It’s not real, it’s as fake as any other fairytale to us. If we thought it was real, why would we knowingly choose hellfire lmaooo


Both. And the warring, violence, sexual slavery and other horrible acts were also not standard back in those days.


I think even if I believed in god that I still wouldn’t follow any religion because I simply don’t agree with its teachings


It's a Arab god made by Arabs by keeping their people as the centre of attention, in their language, it's arab Supremacy in disguise, anyone who follows it is a Mental Slave to it, they have let Arab control their day to day life till they get into the grave, such a shame. Would Arab follow if the prophet was from Somalia ? Would a Arab follow a religion from someone who was from India ? They would never because most Arabs them consider the mentioned races inferior to them and they would rather die than to accept someone who isn't a Arab by birth right as their messiah, but we see all these non arab muslims kiss Arabs boots and they ask for forgiveness from a arabic god they have been told about. To put in this way, to be a Muslim you have to start injecting yourself with poison and start desperately looking for a antidote.


every time i ask a muslim or a sheikh why the quran was brought down in arabic and not in every other language they tell me because arabic is unique and the best to convey the complexity of god. Mind you this answer came from ppl who's first language isn't even arabic. How much self hate do you need to have to genuinely believe arabic is a better language than your own mother tongue?Muslims are delusional


Absolutely yes and if you are a Somali who fully use your brain you need to stop with this Arabic nonsense. This stupid cult is erasing our beautiful, ancient and noble culture. Look at all the chaos this broken mentality has created.


Its not practical, that is why hardly any country practises Sharia. All religions belong in the private sphere and places of worship. As long as it stays there, I have no issue with it.


If God is real then life is simply a lottery, how blessed are we to be born into Islam. Could have been born and raised sikh, how unfair! These niggas are living life on hard mode


Yeah it does make you wonder. It is a bit arrogant to think if you are blessed to be born Muslims and go to paradise but Singh a peaceful, lovely sikh dude whose a credit to his community and is well loved is eternally punished in hellfire.


I am not convinced. I believe Islam to be made up nonsense, just like pretty much every single other religion out there. My whole thing is I don’t see any reason to believe it was inspired or created by anything other than human beings i.e God/Angels etc. I’m not saying or claiming to know Islam is false, simply that there’s no reason to accept it as true.


I believe in a creator but it doesn't have to be just one. It can be multiple. But I don't believe in a religion. And I feel like they have either left us or they really are shit at their job. They did well creating the world but after that, it wasn't great. Maybe they lost their promotion cause they're shit at their job.