Oh yep, I hate this. Bananas and most melons, for me, and sometimes avocados.


Hello fellow birch pollen allergic friend! Kiwis too?


ive had a kiwi allergy all my life and this year i developed a banana one too… does it just go on like this :( edit: apparently walnuts arent a little itchy normally too. oh well.


I developed an hazelnut allergy last fall. Started from pollen allergy and poof, suddenly hazelnut stuff makes me almost die from coughing and breathlessness. I love sweets, especially chocolate. Almost every type of chocolate in my country contains hazelnut. And if it doesn't, it sure has the "May contain" warning label. And with my luck, I also get that. Had a bite of good ol' vanilla ice cream that just had the "may contain" warning. Almost died. Fun times. Forced diet, I guess. To top it off, also became heavily lactose-intolerant as well. Can'T drink milk anymore. Can't use milk replacements cause hazelnut warning. Sometimes the body is just like... "let's make eating as unenjoyable for my person as possible :)"


ive had a hazelnut allergy my whole life too, i used to be like that as a kid and i learned reading by reading the allergen warnings of sweets. luckily for the past few years it also just causes burning/itchy mouth and lips but i feel your pain. i couldn’t eat anything packaged as a kid too :’)


I wish I would have had it from the start. Developing an allergy for the stuff you love in your late 20s is the worst. Since I got it I had allergy attacks at least 4 times, one of which put me into the ER cause it got combined with a panic attack. I am not at month 4 since I am aware of it and just Wednesday had another accidental contamination. My first appintment with an allergolist for an official diagnosis is still 1.5 months away. I have no clue how to survive until then. My unlucky ass is prone to natural selection :')


tbh having it as a kid is pretty isolating too. i was never allowed to eat at a friend’s birthday party, any chocolate or sweets they had i couldnt just take a piece and had to read ingredients every single day. i know it doesnt sound much but not being able to do normal things like just going to birthday parties or sharing snacks as a kid is something sad


Really weird to figure out kiwi's don't itch for everyone


Wait, really? They at least sting a little for everyone, right?


>etimes when I eat raw carrots and celery I get this feeling that my tongue is burning and now I finally know why. It’s because raw fruits and vegetables contain similar proteins to plant pollens and your immune system can confuse them, resulting in an allergic reaction. > >And if you’re thinking it only happe Nope, sorry to say. Do you get this itch when you drink Kiwi flavoured things? Like old Mout cider?


I get a reaction with the Kiwi fruit itself, but not with Old Mout. I think, I've had a few of the Old Mout versions and never had a reaction.


Not for this little camper at least, sorry to burst your bubble :(


I learned from reddit that me getting itchy from almonds was due to it's similarity to birch pollen. Somehow I didn't make the link to spinach doing the same before seeing this post. There was a nice table on [this article](https://www.aaaai.org/tools-for-the-public/conditions-library/allergies/oral-allergy-syndrome-(oas) which shows what goes under what group


Most people don't seem to believe that I can be allergic to bananas, kiwi, (some) berries and avocado. I feel your pain though. It started with just an itchy feeling with all of them, annoying but not life threatening. But then as I got older, I had anaphylactic reactions to banana when I was 24, kiwi around 29 and blackberry when I was 33, where I had to go to the hospital. Haven't had the full anaphylactic reaction to avocado yet, but they make me itchy so I avoid them. I used to eat all of these things when I was a child without issues, all my severe allergies developed in adulthood. Now I'm afraid to eat any fruit, or anything really, that I haven't had recently without any issues. I'm always worried that eventually strawberries, apples, grapes or tree nuts will turn on me.


Same. But almonds for me.


Fun fact: these are all foods that are high in natural latex! So you may also find your skin gets irritated by latex, too. I found this out after I broke out while knitting with bamboo yarn and eating a favorite snack of apples and cashew butter for several days in a row. I already couldn't eat bananas or avocado anymore - if you continue to expose yourself, the worse it gets - so I was really upset and trying to figure out WTF. That's how I found out about all the foods I was sensitive to were also, conveniently, foods with high natural latex content. As is bamboo. As are walnuts and hazelnuts!


I've been allergic to avocado for 14 years (severe abdominal pain for hours on end) and recently kiwis have made my lips, tongue and throat itch, so I hope it doesn't start with bananas 🙁 avocado allergy came with severe allergy to all latex products.


