Honestly the worst part bout wearing a hijab since I was a kid is the fact that it feels weird to style my hair to go outside the only time i styled my hair and went outside wit out a hijab was to some Somali weeding/party but I am starting to love my curls cause I don’t have to hide them now and my Afro and my mom constantly tries to be little me bout it saying I look too African (whatever that means) but it rlly does feel amazing sucks that we as Somali people were blessed wit amazing hair but we gotta hide


That's what i'm saying. They always say they got the best hair but then they hide it so LIKEEEEE????????? What's the point??


I was so invested in to your story but the part that ur wrote but what ur dad would say and the way I immediately turned into a Somali dad accent after reading everything in perfect English accent made me giggle but otherwise so happy for you took of my hijab when I was 15 I am 17 now best choice I ever made except when I got to any Somali event or my family members my dad still forces me to wear it


That's the thing even when i'll take my hijab off i'll have to wear turtlenecks around them, these people creep me out. One Somali 50M something neighbour that's friends with my dad looked at me and told me to wear a maxi dress instead of jeans. That man is so short and ugly and his son is an abslute bum that just stands infront of metro stations like a crackheads yet he has the time to worry about what a teenager that's not even his is wearing. Also my dad litteraly has the backbone of a fish, i genuinly bealieve that man doesn't give a shit about hijab only about his image as a somali father chile. He always compares me to this one girl and her grades lol. Me and that girl used to go with our dads to swimmig classes and none of them would ever wear a hijab inside or a swimming cap, even tho there's soo many men there. We would actuallly wear tight tanktops and shorts, and when we'd leave we'd put back our hijabs likeeee?????? I asked my dad about it and he just laughed but if i told him i wanted to take of the hijab permannatly he would get a stroke. I'll do it anyways when i feel like it LOL. I can bet my life that if all the other Somali parents let their daughters be Non Hijabis my dad wouldn't care aswell.


From reading your post, you sound gorgeous and I am sure in real life you are stunning. I hope you seek help with your body dysmorphia because you deserve to live life to the full. Honestly when you are a lot older than now you will regret the time you wasted worrying about what others think of you, the community, including your parents, so do the things that make you happy.


I definetly agree with you, my young years are NEVER coming back so i should make use of it. I bet your beautiful yourself, Thank you!


Somali girls would shine if they were given chance of being their authentic self .


That is such a beautiful story. Congratulations. I am glad you feel so well and free.


Thank you soo much babeeeee :)


i’ve recently started to love my hair and learn how to take car of it but i can never wear them out πŸ˜• so happy for you tho i bet it felt amazing


I understand what you mean. But i just look at the Ethipian and Eritrean girls and i copy them and ask them about curly hair advice!


Sorry yall this was to long and boring loollll


What was the point of making that comment?


Its her own post? I’m sure she’s saying it in an apologetic way


Lmaooooo why did I not see this and think it was a completely rude stranger πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€ My bad, carry on πŸ˜©πŸ’€


Happens 😹


Happy for you! πŸ₯ΉπŸ₯Ή


TedTalk...lol! Happy for you! Enjoy and it will one day be natural for you to live hijab-free, though there may be anxiety/feelings of shame in the shirt term.


Awww congrats mate! I had my tonsils removed at 6-7. Being hijab-free is the best. It is summer here in London and I can't tell you how happy I am that I can dress appropriately for the weather and don't have to think about some stupid modesty. Make sure you slap that sunscreen on though when it is sunny. :)


so happy for you sis!!! i can’t wait to experience that feeling some day