I swear I'd laugh in her face more than be mad. Just remember they have been brainwashed and are lemmings in terms of how they react.


100%. I'd rub it in, since they're all pretending that the way they dress is their choice. They shouldn't be mad.


It's a mixture of resentment and confusion imo. They're not allowed to wear whatever they want but they have to convince themselves that they're choosing to not wear somethings. This conflict is easy to deal with when it's non Somali women wearing whatever they want. But when it's another Somali woman wearing whatever she wants, it hits too close to home and they get angry and confused and lash out. Just my two cents. If the way that they dress was truly their choice, they wouldn't see red when another woman wears a different thing. I wear whatever I like but I don't see red when I see a hijabi woman because I'm content.


She was definitely jealous, she’s not old enough to be out of touch. Every single girl that would judge me for being ‘too qaawani’ are all qaawani af when they’re on holiday.


What is "qaawani"


It means ‘naked’ but loosely translates to revealing in this context


Oh I just couldn't read it, now that you said it in English I know the word in Somali lul. Thanks.


No problem!


To all of you guys that are saying I should’ve said something back to her; I’m not built like that! The most I can do to someone is to give them a death stare 😭😭🥹🥹


That's probably a productive Build. A genuine smile, or a chuckle would be more devasting to them. She's trying to bring you down/force you to conform. she's a fallible APE who thinks she knows it all, right down to even AFTER we are dead. That's worth smiling about, especially since she was so outrageous. People you deal with and especially yourself are just Hairless Apes, and ultimately Animals, it's worth thinking about when dealing with People.


I would've coughed louder and probably been like: "adigana"


Nah, she was definitely jealous & bitter! Next time be even more provocative.


Reminds me of middle-aged Somali women who used to glare at me and scan me up and down for wearing pants at 14 years old even though I was still a hijabi lol. They're laughable


Sorry that happened to you, should’ve told her to fuck off lol


You need to channel your dark shadow side and confront and cut a bitch when needed.


LMFAOO that’s not very islamic of her 😳


I have never experienced this sort of treatment since I took my hijab off 3 years ago, do you guys think it’s behind my back? I feel like no one ever reacts and I am treated normally but i just don’t know how “outrageous ” it’s really is to them. I live in Norway, Oslo and I just wear jeans shirt combos mainly The absurdity, in Somali culture 30 years back showing your arms could never be seen as slutty. Her grandma would gasp lol.


Same, I wear the most revealing shit and see aunties glaring but never has anyone actually approached me either.


With my hot temper I dont think I could hold back 😹


Happy and content women dont insult other women, she is a sad individual.


She is jealous lmao. You should have been like , “At least I dress appropriately for the weather!”