tree hugger is killing me


I took this personal because I deada$$ be hugging trees 😭 not for Waaq reasons tho lol


Me too.




Pretty funny & somewhat accurate depictions. Can anyone relate? https://twitter.com/tanade23/status/1556334020362964992 Can you guys list in 3 steps, your evolution to becoming gaalnimo? Here’s mine 1) learned about our culture before the civil war 2) began to hate what Wahhabism did to Somalia 3) became gaal


This sub is great and I like that we are against arabization plus it’s not happening in Somalia only it’s also happing in Pakistan Malaysia Indonesia Bangladesh Saudi Arabia wants every Muslim country to be Arab


1. The Quran/ hadiths are full of preferential treatments for Arabs. Also full of contradictions. 2. After years of being told stay away from the Sun. I started practicing Sun gazing and Sun bathing and this activated something in my DNA. I believe the Sun is a portal. 3. Became Gaal.


🤔 what did the sun activate?


Although I’m on the cusp of leaving Islam (I still enjoy Islamic customs and traditions), mine went like this 1. ⁠notice the contradiction between a merciful god and an eternal hellfire 2. ⁠notice the vast amount of logical and historical inconsistencies in Islam 3. ⁠document all of the misogynistic ayahs/hadiths (and there’s a LOT) 4. Realize it’s just another man made religion to serve men in 600AD Arabia My reasons have nothing to do with Somali history or arabization


I used to be where you’re at years back in my extremely agnostic era. I tackled all of those things and came to realize that Islam is the universal religion of mankind, just very disgusting barely practicing preachers made it seem like I’d rather bathe in acid. That and horrendous translations


this is still valid tho arabisation is real


Nah it’s because Islam is shitty towards women. That’s how I knew it was fake shit lol & created by horny Arab men.


It’s shitty for everyone, mostly women I grant you. But for kids and men alike.


looool tree hugger gaaal . who wrote this


It’s a meme twitter user Tanade Talareer made it


Whats a waaq? Never heard that word


Waaq is the name of the God our ancestors worshipped before Islam.


Im djiboutian somali so ive never been told about it 😞😞😞


I’m pretty sure it’s all Somalis that were worshipping waaq no matter where they live. Have you ever heard of the phrase barwaaqo?


Nope ☹️ and i have a lot more arabic words in my daily vocab than the average somali bc of this and ive noticed it everytime i watch somali content, i think my family personally is just more arabized than a good chunk of somalis thats why


Somalis have different dialects, I thought Djbouti peoples dialect was influenced by French but I get what your saying


Its both cuz arabic is also an official language there


That makes sense, my family never told me about waaq too I found out through the internet lol but there are words that are still in use referring to waaq that’s how I realised and also Oromos still practise it.