Watch out for latex


And shellfish. Latex/banana/shellfish allergy runs in my family and, we’re told, is all the same allergy. My dad gets anaphylaxis from bananas; I get it from shellfish (specifically lobster and crab, but my body can’t tell the difference any more so anything with an exoskeleton triggers it now); we both blister from latex.


Does mean you had to stop eating wasps? Edit: that, does that mean….


You laugh, but cricket flour got me.


Wait seriously.. I have a deadly shellfish allergy and go into anaphylaxis too.. should I watch out for crickets and dried insects?


Yes. Crickets and certain insects share the same protein as shellfish in their exoskeleton


Interestingly enough, I have all those issues but nothing from latex. I pray it stays that way as I work in a hospital.


THANK YOU FOR SAYING BIRCH POLLEN!!! My girlfriend literally just had a EUREKA moment when I read your comment out loud because the other stuff u/mahjimoh listed are things that she gets reactions from as well.


Is this because of excessively clean houses? Did people need more Outside time? How do you keep this from happening ??? No one had this stuff when I was a kid. I was ten before I'd ever heard the word allergy. My kids were ten before they needed an antibiotic. What's going on?


Couldn’t be. My toe fungus juice cleanse gets all over my house because our blender is just a machete on a drill. We throw our plants in a clear bin and start spinning the drill. Our house is filthy. Full of rats wearing pants and monocles.


Those rats sound very handsome. Your signature juice cleanse process seems to be doing great things for them. And I expect I'll soon see your machete drill line of products on late night TV. "And there's more!!" Will soon be your rallying cry.


The rats will love the compliment. As for not hearing the word allergy until ten….Have you considered that you may have been deaf for those ten years? Pretty common where I’m from! (800 Decibel Drive)


No, had quite good hearing until I began going to concerts. Ozzy was loud, Elton John was louder, Crowes were loudest.


My grandfather was so allergic to birch he had to get his sons to cut all the birch and poplar on his property and could only load the fireplace with work gloves or he would get hives. Birch pollen makes our whole family line congested. He also slowly aquired a couple food allergies in his retirement. No issues with kiwis (yet). Do other food sensitivities crop up too or just allergies?


Bananas and kiwi for me.


Happens to me with bananas but not melons


Bananas, walnuts and pecans for me, but no other nuts. Weird


I’d be miserable if I had to give up pecans


Wait. I have this with kiwis, and sometimes banana and melon. Walnuts and pecans make my mouth feel really really dry like they absorb liquid, is this normal or also an allergic reaction?


I get that from anything that has tannins, tea, the skins in nuts, the stones in things like peaches and plums.


Apples, peaches, and plums for me. I could tell if my ex had eaten an apple in the last hour or two, because we'd kiss then my lips would get itchy.


Tip for apples if you still like them - microwave them, then stick them in the fridge. Make sure you either cut them up or poke holes in the skin before you nuke them, though. (Fellow OAS haver. Apples, pears, and carrots are the worst for me.)


Interesting.. may have to try that. I still like apple juice, but I honestly have not eaten an apple in.. 14? years, because of OAS. Which I didn't realize was an actual thing until this post lol.


Same for me, but it's only apples and kiwi. I hate how my tongue gets itchy lol


Holy shit I thought I was the only one on earth who experienced this! Weirdly, it only seems to happen with bananas for me but still. Worst part is I love bananas but I always worry when I get that stinging/itching feeling that there's something wrong lol


My son had to stop eating bananas after he admitted to us he like how “spicy” they were because they made his mouth tingle after eating them.


That is making me laugh, he was enjoying the misery of it like some people like ghost peppers.


Bananas sometimes for me.


I didn’t know I had a problem with bananas for a long time til I was chatting with a friend whilst eating a banana and was like “man bananas are great but they really hurt my gums when i eat them” and my friend was like “lol what”


Samsies, but guacamole is life so I’m also team epi-pen


Never got why people willingly suffer and eat their allergens. I used to love guac but when I eat it it feels like a MLB player is hitting me in the stomach with a baseball bat. 0/10 not worth.


Bananas grapes avocados and strawberries here. It’s been decades, and at least there haven’t been any new additions to the list in that time


Walnuts and pecans It took me almost 20 years to figure out that they don't taste like wasp stings normally


Omg now that I think about it, walnuts do make my tongue a little dry and itchy! That’s crazy.


