Well that's depressing, was really looking forward to it 😞. Atleast they aren't releasing it unfinished like so many others.


>Well that's depressing They're just trying to get you in the mood before playing it.


It was certainly one of my most anticipated games from the E3 presentation, sad to see its been delayed so long.


Well, I mean, wait and see when they release it what state it's in. They've shown basically nothing.


There's a whole E3 trailer showing gameplay.


Lmao Cyberpunk had a 45 minute demo


Lol you make a valid point. I trust Stalker devs more though because they aren't acting like Stalker 2 is the best thing ever to happen to gaming.


... And they went to the effort to make a special purpose built demo that wasn't representative of final features or quality.


Honestly don't know if that's representative for actual gameplay these days. Wouldn't be the first developer showing off and not being able to back it up when release date comes.


Unfortunately, lots of delayed games are still releasing unfinished. Battlefield, cyberpunk, halo infinite all got delayed and released with missing features or in broken states. I do hope you're right though, more dev time is always worth it regardless


Actually they told you what was missing from halo so technically no they didnt




Hell, it still might after the delay the way things have been going. Halo delayed a whole year and still is barebones as hell in both the campaign and multiplayer.


This is fine, but honestly... take it off the gamepass coming soon tile. it looks ridiculous having it there for an entire calendar year.


Or better yet just put the dates right on each game instead of having us click the game and then finding the release date. I just want to glance at everything and immediately know when it’s out. They actually should redo the Coming Soon page to just look like an actual calendar. Then put the games on the days they come out.


Love this idea, especially the calender aspect.


The calendar idea is a super marketable idea. You should start a website and could even go further like putting all the big and anticipated upcoming game releases on the calendar. Maybe having separate calendars for pc, Xbox, Sony, and Nintendo. Why has no one done this yet?


Biggest hurdle I see here is how to show the games if there’s 3+ games releasing on a single day. Do you show a picture of one game on that day and then add a +3 somewhere? And then you click on it to see the full list? I guess it’s only a question of what game gets shown on the square of that day.


Could have them carousel around in the day.


Great idea


Yeah it's stupid tbh really stupid.. basically a waste of space. A month before release is more then enough.


Totally agree, should just wait til it's "gone gold" before adding it.


A quarter is fair. Lots of people don't even login weekly or monthly.


Who actually cares though 😂


Agreed, remove the game from the “coming soon” category until we are close to the release date.


I’m glad people are finally agreeing on this. I’ve been heavily downvoted every time I’ve mentioned how stupid it is to see a game on Game pass that’s not gonna me out for over a year. It’s minor but still just stupid.


Minor? I’ve seen you say you refuse to ever play games in the coming soon section because how mad it makes you and I’ve seen you have a meltdown saying 6 games in the coming soon section has the 400+ catalogue of games littered with misleading info lmao You’ve made the coming soon games into some absurdly large issue and that’s why you get downvoted


It could also be because you only ever spread negativity on this subreddit...just saying.


I agree... Yet it Actually imakes sense to a degree to have it listed long like that...and that's simply for those to not buy the title.... With that said, In the store titles should say coming to Gamepass on the thumbnail to prevent pre orders if that's the route you want to take. As it sits now, you could end up if not aware being really pissed.


I agree wholeheartedly but I remember topics last year mentioning the same thing and people and myself included got slammed for saying that and we shouldn't whine and complain about it.


Fuck Reddits hive mind


Waiting to see if NFTs catch on to put them back in, guaranteed.


Maybe now time to remove it from coming soon on gamepass lol


It's been there since what like spring 2021? Lol


Does anyone recommend any games in the meantime to scratch that post apocalyptic/Chernobyl itch? Have already finished Metro and Fallout series.


I heard good things about chernobylite.


Yeah that's mostly what I'm leaning towards right now.


First 3 Stalker games run on a potato these days.


Wasteland 3 is on game pass


Lol. Who didnt see this coming? And a note to Microsoft, STOP putting games on Gamepass a full YEAR from release! There is no need for that tile to be there. A few weeks makes sense. A Year and 6 months? (From June 2021) Nah...


