I honestly feel like Sara is going for the shock value of being an educated “therapist” with ink. Baby girl, there are better people out there doing this. They don’t need you.


Better people with better tattoos! If you're going to get something so visible, and still want to be perceived as professional, the quality of the work should be impeccable. Just like everything she does, her ink is uninspired and poorly executed 😭


Yeah one veterinarian I worked with had an awesome Japanese Cherry Tree, cannot for the life of me think of which kind. But it went all across her whole back/side and then down one whole arm. No one said a word cause it was amazing. Was 25 years ago also


the quality of the tattoos themselves isn’t bad, but placement is definitely rough on a lot of them. there’s nothing wrong with getting tons of flashbook tattoos, but man just… don’t act like they’re special or they’re hot shit? I love a lot of flash and intend to get quite a bit of it. but the only badass and special thing is that my artist designed and applied them well, not that I’m cool or unique for having that design.


I don’t think it’s that poorly executed, more poorly placed. That neck snake does not flow with her anatomy at all.


Ok yeah, the placement is bad. But the line work isn't good either. Her most crisp pieces are the angel/saint sinner tattoos. She has shop quality work, but none of it is very clear. Most of those chest pieces will be a muddled mess in a decade. Not to mention that neck/chest pieces get a lot of sun exposure which can damage them even more and cause a lot of fading if you aren't hitting the sunscreen everyday.


I haven’t looked at them that closely tbh. They just don’t scream “shitty” from a distance, like some people’s do.


If my therapist showed up looking like the commenter. With beautiful well placed tattoos. I would be so cool with it. If Sara showed up with her poorly planned and poorly executed tattoos. I would be looking for another therapist. Sara's tattoos look like a night of bad choices


I agree with you! I would not care at all if my therapist had tattoos.


The shocking thing is: Nobody cares at the end of the day. She's only harming herself at the end. It also shows how insecure she is.


oh no guys she absolutely got the creepy joker smile hand tattoo because she is part of the tattoo subculture and enjoys the artistry, alongside being a professional educated boss babe immigrant woman. Absolutely not for shock value and would absolutely not ever cause a patient any distress /s


Why did she choose that face tho. I feel like it totally clashes with her others. Like why not a nice skeleton face or a more realistic one. I just don't get it. I feel like her artist was almost mocking her


unpopular opinion but I kinda like her tattoos. They've got their own style and are cohesive. The beard and the hand one however are so bad, I do not understand what came over her to want to get that smile on her hand of all places, I think she was trying to go for something [like this](https://images.app.goo.gl/vZkUaMe2r7zTHhVq7) but its so bad and literally the worst tattoo a therapist could get, second to maybe only one saying k!ll yourself


I'm personally not a fan of her tattoos and I think the placement is just bad. I think some of would've looked better on other parts of her body. They're not doing her chest any favors. I think they would've looked cute on her back.


Oh I see like getting a more defined jokeresque type is definitely distasteful for any place in the mental health field so she got a more innocent one...ok I can see that Im sure it would be easy to touch up or change if she isn't so happy with it but she likes it enough right?


No I agree I personally don't like mind the tattoos on her chest I just mean like I feel like the hand doesn't like go with that like it just doesn't like go together you know like maybe separately it would look different but like it just doesn't go with like the vibe that I feel like she was going for they just clash I don't know


yeah I agree, idk what was going on in her head when she decided to get that hand tattoo


I honestly like the idea of her saint/sinner chin tattoo but I feel like it would look better on her wrist, because she could place it either way and it wouldn’t be upside down, unlike other word tattoos on wrists that face the reader but look upside down when your hand is down.


it's very on brand for her to include some edgelord aesthetic to her carnival of things, but why did she have to make it so ugly? Is it some reference i dont get, or just... ugly?


also, if you need to get a very visable neck tattoo, don't get one that looks like a beard! it still baffles me that she chose something THIS unflattering.


I think it’s further proof she truly does things for the sake of it. The tattoo she got is an Ambigram meaning it can be read one way as one word and when upside down another word. Shoving it on the very underside of her neck/chin means it is entirely and completely unreadable and therefore serves 0 purpose. Sara is also only 5’3 so no one is looking up at her chin


Didn’t she get tattooed in revolt after a breakup with a long term partner? 😅


Spill the tea!


Oh my comment was about YDHB not GH gal!


I was asking about YDHB, I didn’t know she got the tats because if her ex?


Ohhh sorry!! Yes! She said it on a YouTube video a few years ago and on Instagram!


