Puts him off marriage? What makes him think those attractive girls would wanna marry him?


But if we say we don’t want broke guys all he’ll break loose. Double standards y’all. Please check my comment on the r/Somalia sub’s post on the Mail dating app to see my point being proven 😂🤣


Fr like they can want young, beautiful, virgin women but god forbid a woman wants a man with money and all hell breaks loose calling them gold diggers and all types of names 🙄


Its can get so annoying seeing all these guys act like they are high-value, desirable and even that a tenth of the ability to reject any women let alone very attractive women. We all know most men like him wish and grovel at the feet of the women he tries to neg.


When a guy asked if anyne would pay mehr for a non-virgin on the r somalia sub, his post got deleted, unfortunately, the r somalia sub is run by sjws, feminists and retards


personally I would find that to be very offensive and off-line as a somali girl who is not a feminist and all those weird trends. How misled does one have to be to think that all the females out there have been in these haram relationships. The same guys who are in these relationships are the same ones who would be looking for clean girls. Very ironic! I think it all stems from some inferiority complexity and insecurity that they have. If he is a real man he wouldn't be asking for women in Reddit ! period.


The males even more so 💀


Exactly! It’s always women being scapegoated.


Men like him are usually trash and have nothing to offer anyways. Talking about marriage 😂


I know these types of dudes. Some of them I used to be friends with. They are on a borderline. They engage in haram stuff like smoke weed occasionally, holla at girls, profanity etc. Then they also act like shaykhs. Talk about how a bad woman can ruin a marriage built in Islam etc. Very weird individuals. Their life revolves around women tbh. Meanwhile they are broke asf. Bruh, just focus on yourself.


Incelism growing in the takfiri community


the lens he is looking from this is not surprising. how about lower your gaze as a muslim man and stop gossiping.they pick and choose like all muslims do. he really wants them 72 virgins - only reason he is muslim lol


I wish there was a word for Muslim Virtue Signalling. White knighting just doesn’t hit🤔


It’s always - this tweet has been deleted.