My goal is to get as many of my Somali brothers away from Islam and I want to know how you lot left it. I left it because I realized it was a major factor in what is holding Somalia backwards.


I had doubts so I would research Islam but then I’d leave with more questions than answers. I just stopped believing because I just didn’t believe god could be that sadistic. The nail in the coffin for me was ex Muslim content though, seeing all those inconsistencies and inhumane beliefs lined up like that really sealed it for me. But I’ve always had doubts since I was a kid, I thought it was messed up that my friends would go to hell cuz they believed in something else.


I don’t think I ever had a particularly strong faith, even when I was younger. I always found it strange how a message for all of mankind was sent down in Arabic and how all of the prophets for some reason were Jewish apart from Muhammad. Why did god, who created the *whole damn universe*, care so much about the Jews? Why does he need us to worship him and why does he get so petty when we, with our limited human knowledge that cannot compare to his divine omnipotence, arrive at the wrong conclusions using the brain that he gave us? What’s the point of a test when he not only knows what we are going to do but already *decreed* all of our actions? This was never enough to make me leave Islam though because I was still afraid of hell when I was younger. It wasn’t until I was older (17+) that I committed to seriously examining my beliefs and looking for answers to these problems. I had a diverse group of friends in high school who had different religious beliefs and it was quite apparent how they, just like Muslims, were so sure that they were right and everyone else was wrong. How lucky for all of us that we were born into the true religion right? Anyway, I watched and read a lot of Islamic apologetics and I didn’t find them particularly convincing. I also learnt more about evolution and psychology and I felt that they explained reality far better than Islam ever could. Reading secular academic works on the emergence of Islam and the cultural milieu of 7th century Arabia further illustrated how this religion was created in non-supernatural ways. It demystified a lot of the silly claims made by apologists about “how did the prophet know this?!”. It also made me realise how much mythology was actually in the Quran. In the end I just accepted that I didn’t actually believe and I couldn’t pretend anymore.


Yet that arabs only makeup 20% of the muslims should now tell you something? There were prophet who were arab before and jews are told about because of their connection with the prophet ﷺ they were all preparing/paving the way for the one(Rasulullah ﷺ) How arrogant to think you know what and how God judges the more merciful the most beneficient. What do you know about other peoples insight or knowledge about the divine if we suppose that God expects something, you can only speak for yourself and you were born muslim, so what is your excuse? You do know humans as a created species accepted free will and as such everything speaks to the divinity of God and the greatness of God and as such we worship him out of thankfulness, appreciation and love. You do know the same question you have were posed by muslims a thousand years ago and answered. Human nature is to question and ponder which the quran answers again and again. Humans have free will - God is not subject to time and space and as such everything has already been written down yet not because you are forced to but because God is independent of time and knows what will happen.


Arabs only make up 20% of the Muslim population today but the remaining 80% of Muslim ethnic groups have adopted Arab cultural beliefs and practices under the guise of Islam. They read their prayers 5 times a day in Arabic, make pilgrimage to an Arab city which contributes $12 billion annually to the Saudi economy and they subscribe to a version of world history that only revolves around the Semitic people and the Ancient Near East. Also, here is a list of the top 10 Muslim countries by population (2021 stats): 1. Indonesia (231,000,000) 2. Pakistan (212,300,000) 3. India (200,000,000) 4. Bangladesh (153,700,000) 5. Nigeria (95,000,000–103,000,000) 6. Egypt (85,000,000–90,000,000) 7. Iran (82,500,000) 8. Turkey (74,432,725) 9. Algeria (41,240,913) 10. Sudan (39,585,777) 8/10 of these nations were conquered by Muslim invaders. What seems more plausible, that this Arab-centric religion, which spread primarily due to its political dominion, is truly from the creator of the universe or that this is a man-made religion that emerged in a particular cultural context? I think the latter. You say the Quran ponders you to think, so think. All the events that are narrated in your holy book *only* occur in the Ancient Near East. All the prophets mentioned *by name* are Jewish or Arab, apart from maybe Adam and Noah who are the progenitors of humans (even then they have Semitic names). If this is truly a universal religion and if the events described are real history, why is there no reference to any of these stories in civilizations outside of the Middle East? To be honest, I think that a big reason why many people become irreligious is because we have a much higher conception of god than you do. Why does an all-mighty and all-knowing being need you to worship him? Why does he get upset when you don't worship him? The Abrahamic god has anthropomorphic characteristics of a tribal male warlord. He is jealous, angry, vindictive and megalomaniacal. If a truly omnipotent being does exist, it's unreasonable to think that he would need your gratitude and thankfulness. The desire to be acknowledged and respected is a human one. It gives us validation and makes us feel good. What would an omnipotent being need this for? I'm well aware that theologians have had asked these same questions for a millennia. The problem is that none of them have been able to provide any satisfactory answers which is why it's still being asked today. They ultimately resort to saying alahu a'lam which is not good enough for anyone that doesn't already have faith.


