Looks like I’ve found my people in here.


Going to be honest. I give zero shits about the UI on any gaming device. I spend so little time as long as my brain can get the muscle memory down of how to navigate without me paying attention I’m good. Maybe because I’m old and I grew up using devices that had no user interface


We typed 'LOAD"\*",8,1' and pressed Enter and we *liked it.*


I just needed to see those pixelated californian raisins popping off that floppy disc


This nails it on the head for me. Even when I used to be a pc gamer my desktop had a standard background picture.


My desktop has a custom background but because and only because I've been getting into vector art lately.


I do miss the dynamic backgrounds/wallpapers from the PS4, and being able to customize the console in a way that made it feel more “mine” and also picking the perfect one (maybe a pleasing scene or song that would play) while the screen was on and not actively playing a game. I had a cool Forza Horizon shot on the XB1X that was cool, but always hoped we’d get dynamic/animated backgrounds here too. This generation, there’s a lot more focus on using all of the screen’s real estate to give you menus and GamePass and ads and impulse buy stuff. I’ve got the animated background but don’t really notice it on the XSX. I think it’d be cool if we had a bit of control over where certain things were in a way that let us move and pin the boxes on the menu and still leave room that shows off a static or dynamic image in the center and then have pre-sale bonuses for games include those dynamic backgrounds (as well as the option to buy them and have artists able to sell them in the store). It’s a very minor thing and has no functionality at all other than customization. But they’ve conditioned me to play with character creation options in games, and even the XBOX avatar outside of them. Any ways to make it more “mine” would be cool. For example, I miss having something spooky onscreen for the month of October. I enjoyed that a lot more than ads for games I already own, or addons for games that I don’t own, or ads suggesting I try GamePass when I’m paid up for the next 3 years, etc.


PS3 was awesome for this. I used to have a website I could download themes from and install them on the PS3. Some had moving art and music and everything it was so cool.


Are you freaking reading my mind. This is exactly how I feel and I swear right when I can start doing stuff without even looking they change it!


There are dozens of us, dozens!


Hello, friends!




Hold that corn dog high with pride


Nice. I guess I understand why some people care, I just never really have. I guess I care most about the aesthetics, but even then I just adapt and continue on. There have been some minor annoyances over the years, due to flow of menus, but I honestly can't remember exactly what they were.


Which is how I feel, those annoyances are small an become faded to the point where they don’t seem to exist. A lot of people want a new ui for the sake of a new ui, which is the worst possible thing.


People complain that MS changes the UI too often. People also complain that Sony doesn't update theirs enough. Both arguments have valid points, but I'd personally rather experience updates. As long as any major issues are quickly addressed.


I’m so happy, I thought I was going crazy! Why are people spending more than 1% of their time on the dashboard?


I thought I was the only one lmao


It's funny for me, because I was excited for the animated wallpapers on Xbox series, then when I finally bought it and changed it to said wallpaper, I did not notice after something broke and it defaulted to a single gray background. Had it like that for God knows how long until I decided to change the background around a week ago... Yeah. Fair to say it's inconsequential for me.


All I really care about is functionality. I don't get the complaints of those that want fewer & smaller icons on the home page so that they can see their background better. It's a games console, not a digital picture frame. And for those that would rather look at a picture than play a game, just use an image viewing app.


It's been a long-time complaint because many people feel that background pictures are too obscured and/or kinda useless. Coupled with lack of ability to change size themselves, or ads being ran on the dashboard. I've always been a staunch defender of: if it ain't broke, don't fix it. If we were to reach some sort of understanding with these UI fanatics that have caused me much "grief", customization and personalization for the user's desired tastes can always be improved upon, and at the same time, not forsake or bother those who just don't give a shit.


So you are a blades fan? If not, you don't have to reply it's okay, I understand.


~~Who's that?~~ ~~In short, no I'm not a "blades fan". Is that like a youtuber or something? Did I just accudentally quote them ver batem? Lol.~~ Not necessarily a blades fan. Where I am coming from is, Xbox One has changed their UI DRASTICALLY like 4 or 5 times in such extreme ways that it took like a month to get used. And then you get used to it, and they change it again for absolutely no good surface level reason. I know who or why, but to answer the question, refer to paragraph uno.


Blades refers to the [original Xbox 360 UI](https://www.technobuffalo.com/sites/technobuffalo.com/files/styles/xlarge/public/wp/2015/11/xbox-360-blades-dashboard-1.jpg)


Who wants the same static image on their tv screen for a long time anyway. I'm only on my homescreen for 2 minutes a day.


