Wrexham FC on the Joe Rogan Experience with Gad Saad

The clubs made it to the cultural top


Fuck Joe rogan


Fuck Joe Rogan.


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Not to be derivative, but fuck Joe Rogan.


If Rogan is the cultural top, we're fucked


I was once told that there is no such thing as bad publicity. That is incorrect. Fuck Joe Rogan.


America's greatest temporary on America's worst export.... wonderful


Fuuuuuuuuuck Joe Rogan.


Fuck Joe Rogan.


Rogan top cultural? 😂 No thanks.


Joe Rogan needs to fuck the right off from any team I support


fuck Joe rogan


EDIT: I didn’t want to reward the PoS with my click, but had to know the context. Nobody from the club is involved. They were just rambling on and one of them mentioned that Ryan had bought the club. Had to spell Wrexham because no-one seemed to know what he was talking about. Not understanding what value posting this video to r/WrexhamAFC adds. Time to downvote it out of sight. ORIGINAL: So disappointed that the club I have come to know and love over the past two seasons would give this piece of shit the time of day. Knowingly causes harm because he’s found a way to profit from it. Fuck Joe Rogan!


I don't think the club has given him any recognition?


genuine question: why all the hate for Joe rogan? is it a reddit thing?


[a famous man who uses his fame to sow doubts about life-saving vaccines during a pandemic, to spread transphobia, and to say racist shit. These are bad things. One should not do them. They put people in danger. They make the world worse. To do these things, bad things, over and over again, against the clearly articulated wishes of the people they harm, is to be a bad person. If you run a platform that pays and profits off these people, well, guess what—that’s bad too. Congrats on all the money.](https://www.pastemagazine.com/comedy/joe-rogan/joe-rogan-is-a-bad-person)


ah so its the the whole vaccine debate. ok thats all i need to know.thanks


That was the final straw, but in my opinion he’s trying to relive the high he got off being Jimmy Kimmel’s replacement on *The Man Show* – which could not air today, but was mostly a self conscious celebration of male troglodytism (which I loved as a teenager). Rogan bathed in that culture (probably steroids too) and never grew up. He kept saying carelessly mean things about people that aren’t white American men and brought on likeminded assholes to drive the point home. So when millions of people were dying, his words and carelessness likely killed thousands of people. I don’t think that is an exaggeration.


He peddles anti science and anti democracy viewpoints in the guise of “just asking questions”, leading to his fuckwit listeners to do shit like threatening epidemiologists at their homes. More personally, I have extended family who listen to JR and have pivoted to some fucking knuckle dragging opinions on things like vaccines instead of their own family member (my wife) who has an actual fucking PhD in infectious disease epidemiology in vaccine preventable diseases. So fuck that dude.


Obviously it’s his opinions/views that these individuals do not concur with. The typical response is what we have read here, not that I don’t agree, not that I have a different perspective, but just f#*k JR. 🤷‍♂️ I don’t even listen to the guy but can tell by the responses these folks have.


the modern way. if you dont agree with somebody on one or two topics, then fuck that person. edit: or downvote their comment




Yeah it’s a reddit thing lol


Joe Rogan is the prime example of a sincere moron who has garnered a large audience rather than the more common “monster pretending to be a moron for views”.


Rogan knew what he was doing when he shifted right, don't try to make him out to accidentally did the things he did.


Joe Rogan would be an Austin FC fan 😂😂😂


I love Messi, greatest player of all time. This video just hurt my soul. Joe doesn’t give a FUCK about soccer