Are you sure you don’t have a nut allergy? I am the same, with Walnuts, pecans, and peanuts…. Mild “allergy “ that manifests with itchy mouth and throat, but nothing that’s gonna kill me and i stop eating them immediately. I can still eat fries cooked in peanut oil. Hmmm…


Peanuts aren't nuts though; they're legumes.


Sure, but they’re all seeds, or propagules. The name isn’t important; some people are allergic to all of them.


tree nuts are a whole different thing than peanuts which technically do classify as a legume




also sometimes blisters on my lips. i found that antihistamines like ceterizin or lorazepam help a little after i accidentally ate some deliciously looking itchy-cookies.


It's also important to note that these kinds of allergies can happen later in life. At 30 years old I randomly became allergic to whole grapes (they're fine as an ingredient) with these symptoms.


I've eaten apples my whole life and 2 years ago I was eating a Honeycrisp and my mouth and lips began to burn. I still eat them but there's a 30 minute period afterwards that just kind of sucks, but is totally worth it


You can microwave them first! Cooking destroys the enzyme that causes OAS. Just cut them up or poke holes in the skin before you put them in the microwave. Edit: to be clear, I don't eat the apple hot. I heat them all after I buy them, then put them in the fridge to eat later.


I just kinda suspect most people don’t want to eat a microwaved apple unfortunately


It changes the texture a bit, but for me it's better than not eating them.


Maybe we could fridge the apple after microwaving it lol


My quick applesauce recipe is to peel, chop and boil apples on the stove with just enough water to cover, with cinnemon (OPTIONAL: nutmeg, powdered clove). When the apples are mushy enough to taste and the house smells AMAZING, take them off the burner and give them a good stir until they have the consistency you want. Add (brown) sugar if the apples are too tart. Some people like lemon juice in the recipe but I don't care for it. This doesn't work well with red delicious, they're too much like a block of wood. Baking apples like fiji or pink lady turn out best. I do about three at a time and get about four cups of sauce. It's like, 1 apple per one and a half adult servings or 2-4 kids.


I keep Claritin (not Claritin-D) on me at all times for this. It’s a nice non-drowsy antihistamine that reduces the discomfort pretty quickly.


I’ve developed the same thing with the same apples 😳 I thought I randomly became allergic to them


At 30 years old I became allergic to papaya :( I’m Hawaiian and it’s always been one of my favorite fruits


I’m struggling trying to think of any food grapes are an ingredient in, save for jelly.


I became allergic to kidney beans and other similar beans. I grew up vegetarian and love beans. So sad


I developed my mother's strawberry allergy in my mid-20s.


I was informed this week that tomatoes are not, in fact, a spicy food.


This was my boyfriend with pineapples! Lol one day we were eating some and he said he “didn’t really like how spicy pineapple was but the flavor was really good, even though it makes it hard to taste anything else after” 😂 I promptly informed him of mild food allergies. Edit: I know what bromelain is, he is allergic to pineapple. It literally feels hot/itchy/tingly in his mouth after pineapple.


Pineapple has some sort of acid of something that actually attacks the skin in your mouth sorry cannot remember the word for inside body skin.


Not sure of the word for inside body skin, but that acid is called bromelain!


The surface for mucus is.... ??? Thanks!


I was thinking mucous membrane but didnt know if there was a dermis-related name I wasnt aware of


You are right! I checked it in translater. It is limakalvo in Finnish if you ever need that information :)


Lmao I'm a garbage dump of random facts, so I can assure you, I'm going to remember that word for as long as I live now. Hahaha


Bromelain. A pineapple eats us while eating we eat it.


Whenever you eat pineapple, pineapple also eats you


Bromelain is an enzyme that eats proteins. Other fruits that have similar enzymes are papayas and kiwis.


"Inside body skin" I follow but it also cracked me up


You can remove it by actually soaking a bit of salt into it.


Pineapples are "spicy" though. They are very acidic and eating too much can cause irritation, burning sensation and numbness. Basically, a very mild chemical burn


It's not the acid, it's the Bromelain, an enzyme that digests proteins; it's literally degrading your mouth while you eat pineapple. Worth it though...


I can definitely confirm. I don't get the "spicy" sensation while eating pineapple, but if I have way too much (I usually do) my tongue gets that numb burn-y feel around 30 minutes later.


