Sorry it be that way but I understand. Thing is $400 is nothing to even start a new life in a country that has no social net. Can't event rent as nowhere to live that cheap and expect security deposit. Can you stay with friends in a Canadian city? At least you can qualify for social services. Also, US immigration will likely pull you over and ask where is your return ticket. They already distrust us, and you're a red flag cause you don't have a return ticket. Happens to lots of Somali-Canadians who don't have a return ticket....they might not let you in the US ans can ban you for life. Please reconsider and stay in Canada.




You seem determined, which is good. Will you get a job easily in America? $400 is v small amount, put your safety first and plan well. I wish you all the best.


Good luck!!!! ☀️☀️


Thank you :D


Go to a different city in Canada.


Why not just a different city in Canada? You’d have to get a social security number and sort out so much crap to start out in America and it would cost a lot more than $400 There must be somewhere else in Canada far away enough where you can start again


Good luck! You already know it’s going to be tough, so get all your papers ready. Make sure you know the processes. Figure out cheap places to stay, hostels etc. Reach out to people you may know if you do know anyone. Get a mailing address. Make sure you’re eligible for things as a Canadian in America. That’s the main thing as you’re still a foreigner and have to get a work visa and you won’t be getting jobs without one and risk being abused and exploited if you get one without it. A lot will do background checks so it’s really a big stumbling block. Why would companies pay for your work permit when they can hire Americans. You won’t be able to open up a bank account without any American documentation either. You won’t be able this rent with what you have. It’ll honestly not cover more than your phone bill and food. I don’t want to kill your dreams but I don’t want you to go from one bad situation to another. Why not stay in Canada and build yourself first? Ontario and Canada itself is a huge place. You can avoid Somalis easily and limit interactions in Toronto itself much less in all of Canada, the second largest country in the world. You can start over here and it’s much easier for you to build yourself and leave later. Already have a phone number, your documents, bank account and access to social services. It’s also important to remember that just because you leave, that doesn’t mean your problems don’t come with you. I’m speaking from experience. All the best regardless of what you decide.


Come to Montreal is not that far and a good city


I don’t know French though


It’s not really necessary tbh because you from Toronto but wait till you got more money and move out.


It is because they passed a bill a few months ago saying you must only speak French in work environments


💀 I forgot lol still the best city


Move to Manitoba or some other province in Canada instead trust meeee life isn’t like how it was back in like 1932 or whatever where you flee a country and everything happens easily, there’s a billion papers that come with immigrating and don’t even get me started on jobs


You can just change your name now in Canada (takes about 8 weeks since u have to change all ur legal papers n whatnot to your new name) and move to a nice lil place like Alberta and never see your family again. Canada is big enough to be its own continent no need to move countries all together


I’m in Toronto lmao. It’s lit af. Toronto Somalia are some of the most unreligious


I know a lot of people may think what you’re doing is quite risky but I think you should deffo go for it. Follow your intuition. Taking risks like these make room for blessings because you’re putting your trust in the universe. This will be the start of your success story. I believe in you 🙏🏽


I am assuming you are a canadian citizen. Don't you need a visa etc to be able to live in america. you can only live in america without a visa for 6 months as canadian. you will not be able to work legally as you are a visitor. work will be limited to under the table jobs which can be dodgy and you have no rights to protect yourself.I think many fantazise the idea of living in america as its embedded in popular culture with every celebrity, tv shows , films are based in america. Canada is a huge country and you can choose somewhere that has a better quality of life , somewhere that has beaches , mountains rather than a city. be practical and also realistic. try to make an action plan to make yourself financially free without putting yourself in financial difficulty . wish you the best and i say this all with love. ​ consider: somewhere in BC or Alberta


Hit a sister up when you get to America! Good luck on whatever you decided to do and keep us posted. Hope to see you in the states!


Always trust yourself and your intuition, good luck on your journey!!


i’m curious what you gonna do with the 400? Make me understand cuz now i think your just childish


Sorry to hear you dealt with abuse and trauma due to your family. I hope you can get the help you need to heal. I think you should move out of your home. I also live in Toronto. I know renting is ridiculous here. Do you have a degree or the means to get a good job in America? If yes, you should save up money, and apply for jobs there. Otherwise, just going there, you may end up screwed and without a way to access social safety nets. If you don't have a degree, go to a College or Uni outside of Ontario to get away. If you have a degree, you can also apply for jobs in other provinces and move away. You don't really have to leave Toronto if you don't want to. There are Somalis all around North America who could be extra, find who your family is and "rat you out." The trick is to not care and create boundaries. Random Somali person? None of their business, you're not their kid, bye. Your parents? Cut them off over the phone and explain it's because of the trauma and abuse. File a restraining order if they keep giving you problems. You have a right to live peacefully and I hope you get that.


Hope you all the best. Good luck you will need it.


Do You at least know which state your going to? Also goodluck


Stay within Canada


You should have left without looking back the second you turned 18, many kids have left when they were 17 not necessarily Somali but other ethnicities as well but it's never too late you can go ahead now


As someone who used to live in America and moved to Canada please do not im literally begging you it’s an absolute mess out there and only gonna get worse just move across the country instead its terrifyingly expensive out there and immigration process + getting a job blah blah blah all that extra stuff is soooo far from easy I don’t want to discourage you but I don’t want you to be hurt either


I did this as well with roughly the same amount of money 10 years ago. However I stayed in Canada and received social assistance until I got a job. I suggest you stay in Canada. The U.S is rough on your own. ​ Good Luck though! You seem determined I'm sure you will succeed just be smart and think logically.