if im being honest dont go .


Your gut feeling is primitive instincts that have saved our ancestors for centuries! Gyal, run for the hills! Block him. Just keep his info in case he is a crazy stalker or something.


His house? Sis No!!!! Never meet up at a guys place EVER!! Take this as elder sister advice abaayo x❤️


🤣🤣 his house kulahaa


First date at his house? That’s a bit sketch. Tell him to meet somewhere public like a cafe or restaurant for the first date. Please don’t go to his house if you don’t feel comfortable. Stay safe!


Never ever meet a man at his house, EVER. Always meet in a public place first. In his case, don’t even bother. Also, what gave you the bad vibes? I’m curious


His house??? Hell no. Public place first. Goes for any man tbh.


His house? Regardless of deen or any damn thing you should never ever accept a date at someone’s house, standards sis are too low. HIS HOUSE MEANS HE HAS AN ADVANTAGE AND YOU ARE AT A DISADVANTAGE, it’s like the story of cat luring a mouse to his demise. If a guy invites you to a date at his house it’s a red flag, he’s a bum or he’s creepy trust your instincts and don’t go In 6 months you only seen him on FaceTime briefly? Walaal you need to re-evaluate and see this is unacceptable, what is he hiding? And for future advice never lower your standards to meet a guy at his house, ever. Period. Point blank. For your safety numBer one and for your self worth. Forget this guy and work on yourself and start being assertive and trusting your gut. It will save your life and you won’t waste 6 months of it again.




Girly don’t even try I had bad feeling once and got stuck with a narcissistic man I couldn’t get to leave me alone so no plus it’s at his house so that should already be a red flag no man that sees a future would mind planning a small date …even for coffee or something so no don’t go


Always a public place


"We have a date scheduled for the upcoming weekend (his house)" Also girl, you SHOULD NEVER met a guy at his house for a date. It's cheap and lazy but most importantly DANGEROUS!!


Obviously no. This is how 100% of horror stories start. Also, talking for 6 months without meeting in person makes no sense?? If you met within the first week you'd have known if he was a weirdo and blocked him without wasting all this time. Everyone lies while texting, its harder to fake your true personality in person. I'd just call everything off now. Gut feelings are mostly right


Don't go if you think there's even a very slim chance of him hurting you. I agree with others, never go on a 1st date to someones house. Also, to be clear, you suspect he is a salafi and would harm you for being irreligious? Has he already seen your face?


Tell him to send a picture of his license.


Dont go please, even if he is not dangerous, first date at his house is v low standards. In the future if you are looking to date, it might be best for your own protection to describe yourself as non practising/liberal Muslim instead of bila deen until you trust them.


I'd just start with non religious if I'm not ready to come out fully.


Trust your gut. You don't want to learn the hard-way.


Are you for real? Cmon. Straight to a potential salafi stranger's house?


Also, what does bila deen mean?


"without religion" someone who is without religion.




You're welcome.


At his house?????? Seriously??????


You never ever have a first date at someone’s house!!!


Date at his house ??? RUNNN abaayo


Does he know you're ex muslim? Or met him somewhere like this? I just saw the "(his house)" bit fuq no! Let's at least talk about this.