Psychonauts 2 - Official Story Trailer

Psychonauts 2 - Official Story Trailer


Will this make sense to me if I haven't played #1?


While I'd say Psychonauts is amazing and you should play it, there will be a "recap" of the first game before Psychonauts 2 begins.


I’m gonna have to imagine yes. I mean the original is like 17 years old or something. I would be shocked if they don’t try to tailor the experience to cater to people who haven’t played the first. That being said though you should just play the first one it’s on game pass and it’s great and holds up well. You’d be able to beat it pretty quickly too


> ...you should just play the first one it’s on game pass and it’s great and holds up well. Seconded. Never did play it the first time around, but I'm in the midst of a playthrough right now. My last save showed just over 3 hours into it. So far I'm quite enjoying it, only minor complaint is the controls take a little bit of getting used to. But I never was very good with 3D platformers. Story is fun, great voice acting, graphics are obviously not up to today's standard, but much better than I was expecting honestly. Definitely looking forward to the new one.


Yeah I believe the game was one X enhanced which is why it looks better than you would imagine


Oh, that makes sense. Thanks.


Might just do that then, maybe they will slip in some references beyond a recap that only people who played the first will catch


Now that I think on it, I don't believe I ever actually beat this game. I think I got to the final stages and just... never came back. I liked the game, so that wasn't a problem. I just don't recall actually beating it. Funny how it all looked so amazingly familiar in the trailer, though, being as long as it has. It was a solid game, no doubt. Pretty cool to see another one come out all these years later. I will definitely need a recap, though.


The final level is considered the weakest level by far if I recall.


The final level made me wanna kill myself


I watched one of the previews and they said it gives you a short recap of what happens in the original. I still recommend trying the game out. It’s on Gamepass and it won’t take you long to beat. Takes maybe 8hrs for the first play through. It’s aged nicely


Was that MrMattyPlays by chance?


I bet they will catch you up to things. The previous game came out too long ago for them not to.


\#1 is on a game pass so you have plenty of time to catch up. It hasn't aged super gracefully but it's still a fun game


I'm playing it right now. The resolution is enhanced and 30FPS is bearable even for a framerate fanatic like me. It's very creative and fun.


I should really get around to beating it, guess I've got plenty of time


Now's the time!


Everything I’ve seen about this game makes it look fantastic. Can’t wait to see what they’re doing with it. It’s also Gamepass Day 1, which is awesome. And while it’s available on the PS5, it’s only going to be through backwards compatibility - the Xbox Series X version is going to be the only next-gen version


Not gonna watch this, but I'm pretty stoked for this. Really late to the party, but I played Psychonauts about a month and a half ago.. great, great game even today. Hope they kill it with this one too.


Sorry, but, LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOO. I'm hyped.


Im so exited the first game was a masterpiece and i think this will be too


Really comes of as unique and full of love, not just a big ass commercially flattened expierence. Really looking forward to playing it. Hope this becomes hugely succesfull and MS sees the potential for a banjo reboot!


I might be reading this wrong, but just because I've just seen this exact comment so many times, Tim Schaefer is on record saying he absolutely does not want to be put to work on a Banjo Kazooie game. He has no interest in working on IPs made from other people. Unless you were saying that hopefully the success of this 3d platformer shows it's still a viable genre to invest in, in which case I agree.


Absolutely. Think P2 is going to review really good, better than what people expect Hoping that gives MS a realization that people want more platformers


I think it will review really good with people that played the first one. It probably won't review as high with people that haven't, but I hope I'm wrong.


I’d personally want microsoft to bring in playtonic games, the people who did Yooka Laylee, and they make the next Banjo game. They are the OGs who can give it its proper sequel.


The first one was one of the best games I've ever played. Hope this lives up to the first.


Looks pretty dope 👌


Gonna have to make some time to play pn1


Looking forward to this. I still need to beat the final part of the original. The last part had me so frustrated I had to take a break from it.


I never played the first one. I’m really hyped for this. I hear it gives a recap at the start but would it still be a good idea to go back and lay the first one?


It’s a chill time. Running around the level select (psychic camp grounds) is worth a run in itself


These levels are so creative I don’t even know where to start


Das schaut absolut klasse aus. Hoffe, dass wird was.


Why does this not inspire me to get it...I'm not the target audience I guess.


Is there co-op or multiplayer?




Not really a huge fan of Double Fine and their brand of humor but this looks really fun.


I really wish this was a shadow drop at e3 or something, I know it was very close to being done at the start of the year, but I am sure they have their reasons and even if it was only to avoid crunch on the fine people there at double fine, then I can be patient Edit: damn what did I do on this one lol this sub woke up on the wrong side of the bed today


Hey fuck you for having a thought. /s


Eh, I got enough comment karma I dont mind eating some downvotes some times, but it is funny just what some people think is downvote worthy


All the positive feedback today got me excited for this game. I downloaded the original on Gamepass and started playing today.


Didn't the first one have an story


Are you drunk?


I’m hyped


The game is gonna be great. Sad thing though that it won't be able to compete with R&C in nominations and co. because its graphics is worse.


Never played the first but I’m definitely gonna play this


Never played the first but I’m definitely gonna play this


Never played the first but I’m definitely gonna play this