Anyone else after W1 feel like this should be a 18+/21+ festival ?

I came as a teenager myself and reflecting on that and seeing everything this weekend (drunk kids, kids taking mushrooms, etc) I really feel like the festival should be 18+/21+? Does anyone agree? It’s just really jarring to see these little kids getting so fucked up. On top of that, the teenagers are a little obnoxious but you really can’t fault them too much for that I guess. Thoughts?


The teenagers this year were ruthless…. Entitled AF, cutting lines, pushing their way to the front


...stealing from local vendors.


And taking turns doing coke in the portapotty


Just do blow out in the open like an adult am I right?


Where do teenagers get this stuff lol all I could find in high school was pot




I couldn’t even find pot in high school


The teenagers going to acl are probably locals and austin has some rich people with money.




Wow that’s nuts, I wouldn’t trust it especially w the fentanyl problem going on


Good to know


Seriously though where?


The spoiled westlake kids always have the best drugs


I bet lol


So what?


None of that is new this year. Doesn't mean minors shouldn't be allowed to enjoy the festival.


Duh it’s nothing new…. Still annoying and rude. Just because you’re a minor you get a free pass to be a dickhead? No. Gtfo bootlicker


Lol how am I bootlicker? Of course it’s annoying and rude. I’m not saying they get a free pass to be dicks, but let’s not act like this poor behavior is exclusive to minors. Being rude at a music festival is shitty, but it doesn’t mean we should exclude an entire demographic.




Teenagers scare the living shit out of me.


they could care less, as long as someone’ll bleed!


So darken your clothes or strike a violent pose, maybe they’ll leave you alone, but not me.


I've seen MCR twice this year and they played it both times. I also elbowed the shit out of a someone younger trying to push THROUGH me. I'm 6' and 210 pounds, good luck buddy. Not sorry about the bruise.


Been taking our daughter since she was 8. She's 14 now and she was so disappointed with how shitty the kids her age were acting. 🤦‍♀️


Props to your daughter, and also you as a parent, for her to be able to recognize what shitty concert-goer behavior looks like


Thank you!


I'm all for that. or at least 21+ sections like they had at Primevera LA


21+ sections. I like that. Find a sponsor and set up the railing.


I mean honestly even just 16+ without supervision would be fine. What got me was all the literal middle schoolers talking homophobic shit at nas x


I like the "teen" wristband idea. Make it very clear that they are teens. And make certain areas of each stage & the fest 21+.


I LOVE THIS IDEA ❤️ 😍 💖. I'm not a screamer but a screaming wristband might help [embarass them a little to have fun and enjoy themselves]. I hear ACL has a survey. Idk but I'd love if all of us would suggest it.


Kids were throwing boxed water to the stage before Zach Bryan, making racist jokes and pushing to the front to find their "mom"


That’s hilarious


What was Zach Bryan’s set like? How many people? Big crowd/small crowd?


Medium sized and him and his band were really very good.




What a great idea. And so simple.


What’s up with all the middle schoolers/teenagers moshing to EVERY song at Zhu


Bro it was not the vibe. This isn’t a king gizz concert. It’s melodic tech house… I guess despite Tik tok they don’t really know how to dance and only know how to rage


Yep, saw this at 6lack. I was embarrassed for them


Dude they were doing the same shit at Flume and yelling AY when there friends would get in the middle of the circle and dance terribly


People saying they’re just having fun, but go to any Insomniac festival or Disco Donnie Festival & you’ll see quickly that people don’t mosh to Flume. Idc how heavy the bass is in some of his songs. It’s not mosh worthy material when you compare it to the other genres of EDM.


They were having fun lol. I wish I had that much energy.


Sounds like kids having fun at a concert.


It wasn't, my guy. They were pushing people and knocking smaller kids over. People all around them were pissed.


I was right on the edge of that and the third time they opened the circle my wife and I just walked right through it to get closer to the stage


I might’ve been next to you for this but I’m going to go ahead and assume this was happening all throughout the crowd.


They all do that everywhere its so cringey. They will most every song regardless. Like say youre at a playboi carti concert and hes playing a non mosh type song, these kids will still try to mosh bcs its “carti” They have no concert etiquette


They tried to mosh to Wallows. So I had those little’ns body surf me 12 feet. I think they just don’t know, you don’t mosh to every song. Worm Suicide? Mosh.


