Pretty sure the majority of people on here are North American but I feel like the U.K. post a lot on here bc we have the worst of salafified Somalis 😩😩




Maritime gang here


Maine or Canada? If Maine, I visited last week and was amazed at how beautiful it was.


NS, Canada


Is this the next salafi trap , and this is the first thing u post on ur account . Hella suspicious


I don’t think so. I think there’s a misconception in these ex Muslim subs that most people want to have hidden identities and only want to be an ex-Muslim online. Some people legit just come on here to find likeminded potential friends to vibe with near them to meet irl down the line. Not all of us care about staying in the closet like that nor do all of us face the same repercussions if things are to go left in case our families found out. Some people only care about their families finding out but not if everyone else knows. E.g. in my family, if someone was to tell my hooyo ‘your daughter dgaf about religion’, she simply wouldn’t believe them. My hooyo isn’t the type to care about rumours. Many Somali parents are the same


I agree. Though some weirdos exist out there who will harass or threaten you, we shouldn’t always isolate ourselves and be scared to make good friends on here. Reddit is a good place to meet x Muslims and I’ve made a lot of friends over the years from this sub.


Same, I’m lucky to have made a few amazing friends on here that I regularly see. 💖 Where are you based btw, U.K. or elsewhere?


Minneapolis:) I made some irl friends here but Covid killed the weak connection we had! I regret not having deeper relationships with them everyday. I’m now scrambling around here every other day hoping to meet cool people again lol


Am a somali woman and it's the feeling of feeling like the other in my own family that made me reach out. I've thought about the possibility of someone messaging me even though they're muslims. BUT, am in the US. If my family found out that I am an exmuslim, there is nothing they can do. Kick me out-> I work, i can provide for myself. The only reason am hiding my apostasy is to protect my mothers heart. Am atheist and I want atheist somali friends to not feel lonely.


That makes sense. I’m guessing it’s a fair compromise for you?




Me 👋🏽


me but I’m still Muslim, still down to link tho🤪


still muslim? are you planning to leave to religion or smth?


no…I’m just saying cuz it’s a meet up for ex muslims


heyyy i’m in my 20’s & live in the suburbs of mpls. if u ever need a friend hmu


I'm also in Mps (S. side)!!! I was just telling my Hooyo yesterday that I wish the Somali girls in my neighborhood where more welcoming; I don't wear hijab anymore ( it's been 1 yr) and since then I've gotten the most nasty looks. I've yet to meet any ex-moose Somali's irl, so I would be honored to be friends with any y'all in this sub!