Nope. I can't believe this is even a discussion. If you're spending that much time staring at your dashboard, you need a picture not a console.


I appreciate the irony of posting about it myself but just felt the need to vent


Nah, you're good.


I just think we have a pretty good UI and I'm super used to it now. My one request is that they made the store pages a lot better, but for some reason the video playback on it still sucks. You click on a video and it just plays, no progress bar or fast forwarding, even on Switch those things are possible and easy.


It's just mind-blowing to me that so many people care. Or maybe it's just loud people. I couldn't care less what my screen looks like. Just let me pick my game and play.


People don't actually care. It's just another thing to bitch about because bitching is all they know.


I think some people *really,* for whatever reason. People are even complaining about the refresh rate or the resolution (can't remember which) of the dashboard. I dunno wtf these people are doing on the dashboard that it matters.




I could understand their frustration if it wasn’t functional at all, but it is. I actually like the way it looks too. PlayStation’s is stark and boring in my opinion.


There's nothing wrong with constructive criticism on how to improve a user interface you interact with frequently


Many people have a tendency to miss the "constructive" part though.


That's just competitive complaining imo


Not everyone use their consoles exclusively for gaming.. I use series x for YouTube and browsing as well not to mention checking your profiles/ friends/messages/ screenshots etc in order to seamlessly do all these things you gotta a have a good UI


Preach brother. I can spend an entire Sunday on my Xbox and about 10 seconds of that would be on the Home Screen. Once I launch the first game or app that I want to use, it’s all just guide from there. No reason to ever hit the Home Screen again.


I agree , I love the new noise cancelling option , no more chips munching on the ears .


> If you're spending that much time staring at your dashboard, you need a picture not a console. 💀💀💀💀


I swear to God if I see One More concept UI post I'm going to f****** vomit. These people really need a better outlet for their creativity.


They need a life lol


Right it's not like MS is going to pick some random 12 year old and hire them as a graphic designer. MS has reasons for the designs, even if it's not openly apparent.


It's almost like some people enjoy designing stuff in their free time?


You see this on just about every tech item sub.. and I seriously do not understand it.. if Microsoft wanted your opinion they’d hire you. Like what’s the end goal here… I’m a sound designer by trade.. and the last thing I’d ever use my skills for is to mock up new interface sounds for a tech item that will never be implemented..


[I gotchu](https://twitter.com/wrysanity/status/1569511415396052992)


Why do you care so much about what other people care about?


"Why do you care so much about having your subreddit feed clogged up with constant, repetitive examples of amateur graphic design portfolio content that will never go anywhere?"


They’re just passionate about caring!


I grew up with command prompt - I don't need a damn menu to launch games.


Same here which might be why don’t care!


When I used to own a PS4, I did really like how zen it was with the flowing blue theme and the soft music. Obviously not a necessity but I do think Xbox can do a lot more to make the homepage more of a nice place to be.


Yup the OG ps4 menu was perfect and simple Then they messed with it


Mostly no, but I will say I hated the PS4 UI so much I never wanted to play a game there again. So I think UI is important


I liked the PS3 and PSP UI... so simple.


PS3 XMB is the SSS Tier of UI


Lists upon lists upon lists... Non alphabetically. No thanks.


What game(s) have you played on there? I've basically just stuck with the big name exclusives but stuck with xbox mainly.


I went through a run of the originals: Spiderman, Uncharted, God of War, Last of Us, Horizon. Once the run ended, it was an easy decision to stick to Xbox version of games because of the ease of switching between game, youtube, twitch and because of the non-annoying dashboard


Nice. I see you haven't said Ghosts of Tsushima. Definitely give that one a try. I'm in the middle of Horizon right now. But yeah, I've dumped thousands of dollars and hours into Xbox at this point. Frugally, and just what I'm used to, and where all of my friends are, xbox will always be the main chick and Playstation will be my hot ass model side chick.


Right!? Boot up the PS5 and it will make you give a shit about having a decent UI. The Xbox UI is great.. You can get to anywhere, from anywhere with a few button presses. Looking at achievements, messages or parties doesn't force you out of your games. Being able to pin games and apps is incredible. I'm so thankful that Xbox gave a shit about this.


To be honest I find it way easier to navigate on PS5 than on XSX. The MS UI is cluttered by so many unnecessary things


Most of the XBOX dash is customizable though.


