A. Is clearly just a better pick cuz if you can figure out a case in an hour, you can also exonerate anyone in the process




Does being able to solve necessarily means being able to prosecute the guilty tho. I can't imagine solving a murder/rape knowing for a fact that someone is guilty but still having to watch them roam free.


Zodiac killer identity


It's Ted Cruz obviously


I think B is far superior. You could literally pick all the suspects, convict them, and i would be able to exonerate those innocent.


5,000 IQ move


B, because A doesn't reverse the rape or murder.


But it could stop someone else from getting raped or murdered


True, I think each one has its perks


“it is better 100 guilty Persons should escape than that one innocent Person should suffer” - Ben Franklin


I choose B, because A is good but it doesn't mean that I would be believed. Because whats more believable someone looking at a murder/rape case and knowing what has happened. Or someone looking at a wrongly convicted prisoner case and seeing the mistakes done/made. Both are hard chooses but I would say B is more plausible. Edit: I would like to also add that both have their perks yes. But it's also how a person can handle it, I mean if you choose A, you could feel that you need to solve as many cases as possible, and even if you are an investigator you still need to spend an hour investigating, which could break some people, because you have such pressure on you to stop murders/raping that you could overwork yourself. While if you choose B, and if you are a lawyer, you would only have on your soul that you are helping people who are innocent, and yes a similar situation could happen that happened with A, but you aren't having the weight of other peoples lives on you as much.


A because I’m greedy and selfish I would make the fbi pay me millions to solve their cases