which year are you living? Somalia has a curiculum from primary to high school,where students even sit national exams at the end of their school it was a long time ago where Somalia schools used to use other countries curiculum or outdated one. I can understand your aim, and I will highly encourage but plz check your facts before you write your claims.


They still use it, if you read carefully the goal of our organization it to create a universally recognized education system, where Somali students can go to any country and immediately start working without the need to restart from zero. You argue that "Somalia already has an education system" and my question to you would be, is it internationally recognized? Can a Somali university graduate who studied medicine get a job let alone the west but in Kenya or even Uganda?


well, those are policies between countries. Do you know a doctor who studied a Turkish system can't get a job in a western world? the same way as Somali doctors, same with Kenya, its about countries policies to kind of control the demand and supply, however if you are talking about the broad system, yes the somali education is recognised by UNICEF, it even provided the cost of writing somalia curriculum. As I said, what you are doing is great, but stop the idea of somalia doesn't eduaction curriculum and they use other countries ( technically every country use every other country, coz 1 +1 =2)


What other countries.Plus the education facilities in Somalia are relatively shitty. Government don’t give a shit about education


maybe you are right, but the curriculum is there, that is accepted by UNICEF.


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