Best footwear??

Hi all, I have wide feet and weak ankles lmao so I need to know what I should take. Is a pair of converse comfy enough? (I don’t own any just yet)

Or can I show up in some nikes?

I’m afraid of taking boots bc of hot hot it can get 😩 thanks in advance my friends 🎉🎉


I wore high top converse my first time. Don’t do it.


This ⬆️ I have wide feet and the 1 time I wore converse I got the worst blister. My Vans work better and since it’s always hot when I go I usually put a pair of flip flops in my back pack to use sitting around at end of day.


If it’s your first time with Chucks, low or high-tops, don’t do it. You’ll be miserable. They fit differently than other sneakers.


and have zero arch support - still can't imagine playing basketball in those sneakers! Cute sneakers but uncomfortable af.


Hokas. There is no other answer.


I wore hokas last year and it’s changed the game for me.


Comfortable and something you don’t care if it gets dirty. Definitely not sandals.


I wear chacos every year, my feet get dusty af but I’m so comfortable for 99% of the time in them. Not great if you want to get close to front for any big acts though, you’ll get stepped on. But nowadays I hang to the middle/back and have no problem. Old tennis shoes are what I wear if there is/has been rain in the forecast though.


I have worn Chaco flip flops so many times. They have always treated me right. A little arch support. Easy to kick off an enjoy the grass. I did lose one flip flop in the mud dancing to Ozomatli at the tent one year. RIP


my husband wore sandals and it made me feel so gross looking at his feet lmao. But he would agree he liked it. I just wore sneakers that got hella dusty. Even still my ankles up to my knees were dirty every day.


I use walking shoes / nikes. I love Converse but they are not good for long term walking.


Yeah. Walking/running shoes are best. Something made for being on your feet for extended periods of time


Honestly the thing that has helped me the most is not even a particular shoe, it’s a shoe sole. I went to one of those Dr. Scholl’s machines got the right sole and my feet never felt so good.


I had a great pair from one of those machines. That was 15 years ago though. I haven’t seen one in ages though. Is there still one around?


I got mine last year from the Walmart on sunset Valley. They had the machine and everything. You can also do the online test, but it’s not as good tbh, but you can also see where the machines are located on their website.


Oh, hey! I didn’t even think to check the website. Thanks!


Hey dude, Hoka, birkies…


I feel like Birks don’t have a enough coverage…puts u at risk of getting stepped on, stepping on something hard and hurting your feet (like a rock), falling out of your shoes, ripping your shoes, stubbing your toe, or getting dusty feet. Although I must admit that I imagined you talking about the classic Arizona sandal Birks. It’s possible that there are other styles that are more secure and offer more coverage.


bring a chair!


This is the correct answer


I’m going to bring one this time that sits low to the ground and enjoy 😌


I wore hiking boots with no shame last year. 10/10 would recommend.


I wear hiking boots every year and wow >>>>


Running shoes that have been broken in


Whatever shoes you have that are broken in & you know you can walk in for hours. Personally. I don’t understand how anyone can walk in Converse for more than an hour, but I have a friend who wore them all 3 days & was fine. I wore Adidas Stan Smiths last year & they were great! Do not wear open toe - your feet will get stepped on


Tennis shoes you hate




Adidas are usually wide. I have a pair of broken in superstars that I’ve worn to pretty much every festival and Mardi Gras


I recommend an old pair of running shoes or tennis shoes. Something you won't mind getting dirty (because it 100% guaranteed will be).


I wear Croc sandals every year and they are ✨️perfection✨️. Cute enough to wear with most outfits, comfy enough to last ALL DAY. I too have weak ankles, so just a warning, watch out for "potholes". https://www.crocs.com/p/womens-crocs-brooklyn-low-wedge/206453.html?cid=060&adid=Shopping_Google_NonPromo_women_NULL_206453&CAWELAID=330004870001123263&CAGPSPN=pla&CAAGID=&CATCI=&adid=PerformanceMax_Google_us_CatchAll_x_x_x&ef_id=CjwKCAjwvJyjBhApEiwAWz2nLZ7j6IDhN0qN11QHcXfojK9G8f2-wz4m7oWEVLyiPeGkFCl3Nwd_iRoC6DYQAvD_BwE:G:s&s_kwcid=AL!4035!3!!!!x!!&gclid=CjwKCAjwvJyjBhApEiwAWz2nLZ7j6IDhN0qN11QHcXfojK9G8f2-wz4m7oWEVLyiPeGkFCl3Nwd_iRoC6DYQAvD_BwE


Hokas or whatever is the most comfortable athletic shoe you own.


No flip flips, sandals, or converse. One year I discovered Hunter rain boots were a huge no no. 🤣 Cowboy boots and Dr Martens yes! 👍🏾


my first acl i made the mistake of wearing brand new docs, by the end of the day i was suffering


New Balance has some good X-wide options


I’ve done the converse runstar platforms for ACL twice. They are great. High tops provide support and the platform gives extra height but also functions as a kind of traveling standing mat that keeps you from getting leg fatigue.


Very comfortable tennis shoes/sneakers/running shoes that you don’t mind will get dirty. I promise that comfort will be your top priority when you get there. Also a tip: make sure to break them in before the festival!!


Some comfortable used walking shoes. No open toe or flat soles.


I’ve tried tennis shoes and converse and my feet hurt far less with combat boots than any other pair. I don’t think I’ll ever wear anything else. They get a little warm but nothing terrible and the comfort is worth it.


Comfortable beaters, no open toed shoes.


Unless you weigh 80 lbs, just the most comfortable walking shoes you can find. I recommend Adidas Cloudfoams, I'll be buying a pair about a month before the concert to break them in


Chunky filas


Ultraboost and bring a chair!


Hi top converse with a gel insert… best of both worlds


APL tennis shoes for sure.


I did crocs all three days last year and it was amazin


I own 2 pairs of Chuck Taylor IIs, which have the lunaron insoles. They're so much comfier than the regular chucks! But definitely choose comfort over style. Athletic shoes with soft pillowy insoles are the way to go. Or relax and take your shoes off sitting on the grass (or whatever is left of it) every once in a while.


Hokas. ASICS. Dr Scholl’s. These are the way.


Wear something comfy that you don't mind getting wrecked!


I wore Birkenstocks last year.


I had brooks. Maybe a good set of insoles for Chuck Taylor type shoes. Army dude here. I know The importance of good footwear.


thank you for your service my dude 🫡


(Both in the Army, and this Reddit post) lol


Weekend 1 or 2


Weekend 1!!😊


New Balance with an insole that supports the type of arch you have (high, low, normal)


For context, I have wide feet, high arches, and weak ankles, and New Balances are much more comfortable for me than even my Hokas