I have it with kiwi too


Sure but it was obviously not what he was referring to. Your entire mouth tingling/being on fire is not the sensation you are supposed to get from pineapple. If you eat a few pineapple chunks in a fruit salad you should still be able to taste the rest of the fruit you’re eating, people!


I am also allergic to pineapple and have OAS can confirm it exists


If you cook/grill the pineapples he won’t feel that, I’m the same way, apparently cooking it breaks down the acid that causes people to have this reaction




I had a similar experience with kiwi, I found out it's because kiwi belongs to the same family of fruit as pineapple, and I'm *deathly* allergic to pineapple, your bf is lucky he only has an oral allergy I was 11 the first time I ate pineapple, and that was also the last time I ate pineapple, because I violently puked on the kitchen floor, over the course of about 10 minutes the left side of my body went numb, and I had to be rushed to Urgent Care because I was having trouble breathing, then after the epi-pen they gave me I had the worst migrane of my life for the next 6 hours


That’s how I figured out I had a pineapple allergy lmao Told my husband “my mouth feels weird when I eat too much pineapple. Like… it stings and I get all mucousy” he goes “you’re fucking allergic love” hahahaha


I’m the same with pineapple! I love the flavor but if I eat more than a couple pieces it’s super acidic and starts burning my tongue and lips. If I get the juice on my skin like when I’m cutting a pineapple or it drips down my chin it turns red and itchy


Not normally but you can cross breed them with chili peppers for spicy tomatoes. If I weren't allergic to the plant itself, I might try that.


I love tomatoes so much, I eat them like apples sometimes. I eat spicy peppers full send too. You have just unlocked such a craving in me, I didnt even know something could sound so delicious. Sincerely, thanks for sending me on this quest.


Raw plain tomatoes taste like pumpkin to me and pumpkin tastes like shit. Therefore I fuck with neither.


I can't comprehend how these two taste the same. Can you inform my poor soul?


Apparently I am the only person on earth who thinks they taste the same :/


Yep! My FIL went into anaphylactic shock from eating watermelon at 57 (he’s ok, my husband sped him to the ER), and we are finding more fruits and veg that my husband can’t eat everyday, especially raw. I hate it for him because he likes to eat fresh foods but now can’t.


I may be misinformed but my allergist told me OAS doesn’t cause anaphylaxis and if you have anaphylaxis you just have a regular food allergy.


Any food allergy has the potential to cause an anaphylactic reaction. From my understanding, OAS is an atypical food allergy but still a food allergy nonetheless. So while it’s very rare, it can still happen. I only have mild-moderate OAS reactions and my allergist still prescribed me an epi pen and encouraged me to carry it in my purse at all times.


I’m not sure if it was actually anaphylaxis since I wasn’t in the picture yet, but apparently his airways were swelling shut and he got puffy and I just assumed that meant anaphylaxis. He has the same other symptoms for most other produce so I figured it was all related. Maybe he has both?


Whoa, that may explain the itching of the roof of my mouth after eating some fruit and why it doesn’t always happen. Thanks


Yes, my 30 yr old son developed this in his mid twenties. Had never heard of before that! He has to cook his fruit.


When I was younger, I mentioned thought that since the outside of kiwi is covered in itchy hairs, the inside is too, and itchiness was just the cost of eating them. Found out I'm allergic to kiwi when I mentioned it to someone while eating dried kiwi. The juice is fine though.


Yours sounds like an allergy, but if your tongue *hurts* while/after having eaten kiwi, it could just be the kiwi's protease enzymes breaking down your tongue, kinda like how pineapple eats you back when you eat it. One common trick is to accompany the kiwi with a liquid source of protein such as yogurt. Basically gives the enzyme another target so that it won't affect your tongue so badly.


Apples almonds avocados and peaches are the worst for me


I find this so fascinating because I have the one with apples, stonefruit (incl peaches) and almonds... But I've never had an issue with avocado. Bodies are weird. Out of curiosity do you also react to pecans or blackberries?


For me I only have it if I eat like some pure avocado, if I put it on something I'm fine. But it only started to develop recently so who knows how it will be in a few years


Can you explain why it also depends on the season?


I’m not OP but I’ll guess it’s because during pollen season your body is already primed to go allergic in response to stuff.


