You’ll find that different people dislike different decks. There are several factors, but you’ll likely not find someone who is 100% happy with every deck. Branded Despia is a fair deck, it has a good power level, it has its choke points, and it’s overall a balanced contender and can hold its own. Now, floowandereze…


As a counter argument, branded plays on the opponent turn with super poly and branded in red. Same thing as Floowandereeze, just a different name.


What deck isn’t doing something on the opponent’s turn? Normal set pass?


Normal summon ash blossom surrender


Normal summon ash blossom, opponent surrender>>


…so does any deck with a set quick-play spell it’s literally not the same as Floo


As a floowandereeze player, my biggest gripe is any deck that plays a 3000 + boss monster that is unaffected by card effects. I'm just done right then and there


Laughs in Trouble Sunny's 3300 atk


Every time I see Trouble Sunny, I know I’m in for a world of hurt.


You know I really don’t mind that the birds play around Nibiru with their effect or are able to summon multiple bird themed negates it’s honestly pretty cool. I wouldn’t hold such ire if y’all didn’t do it on my turn.


How does Floo play around Nibiru? It counts both Normal and Special Summons.


Listen I play Yu-Gi-Oh! I don’t actually read my cards. (But thank you I misread the card and have now thrown several TCG games because of this)


My comment was in jest, I do like Floowandereze, they’re such an interesting mechanic, normal summoning on your opponents turn is just crazy. I will apologise, I am that guy, whilst not quite 3000, I’m a Qliphort player when I’m having fun. Dropping towers usually gets an expression of disbelief or mild hatred.


"Normal summoning"


I meant my comment as a joke also :)


Flow and dereze is the better eldlich


I hate them sometimes because their resource engine is insane. They can just keep playing and playing even when you break their board multiple times. But they are pretty fair in all honesty compared to other stuff


Branded fusion is fucked up man.


There are a lot of cards like branded fusion, it’s not that bad


This, also the deck literally dies to one ash


For real, I play a branded variant and die to ash immediately


The critical points for branded is either Ash the Aluber or Ash the Lubellion, that’s literally it


Just ash branded fusion lol


I wasn’t sure if you could but Lubelion is much better as if they summon lubelion they’re usually going for mirrorjade which stops the combo in it’s tracks. Lubelion also can’t attack


You can't ash lubellion


I don't mind branded, but they have pretty consistent hands.


I mean, when you have at the bare minimum 9 functional copies of your main starter(with the ability to play even more redundant searches like Kitt and Keeper of Dragon Magic if you feel the need) and said starter is also a 1 card-engine starter, yeah, that's what happens. the trade off there is that Branded Fusion is such a huge choke point commiting slots to cards that protect it like Crossout is almost mandatory.


Yeah, even in the TCG its still a good choke, you can just play the game if it happens lol.


I mean, so does every good deck nowadays. Most good archetypes have 1 card starters and cards that search those, so consistency is never really an issue now


Dude, you need consistent cards and good starters to make any deck viable these days. No one want a useless bricks in their deck when you draw into it do nothing. Even rogue deck needs consistent hands in order to compete with the meta.


When it was meta, sure people hate it. I mean its nerfed in master duel, Aluber and Branded Opening being semi limited. Its weaker sure but i havent really seen any people rant about it. I still enjoy using the deck personally and when Bystials and the other Fallen of Albaz packages come to master duel itll give it more consistency. Right now its still pretty strong sitting at tier 2 on masterduelmeta.com, but i would prefer they unlimit Aluber to give it more consistency


I want my clown boy back : (


Yea no idea why they waited till Sprights to hit Despia… should’ve done it like six months before…


I mean I don’t see as much hate for branded despia as I do spright or ishizu mill ftk decks. Branded despia is a pretty fair deck, sure mirrorjade is annoying to get off the field but any good deck can easily take care of it, heck I think sky strikers is the bane of any branded despia deck. Sky striker has so many options to take care of the cards, from taking control to just outright destroying it and going for their otk


People hate any deck that beats theirs


Branded player here. I can see why people dislike it. It’s not that you end on a mirror jade. It’s that, 2 masquerade dragons (with branded opening in the graveyard) and a set branded in red and branded banishment. It is incredibly difficult dealing with all of that and the amount of interactions the deck has can out maneuver a lot of stuff


And the deck has access to floodgates as well.


I've been running 3 masq recently and it is disgusting. If I can bring them out I will instead of any deck other fusion.