It's not cute, it reminds me of those long goateest metal dudes have that have bunch of rubber bands holding it together like a bubble braid


My brother's friend has exactly this, and he is the first person I thought of when I saw Sara's tatt for the first time. 🤣


I love celle! Her content is so respectful and informed.


I'm not heavily tatted but both of my forearms are nearly completely tatted and I would never in my life tattoo my throat. Sara's an idiot. And Gabbie's tattoo is absolutely absurd but who cares? She's not an educated woman with a very professional, very real therapist career? She makes music and posts manic episodes on TikTok...


I really hope she sees this


From what I have heard of Gabby. She is not well. It may be judgmental, but I do believe that this is for shock value. It also looks like it was drawn on with a blue ball point pen. Didn't Sara get her first tattoo, because her friend was getting one. She couldn't let her friend be the first in their social circle, to get a tattoo?


gabbie's is just the stencil not the actual tattoo in the video, hence the blue


See I know nothing about tattoos 🤣 It looks really pretty. I don't think I would ever get a tattoo on my throat, because ouch.


I got a bunch of heavy blackwork pieces on my arm impulsively after a breakup and I’ve got huge regrets 🫠 the only way to cover them up is blackout. I can’t imagine having them on my chest and neck


I saw someone comment that her sinner/saint tattoo would be clever if it was on her back or her leg or something. Now it’s all I can think about.


Omg tattoo gate keepers tho, if these idiots want to tattoo their necks with ugly beetles, and their chins with shit old English or whatever tf her font is. As someone who has worked in a shop for a long time I could honestly give a fuck if someone decides to get a tattoo on their hand as their first tattoo


I know I’m like welp that’s their problem 🤷‍♀️


People act like it's a sacred culture. Jesus christ. Glad no one ever ran their mouth about my first tattoos like this.


Amen. This girl is so self righteous ”I mean im not saying you have to earn your tattoos, but…” so you cant get certain tattoos unless the Tattoo Committee approves it? Gtfo. I think Saras tattoos are ugly af, especially the neck beard, but its her body and her choice. Yall are wilding.


Right! I got hella downvoted for saying she’s wearing this specific shirt, in a video regarding this topic; to show that she has “earned” the right to be in charge of this topic lol


Yeah I watched the whole video and I agree with the comments, first of all why does this lady gatekeep tattoos? And second at one point she says something like "don't micromanage your tattoo artist" umm the hell I will, I am the one stuck with it for the rest of my life if you fuck up lmao


Not me wanting a future tattoo (I have none right now) to be visible so I personally can see it 😶


I want to get tattoos eventually too. But people in the comments were saying she was gatekeeping tattoos which i slightly agree with.


Usually when people talk about “visible” tattoos, they’re just talking about getting them in places that can’t be easily covered — basically anywhere that can’t be covered by a dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up would be considered “visible” I hope that didn’t come across as condescending! Just sharing in case you hadn’t really heard that definition before, :)


I’m tryna see something, upvote this comment if have atleast 1 tattoo and downvote if have none


I got my first tattoo this year. my artist is a really cool guy, tattooing is far from his first career, but something he’s wanted to do for probably 20 years, so he’s grateful and happy to be there. was talking with him during my session and we both kinda agreed it’s less than ideal to tattoo folks’ hands, face, etc. unless they’re heavily tattooed. mostly because they need to learn to live with tattoos, learn to heal them (tattoos on hands/face/etc. are much harder to care for and heal than in most other areas), and get used to being perceived as “a tattooed person” while they can still easily cover their work. not because it’s bad to have super visible tattoos, but because people are judgy and shitty and it’s good to start off when you can still cover up your ink and get a break from ridicule at work or home.


I’m heavily tattooed, sleeved and almost full back, but I can cover mine up, if necessary. Yes, tattoos are more mainstream, but I love being able to get dressed up, throw on a pair of Christian Louboutins and go under cover. 😝


That's how I feel about my tats and piercings. I love passing as a normie.


Yes! I love it when people met me “normal” and they see me later and they are mind blown. 🤣


Can I just ask, why is gabi famous? I don't see the appeal to her. She's not nice to look at either.


People love watching train wrecks?


good point, the only reason i watch big al


Says this bitch that clearly wears this top to show off her ink. Let’s see your full on sleeves in a normal t-shirt, sis Bring on the downvotes baby I drank wine and don’t curr 🫠😘


Yeah dumbass because no one without tattoos ever wears a top like this for any reason.


I’m just saying, this top shows off her tattoos; accentuates them even. Damn, calmeth down.