So you’re saying I should try kiwi at different times if the year to see if i’m always allergic 😍


OMG the time I almost got my throat close down from kiwi 😨


Do not keep trying them omg. My mouth just gets super tingly but no swelling so I can get away w it


An allergy can turn from mild to deadly at any point. Please be aware.


Lol you shouldn’t keep trying them either then. There’s no predicting anaphylaxis, and if you’re even somewhat allergic then you’re at risk for it.


Yes this is correct. Unfortunately I’m not an expert in this field so can’t explain any further than that!


I believe there are also specific pollen types that are cross-reactive with specific fruits due to their protein structure. So when that type of pollen is in season, you may experience allergies to certain foods. (At least according to what I’ve read.)


The proteins in normal seasonal pollen allergens are really similar to the ones in the raw vegetables so that’s why you may have a reaction to raw vegetables. When the veggies are cooked those proteins get denatured and there’s nothing to react to anymore. I had really bad seasonal allergies and oas as a result before immunotherapy.


Has anyone overcome apple allergy? I developed birch allergy at twenties and cannot eat apples, peaches and blums anymore :( it is just the itching but taking a bite from apple spreads juice in my eyes and they get itchy as well. I gan eat slices but tingling is bad! I lost my fav fruits to this ordeal D: in theory one should be able to get tolerance as you can do the allergy shots. Maybe I should do those for birch, it's expensive though...


I also became allergic to apples and stonefruit (in my early 20s), so I feel this pain. I find if you slice an apple and leave it out long enough to brown just a little it helps. And I know this is weird, you can also throw it on a hot pan for a few seconds on each side and that helps. Great in certain sandwiches. Particularly ones with brie, lol. I have found that over time the severity of the reaction has reduced a lot for me. I'm in my 30s now. I haven't made any major changes to my lifestyle (except I became vegetarian, I doubt it's related though) - I've found I no longer have seasonal allergies and while I don't go raw-dogging large quantities of fresh apples I can definitely tolerate them better than I used to. Good luck.


Thanks! I am also in mid thirties. This gives me some hope. I do fry apple slices sometimes. Interesting point to leave them to become brown. I think I might be able to build some tolerance if I consumed very little apple daily. Dried apple is fine, so is juice because it is heated. Sometimes you can become allergic to something if you consume it alot during long period of time. So I wonder if my apple loving isnthe cause. I ate 1-3 daily most of my growing years.


for me it’s easier if the fruit is cut in thin slices. i’ve noticed the less it touches my gums the better. when you bite into a fruit, it will definitely rub against your gums. i also notice its a worse reaction if i have chapped lips or any cuts in my mouth at all


This bothers me so much that I should try these things. I cannot eat carrot by chewing but grated is fine, so there is something to it. I read sometimes that consuming honey everyday might work because there is pollen in it. I have been too lazy to put any effort to solving this but it would be so amazing to be able to eat apples again. Especially because at fall I would get bucketfuls for free from mom's garden.


It is said that this only works with raw/unpasteurized honey and you should buy local honey as it’s contains the most common pollens around you


I've figured that eating those with yoghurt or drinking milk before/afterwards helps a little bit. might be just a placebo though.


As someone who also suffers from this, i get my apple fix from eating apple pie. Still tastes like apples but doesn't kill you because it's cooked. I did get the allergy shots for four years. It's not a cure all. I can now get through spring without constantly feeling sick, but I still got some issues with foods. For me, it was covered by insurance.


I've always gotten this from bananas but I don't give a shit they are delicious


T haha I found out I'm only allergic to ripe bananas. Luckily I like them on the pre-ripe barely green stage anyway. Now I understand why people will buy only a couple rather than a bunch


Whoa this may be why my kid thinks some food is mysteriously spicy when indeed it is not.


I have this condition. It's not that terrible, but explaining to your dinner host that you could eat that avocado if it was February sounds like a fake excuse!


I had no idea it could be seasonal -- that explains why I don't always get it! For me, it's mostly raw carrots (hi OP!), pecans, and walnuts. Sometimes the roof of my mouth also gets bumps that sort of itch and sting. I also get a runny nose whenever I eat ANYTHING (not just spicy or warm foods) but I think that's gustatory rhinitis


It’s bananas for me.


What about whenever I eat certain fruits and my top lip, roof of my mouth, & tongue get itchy bumps


Yea that’s an allergy


since we’re here talking about this, does anyone get this with alcohol? or is that just me 😅 got number at the dentist recently and thought, ‘this reminds me of being drunk as shit.’


