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Tbh minneapolis isn’t an ideal place for a meetup, too many of us in the city and word gets around quickly if you’re a murtad.


I’m not from Minneapolis but aren’t there a lot of Muslims there from what i hear?


No one cares bro half the Somalis here are perc addicts and gangbangers the other half are in the surburbs partying Minneapolis is not like London it’s like Toronto


London is very free, you can be whoever you want there. There’s a openly Somali LGBTQ, Somali girls can wear whatever they want and you can do whatever you like from my experience. It’s Birmingham and smaller U.K. cities that are more like what you describe


Would love to know more. Will be visiting London soon


Nice, when are you coming?


Bro i genuinely dont believe somali diasporas are more conservative based on countries, I believe every diaspora has a subset of people. More liberal and Non liberal. You will find a lot of religious somalis in minneapolis as there are in london and they certainly are often salafi as well




for sure would be down. I have no fear in meeting people. What’s the worst that can happen? people finding out? The more the merrier who gives af. life is about living and if you have to fear other men and scary things in a book your mind isn’t free yet.


Yes but only people I trust and personally vetted myself. I’ve met people from the city safely before and I’m willing to do it again. It’s not a big deal