Her and Shukri rely on identity politics to get support and are lowkey terrorists


god fuck shukri. fucking coon honestly


She just slated out her country for her own political gain. I have no sympathy for nacases like that. It’s always the same “ I fled from a war torn country”etc but then she proceeded to come at Somalia for no reason to make it seem like she was so different and a shining light from everyone else. Fuck that bitch I hope she doesn’t get nominated and she’s running in dmv as well lol she’s gonna flop


She said nothing wrong. Somalia is in the state it is in because of division and group think. This is literally what we complain about here in this sub. America is a great COUNTRY and she understands how divided the country has become and doesn't want to see it go down. Everyone knows how backwards and what a dialed state Somalia is. It's public knowledge.


No one’s saying America isn’t a great country. I just find it funny how all these republican nominee ads are so similar though. But unlike shukri, why does this person have to shit on Somalia to boost herself politically? If it’s “common knowledge” then why did she have to mention it again?


She’s Somali but I have no sympathy for Somali republicans.


I’m not republican but I fully support their right to campaign & free speech. Do these Somalis attacking her think we live in Somalia or under 4.5? You can get jailed for making threats. Nevertheless, glad the Somali political landscape is becoming more diverse.


Well in that case you're intolerant Ex and you have no right to complain about the treatment ex Muslim's get for their just because they have different views. I'm moderate liberal and I hate the intolerance and hate the modern progressives adopted recently, like they want to demonise, ban and cancel everyone with different opinion or political affiliation, it's indistinguishable from religious extremist mindset.


Agreed. I get a weird feeling when people talk like this because it inevitably leads to bad roads. I’ll paraphrase this quote that comes to mind. Don’t remember who it’s attributed to but it’s a good one. “ be careful when fighting monsters that you yourself do not become one”. I’m being a bit hyperbolic but we should allow people with differing views to live amongst us. After all, all of us in this sub want our fellow Muslim Somalis to not demonize us.


people saying shes not somali are dumb as hell and deserve to be ridiculed but also... somali republican? really? 😭 you do you sis but fucking jeez


She’s supporting a fascist govt …Somali or not fuck that hoe


Ideally as small group you would want to be spread across both sides. Siding more with the particular candidate that offers you more. Instead of being loyal to a specific party. Make them earn your vote. Besides i would personally love a conservative candidate our culture is pretty conservative. Its a tough line to walk though without being a coon.


>Besides i would personally love a conservative candidate our culture is pretty conservative. Its a tough line to walk though without being a coon. This woman isn’t conservative in the Somali sense. Somali conservative = traditionalist interpretation of Islam; prioritizes clan; borderline fascist social views American conservative = right wing economics; can be secularist; social views are quite moderate if not progressive when compared to average Somali social views


Social conservatism is a lot closer to somali values than the progressive lefts mindset.


I am generally right wing liberal that means support for strong right wing legal and economic policies.