They were doing this at Big Gigantic but some kids kept attempting to get in actual fist fights in the pit. They had to stop the show at one point because it got so bad and the teens wouldn’t stop fighting each other. I wish I could say I was surprised..


Nope. This is just the pipeline of Austin teen to frat bro that has heavily existed at the festival. Those kids will be alright. If not, their parents will bail them out.


Omg the frat bros were worse than the teeny boppers


There were some teens this weekend where I was like “where are your parents?” But honestly, there were so many times that I went to festivals and concerts alone as a teen and I think being able to do that really established my love for going to see live music. So I wouldn’t want some teen to miss out on seeing their favorite band or discovering a new artist at ACL because of some other rowdy teens. Also, I was just generally annoyed at some people at shows, regardless of age.


I actually love how family friendly the fest is. But those of us with kiddos are mostly hanging back. I didn’t take my 5 year old to Diplo, ya know?


Someone had a LITERAL STROLLER in the middle of diplo and the baby had no ear protection on. I could not believe my eyeballs




Saw them too. Absolutely ridiculous lol. Also saw a fucking baby at fucking SLANDER AT COACHELLA IN A TENT STAGE Fuck these people man


Same as those weirdos who take non service dogs to festivals.


Even service dogs should be left home or kept far back from loud music events. Anyone with a real service dog wouldn't be stupid enough to put them through that kind of hearing damage


Right!!! Agreed I saw a dude with a freaking frenchie and another with a pug. Like dude i know damn well those aint service dogs. Poor dogs


That is terrible. Those are NOT service dogs. I was surprised though while going through K-9 inspection for handicapped parking that many of the dogs were NOT German Shepards. While waiting for inspection, I noticed a really small dog and asked the Austin Police Department K-9 officer about it and he told me they have several K-9 dogs that are crossbreads.


Yea ive seen several k9s not be shepers but they usually tend to have certain jobs. Like certain k9 breeds do certain stuff. Ive seen labs before and other smaller dogs but usually at airports


Agreed! Definitely not pugs or frenchies that are not supposed to be in heat and have nasal limitations. I have three Dachshunds. One is service trained to wake my husband up of he has a PTSD nightmare or seizure. She definitely wouldn't be at ACL. Service animals are great and needed and need to be in the right place!


My friend has a service dog (dogs name is Luby) and she brought her service dog last year because my friend loves George Straight (Idk if I spelled that right - country isn't my thing) and she was going solo. Luby is a real service dog and has been specifically trained for certain tasks. Part of the training is ignoring loud noises, other people, etc. Luby is mixed breed, 35 pounds. This year my friend and I went together and I used my ADA credentials for accessible seating - I don't know why she didn't bring her own or use them last year. She will from now on.


You don't ignore hearing-damage inducing noise. You get your hearing damaged. You get that right?


Yes I have a husband that has hearing aids due to being in the Air Force at Bealle AFB and helping certify astronauts for SR71s.


I just texted her and she says she uses a small flexible hearing blocker called a calm dog blocker. I didn't know.


lost my side barrier spot at rhcp to someone with a stroller. i’m still pissed about that


saw this. baby was crying hard too


I will saw I only saw a couple of strollers and those children had full hearing protection. I even commented to my friend about it. But why not just leave them with a babysitter? I (49F) have children and neither does my friend (55F) so we really don't know. I know when my husband and I go to concerts all day I leave a sitter with my dogs bc they need supervision.


I saw a shit ton of toddlers and one infant with no protection.


I was right next to this, not only no ear protection but there were people around me smoking


Those people should literally be fined and kicked out


I personally don’t like being around kids, so yes, but other than that, I see no reason why they shouldn’t go if they are well supervised. On the flip side, I saw a guy do a massive key bump with his 5-year-old-ish son on his shoulders at Zhu. So maybe kids shouldn’t be going, but again, responsibility lies with the parents.


This is so bleak


I genuinely don’t care about teenagers’ behavior. Teenagers will teenager. Adults bother me much more


What about Sunday that 40 yr old dude caught trying to lure 14-15 yr olds out of fest for liquor. A couple followed him around catching him trying and warning the girls. Then later security was looking for him, not sure what happened with that.