People can have alcohol allergies. They tend to be more common in East Asian populations, I believe, but it’s possible in anyone.


Do kiwis cause a weird feeling under anyone else’s tongue while eating them? I think it’s the seeds, but I don’t know if it’s normal. I have OAS with avocados and very mildly with bananas. Lab work revealed I’m allergic to birch pollen. Kiwis are related to these things, but I’m not sure if the feeling is an allergy or not.


Kiwi makes my tongue feel fuzzy!


Kiwis make me tingle/burn.


Eggplant for me! I love it though....


Eggplant and manchego cheese for me, was quite surprised that most people don’t get an “itchy feeling” on the roof of their mouth when eating those. Still love to eat them though.


I discovered I’m allergic to melon when I experienced this sensation eating a honeydew earlier this year


When I eat raw figs, my mouth feels like it's being electrocuted. Like tiny shocks all over my mouth. But this is the only fruit or vegetable that does it (to my knowledge). But things that contain figs don't bother me.


Holy shit I thought I was just allergic to bananas and raw carrots this whole time!! And no one believed me because I said it only happens *sometimes* when I eat them🤯


Can I ask what the difference is between “oral allergy syndrome” and “a mild allergic reaction” ?


The way I understand it, oral allergy syndrome only happens in/around your mouth. Mild allergic reaction can happen anywhere, like on your fingers if you're touching the food while you're eating it, rashes on the chest, throat swelling, etc.


Birch tree allergy checking in! Such a random list of stuff I am allergic to then it all ended being on this list!!




Pineapples also have an enzyme called Bromelain that digest you back if you eat a lot of it so thats why your mouth could feel sore. You could still have this type of allergy but in general, don't eat a lot of pineapple in one sitting!


I believe pineapple growers have been selectively breeding to reduce this. I used to get a stomachache from fresh pineapple but in the last couple years I've had very little problem with it. I only buy 1 or 2 pineapples a year so I don't think it's me getting used to them.


Every. Single. Time. But it’s good so…


I think I’ve had that eating a certain salad green, but I can’t remember what it was exactly.


Arugula? It’s known to have a peppery taste in general.


Can you have OAS without any other allergies? Onion, Celery, and cucumber/pickles all make my tongue itch and this is the first time I've heard of it.. but to my knowledge I'm not allergic to pollen or plants


Yes, definitely. Hayfever is an allergy though, which a lot of people don’t realise because it’s so common and mild. OAS is basically hayfever in your mouth.


This is a good question and I have no idea! I’d try to get tested for OAS and maybe that’ll give you some more answers?


Mangos are spicy


I have no problem with mangos once they're inside my mouth. But if they touch my lips on the outside I get a reaction in the form of small blisters.


dropping in to ask whether or not a burning sensation in the back (nape and top of the head) counts too when consuming pineapple, like i feel like it's on fire


Depending on the type of heyfever you suffer from, it can also dictate the types of food you can react to. I get HF early in the year, due to Birch pollenation period starting early March. I cant eat apples and pears, strawberrys etc and sometime certain nuts. The fruits that I do react to I can only eat after they've been cooked. It's extremely bad for me with apples and pears. My tongue and throat swell, my eye also stream and itch. It's not just the mild itch op says.


It can also depend on pesticides used on the product. I'm allergic to NON-organic raw carrots, presumably because something they use for cultivation triggers my immune system. It's probably a protein, since any amount of cooking breaks it down and I stop being allergic then. Similarly, I'm allergic to apples imported from the US, but Quebec-grown apples are fine. I suppose they're using some sort of treatment in the US that is forbidden in Canada, or something like that.


I’m not the only one with issues with bananas! If I take a Benadryl before I eat them or if they’re in banana bread they’re ok. Weirdly enough though my worst oral allergy is those little mandarin oranges they market to kids, the Halos. If I even peel one, I start sneezing and if I eat them I get godawful itching in my mouth, throat, and ears. Edit: no other citrus fruits affect me either


Do you know what pollen allergy you have? I also get this with carrots and celery and I can’t figure out what the original allergen is causing the problem.


It’s Birch pollen.


