In Somalia, It's almost universally synonymous with barbarity from the teacher and indirectly the parents, and TORTURE for the children. It's so bad, I wouldn't treat ~~a dog~~ any complex organism as badly as the average kid is treated. In the west, for Somalis, it varies from perfectly legitimate and abuse free to clear-cut child abuse. I don't know about how it is for other Muslim ethnic groups.


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OP account was created yesterday, don't get fooled. Just another salafi incel from r/Somalia trying to meddle around.


I’m a white boi who learns Arabic at a dugsi. I was genuinely curious because I’ve heard tabout how it is in Somalia, but I wanted to hear it from an unbiased perspective. And I’m not celibate, that’s still a work in progress so maybe make duaa for me, warya.


I saw kids get beaten a LOT.


You're looking for r/Somalia Good luck with your spiritual journey.


Thanks brotha. Going to dugsi has helped me a lot and shown me a lot of great things about Somali culture.


You can learn a lot of Somali culture and avoid the Islam part, if you want.


I would never avoid Islaam ❤️


You will eventually, if you are already somehow here. We've all been there. Good luck


Islam is a dogmatic regligion and okay with violence (seriously, just read the Quran and see how much violence...be it slaying peaceful tribes, sexual slavery, slavery, etc. is talked about in the Quran. A lot of us growing up were beaten when we couldn't recite a sura or tried to avoid doing salaat. Yeah, Islam is generally memorized with the threatening of a beating in Somali and much of the Islamic world. Of all the 4K religions out there...what made you convert to Islam??


I chose Islaam because out of any religion it has the most proof backing it. It’s the pretty standard story I grew up in south Philly, no father, violent criminal record, gang affiliated. Turned 19 and wanted to know my purpose and I read the Qur’aan and found it. I see why a macalin would whoop a kid because a lot of kids do not have any sense of respect for their surroundings and the people in them. Adults as well. I’ve seen a lot of people my age (Early 20s) come to dugsi and stay for one or two classes then never come back because they don’t like that the macalin told them to put their phone away or to sit with the rest of the students and fold their hands before the prayer starts, etc. We live in a world where people are not given consequences for their actions and that’s why grown people feel entitled to do whatever they want and harm whoever they please. Any religious text will have verses and laws in it that we would see today as barbaric. Some of us need that harsh lecture or whooping to mold us into having morals. Some people are inherently good and it’s easy for them to treat people with kindness and not be a bully, commit crimes, etc. When I was still living in Philly I was going to Salafi masaajid, so I understand how harsh Muslims can be. But if you’re hitting with a stick on the wrist to discipline, or to help someone learn, what’s the problem in that? If you are not severe in the whooping. Of course there are limits and they are outlined in the Qur’aan and the Sunnah pretty clearly. From my perspective, growing up with no religious background aside from your Catholic when your grandma is around, I admire the harshness of Islaam. Because I see that it’s done with good intentions. Anyone can say what they want about Islaam, Judaism, any religion. But it produces successful and happy people. Had I been beaten into learning the Qur’aan I would have probably made way better choices in life. I see these brothers that are younger than me and more educated than I am, no criminal record, and they are the most well mannered. You can tell the difference between the people know the Qur’aan and people that don’t. They carry themselves in a different way and always have the best manners. That’s from the outside looking in. I converted 4 years ago and learning the Qur’aan and how to carry myself as a Muslim has given me the most joy and success that I have ever had. I’ve been going to dugsi for 4 months and these brothers of all ages and ethnic backgrounds treat me as if I am family and the macalin treat me well and really help me learn the language and the religion. We do Tafsir and Hadith class as well as reading and writing Arabic. I’m curious because ex Muslims/ non Muslims say all the time “they want to keep you converted” what does anyone have to benefit by me being a Muslim, or me not being a Muslim?


My experience was alright, thank god I wasn’t beat up but my brothers were. I definitely don’t understand the point of dugsi if we read the Quran and pass based on our pronunciation and not what the Surah actually meant. It’s like going to a Japanese class and reading a Japanese book every week and never actually understanding the book itself. I hope that gave you insight however I don’t think it’s a Somali experience I think it’s amongst many different ethnicities that face this.


I understand why they teach it in Arabic first because reading and writing it is really difficult and the language is way harder than English, Somali, Uzbek, etc. Reading the Qur’aan in Arabic has more reward in it than in English. But applying the verses to your life is what is most important and has the most reward. So yes if they are not teaching the meaning of the ayaat at all that is wrong. But you gotta take it step by step the brothers I know in dugsi that are 18-23 know it in English and Arabic and know the religion like the back of their hand as a young adult because they took dugsi seriously and continue to go even after being hafiz. Thanks for your answer.