I think the PS5 UI looks nicer but the Xbox is better to navigate because everything I need is available to get to from the guide. Where as I need to get to the home screen on the PS5 to get to settings, have to slide past all my games on the home screen to see the full list of games, and its more work to see all the trophies/achievements. Also I hate that I have to manually switch from wifi to ethernet if I plug in the cord.


All of this. Options are great, and those that don’t want them don’t have to use them, but some of us like to customize a little bit to our own preferences. Not to mention sometimes I just sit at the Home Screen for a bit after turning on the Xbox while I load us (gf and myself) a bowl. The moving backgrounds make for a much nicer atmosphere, imo.


Folders fix 90% of the issues I would ever have for a gaming UI. Give me a "games I'm playing" folder and a "all my streaming services" folder, and then make getting to my friends/party list convenient and quick, and I've got zero outstanding issues. I don't need anything else.


That's essentially how I use the pins. I've got one pin group for games and another for apps. Folders went a long way to making the PS4 UI functional. It's a head scratcher why they didn't make sure PS5 had them.


Wait, there's a new dashboard? With Quick Resume I look at my dashboard all of 2 seconds.


Yup! My point exactly. I can cope with some extra steps to download a game but once it’s running I don’t care anymore


Thank you! I was going to ask the same thing. I couldn’t care less


I literally am on the desktop for a few seconds at most before I’m starting a game or Plex. Then I use the guide to get around.


Same, and it's also customizable, so I don't really get the complaints. I hate UIs that are constantly changing and you have to relearn everything every three months, so Xbox suits me fine.


While I agree that we don't spend much time in the menu and making a big fuss out of a few minor placement changes is a bit much, I can also understanding wanting to have a nice and clean home. Most importantly, I think the overall design is quite important as it can pretty much dictate how we use the features presented. I used to enjoy having my friend blocks (old 360 UI at the time) just visible on the side or quickly accessible. I engaged more with those social features than I do now when it's quite a few clicks away. The LFG feature was so tucked away that I never bothered opening it for years. Once I finally did, one bored night, it was a game changer and I seriously wish there was a way to have it front and center on the home screen. Small things like that can really change the user experience. I do agree that a ton of posts complaining about minor changes in the visual elements can get annoying, but I do also see the inverse that this design is important to how we engage with the features on the console. They should be clean and easy to access/view.


I just want the ads gone. That's all.


I like the game related ads tbf


Wait y’all’re getting non-game ads? What the fuck? All I ever see is news that a game is out, or there’s a huge sale of some sort, or that some big name title got added to Game Pass. I haven’t even seen any ads for fuckin’ movies, literally only game-related. Hence, I’ve been confused as fuck about people complaining because here I am thinkin’ “Why are they complaining that the one tile that goes to the store also advertises what sales are going on in the damn store?”


Yeah I get some Now Tv stuff and some new movie releases and stuff like that. It doesn’t really bother me though.


I get that and I can agree. Personally, most of them are game related and small so I really don't mind but I fully understand and agree with the sentiment of wanting them out.


Remember when people were griping that the dashboard wasn't in 4K? It's a menu. Select your game or app and move the hell on.


But where is the line then, if it was in 480 more people would complain, but by your reasoning as long as you can select a game who cares. If it's a 4K console the UI should be in 4k, it shouldn't be a big deal. And they did it, no big deal.


Yep, I don't care at all. If anything, give me everything on one screen so everything is easy to reach, I don't even want a background. I've seen some of these concepts where the icons and menus take up 10% of the screen, all I see is wasted space. But ultimately as long as it works I'm happy. I use the Xbox to play games, not to stare at the home screen.


I’m with you. The dashboard is laid out in a way that lets you get back into recently played games or get to other areas of the OS. It’s like people are staring at their background all day.


100% agree. I saw someone comment “I can’t even see my background” I don’t even know what my background is, I just click the game I want and go


I also dont really care in the grand scheme of things, it would just be *nice* to have a customizable one that everyone could fine tune themselves.


Exactly as long as it is user friendly and works giving me access to things I use then I don’t see the issue. It is a gaming console after all not a computer with a tough to navigate GUI


Nope, I also couldn't care less. It could be just a list of games without images and it still be cool by me.


Same here. Better things to think about 🤷🏼‍♂️


I care more about things like games having KB+M support, especially singleplayer/multiplayer FPS, than the way the home screen looks. Hopefully Scorn and High on Life will have it.


