They didn’t ruin anything. The integration process was just terrible!


This. People love comparing Somalis to immigrant groups but fail to understand we arrived as refugees. Refugees tend to take longer to integrate because they’re much poorer and unskilled, whereas immigrants typically have strict criteria to enter the country, such as language speaking/writing efficiency, job/education sponsor etc. For example, Albanians, Syrians, Iraqis, Afghans (if you’re from the UK) are groups you should be comparing to which you’ll see there’s a pattern and that’s integration is much slower as they’re typically in the most poverty stricken areas and excluded from the rest of society. Edit


Not all Somali’s arrived as refugees, and even if they did this is just providing needless excuses


Stop lying. Other than the 200-300 Somalis who came to the UK as merchants pretty much all Somalis arrived as refugees from the late 80s and early 90s. It's not providing needless excuses. It's the reality. Refugee groups always do worse than immigrant groups because they're even more disfranchised, poorer and less integrated. You think the Somalis who don't speak English, haven't been to school in their life and have 5 kids in the worst neighborhoods in the country are gonna compete against Indians/Chinese who arrive speaking English, likely on education or work visa and no kids?


Which safe places ? Huge generalization either way.


sweden london toronto


Then what you meant to say is 'after their migration' , not 'prior.'


Stop falling for racist propaganda.


Don't go down the slippery slope of blaming all Somalis. Majority of Somalis haven't "ruined a lot of safe places". For those that did, I'm sure religious indoctrination had something to do with it as kids act out when they are forced to be religious. As well as parent's trauma and refusal to let their children integrate. Other complex factors not controlled by Somalis.


i understand


go to rinkeby sweden u would see zoomali abdis fighting each other and killing each other. sweden consistently ranks highly in welfare and education .zoomalis had the oppurtunity to thrive and escape poverty but still failed.


Cannot even debate with somebody who insults all Somalis. Goodbye.


'zoomali'.. istg these self hating coons are an embarrassment.


you got it wrong im not hating on somali people like u and many others im simply referring to somalis who engage in crime etc


are you somali cause this is a racist bs. embarrassing af


Main reason I think is because of poverty. They get housed in low income neighbourhoods, where there is poverty there’s often times crime. Then you have parents who are super religious refusing to let their kids experience life or actually have a social life and then you have kids who go looking for friends and approval everywhere and anywhere. Poverty and poor parenting imo.


don’t generalise. just like this sub exists, there are many, many respectful somalis in those areas that actually try to integrate with western culture… i understand what you’re trying to say but those salafis aren’t representative of us all


I don’t think it’s fair to blame this on Somalis. A lot of communities have contributed to the destruction but also the goodness of many things.


I don’t think you are somali