Muslims tend to glorify the positive text in the Quran and the hadiths but do their best to hide the questionable verses and hadiths. I would seriously consider doing legitimate research on the religion. Not just learning from a macalin or an Islamic scholar who are motivated to keep you converted and will try to justify it. Here are some hadiths to start: Archived HOTDs: #101-200 [HOTD 102 Supplement](https://www.reddit.com/r/exmuslim/comments/viwlj9/muhammads_greatest_fanfiction_the_night_journey/?): Muhammad’s Greatest Fanfiction: The Night Journey on the Flying Donkey—summarized here for your reading ecstasy [HOTD 102](https://www.reddit.com/r/exmuslim/comments/viwhz3/hotd_102_the_night_journey_1_muhammad_steals/): The Night Journey: (1) Muhammad steals Zoroastrian story. (2) Rides flying donkey. (3) Commits worst Shirk imaginable. (4) Copies Zoroastrian 5 daily prayers [HOTD 103](https://www.reddit.com/r/exmuslim/comments/uvze6q/hotd_103_praise_be_to_allah_for_sublime_morals_of/): Praise be to Allah for sublime morals of the Islamic slave market! 🤗 Ibn Umar gropes sex slave he wants to buy and rape. He grabs her butt, shakes her breasts, and slips hand between her thighs [HOTD 104](https://www.reddit.com/r/exmuslim/comments/uo0vyx/hotd_104_muhammad_says_the_black_seed_cures_every/): Muhammad says the black seed cures EVERY disease. Verily are not his words the grandest miracle! Because he said them on Opposite Day [HOTD 105](https://www.reddit.com/r/exmuslim/comments/uixgmv/hotd_105_muhammad_explains_human_excrement_in/): Muhammad explains human excrement in Heaven. Food is belched out. Drinks are sweated out as musk cologne…eau de ‘toilette,’ so to speak 😉 [HOTD 106](https://www.reddit.com/r/exmuslim/comments/uccc2i/hotd_106_o_muslim_women_rejoice_in_heaven_youre/): O Muslim women Rejoice! In Heaven you’re in a harem. You and your harem-mates live in a giant hollowed-out pearl (!)—and your husband circles round the pearl having sex with you all [HOTD 107 Supplement](https://www.reddit.com/r/exmuslim/comments/u17qbv/it_was_the_regular_practice_of_muhammads/): It was the regular practice of Muhammad’s Companions to rape prepubescent slave-girls [HOTD 107](https://www.reddit.com/r/exmuslim/comments/u17cco/hotd_107_ali_rapes_a_slavegirl_muhammad_says_hes/): Ali rapes a slave-girl. Muhammad says he's entitled to it. Part 2 [HOTD 108](https://www.reddit.com/r/exmuslim/comments/tq99t9/hotd_108_black_man_complains_of_being_black/): Black man complains of being black. Muhammad urges him to be a Jihadi—getting him killed—and tells corpse ‘Allah has whitened your face’ + Virgin visits Earth [HOTD 109](https://www.reddit.com/r/exmuslim/comments/tk2iaw/hotd_109_o_horny_jihadis_how_are_you_going_to/): O horny Jihadis, how are you going to have sex with virgins if you’re a green bird? And Muhammad, get your bloody story straíght! [HOTD 110](https://www.reddit.com/r/exmuslim/comments/syqpvj/hotd_110_muhammad_believes_a_talking_wolf_brags/): Muhammad believes a talking wolf is in awe of him. Talking wolf says Muhammad’s more amazing than…a talking wolf! 🐺 [HOTD 111](https://www.reddit.com/r/exmuslim/comments/st5qk4/hotd_111_muhammad_says_sneaky_satan_spends_the/): Muhammad says sneaky Satan spends the night in your nose 😴 → 😈👃 [HOTD 112](https://www.reddit.com/r/exmuslim/comments/soeh88/hotd_112_muhammad_says_allah_curses_for_eternity/): Muhammad says Allah curses for eternity the sound of...wife-beatings?...holocausts?...No, it’s ‘singing at times of joy’! [HOTD 113](https://www.reddit.com/r/exmuslim/comments/sh2mbo/hotd_113_o_muslim_women_rejoice_meet_your_cowives/): O Muslim women Rejoice! Meet your co-wives in Heaven: the virgin houris. Muhammad says they mock and curse you for annoying your husband. You’ll be living with them for eternity [HOTD 114](https://www.reddit.com/r/exmuslim/comments/sd7cj0/hotd_114_muhammads_insanity_level_tops_9000_says/): Muhammad’s insanity level tops 9000. Says whenever a rooster crows, it saw an angel. 👼 → 🐓🔊 And whenever a donkey brays, it saw a devil [HOTD 115](https://www.reddit.com/r/exmuslim/comments/s6yf5d/hotd_115_muhammad_says_satan_wants_peace_and/): Muhammad says Satan wants peace and Allah wants war. Says Satan urges Muslims not to attack others…wait…Who’s the Evil One in Islam? 🤔 [HOTD 116 supplement](https://www.reddit.com/r/exmuslim/comments/s30p7t/allahs_torture_porn/): Allah's torture porn [HOTD 116](https://www.reddit.com/r/exmuslim/comments/s1dw95/hotd_116_muhammad_says_if_a_grieving_woman_wails/): Muhammad says if a grieving woman wails, Allah will pour tar on her and light her on fire 😭 → 🔥😱🔥 [HOTD 117](https://www.reddit.com/r/exmuslim/comments/rkr8vn/hotd_117_muhammad_says_an_hour_of_jihad_is_better/): Muhammad says an hour of jihad is better than 60 years (!) of prayer + Osama bin Laden quotes this hadith before 9/11 [HOTD 118](https://www.reddit.com/r/exmuslim/comments/rg8cgt/hotd_118_muhammad_approves_of_abu_bakr_telling/): Muhammad approves of Abu Bakr telling pagan to ‘Suck Allat’s clitoris!’ This is equivalent to telling a Muslim ‘Suck Allah’s penis!’ [HOTD 119](https://www.reddit.com/r/exmuslim/comments/re2gd5/hotd_119_flatearther_muhammad_tells_muslims_not/): Flat-earther Muhammad tells Muslims not to pray at noon because that’s the time of day Hell’s gates are opened—except it’s always noon somewhere on Earth! [HOTD 120](https://www.reddit.com/r/exmuslim/comments/razm9o/hotd_120_muhammad_makes_islam_a_supremacist/): Muhammad makes Islam a supremacist ideology. Says Muslims can’t be killed for murdering a non-Muslim. Values non-Muslims at 50% of Muslims