People complaining have way too much time on their hands lol


I would much rather the UI stayed the same outside of minor refinements than a complete revamp every 3 years. Else I have to learn/get used to the changes regularly. IOS hasn't changed its home UI in 15 years, and MacOS even longer. Despite it being the most boring of the lot, it's the most functional. On the Windows side of things, try asking someone where a particular setting is, and they likley will have to resort to search thanks to the migration to the new UI. The current Xbox dashboard is completely fine. The people complaining about tiles getting in the way need to stop being impractical divs and buy a poster.


I don’t care in the slightest. Leave it how it is because I know where to find things. I haven’t even changed the default wallpaper and I have no intention of doing so.


You definitely aren't, and I don't really understand the obsession with seeing your background. I don't know why people are sitting on the dashboard so much.


Same, all I really care about is Xcloud.


Same. I turn on my system, press guide, and go to a folder that has the 5-8 games I'm playing. Select that game, good to go.


That’s what makes a good UI. That you can pretty much do anything from the main page with one click.


I agree. I’m never looking at the desktop. Xbox is on and I’m in my game immediately


I think as long as I won’t get lost or frustrated trying to get something, no I don’t care how pretty it is. As long as the user experience isn’t bad, I’m good with just about anything. A pretty UI and layout is icing on the cake but not mandatory for me


THANK YOU! I want an intuitive and speedy UI, I couldn't care less if it covers up most of the wallpaper. I dont understand so many people's obsession with being able to see your wallpaper.


I can't believe people moan so much about the menus. I turn on my console, choose my game and play. Everyone's different though


I agree with you, I only see it for that couple seconds between boot up and launching my game.


I don’t care. It’s not like I sit and stare at the desktop for hours. I log on. Find the game/app I want and launch it.


Same. Unless they get rid of the groups or whatever you call it on the home quick launch thing. I have everything I access often in there and go no where else on the dashboard.


I ultimately don't care much as long as it's functional. I wouldn't mind an update, but I don't think anything is a pressing need. Don't change it for the sake of changing it.


I don't care either. I play the usual 1-3 games, check out the store occasionally, and see what's on gamepass. I don't care if I can't see the wallpaper like many people seem to be obsessed with. Get a picture of your wallpaper and hang it in your room.


I spend 5 seconds at most when I have a game on the go. 5 minutes if I'm looking for something else to play. Couldn't care less how it's presented


Couldn't care less. - Find - (Buy) - Settings - Gamepass - Launch All I need.


i really don't understand why ppl worry about the HOME SCREEN like i only see it for 2sec after i turn on the console and then start playing a game cause that's what I use it for. not to stare at my apps and games and just sit there like "wow it's pretty 🏳️‍🌈" 🤣


You are no the only one


I don't care how it looks or how it functions all I want is for it to not freeze up when I'm using it


Ease of UI is important. You should be able to adjust any settings you see fit very easily. I hate it when settings get moved and difficult to find.


Agreed! I play almost every day (work from home) and I’m on the dash like maybe for 5 minutes total every day. And the “ads” complaint is bizarre to me as I only ever see promotions for sales in the store and games coming to Gamepass. I have never once seen an ad for anything else. And even if I did, pretty damn easy to just ignore and move along to whatever I was doing.


I don't really care if it gets changed, but the way some people on this sub act like the dashboard is the height of their Xbox experience is maddening. Of course I don't want it to be ugly, but more so I want it to be functional, and that is what we have. A good looking functional UI. If there is some way to change it so it's more functional then I would be all about that. I spend less than 5 minutes on the dashboard so it really isn't a big deal anyway.


Not the only one. I don’t give a shit for one. For two the ui is still way better and more interactive then psn. A lot of people like simplicity.


i agree with you.


Thank You !! Same here my friend. We are Fam now !




Still better than the PS5 dashboard.


I like that it works. I still don't think there is a way to check what DLC is installed on a PS5. You just have to run a check and hope it tells you correctly.


I just care about keeping it intuitive, and FAST! Speed is my absolute favorite thing about a good interface. Xbox usually does this well compared to Playstation.




Yes! I dont care either. I play games, not having the xbox on just for the background to show. If so, i could always play a 4k wallpaper video on youtube, if i want the background when doing nothing.


Agreed i couldnt care less


You aren't alone. I don't care much. There are some stuff I think would be better but as long as I can get to the games easily and they play fine, the rest of it I'm not really using.