There were several of men doing this




As someone who grew up going to live music and festivals with my parent and now being able to do that with my kids, I like that it allows kids. That said, teenagers are annoying ( source: I live with one).


Need special wristbands for teenagers that require them to be with an adult at all times. Got kicked numerous times by mostly young dudes running through an already thick crowd. I'm happy with all ages at something like Bonnaroo because it's hard to get to, filters out dumb kids with no supervision. A city fest allows for a lot of irresponsible and dangerous stuff. Saw 4 kids go down on Friday and another on Saturday to the point where James Blake had the stop the show multiple times and say "for f***s sake".


Welcome to a city festival.


I mean you're completely right. These 'fests' are basically just consecutive daily concerts


Exactly. Parents can just drop their kids off and pick them up at the end of the day. An actual festival like Roo or Hulaween has more logistics with camping and traveling. The crowds tend to sway older. Hula has an older crowd then Roo even.


Yep also gotta consider that being in a city makes it much more affordable for teens (and their parents who pay) to show. (Cheap hotels, flights, no need for car rental etc) Not many super young looking people at coachella because of how expensive and secluded it is but you see plenty at acl


Exactly. Lollapalooza is notorious for attracting every shithead kid in the greater Chicagoland area.


Lollapalooza is the turd standard for this. ACL used to be comparatively a much better vibe.


i think theres a lot of city festivals that arent all ages and in my experience life is beautiful is all ages but everyone was super nice/not such a bad experience as it was at acl


LIB is in downtown LV and the lineup is a lot less TikTok music. It's catered towards the 18+ crowd. When you're festivals main target demographic is 14-18 year olds in the Austin area, this is what you get. Same with Lolla. They target the Chicago suburbs kids. Why the crowd sucks there too. Probably worst then ACL imo.


oh okay makes sense. so is LIB not technically a city festival? i think that was the point i got confused on


It is but It's a city festival that caters to older people in a city that also caters to older people so the median age will probably be higher then say ACL or Lolla. Which caters to high schoolers.


It not fun getting your groove on and running into your kids’ friends either.


I saw a couple with a stroller and a baby that couldn’t of been more than 3 months old way too close to the front of RHCP. People were smoking weed all around them. They also didn’t have headphones for the baby which I thought was unusual. Edit to add: baby seemed to be loving it lol was very awake.


Mushrooms?! Oh no! Which way did they go?


I will confiscate them, do not worry!


Fr tho, is it easy to get those at ACL? I'm going w2 Sunday and would love that. Never been before.


It was always a group of little white bitches too. So many little 14-16 year olds just cutting entrance lines not even bothering to look at people, pushing people off barricades, cutting food lines, even saw one girl cut the bathroom line by dashing right when someone was coming out lmao. Fucking entitlement.


I went to made in america in philly and i agree lmao. White kids never stfu. Like some of them are clearly in their 20s and they still have middle school humor making moaning noises and being obnoxiously loud.




You must be one of those with middle school humor as a grown adult I bet you moan in public like they do


Ok I was a little bit of a bitch once at the concert. A handful of girls tried to do that at the very far bathrooms by AmEx and I just yelled out something about them needing to cut because their tampons were leaking. One cut and the other couple went in line. Might have been true - it happened to me as a teenager.


That’s racist. What if I said a similar Comment about any other race?


I'd prefer parents parent.


The thing is, once your kid is 13-14, there's no way they're going to stick with their parents at a fest like this. They want to spend time with their friends and they want to see completely different types of artists from their parents.


You are absolutely correct. That is healthy. I'm talking about parenting well before they get to that age. You want kids to experiment and find themselves, teaching them to do it responsibly is the hard part. Frankly, knowing my teenage kids survived ACL at that age made me less nervous when they started to drive. Also. my kids and I did a lot of bonding over sharing our different musical experiences at ACL. I'm certain we didn't share everything that happened. :-) It would have sucked to not have that had the festival been age restricted.


nah I don't blame dropping them off at zilker so the parents can have one night of sanity. Sadly the more mature crowds are limited to actual festivals (not fests in the middle of city centers with zero camping AKA daily concerts)


I think removing the option for minors isn't something that will be under consideration anytime soon. I think maybe, *maybe*, a good first start to potentially deter things like underage drinking/drugs is to have an over 21 wristband given to you when you enter for the first time. Granted, this will only be useful if security/workers are doing some sort of extra precautionary measures where they'll keep an eye out for underage plastered teens. Kind of hard to do in a crowd of hundreds of people tho.