I used to dislike it because everyone and their brother's wife had a BD deck when they first released, now I'm chill w it


People tends to hate competitive decks. Even people that play the Meta deck of the moment hates other Meta decks. Don't think too much about it. On my personal oppinion I had to say that Branded Despia is ridiculously consistent and has the advantage of having quite difficult disruptions to avoid (as they doesn't target and they can trigger an almost any moment). But honestly Is a fair deck in comparison from other decks. I'd rather play at any time with Branded Despia than dealing with Ishizu or Spright. Hell, I ever prefer Branded Despia over Floowandereeze or "Fun" decks like Syncron Stardust Deck or SPIRAL.


The fact Mirrorjade's banish doesn't target has always felt a little unfair to me. The rest of the archetype is totally fair - it's just years ahead of other fusion decks in terms of resource efficiency and consistency. Decks like Cyber Dragon would kill for a Branded Fusion.


Cyber Dragon losing Verte really hurt it for sure


It’s alright for us I used seiger more anyways because I go for rampage otk with cyberdark chimera, missing clockwork night more than verte, I play tcg to that’s why im saying I miss it cuz I can’t play it yet


I dabble in TCG, my favorite variant of Cydra is Cyber Therion but Regulus being $40 a copy on paper hurts :’) I just finished Branded with Chimera being reprinted so running that at the moment


Yeah I always thought a free body and negate would be a nice extender but if imma pay 40 I might as well buy copies of fenrir


Honestly I think almost every fusion deck should have one, it's literally the one constant between every meta fusion deck, and even though Tear doesn't have one exactly pretty much any of their millers functions that way.


I don't hate branded. To me there just like a evolution of Alister as in it's a 1 card combo deck. What I hate is constantly seeing and dueling it. Similar to lately constantly running into dark magician decks. I don't really have any problems dueling it, it's just boring to duel against. Like I wanna see a Intresting cool deck. For insurance I saw someone running punks, zombies and the new isizhu cards together. It might have lost but it was a pretty damn intriguing duel that really could have gone either way since I to was running a more traditional/non traditional zombie deck


Only thing I hate about the deck is that it gains advantage for simply doing the normal lines of play. There is little to no setup for anything to happen, which to me is a joke. But that's the common theme to most meta decks these days. You play one card and some how three different effects are triggered without any player intervention at all. To me it's basically saying how can we make yugioh as easy as possible for people to win. That's why decks like that are 90% consistent in end board, opening hand and handtraps. It's just built that way.


Yugioh players don't like any yugioh deck. Everything is broken and nothing is fair unless it's the deck they're playing.


It's all about what people lost to most recently.


For me it was because I'd face BD sometimes even 5 times in a row. It wasn't about the deck itself as it was how many people were using it


I think its more people are sick of it then thinking its OP because as much of fun playing against Swordsoul was with (pre spright) Live Twins it gets tiring from time to time


Probably because it’s harder to interrupt than some other decks, and if you fail they can dismantle your board , had this happen to my Ancient Gear boss monster(


I hate it because of how many resources they have. They can play through nearly any amount of negates and get their strongest board.


Branded is fair overall but outgrinds almost anything with its engine which can be frustrating when you break their board successfully and they can recover in the blink of an eye. Also, non-target banish that you can use multiple times a turn and pop 2-3 + draw is enough to shut down most decks and it plays under Maxx c pretty simply, while also having access to super poly and being able to potentially plus off the discard with BiR fodder. It can also floodgate very easily with expulsion, and plays during your opponents turn quite often which is one of the reasons people despise floo as much as they do.


I'm gonna try to be as thorough as possible because I've asked this question to a ton of people, both casuals and competitive players. The opinions are usually mixed on Branded but they all understand the same reason for why people hate it. They hate it because of its resources consistency. Some people have to try really hard with their favorite deck and sometimes really push it to the max in order to out a tricky boss monster and break a board simultaneously. In the decks that have many negates, its difficult to establish your board if you're forced into going second against a Branded deck with an established turn 1 board. You either have to pray you open disruption to use for your turn 0, stuff your deck with tons of handtraps or hope they brick. Where the hate comes in is when the aforementioned branded opponent breaks a board only to see it meaningless when branded in red triggers, or Albion is sent in a chain effect or a follow-up branded fusion. People hate when a deck isn't able to be stopped in the obvious fashion. The fact that when they sit there for about 2 minutes doing nothing but contemplating on how to break your board or play around your bosses that can spring up out of seemingly nowhere. Coupled by the fact that when they finally do break board, the branded player is able to still keep going strong almost like a "Ha! I knew you would do that, so this is what happens now". That's what does it, that's what triggers them. Now it doesn't get nearly the hate it used to get, but people all know that branded players of varying skill level use the deck and look like some sort of dueling prodigy when in reality, the simple fact is the deck is very newcomer friendly due to being extremely splashable and having excellent in archetype support, it also doesn't punish you much for misplaying since everywhere is a resource for them (hand, deck, graveyard, field and banished zone). Fusion based decks have always been in this weird spot where they are an old enough summon mechanic to trigger massive nostalgia boners while also becoming dangerously broken if their support is too consistent too soon. We simply need to just remember what Invoked was when it released to know why people get triggered. Branded as an archetype though isn't busted by any means. Hopefully that helped but I'm sure someone else could add more as to why it gets hate.