I don’t give two shits as long as it works! But you said it way better haha


I always found it odd that people complained about ads. In the context of the dashboard I'd say it makes sense to have a couple of blocks telling me about newly released gaming content. It's not like their hijacking my screen to play Charmin commercials.


Yes. You and only you.


I agree. I don't care honestly about the UI


I care about it. I just want it to be simple and easy to do what I have a console for - play/manage/install games. That's it. I don't need it to be a PC, I have a PC. I don't need it to be a media player, all new TV's have that built-in... I just want the best *gaming* experience they can give me.


I care about it because I want this to be as efficient as possible, but I don’t think I would ever follow this closely. I’m happy they are looking to make the UI/UX better, but I probably wouldn’t notice if they didn’t change a thing.




I’d be surprisingly ok with that. I grew up with DOS so even using Windows 3 took some adjustment


I would like for it to be user friendly and easy to navigate obviously, but I also find the sheer number of recent posts on it to be more annoying than anything.


I don't care, but I recognize a great number of people do. I think it would be a bad move to ignore those people. Happy customers are customers who feel heard, and this is a great *opportunity* for Xbox to show that they value and take feedback into account. I do think some are rushing to their pitchforks without providing space for changes to be made. Feedback can still be positive while being constructive.


This is my stance too. It’s fine for me, but it wouldn’t hurt to let players have more options for customization. It’s how am I’m with most things really. I’m indifferent and usually keep my interfaces default/basic, but many others love to dwell on these sort of things.


I think it was important to add the 4K to it. I’d say by comparison even the new one doesn’t look as good as the ps5 one so it just doesn’t have that cool new feeling to it when you turn it on.


Don’t need a cool new feeling, I need one that works an has more or the same amount of functioning features as last gens ui.


Not saying it’s needed but when people are trying to choose between 2 systems every little detail counts and the ps5 just has more of the cool or innovative features to lure someone in. With Xbox you’re choosing it primarily for game pass or preferring the exclusives


I have both and honestly, not blown away by the ps5 dashboard.


What matters is that I got used to the dashboard pretty quickly and can navigate it with no problems. The only thing I wish they would add is the complete shutdown option when you hold the home button on the controller.


What does it do instead? I always hear about people leaving theirs on a sleep mode but I think I picked the lowest power setting and it seems to turn off completely. I've never had games update automatically to my knowledge, and I'm pretty sure I've power outages and never been threatened like my PS4 used to threaten me when I unplugged it. I think you hold the button, turn off console, and it really turns off.


I don't really care either, I spent like 10 seconds looking at it, I'm usually straight into a game. As long as it works and gets me to where I want to be, I'm fine with it.


I don't play enough to care, dadlife!


I play games, not the dashboard so i dont give a crap. No matter what MS doesnt there will be at least half the people pissed off for stupid reason.


"am i the only one" posts are like screaming into the void of millions of people and being surprised when someone agrees with your 'contrarian' idea


I honestly couldn’t care less. I spend less than 10s per day looking at it anyway.


No. The people thay are whining are absolutely insane. It doesn't effect the fact they'll play the same four games and never play anything new.


Agree. I only see the dashboard for a few seconds when turning console on. Then it's straight into what ever I'm doing . Any moves to a different game or streaming app is done through the guide menu.


The layout seems to be important to a fair amount of people but I don't care. On the topic, it feels like the Xbox UI is a scam department that has dirt on Phil. It's gone through so many changes and overhauls over the past decade. Playstations barely changes(I haven't seen a PS5 though) nor does Nintendos. It feels like every quarter you hear about a big overhaul to the UI in Xbox......I just don't get it.


The department for dashboard design? Maybe it’s a slush fund taking kickbacks from the windows desktop team


I do like it to be nice but I don’t care that much. I also want hdr so I stop getting black screens.


As a minimalist, i could care less, honestly, about the UI. Whatever gets me to my destination faster, I'm happy with.


I’ve never cared. I’m either in a game or in the store. I don’t stare at my home screen.


It's fine for me but there's a few posts a day about the UI. Stability is the issue. When something is updating, nothing will launch at times.


Have never encountered this problem.


IKR, im literally on the dashboard for like a second before i either launch games and apps or a game immediately, so im indifferent


I only care about the side panel that pops up when you hit Home. Its been solid for me.


Yea I couldn’t give two shits.


The "UI" could be Windows Powershell where I launch games via commands and I wouldn't care as long as they look and run amazing


Same. I'd actually probably care more about changes to the side panel that comes up when you press the guide button in game- that one I actually use much more cause it's how I switch between games/apps. But the home menu means so little to me.