Anything but small, local music festivals (think jazz fests, afternoon pop ups) basically any major festival like this should be 18+.


It would be way better for everybody that's 21+ of course but will never happen. Ban strollers/chairs unless they are way far back would be the most practical improvement


No Foreal I’m tryna smoke a blunt to my fav artists performing. Why the hell you bringing kids under 16 here. You think I wanna worry about your baby getting a second hand high


The worst moment is after you hit the blunt and then realize it’s all ages…


It def sucks, but no. I went plenty of times as a teenager/college kid and had my fun. Going back older now and being annoyed by the teens/college kids is a different experience now for sure but I can’t blame them. You’re gonna have to go to a different fest if you want an 18+ experience


They had a festival in San Diego called Street Scene. I am not sure if they still do or if it's changed but when I lived there prior to 2005, Street Scene was 21 up except on Sunday.


I fucking loved Street Scene for that very reason.


Yes Omgggg! Silent disco on Friday was amazing and it was absolutely awful Sunday with people pushing eachother trying to cut the line and even when we got in the vibes were as great as Friday… I was trying to figure out why and then I realized it’s because it was a younger crowd. Literally someone apparently attacked a security guard! Friday attracted more of the adult crowd and I had so much fun!


dude i’ve never been so close to fighting a teenager as i was in the crowd at carly rae jepsen. they were just talking shit to us because we wouldn’t let their friends cut in front of us after we’d been standing there for a while. saying we were immature, ugly, and “probably went to ACC”. fucking brats.


thats so rude, as if going to ACC is bad anyway? wtf


I didn't see anything any more obnoxious than other years. When it's crowded some people always insist on pushing their way to the front. I also think oldsters have to be at least a little realistic about the no-chair zone and not expect to be able to sit comfortably without getting pushed around as it starts to pack in and get dark. Mostly I didn't have a problem with anyone, mostly just enjoyed the music and glancing at all the bare ass on display. Like OnlyFans IRL.


Most of the bare ass should have been covered up this year If its a no chair zone - no chairs. Chairs allowed - don't stand in front of someone with a chair. They'd rather be walking around and enjoying it closer if they could. I still love ACL. For artists I absolutely love, ACL is not where I go to see them. I go to see what I don't know or thought I didn't like! I don't care for "country" or "folky" or anything even slightly that way. My shock this weekend is how much I loved Nathaniel Ratleiff and the Sweats (I'm sorry if I spelled it wrong). After leaving James Blake early, my friend and I headed to AmEx area. I loved his concert! I never would have had that experience except a platform like ACL.


Nat Rat puts on a hell of a show. That’s for sure.


No. This fest has a history of being all ages and an entry point to live music for a lot of kids. Don't punish the youth because of a few bad apples.


No. Kiddie limits is awesome. Our 7 year old did great. Music is for everyone. We know there will be weird stuff, and it's ok with us.


I think OP is referencing the high schooler/middle schooler crowd, I don’t think anyone is taking issue with the elementary/preschool crowd :P


Truly we need a 12-and-Under and 18-and-Over rule lol


Not at all. I remember being the idiot teens back in HS and college. Let them be idiots. Also last week was the RRS. I promise you it will be even MORE obnoxious with the influx of all the Greek life college kids


The teens are probably asking similar questions, but like capping the age at 25. I was in multiple crowds where I was old AF compared to the rest of the crowd. Still had a great time, but the Role Model crowd gave some looks and seemed nervous smoking up around my wife and I.


As a 50+ festival goer.. No is my general response… BUT, I do wish they weren’t such assholes… mostly though they were cool.