>Lol. Who didnt see this coming? I always assumed it would get delayed to 2023, so it only being delayed to December 8 this year is a pleasant surprise to me.


Fear not! There's still time for more delays into 2023 and beyond!


Yeah, that could certainly happen. We're in the age of delays!


i think base it off the quarters. that gives people a heads up of what's coming in.


They’re too eager to announce and get people going about games


Aside from the faster load times, there isn't a *ton* that the XSX benefits over the One/X right now. I mean, I have an XSX and the load times alone make it worth it over my OG One, but software-wise, there wasn't really anything else pushing me to get a Series X. Though I'd argue it doesn't matter, those XSX were/are hard to find and selling out regardless. I don't really see any need to push games prematurely to build more hype, as the hype was/is crazy still (FOMO is definitely in effect, which helps).


Plenty of optimized series x/s games that look and play considerably better than the one x.


That's subjective. I didn't say there weren't *any*, but there's not a lot (relatively speaking), and not everyone has the equipment to benefit from said enhancements. I started AC: Odyssey on the One and moved it to my XSX and yeah, it ran smoother, but aside from load times, it was largely business as usual. It is still my opinion that there isn't much that is compelling to upgrade at this time, aside from load times, which for me was plenty of incentive.


That's normally how it works whenever a new console recently comes out. You can only do so much with games that were designed primarily for the older consoles. Until developers are focusing on current gen only you're not gonna get the full "next gen" experience.


Right. Which, currently, there isn't a ton of content specifically for the X/S. I'd say it takes around two years before things really settle. Without really looking at what's in the developer pipelines for 2022 (aside from STALKER 2, for now anyway), I'd expect that this year is when things start to tip and the balance truly favors an upgrade.




They are and it’s so annoying to me. It also annoys me that Microsoft seemingly has so few games and new experiences ready to go. I can be understanding with the pandemic, but come on. What we’ve gotten since the Series X launched has been completely lackluster. Sony has had some struggles, too, but not nearly as bad.


Don’t say this man. A huge swath of people will come out and say that Flight Simulator a Forza Horizon are exactly what they bought a next gen console to play and what they were looking forward to. Lololol


Sure this delay is disappointing but I couldn't disagree more about Xbox being lackluster since Series X launch. Maybe these games aren't your cup of tea but Ive had a blast with Gears Tactics, Flight Sim, FH5, 12 minutes, the Ascent, psychonauts 2 and Halo Infinite just to name a few off the top of my head. All inside Gamepass.


Some of those games are definitely in my wheelhouse, but they weren’t great IMO (Halo Infinite) or they’re also on Sony consoles (Psychonauts, 12 Minutes). Some are neat, but not fun for me to play (Flight Sim, Gears Tactics). I haven’t played The Ascent, but I do have it downloaded (edit: and it’s coming to Playstation anyway lol). FH5 was good, but I got my fill of the series with FH3 and 4.


Imagine if they put Starfield there right now lmao


Nobody here is correct about the coming soon tiles: it's based on the developer. Stalker was on that list long before both FH5 and Halo, Xbox's own holiday flagship titles. There are also several games dated before Stalker that we already know are "coming soon" that aren't on the list.


The real issue is companies need to stop announcing games several years before they’re even remotely close to being ready. Stop making promises you know you likely can’t keep, especially in the middle of a pandemic.


It's called: advertising


It’s to make the catalog look better than it is by just randomly including titles eventually coming. Its not even uniform or ES6 would already be there even as a placeholder or atleast Starfield.


Oof, that's a huge delay, they must have some problems. This is the only Gamepass title I was looking forward to for the next 6 Mo's. 😩


Well, now you can look forward to it for another year! ;)


I hope there’s a big Game Pass surprise on the way to fill in the gap cuz the forecast is looking a little dry right about now. For the first half of the year at least.


For PC players Warhammer 3 is a huge get if you even remotely like strategy games. Then if they really like it they could buy WH1 and 2 and get the massive combined map. That’s mid-February. The problem with replacing Stalker in April is that there are essentially no new games in April.


Honestly that's fine. Just come out with a finished game is all I ask.