You seem to have missed the point. You asked why it was it came in arabic and to that particular place if all mankind are to be informed of said religion. I went on to prove that even though it came to that particular area, islam has reached most people as it was fortold, whether they all became muslim is another thing. To inform us about all the things that happened and to give a retelling all of human history would be too much detail. The quran was sent as a guidance to reach God. Thus we are told about the most important and relevant stories for us and for our belief. Of course it becomes arab-centric due to the prophet ﷺ being arab. As for it being in the middle east why is the power structure now in the west? Why is it all about europe and America? That is just how time is and the relevant people were there they are the best prophets 25 of them mentioned in the quran yet around 124.000 were prophet and sent to other nations. Stop lying to yourself that is arrogance masked in virtue. You feel you know what and how God should act and as consequence you are at his level able to judge. It is stated in the Quran that we took an oath when created whereas all other creation could not fulfill said oath which was the consequence of free will. But that is not even the problem why do you go along this understanding of god before accepting it? Why do you have a criteria as how to God can judge you or not? What he can or cannot be? You have already made up your mind and going into it deny it before even considering the precursor is there a God, if yes then what can you know about him? That he is beyond time and space not limited to matter that he is not contained by th six directions. Yet you cannot suppose to know what makes him dissatisfied or not before being given the knowledge i.e the Quran or Hadith But let me give you the islamic view point it is not that God is affected by this rather we are wrongdoing ourselves by not listening in other words our soul is affected as the quran goes on to tell there are 7 levels of nafs the muslim objective is to cleanse it and be allowed to paradise. The lowest form is one that does whatever he/she wants and is in other word contrary to the cleansed soul and as such their soul is not able to enter Jannah.


I started reading and discussing philosophy. I started to scrutinize every belief that I took for granted, religious or otherwise. Islam can’t withstand the assault of reason.Although I’m not convinced of atheism, I’m more convinced by it than religion. That’s all it takes, a chip in the armour.


I guess. We are all ''standing on the shoulders of Giants'' Most thoughts are not original. I doubt SOMEONE convinced us, but probably some Thought Or ideal from SOMEONE or many people over a long time. With Islam, It doesn't really require convincing, you just have to try to SINCERELY ask yourself Why is Allah real, and not the other thousands of gods. Some more ancient, some have more following, some share similar tenets. H umans are animals who are through a combination of Genetics and nurture absolutely not possible to VERIFY if Allah is what he claims to be. How would a Human know if an entity is a god, or an evil entity that has just about enough ability to deceive us and thwart our happiness. We can only accept things we have solid evidence of. One could say we are animals and our intellect is too limited to comprehend God, that would be logically correct, only if god didn't punish humans with the Worst Possible torture for ETERNITY, for ACTIVELY creating us with the mental faculties that lead most Humans to not Comprehend or appreciate the ISLAMIC GOD. How would we even Verify a being is ALL knowing, or all knowing minus 1 grade of that. We are practically APES. we don't expect Metaphysical theorising from Chimps, but we are OBJECTIVELY 98.8 chimp. Look around, we look like our siblings for the same reason we look more like Chimpanzees than fish or Plants, we are just more related to them.


Listen, as a human you should be aware of all the contracts your currently in. I never left Islam because I never choose Islam, I was born into it. And it’s crazy to imagine that a man just like me made his decision to become Muslim but I bet his father wasn’t so sure. So realizing that this is all trail and error, we can course correct for a brighter self chosen path. No hard feelings, but they choose with there limited knowledge but we have all the knowledge, it’s not fair to be mad at our ancestors that choose Islam.


The behavior of certain sheikhs led me to have some doubts then it went downhill from there. Too many questions not enough answers. Too much faith in fairytales, not enough hard evidence. I was so confused and tried everything to maintain for months until I just gave up and left. It’s been 8 years now and cannot imagine adulthood as a Muslim


I left when I started learning the Quran and Hadiths objectively and without fear.


never left islam never said i did i’m just extremely frustrated and sad with my life and i sin a lot so ya


You need therapy gang


Therapy is what you need my friend. If you can’t afford that watch videos by Dr. Tracy Marks. She helped me overcome anxiety when I couldn’t afford to get help. Start small …. Try this video, https://youtu.be/eHfgv3LZSOk


May Allah make it easier for us all, I feel you🤝🫂


Why are you sad?


The idea of a god sending a person is not believable.


Nope! Own critical analysis and reading of the Quran/hadiths and bashing it against the real world and seeing so many lies, mistruths, myths. And now websites like wikiislam.net and Youtube is avalable.


Dont think I ever believed. I remember I was about 7 and went on yahoo answers and asked “why does allah make humans then send them to hell”. Whole idea of hell never made sense to me when simply not believing and not seeking the “truth” was a “sin”. I found is outrageous that my friends would all be going to hell lol