I don’t personally understand what’s going on. Is there a new dashboard cus if so I didn’t even notice.


I thought I am the only one. like-minded people should connect on Xbox I think lol add me


I have some minor issues with the UI but in general it works fine and is mostly functional. I do not care how it looks. I spend a minimal amount of time looking at it.


People on Twitter and Reddit think their concerns are way more important than they are to the majority for almost everything.


I couldn’t give a shit really


I would point out that the people who are raising a stink about this are a very vocal minority compared to the vast majority of people who don't pay that much attention to their home screen, or upcoming changes to it, to even get upset and post about it online in the first place. That's not to say that they don't have a legitimate viewpoint (for what it's worth, while I personally don't mind the changes I can see how one would), but if you're worried that you're somehow alone in being in "I don't really mind it" mode, I don't really think you are. :)


I actually don't care that much either. I can get in and out of games so fast on Xbox that I barely spend much time on the home screen. It's really just for those moments when I do navigate the console that I would like to see some refinements.


Nope. Definitely couldn’t give a shit less. Just keep it out the way and I’m good.


People need something to whine about… and boy did they find it


Just hope they don't release the one I'm testing currently. They took my customized home away and had game pass throw up on my home. It's 🤢🤮


Just a rework will do. Give me the top/main area with 4–8 icons of my recently used games/apps. Rest of the elements can go below it.


People really only started the conversation so heavy again because Xbox is in the process of designing / testing the new one and asking for insider feedback.


I don’t care either


Oh no you’re not the only one. When I wake my console up my sole purpose is to play games. Like Imagine spending $500+ dollars to stare at a dashboard and complain lol.


Of course not, but people who don’t care about something tend not to post about it as often as people who do…


I want my UI to be easily navigated and easy access to stuff I use most. No I don't use the background at all, even the 5 recent games is too much for me, just put game pass, all games and like apps there. I like xbox dashboard ads just because they mostly show me sales and games that come, pretty sure its only US thing they have like other company stuff there as much as I have seen.


There's is nearly nothing I care less about.


You’re 100% not the only one. I’m tired of the complaints because no UI is going to please everyone, and it encourages MS to make changes which makes the community have to learn something new, which will generate its own set of complaints.


Yeah, as long as the GUI is easy to use, I'm fine.


Exactly, the first button I press on my controller is "A" to re launch the game im currently playing I barely even touch the stick unless I want to play something different


I really, really, REALLY don’t give a fuck. Like if it’s efficiently navigated, which I think it is, then why should I give a shit? Muh HDR!!


I'm 50/50 - I won't judge it based on soke leaked images etc and will judge for myself. But ultimately it still makes up for like 1% (at best) of my console usage time... so it's hardly like I'm going to be tok bothered either way.


The only thing that I can think to improve is the library, especially when trying to find games to install they're split up into three different views which isn't great.


I didn’t even notice the changes tbh….


Gamers generally need to chill.


Nope. Means little and less to me. It functions, let's me get to the games I want to play. That's all I really need it to do.


i agree. i just need to find my game and hit the A button. never cared for customization


Yea I don’t really care about it. I’ll take the switch UI. Basic, launches games. That’s all I need


I rather it were empty with just one tab that expands the games i play and no bloat ads, no irrelevant, no redundant social media style content / game ads to cause my eyes to bleed. Just give me the option to hide everything. It's so ugly and cluttered no matter what. Turning on my console should feel great not anxiety ridden. Maybe it's just my ADHD talking? Nope.


I'm simple, I don't use any of the social extras outside messaging as a cloud rarely. The test is a waste to me. Can get to search download games quick and easy, check, I'm good


Couldn't care less. People just love to complain about something.


I don't turn on my Xbox to stare at my wallpaper so it being covered by apps isn't a big deal to me.


Yay new friends In all seriousness though I think the Xbox ui is perfectly fine and don’t understand why people want to change it so much


i kinda like it tho :/


I'm not looking at it long enough to care, but yea I'd prefer a "better" UI.


I mostly just want the buttons for stuff like your Library menu button, settings, store and gamepass to be static and not intermingled with ur games. Kinda like the Ps5 UI


I imagine others may not like this. But it would be a cool idea to have an option to turn on or off, i think. I have a pc to play xbox games. I'd like it if the moment I connect my controller, a very similar ui to xbox would launch.