Stop setting release dates until they are final. This delay culture is getting ridiculous now.


Good. Take your time devs, there's plenty of games to play in the meantime 👍


Agreed - we're looking at so many games this year


Are we though? Trying not to sound too cynical, but we’re only 12 days into the new year and a huge title was already delayed eight months.


Well froms biggest title to date, Elden ring, comes out in less than 2 months. The new horizon game comes out on playstation soon as well


February is crazy. Elden Ring and Dying light. PS has Sifu and Horizon dropping them too.




Seriously, delay that shit until it’s perfect. Got so many games to play right now.


This broke my brain. I saw December 8 and thought, “But we just left December…?” Not used to seeing a game get a December release date nearly a year in advance. Normally no one wants to release beyond November, so December dates are like last resorts.


No game should have a release date more than 3 months in advance. This is why I have zero faith in Starfield meeting it's November 11th release date. Or any date in 2022.


Fallout 4 announcement should be the standard. Announced and released 5 months later as planned.


Yup. Nintendo kind of holds this model as well. They just announced the release date for Kirby and the Forgotten Lands today and it releases in March.


you can't really lump BGS into the usual trends when it comes to these things. They kind of march to the beat of their own drum. I mean who else would even bother announcing a date so far in advance? Tbh there has been a lot of speculation that the 11/11/22 date is already a delayed date thanks to the MS acquisition, hence their confidence in it. Its possible it could get pushed, but as someone who knows them pretty well, Idk if I would say it is more likely than not


Yeah I would be gutted if it gets delayed really want to play that sooner rather then later.


You've got 10 months to prepare yourself.


To be fair, at this point its somewhat of a tradition for Bethesda games to have comical bugs out the gate. :) However, I expect them to make it as they also dont have to develop for two consoles and PC now. PC and Xbox are pretty similar so it should help with bug hunting and polish phases.


You might be right. But Ghostwire Tokyo was only being developed for PS and still got delayed. I don't think release dates a year in advance should happen even in the best of times, but definitely not in COVID times.


Xbox has shit luck with third party exclusives


I'm okay with delays to help games but like holy hell man at this point I almost feel dumb for buying a series x. Everything is pretty much releasing holiday no? Fable and elder scrolls is years out same with fallout? They keep buying developers but barely putting out anything worthwhile.


I’m no expert, but yea I think you’re right. Starfield and Stalker 2 are my most anticipated I think and both come out during the holidays. Not sure what other triple A titles are coming out before then for Xbox. For sure don’t feel stupid for buying one though. I fucking love the XSX


I do love the fast boot up times but I honestly haven't been playing it as much as I anticipated. I really thought we were going to get quite a few new games launches and most stuff added to gamepass I've already owned or beaten


Yea it seems PS and Xbox are having turns with big games, first half of last year PS5, second half Xbox and looks to repeat this year, great if you own both, but there's really no exclusives for Xbox until hopefully redfall then starfield etc


You know you guys can buy third party games right? Haha


Elden ring? Redfall coming to game pass over the summer? Rainbow Six extraction coming in a few days? There is plenty to play


XGS/Zenimax literally released 5 of the highest rated console games second half of last year. Admittedly one was on a PS5! Point being though they have been releasing a lot of worthwhile content.


The amount of CGI trailers Xbox showed *years* before a gameplay trailer (not even talking about release) is ridiculous. Besides this last holiday the first 2 years of this new generation are extremely weak for Xbox.




Has GSC ever released a finished bugfree game?


Call of Pripyat was very polished on release. That’s the only one that comes to my mind, even their older titles like FireStarter are super buggy and were never patched.


Cyberpunk 2077 was delayed multiple times, even after it went gold and they had giant ads everywhere, and it was unfinished and buggy. I'm sure Stalker 2 could easily be unfinished and buggy on release too.


Come on, it will be delayed and still be unfinished and buggy. That's how it goes these days.


Yeah devs hide behind the fact that a few auteurs believe in the value of delaying an unfinished game while the vast majority of them are beholden to people that could not care less about the product so long as stock prices climb in the long term. Now days I just assume that devs are working with false release days just so marketing can generate false hype with nothing more than delays and subtle implications that they're unexpected but necessary and worth it.


