To me, he seems like a secret secularist. I watched a couple of his lectures for think tanks on YouTube during his last presidency yesterday. He’s talked about implementing a true democracy, reforming Somalia and combating radical Islam. HSM hasn’t said he’s a secularist verbatim, but his actions, dreams for Somalia, and his overall demeanor tell me he’s a secularist not an Islamist.


He is calaacaling for U.S, In his heart i dont think he careas about islam or secularism or democracy. He cares about power, and for that he can only depend on his qabiil


He wanted to recognise Israel as well


He is secularist, most Somalian politicians are secularists, but they can’t say that out loud, for some reason everyone knows that and everyone doesn’t want them to say that out loud. I don’t understand why somalida can’t say it is a duck, If it moves like a duck, eats like a duck, looks like a duck, flys like a duck. In Somalia if you see a cat you are allowed to say it is a Dog and everyone will say that is right other wise they will call you the crazy one.


He is an Islamist and was close to the Islamic Courts Union. Might be more moderate now.


He was close with Al islah education branch, and damujadid not islamic courts union


You again are misinformed. This is the second time I bring facts to you this hour... >" Described as a moderate Islamist in a country which is almost entirely Muslim, Mr Mohamud is also said to have been close to the Union of Islamist Courts (UIC), a grouping of local Islamic courts, initially set up by business people to establish some form of order in the lawless state after years of civil war." https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-19556383


Im hawiye, I now for a fact he was damujadid and not close to icu. He was in education during that time period


So your source is "trust me bro im hawiye" laughable


I gave you a trusted news organization for evidence. You give me your qabil for evidence. Ha ha ha! Keep making me laugh.


Here’s a puppet who wasn’t picked by the people. Same with the last one. Who cares if he’s secular or not? He won’t do shit for you or anyone in Somalia. He’s out for self and enriching his circles.


Most of you guys dont understand. This somali politicians mostly dont have a ideology. HSM is not a secularist or islamist even though he had connections with al islah, somalias branch of the muslim brotherhood. He is a qabilist, and all his politiccal strategy and sucess depends on his qabiil. There is not one simple somali politician that is secularist or islamist. Its completely useless in Somali politics