etc. that you will be rolling dice for. Things like picking a lock, trying to deceive an NPC, dodging an enemy spell. Your character may be better at some of these than others, making it easier to work as a group and play to your strengths.


Dance class. The combo of physical engagement and emotional positivity hits so good


100% YES Dancing in sync with others does something good to your brain too.


petting a purring cat


When you pet the cat and feel it start purring... so satisfying.




Some states are beginning to consider this for therapy.


Yeah I live in Texas and they legalized it for treating veterans with PTSD. Which is good I guess, but also pretty frustrating that the government is openly admitting that it is beneficial but will still throw you in jail for it.


You should see the federal government's patents on cannabinoids


Yeah. My personal belief is that they will not legalize this stuff until everyone at the top has locked in their cash flows so that that it can be fully and completely exploited. Screw the health benefits, gotta make sure the rich have more steady income streams to keep fattening themselves up.


Mushrooms and painting have helped me work out my past trauma better than any therapy I've tried so far. (Just a note that I am pro therapy, just sharing my own experience).




ooh, that shit *slaps*




Yes yes yes and then look back on the notes like wtf haha


I’ve wanted to make a book about the stupid/deep stuff people think about when high lol. Although last time I got really too high I finally accepted I was trans


Paying 50€/hour for anything


I wish that's what it cost...


Putting your hand in a bag of beads


Sitting on a window seat with a hot cup of tea/chocolate/whatever and looking out at a rainy day... love that shit


That but with another adhd friend having a conversation(or just vibing)


Primitive/tent camping. I don’t feel like my mental health stuff affects me when I’m out in nature rising and setting with the sun, looking for cool rocks, making tea on the campfire just doing what humans evolved to do. It legitimately is restful to me. You can just do side quests the whole time 😂


Damn. "You can just do side quests the whole time". Do i want to sharpen a stick or shoot trees with a slingshot ? I feel that shit. Uh oh time for dishes. Let me put the can of ravioli back in the back i brought it in. All done


YESSSSS ugh it feels so good. Last time I went I found some crayons and a big flat rock on a hike and I sat there and colored the rock for like 2 hours happy as a clam with no one bothering me. It was bliss.


YES back to basics. My mind is occupied with keeping the absolute basics (food, shelter, water). Bonus if it’s raining on a tarp and I’m reading a good book protected by all the shelter I’ve constructed for myself


I've recently started knitting hats. I like having something to do with my hands. I love the feel of really soft yarn. I like how it helps me organize my thoughts.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons.


Legos, Laying in the middle of the floor and watching a ceiling fan spin, bubble wrap


i fucking adore legos. nothing helps me center like a 1000+ piece set build.


When my cat chooses on his own to lay directly next to me/on me.




Finding a new That One Song and listening to it on repeat


This. I could just drown in songs like: - Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden - Something In The Way by Nirvana - Yellow led better by Pearl Jam - Marigold by Nirvana - Are We The Waiting by Green Day - Strawberry Fields Forever by The Beatles I also have hyper fixations and special interests on these bands so feel free to ask me about them




Feel like my mind is reset and ready for anything after an intense trip. Feel genuinely healed.


God I want to try it so bad


When I don't have any schedules and can spend the days anyway I want 😌


My cat sitting on my chest and purring aggressively.. Alternately, dancing/sliding across the kitchen floor with socks on.


finding a toilet when you have to take a massive shit


This one caught me by surprise, but when you right you right


Me having made up conversations with the therapist in my head EVERYDAY lol


I do the same thing!! Finished CB therapy a couple years ago and when I need to use the "tools" she taught me, I often picture myself sitting in the room with the whiteboard we'd do the exercises on and can her here talking me through it. Man I miss my therapist 🥲


Doing the dishes. I’ve never felt more like a functional human being than after I’ve managed to do them.


For me I’ve always been okay at dishes because I just have to do them or else it’s too gross for me, but doing any sort of organizing/deep cleaning is almost impossible for me.


Chain smoking with strangers


So much this. Going to a bar and starting up a conversation that ends up making hours fly by in what feels like minutes. Feeling mentally stimulated without any expectation of sex, and having a genuine connection is truly amazing.


All this. Problematic, but oh so lovely.


I upvoted this and I don’t smoke. Never have, don’t condone it. Hope everyone quits someday. But, I know you guys love this shit and it makes you just a little bit happier so smoke ‘em if you got ‘em.


Fuck, I still smoke occasionally and don’t condone it.


I was gonna say when I have a bad day and someone cuts me off so I just lose it in traffic before calming down and realizing how cathartic that was, but yours is way better


I find yelling at other drivers helps me process the anger. )not rolling my window down to yell at them, just in my own little car sanctuary.


Devils lettuce.


The greatest plant in the world


Helps the ADHD it levels me out


Sitting in nature (cliff view, lake ,etc), baking, drugs (weed, psychedelics, kratom, kava) music music music, and just minor pass time hobbies. For me that's long boarding or nature walks.




i love taking the time to inspect all my houseplants closely. to check how they're doing but also i love to appreciate all the tiny details we don't often pay attention to 🥰




Here for this. I’ve realized that tripping in a messy space is too distracting for me, so I make it a priority to get everything visually clean/clear before I dose. It’s a better motivator than having a sex guest! I get to trip with (what feels like)a completed to-do list which is incredibly rewarding, and I get to really enjoy my space for a few days after. I love bright colors and clean lines, and everything looks so much nicer with less clutter. No joke, LSD and a very small apartment have pushed me to take actual steps towards quasi-minimalism and meaningful organization in a way that nothing else has. I’m going to be 40 this year, and when my trip buddy started playing songs from my college-era mix CDs, I was overwhelmed with gratitude for the space I’ve made for myself. 2002-me would not believe that it was possible to not be surrounded by piles of everything. Hell, 2015-me would still be surprised.


Tell me you can't afford a therapist,without telling me you live in America


Drawing, writing my thoughts Edit: I forgot to add playing my instrument in groups (chamber music and orchestra)


Oddly enough, heavy metal shows. They’re so overwhelming that they actually make me feel a little more clear headed. It’s kind of like when there’s so much noise in a public place that you finally can’t pick out the details, so it becomes like white noise, which is almost better than quiet.




Sitting close to a friend and chatting about silly things.


A hot shower






Getting another tattoo


The absolute misery of climbing a hill on a bike for 2 hours.




Listening to Taylor Swift while crying my fragile heart out, if I'm being completely honest here


I might be ok but I’m not fine at all…




Letting myself do whatever ADHD thing my brain wants to do and not fighting against it. Like… just let myself be a fucknut for a while it’s ok, the world doesn’t end.


Oh damn That’s a lot of “therapeutic” things😅


Walking up and down every aisle of a store 😍