University’s are big asf it’s not like highschool


You can always not fast as it's not like they will be around you 24/7. Figure out their movement/habits around college and avoid them. Be stoic as whatever happens, happens and you will be able to deal with it (Shit, maybe even bribe them to keep quiet...jk).


Is it that big of a deal? There’s probably a couple of hundred Somalis at my university and some of them never pray at school, no one cares or snitches on them.


Sis, uni is way bigger than school so it will be easier to avoid them dw x


Okay fair. Also im a guy


Oh then ur DEFINITELY good to go bc the only obvious giveaway of being a non-practicing muslim is taking off ur hijab but even then i see many young adults who r somalis do this, also university is nothing like highschool theres like a 3% chance youll run into them and have to converse with them


make sure they’re not in contact with your relatives and can’t snitch on you!!


I’ll be taking my closet to campus this fall and I know all of them. So yeah, you gone have to get to know and see if they can enlighten or just have a closet with you.


Same here lmao but universities are huge and your exposure to them will probably depend on your major/classes.


Don’t worry about honey! Just don’t be too obvious like getting too drunk on street or like eating at campus canteen everyday during Ramadan. Live your life, just don’t flaunt it!


They are in the same boat with you. Give it time and lot of them will be irreligious too


I think you should be yourself and come across confident in your actions, even if you are not feeling very confident. Dont hide or come across as unfriendly in the hope they stay away from you, people pick on or question those they feel are either vulnerable or not confident. Eat in the canteen, I see plenty of Somali boys eating during Ramadan, its male privilege, afford yourself the same privilege. Dont get drawn into explaining your decisions. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Enjoy university, everytime you feel anxious just remember you are just being yourself and that is your full right.


do you live at home? save up to move and become financial free from your parents so you can lead a honest free life without fear.


You have no choice but to turn them into Non religious. You can do it, I have faith in you. Do it.


You don’t have to turn anybody to anything. Live and let live.


Unis are very big, you can go to the same Uni as someone but may not see them around due to different schedules so you don’t have to worry too much about bumping into them.


Fuuny how you hide from mortal man don't you know God is always watching


There is no God, we are conditioned from young age to fear our parents, the community and not be our authentic selves. This fear is kept alive by policing each other.


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