I'm 40 , and this thread is entitled as hell. So many people should feel bad and shamed. Music festivals have always been a bit crazy, what happens these days is TAME compared to what used to happen God forbid you smell some weed or see some unruly teenagers, walk away Some of you are just getting old and thinking things are different, they aren't. It's the same shit different year and you used to be that annoying teen Festivals aren't exclusively for you at your current age group


I’m sorry I don’t want kids getting fucked up and being unsupervised. Yeah times have changed and that shit shouldn’t happen anymore.


The worst thing are the chairs, fuck*n chairs everywhere. That was a big no to comeback


Why? They belong in the back and out of the way


You’re just jealous you’re not comfortable, you chairless pleb.


Oh no… it seems like they lollapaloozaed my ACL


My friend and I saw a drunk ass 15-16yo girl being basically carried into the fest and they let her in the gates. This year was more wild than normal with the kiddos


I thought it was very telling. I was at BMI checking out Eric Tessmer, very bluesy hard driving guitar rock. All the attendees were say 40 Plus. One or two young-uns. No wonder ACL is so pop and rap heavy these days. Fuck Live Nation.


W2 is always WAY more chill fwiw


Every single year.


When it gets too crowded, being as old as I am (as in older than 25), I just step back a little bit toward the back where I have breathing and moving (dancing) space and don’t have to deal with people (of all ages) pushing to the front or leaving from the front.


Festivals are always full of kids and mainly for kids most adults wont or cant survive the ga expierence that consists of all day walking horrible portapottys and sunburn the kids are the lifeblood of acl ticket sales...i can no longer do ga after expierencing my first few acl ga and suffering through most of it when i was a teen and early 20s i only do vip or platinum now way better expierence as an adult.


We left early on Saturday because it was so bad. I’ve never seen such rude people before.


I wouldn't mind them if they weren't so goddamn annoying. Ban those unsupervised kids


To clarify for some people in the comments, this isn't to say we want ALL festivals to be 18+/21+...but for this specific festival after W1? I would agree. I've seen great all ages festivals that are chill but in my opinion ACL wasn't one of them.


Kids taking mushrooms over getting blasted on booze, wise from a young age


As an adult, I wouldn’t mind and it would make my experience better, but it would suck to take it away from those kids. I have some super fond memories from like 15-17 at ACL


I feel like the 18-21 range are the worst of them. Had a group of kids behind me for RHCP who shoved their way up 10 minutes before the set and then proceeded to essentially shout about how they had Molly and sell it to another group of 18-21 year olds. A mother and her two daughters who’d been waiting the full hour before with us ended up leaving because they were so uncomfortable. I’ll just add that to the kids’ credit, they were totally chill once the set got rolling and so did they, but the advertising of their drug use and pushing into a crowd was still really obnoxious


Bruh we are sounding hella old right now…!


I think any festival inside a big city is going to attract this. It’s kind of the nature of the beast. If I was a kid growing up in Austin I would have been getting tore up. If ACL spent more time on the message of love and acceptance it may change the overall culture. First time here and it seems like that messaging is lacking. We’ve got to teach the kids how to party like professionals and take care of one another. Making them wrong isn’t going to serve us or them.


Threaten to call their parents. Teenagers have bosses too. Don’t hesitate to call them out.


I went for the first time when I was 13 with my parents. They were cool with me straying from them and that was when I smoked weed with some random UT students for the first time. It was a lovely memory & great first time smoking. So on one hand I think everyone should have the freedom to experience music festivals in their entirety. However, I too felt this same thing coming out of weekend one. I am now 26 & found them to be quite annoying. They aren’t even really there to listen to music but to mob and crowd around the middle of the festival in cliques. I think I can fault them for being obnoxious, their egos still need some supervision in my eyes. Although I don’t think an age restriction would be possible, it would also help with the overcrowding to have it (at least) 18+. So I’m for it.


All ages allowed. I get people can be annoying. Especially kids but think of yourselves at that age. What else is there to do. Banning them from festivals isn’t cool.


Yup. Cutting in front of you to just be on their phones and talk the entire time during a performance.


Teenagers are the worst, but I do love that the festival is family friendly as far as younger kids go.


im 14 and i have been to ACL almost every year since i was 6. i have never gotten in trouble, or done any drugs at ACL. it is something i look forward too every year, so just because some people act up don’t ruin it for everyone.