Yet it’s still on my coming soon to game pass. Hope the remove it soon.


This game will still be bad even on December 8th. It is way overhyped. And postponing shows mismanagement.


I'm not mad it's delayed. I'm mad teams keep announcing release dates they know they won't hit. I would love somebody to do the research on how many AAA games get delayed a year. It's most of them. It was like this before covid. Just don't say the date. But they want to start the hype train.


Thats sad… so now Xbox does not have any heavy hitters in the Q1 and Q2… tbh i was kind of dissapointed with halo campaign and FH5 was just like FH4 but with prettier graphics, so I was hoping that stalker would be the first Xbox exclusive heavy hitter this gen. Hope Phil surprises us with some big release or day one gamepass title soon. Considering how many studios they own, they should be able to release one exclusive AAA every quarter.


any sequel to a game can be summarised as “but with prettier graphics.” It is a racing game first and foremost.


This Next Generation console is just a series of "next year" delays. Management teams, bosses, need to come to terms with what modern games require to produce. Even if you increase the staff size you still need more time than you think. Stop announcing a release date until it is around the corner, you can announce you're working on a game without giving a release period.


I think they like the marketing and hype of having a release date. Despite knowing internally the games likely wont make the date. They can massage the optics but i dont see this strategy changing because Covid has kinda forced them into a unique position.


It was a growing issue before Covid. Covid has just made it harder to avoid.


This was the first big game I was looking forward to playing on my Xbox this year. Guess I’m barely touching it until Starfield then.


If Starfield released this year...


arent there reports that its basically done just polishing it now?


It's based on somebody seeing a job listing for a lighting artist.


hahhahaha oh ok. So it could be complete BS.


It’s a Bethesda game. How much polish can it have?


well this is the first major release since the Microsoft acquisition so maybe they might force a culture change.


>Looks at 343 Nah


That game had to come out. They couldnt delay it again.


I did read that and hope its true. Just feels like a suspiciously long amount of time for polish. I guess with a game as big as this could be, there may be a lot to fine tune. It's just polish is a very vague, subjective term. Does it mean bug squashing, graphical improvement, balancing difficulty, adding environmental details?


Todd Howard would rather release a glitchy game than miss a deadline tbh


Yeah same, sucks a lot


Perfect now please replace that game either by dying light 2 or eleven ring Mr spencer


Got to put the first ten rings on GamePass. Maybe Shang-Chi is coming to GamePass!


Apart from Starfield what other exclusives is there this year? Especially beginning and summer time?


I most likely won't get around to it in well into next year. Starfield will have me sucked into my own personal bubble for an endless amount of months.


How long before a true next gen game comes out dang. Im not built for this waiting game. Itll be 2 yrs before we see a single true next gen game. This is my first time buying a console soon as it comes out and im not liking it.


Yikes. Oh well if it needs to be delayed then so be it


What the actual fuck! I bought an xbox for this game! Oh well to be expected really... 🙄


Willing to bet it gets delayed again. Pretty annoying but I’d rather wait a few months than get another Cyberpunk


that's good. Maybe i'll have a series X to play it on by the time it comes out


Oh damnit 😑 I was really looking forward to this. I still absolutely support the delay, it's just a pity.


Delays are coming


Every game gets delayed these days huh


So it is in fact not coming soon, interesting.


So far it’s looking like a quiet Xbox year for me. This was going to be a bit of a filler while I waited for Starfield. Hoping game pass gets some day one AAA third party games like Suicide Squad or Gotham Knights for me to play. Not much announced for Xbox that has my interest for 2022.


Xbox is doing better but this isn't going that great still for the 2nd year, we had halo and Forza but they were more of the same , was really looking forward to this, hoped scorn and stalker 2 would be out early this year.. I hope starfield isn't delayed that will just top it off being a bad year. PlayStations line up is looking better and they have some huge heavy hitters early year.