Bananas, dates, pineapple, cantaloupe, melon, grapes, strawberries, raspberries, some oranges, too ripe apples, avocado. At this point it’s almost all fruit and especially the ones I most favor. I’ve had to give up most of them on the off change it changes into an actual anaphylactic allergy.


I have an odd symptom where if I eat certain things, my soft palate feels like it gets really tight and kind of hurts on touch. It's happened when I've eaten a self rising frozen pizza, and when I drink certain kinds of lemonade. It must be something related to OAS idk


Story of my life. Cucumber, cantaloupe and honeydew are all no goes for meat all times unless juiced and pasteurized or pickled. I've had reactions of varying degrees from a laid of fruits and vegetables too long to bother naming here, though many are hit and miss or seasonal for me. Sometimes a banana makes me wish I was dead and other times they're a delicious treat. Avocado will jack me up most of the time unless it's made into guacamole with lots of lime juice. The acid accomplishes the same thing as heat.


I get this way after eating tomato soup, which is weird since I dont think it’s raw.


I get that from the Chow Hall Food !..lol


Cherry and avocado, make my throat itch. Sucks, cause I want to eat these things. They are delicious


Pineapple, some melons, walnuts and ripe bananas = ripped-up mouth.


I sometimes get small painful bumps on the roof of my mouth while eating pineapple. Is this the same thing? It doesn’t always happen, but when it does it happens very quickly. They almost feel like tiny water-filled cysts.


What about my ass?


This happened to me last time I tried to drink a fruit smoothie and it went up my nose.


I’ve got this, it’s annoying as hell and people very rarely take me seriously on it. With some foods I can cope, like a little avocado in sushi is just a minor inconvenience, but I experience anaphylaxis-like symptoms if I eat too much, and it only seems to be the parts of my mouth that the food touches. I don’t get the seasonal aspect, but I don’t seem to get it from fruit or vegetables grown in specific countries. I can’t eat bananas in Australia, but in Thailand I could and I ate so goddamn many of them. No clue why


Happened to me with kiwis! After loving them for years one day I experienced this


Omg!!! My daughter has complained of this when she eats certain things like avocados for example.


My daughter has this with so many foods, she doesn’t like fruit and sometimes gets hives around her mouth, but mostly what you describe here. It’s a bummer!


Kiwi and pineapple do this to me But I thought there were enzymes that kiwi and pineapple have that naturally do that to most Is there anyone else that this happens to for kiwi and pineapple?


Pine nuts! Itchy scratchy bad little things


Cold potatoes do this to me. Is it the same thing?


This happens to me all the time with carrots. Now I finally know why.


Apples, oranges, kiwis, pears, and anything else really juicy does this to me and it sucks because I love all of those fruits


I only recently learned that kiwi and celery aren’t spicy


Ooo, is this why I think raw broccoli is a little bit spicy but no one else I know seems to?


When I eat certain foods I get an immediate painful sensation in my jaw. It happens immediately after I put it in my mouth (before even chewing) and then it goes away quickly. Usually processed foods. Does anyone know if that's an allergic reaction as well?


Taking a hay-fever allergy tablet 20 minutes before resolves the issue for me.


Eggplant does it to me.


And here i am, thinking all my life it‘s just because my hayfever. Didn‘t even know this exists


Reaction to pesticides are also a cause, I have to wash apples with dish soap to avoid any reaction


This explains why sometimes after I eat bananas my tongue is really itchy and other times it's not.


Cucumbers make my lips numb...


Szechuan peppers, btw, make your mouth tingle normally. Learned that the hard way while I frantically googled what oral allergies felt like after eating Szechuan noodles for the first time. Convinced it was my last meal.


Should i tell my GF that she's allergic to me?


You should also know if your child throws up 1.5-2 hours after eating a food they may have FPIES. This is a non IgE mediated food allergy that is becoming more common in children. While scary, its not life threatening in most cases but you will need to practice complete food avoidance until the reaction goes away after a year or two.


So many fruits do this to me. And tree nuts. It’s esp bad during the months that regular pollen is bad outside too. And goes away if I am taking Claritin. Tropical fruits seem to be esp bad for me. And ya know, this is dumb, but I’ve continued to eat them thinking they’re good for me. But hmm maybe if I have a histamine response to them they’re not good for me at all… And I don’t even like fruit or nuts. I need to go re evaluate my life.


For me it's honeydew and cantaloupe. I used to think everyones mouth was always itchy after eating them as a kid.