people who hate despia basically just hate when their opponent does a thing which causes them to lose no matter how fair a deck is, some people are gonna hate it, because they want resistance free wins with literally no pushback from the opponent.


They’re probably just sick of seeing it


Former branded and current scareclaw player, they’re both great but I love that the deck can’t do anything other than super poly/branded banishment triheart lol they REALLY struggle against it


Wym the only boss is chimera and mirrojade? There is so many different options


Because if you cant stop Their turn 1 you cant Win Not everyone starts with ashes or another perfekt Hand Which can und Interrupt 3+ time and clear GY


I mean it’s annoying but not the worst, but spright decks now


Branded is fun when used with engines other than despia


Mirrorjade is a soft once per turn quick effect banish + destroy all opposing monster when leaving the field. Chimera destroys 2 on summon usually. Despian dramaturge very often hits the field and is a free negate with the deck’s engine. They can also easily put out at least one masquerade dragon and search tri-brigade mercourrier for a hand trap negate. And mirrorjade will banish albion which will set up a backrow which will likely just hand over a floodgate to you. Floodgate, quick effect banish, non-target quick effect double destroy, 2 negates, 600 dmg everytime you activate an effect. if you break the board then you also have to negate mirrorjade’s board wipe. This isn’t even the ceiling btw, and they’ll do it all again next turn. Sure is easy to overpower! I liked playing branded, but i can’t act like it’s not just another top tier deck doing top tier things


This right here is it completely. Branded by itself isn't bad, Branded/Despia with the Chimera tech and imp package is where the annoyance comes in. I know people are saying things like "its fair" and all that but the reality is, to a lot of variety deck players. The grind game and recovery ability of branded is top notch and tough to overcome. I will admit however that in comparison to the other meta top decks, branded is fair by a landslide.


I used to dislike it because there was only branded despise which made it dry and boring because there is no variety. Now it’s chill tho, I always thought it was pretty balanced


I hate them because my fist matches against them were branded lockout decks that completely shut off my ability to play the game at all, Wich forced me to add things to my deck to try an prevent that though 90% of the time I could never get them


I'm pretty brand new to the game but I hit branded with a nibiru and they continued playing as if it didnt even happen landing on lindwurm, mirrorjade, and quaeritis. Then the kid taunted me about how bad my deck was (it is bad but still) branded is gonna get shade from me for that kid. Punks are nowhere near as crazy with their resource engine.


For me it was just the constant ammount of times i played against a Despia player.I ended up taking a break from the game when Despia was the height of the Meta game because i was just getting bored of playing against the same deck with the occassional difference.


I currently hate it in TCG for being able to make a rediculously easy Dragoon but in master duel it's fine


For me I don’t like the deck I just have a dislike on who plays the deck


I dont think I have found people hating despia anymore. ​ When I started playing the game with a dragonmaid deck, I thought branded was bullshit: No hard once per 2 turns banish on a quick effect speed, holy shit level of recovery and consistency. ​ Now I see it as a good strategy to go against, and a pretty healthy one too: the boss monster is strong and can wreck havoc, but overall very easy to play thru, the play style is free and doesn't rely on 7749 bullshit floodgates. So yeah If someone is hating on you for playing branded, the problem may be not you


I wouldn’t hate it if ra’s desciple was banned


Because yugioh players are weirdly judgmental towards other players, but this subreddit is an extra special brand of deranged. I would not listen to anything people say on here lol


Nah, Yugioh players will find every excuse to hate any competitive deck or most decks that beat their deck.


It's yugioh. People just hate on anything and everything.