Yeah hardware for both systems and features have been great….software not so much. I’m replaying rdr 2, Witcher and actually bought Far cry 6 just to play something new. Jokes on me as Far cry is the same though…. Already beat returnal once haven’t gone back to fight boss again. Rachet and clank was fun. I’m starting to venture towards trying dark souls. Feels like it will be feast or famine with these games due out.


Dark souls will definitely keep you occupied for a long time


If you do like dark souls then jump into bloodborne. It's my favourite fromsoft game by a wide margin. I hope you have fun with the souls series though, don't be afraid to look online for help if you get stuck though.


I actually have blood Bourne but never gave it a chance as I was wrapped up in some other things then forgot about it. I’ve heard good and bad so I thought maybe giving demon souls or dark souls a go from the beginning might be the way to go.


Both are good places to start. I like dark souls more, and it's a fair bit cheaper than DeS for the bosses and level design, but they are both excellent imo.


PS lineup only looks better for the first half of the year. After that Xbox has much more. PS will have another empty holiday season next year.


GOW Ragnarok and TLOU Remake?


I think there was a leak saying GOW was releasing in Q3


They are getting the Kotor remake and a few other games through out the year


No way Kotor remake comes out in 2022.


If covid doesn't screw those productions over either.


2022 looks Really empty so far for xbox exclusives


MS is kinda unlucky with third party partnerships. Also I believe they should just make it permanent exclusive too.


They really are. Crossfire x, Scorn, Bright Memory Infinite. All games that were suppose to launch last year but got delayed. Either that or theyre not really well recieved games like The Medium, The Gunk, or The Ascent.


It is not even about delays. But for example they marketed Cyberpunk 2077 and Battlefield 2042


Oh well at least they gave us fair notice. Take the time you need to make it great.


Kinda glad, give me more time to catch up on February’s crazy releases


Sold my Series X yesterday so at least I won't be missing out on any games until December from Xbox. Though by then I'll probably have a new one.


Why did you sell your Xbox if you are getting another one though?


Needed the money. It was either that or the PS5 and theres more exclusives I'm interested in coming out on PS5 so I'm not missing out on HFW or God of War etc so at the end of the year I should hopefully get another Series X for Starfield and this unless they get delayed again or Starfield releases with issues, at that point I'll just wait.


IMO, you made the right choice. I own both, and there has been more to play the last year, and more on the immediate horizon for the PS5. The promise of the Series X just hasn’t been fully realized yet, and it’s looking like it wont be until next year.


As usual)))


Looks like they have learned from Cyberpunk 2077


I never said Xbox had no exclusives. I said there no exclusives that warrant my attention. Xbox had an excellent year last year but after playing games like Returnal and Death Stranding Director's Cut, it left me long for more experiences rather than just games. And while all those exclusives that were rated highly deserve all the praise they get, they ultimately are not my cup of tea. STALKER 2 was the first game coming out that actually looked good and I was and still am excited for it. But seeing as how I'm about to be playing games like Horizon Forbidden West, Forspoken, Monster Hunter Rise, etc, there's no point on leaving my Xbox out to collect dust. That's my prerogative, no one else's. I'm not a fanboy of Microsoft, I own all 3.


Well that settles it. Packing up my Series X till late fall since that's when all the good Xbox games come out. Hope this one doesn't disappoint. I'll be on PS5 and Switch till then.


Why do you need to pack up lol


Cause there's nothing to play on Xbox. More specifically, there's no Xbox exclusive games that warrant my attention. I was looking forward to playing this in April but it got delayed. I'm sick of hearing about all these great Xbox games that are supposed to release then they just get delayed and we're all forced to wait longer. I'm not seeing my investment paid for waiting for games that are always delayed. Wouldn't surprise me if Starfield was delayed at some point as well. First Scorn, now this, no news about Forza Motorsport, no news about Atomic Heart, no news about Perfect Dark, delay after delay after delay. I'm just over it. I've got two other consoles that actually have exclusives coming out in a timely manner. So that's where I'll be until the games I want to play on Xbox actually come out.


I just started Valhalla and was worried i wouldn’t be able to finish before this came out, so this is kind of a relief for me.


Actually…you might not finish that before December.


Aw man, this is the ame I'm looking forward to most! I was also gonna be off work for a while in April. But alas, I'd rather they their time than rush it out the door.


