Each individual is different. Faith doesn't determine how sexually forward someone is, I know non-religious muslim ppl who have been shagging since they were 14. I didn't even know 14 year old had sex like that. I lost my virginity in my early 20s.


I am married so I am not speaking from experience, but plenty of Muslims, non religious included think we left Islam for sex, alcohol and other stuff they consider sinful, men think you will drop your knickers on the first date, that you have no boundaries. It's the same if they meet a non hijabi Somali girl, in their head she is "easy".


Married to a muslim? And yes many somalis even non-religious ones seek out non-hijabis for sex and hijabis for marriage. Its not easy for a non-hijabi somali girl that does not intend to wear hijab to marry a somali male. Even many non-religious faraaxs who dont care if she drinks or prays would still want her to adorn the hijab. Mostly because they want to show a certain image to the community at large i presume


I find it crazy that they think we leave the Deen to indulge in s*x, intoxicants or other ‘haram things.’ They be projecting heavyyyy lol. Some of us acc just don’t want to live in the fear of hell 😳


There’s definitely some folks who view non hijabis as being dtf or at the very least an easier opponent to leg wrestle with (specifically Muslims imo). They think that you took your hijab off just to open your legs


Yea I used to get that from ex muslim men before i started acoiding them, they usually would assume that I'm down after 1 date. I don't date Muslims religious or not so won't comment on them.


I don't think religion changes a person's libido. Whether they act on it or not- thats another thing. I mean, brothels exist in religious countries too. Tons of ex-Muslims I know that are not raging to get down. Could be other factors related to you or your environment but I wouldn't know.