Hi! A lot of Somalis have posted the same feelings as well in r/exmuslim . You'll get through these periods of doubts and will look back and wonder why you were so worried about leaving Islam. I'm an atheist and don't believe in any god. Makes absolutely no sense as there are 4.9K religions that always say they are the true word of a so-called god. Hang in there! Get yourself a scholarship far away and move and live your life.


Abaayo, try to not force anything until you are independent of them. Our people are imprisoned by this ideology not the other way around. It is likely I'm your sibling, cousin, or friend. It's a truth everyone hides or tries to deny or convince themselves otherwise of just to be a part of the community. It's a big time lie that god would need a messenger and his message to be written down by men to be preserved but the devil just needs a whisper.


Religion capitalizes on the fear of the unknown. Like what comes after death. Nobody really KNOWS no matter what they’re scriptures claim. They merely BELIEVE. And your beliefs can be RIGHT or WRONG. That’s not the case with things that are known like the sky is blue or death being real. You don’t see people arguing in the street about ts because it’s KNOWN. Belief and knowing, that concept help me realize I don’t need the irrational fear of “going to hell” because it’s something that’s written in a book. Something man made😂


i feel the exact same way, my parents are both extremely religious and have cut ties with my sister after she became an apostate, my whole life has felt like a lie and i’ve been trying to present in ways that reflect my families ideals. i’m 21 now, forced to wear a hijab and still live with my parents, my partner is dutch and agnostic and i cry almost every night knowing that my family will never accept him or me for who i truly am. i’m currently saving up to move out but the cost of living in Canada has been awful in the past few years so i’m just holding on to that dream. if you ever want a big sis to talk to i’m here<3 we’re all figuring it out