A delay? For a game of the Stalker Franchise?? Who would have thought.... :´-)


That's fine. Take as long as it needs. No more half-assed games.


Kind of bold of them to release it within spitting distance of Starfield. The end of the year looks great.


Another reason not to pre order games


Starfield next?


I was literally so angry when I saw this post that I downvoted… sorry.


I got flamed for saying it would be delayed…Ue5 isn’t even released yet, this shouldn’t be shocking. I’ll even be shocked if it lands in dec. I think starfield is going to be delayed too. Bethesda has a history of releasing unfinished games(fallout 4, fallout 76). So hopefully they take their time with it. And to be clear, I want them delaying these games. Release a finished, polished product. Take your time please!


Fallout 76 is the only game they've every truly released "unfinished", and to my knowledge that wasn't even the main team's work.


I still have faith in Starfield making the release date. By that point, it will have been in development for quite awhile and they are using their own modified Creation engine.


We'll know during E3 time (June) if it'll release this year on its said date or not. Big unveiling and info blow out means it's happening, if they show nothing than it'll be delayed.


They internally delayed Starfield from 2021 to that November 11th 2022 date. And there’s reports from Skullzi, a reliable Bethesda insider, that the game is in the final stages of polishing. It is not getting delayed again.


Also when was the last time Bethesda delayed a game? I can't even think of one. They seem to know when things are ready (except for 76 of course).


I mean they delay, they just don't make a release date public until they know they're going to make it. I would also argue that Fallout 76 was ready. People just didn't like what the game was and many still don't (myself included).


There are so many great games coming out this year, I am 100% okay with companies delaying games if needed. 2022 is going to be an amazing year for gaming.


Not many Xbox exclusives though.


I just meant in general. I guess if someone is limited themselves to only playing exclusives, I could see them being disappointed having to wait until the end of the year.


I bet it will be delayed into 2023. The original Stalker had almost 4 years worth of delays.


Sucks to hear but also good on them




A little disappointing but Q1/Q2 is absolutely stacked already so it’s not a huge loss.


With what?


Horizon, Elden Ring, SIFU, Dying Light 2, Witch Queen, Forsaken. That's just off the top of my head, I'm sure I'm missing something.


Ah I meant like Xbox exclusives


With video games


Yes, But not with Xbox/gamepass games


I mean like what? What games ? 3rd party?


GT7 and HFW.


First half looking weak for XBOX exclusives, but it is pretty stacked otherwise Elden Ring, Pokemon Legends: Arceus, Tiny Tina's Wonderland (Borderlands title), Forspoken, Horizon: Forbidden West, and more. Those are all pretty big. I can't think of a stronger first half of a year for games in recent memory if you're open to all platforms.


Wow. I'm generally fine with this as long as it will be a good game. Still, April is kind of dead now. Unless I'm forgetting something that is supposed come out in April.


On one hand that sucks cause I was looking forward to playing it mid-year. Tends to be a bit bleak on the game releases in summer. On the other hand Elden Ring, the variety of the game is looking to be DS2 or more so I'll be playing that most of the year on n off anyway. Course now that means this game then 3 days later Starfield. And Starfield will most likely be life for awhile. Balls. edit: Wait no, that's almost a month after Starfield. Yeeeaaahh I'm not playing STALKER 2 till 2023 heh.


Good, please take your time.


Oh that’s sad, but for the right reasons. I still have plenty of games in my backlog, and a lot of those are on gamepass… so… Plus, I can see Xbox pulling a last minute 3rd party day 1 into gamepass to compensate for that 😮


I'm fine with them taking the time they need. There is plenty to play. But damn, that's a hefty delay. Game was supposed to come out at the beginning of 2022, then got delayed a couple of months to April and is now being delayed 8 months to December. Maybe they saw how releasing in December worked for Halo Infinite?


they knocked it out of the park last year with exclusives..hope they dont take a step back this year..i almost expect starfield to be delayed as well leaving zero big exclusives this year


Can’t a damn game just get moved up for once? For instance, can Elden Ring just come out next damn week?