The first one if you have morals, the third if you’re practical about your own survival


You can feed on human blood and still be plenty moral. You know how many people are *into* that? You'd have a willing posse of walking bloodbags lavishing over you in no time at all.


Sucking someones blood kills them


You don't have to take all of it. Just do it all sexy like, take only a safe amount from each "donor", and give them plenty of time to recuperate between feedings. Also probably give them some juice and a cookie.


You’d need a *lot* of donors readily available to pull this off, though..


That's when you go to one of the (irl, these places exist) vampire subculture scenes, show them you're the real deal, and then all those people who were already allowing the other "vampires" to feed on them will flock to you. Plus, probably also some of the "vampires" from that scene, too, since I figure at least a few would want to be turned.


You seem to be assuming things as if you know how much blood it takes to sustain a vampire. Kinda suspicious if i say so myself..


Well, uh, you know, I’m just guesstimating haha (that’s what the kids say nowadays right?) Anyway, I need to go home now, I got this totally wicked sunburn today(what a wuss I am getting a sunburn when it’s cloudy out, haha) and I need to go put some sunscreen on, like right now, so I bid you good day!!


Pretty much yeah


I'd just try to find some way of getting my hands on some blood bags and drink them up like Kool-Aid packets.


Robbing a hospital would be a pretty good bet. And since it’s a public place, you should be able to enter without permission.


Nah, it doesn’t say it has to be human blood. I’m thinking I buy bagged, say, pig blood or something on the regular from a butcher or do something similar. Not being to *ever* go in the sun would be horrendous. Now if it turns out that I’d actually need to feed on *human* blood, I’d absolutely pick the forst option.


Op responded to someone asking if it had to be human blood, and op said “sure, but it tastes awful, is unsatisfying, and isn’t as nutritious as human blood.” If you go down that route, then you need a will of steel, or else temptation will consume you. Talking about consume, I’d have no quarrels taking a sip outta someone, I’m thorsty


I mean you can just volunteer at a blood bank and just steal the bags of blood that are going to expire soon


Well said.


Can I survive on the blood of animals?


I…hadn’t thought of that. Yes but it doesn’t fill you up as much as human blood.


In most work of fiction, they can only subsist by exclusively drinking human blood. There are some exceptions. I can take a guess at why they can only drink from humans : **-Allergic reaction :** When drinking nonhuman blood, it triggers an allergic reaction, e.g. sickness, blood clumping, and other stuff. This is because of the different components in human and nonhuman blood. The idea behind can be compared to the reaction of your blood, when receiving an injection with an incompatible kind of blood. **-Not filling :** Human blood has a special component needed by the vampires, e.g. Vitamin V.


*Vampire: the Masquerade* (the tabletop, not the video game) has animal blood both provide less sustenance (fully exsanguinating a human will keep you full for ten days; doing the same to a whole cow is four in spite of the fact that it has more blood) *and* make you more likely to Flip The Fuck Out and attack anything in sight the next time you're hurt/hungry/annoyed.


And it tastes disgusting


And it's bad for your stomach


Ooooh. Going into the sun without burning. Do I get to sparkle instead?


I’m tempted to say no because I dislike Twilight, but I mean, if you want to, shine bright like a diamond.


The Dislike is mutual. no sparkles it is!


the dislike is mutual but also i think it would be kinda funny “this is the skin of a killer bella”


A very dangerous killer, followed by a bunch of small kinds who are mesmerised by all the glitter and sparkling, all day every day.


then her werewolf friend will come out of the bushes like “bella where the hell have u been loca?”


Top option makes it the easiest to be an ethical vampire that hunts bloodsuckers which prey on humans


Just go to the Blood bank and take a withdrawal.


This is EXACTLY the kind of slippery slope that’s going to lead us to farming humans.




If I bite someone to drink their blood, do they get turned into a vampire?


Not unless you drink deeply enough.


Let’s say no


Most modern vampire don't have alot of these weakness but I would chose the go out in sunlight


Last one cracked me up, haven't thought of that meme/script in a minute


I could do without the sun exposure


Drinking animal blood is fine


I like garlic






I cant imagine not prayin/going to the mosque anymore


If i could choose three id go with the first 3 Id basically be pretty normal nothing would really change but id be way more polite and vampire hunters wouldn't consider me a threat


I already work 9pm-5am I'm washington state so I don't really need sunlight immunity, I already don't go to church or associate with the heavily religious or go into homes I'm not invited to, I've yet to find someone who hates me enough to stab me in the chest with a wooden stake, i do eat a lot of garlic but very little people so I think the only logical one left is being able to subsist on regular food


Y'all are fucking crazy if you don't pick the second one. Fuck the sunlight and being moral. Garlic is clearly the game changing choice here.


If I'm gonna be a vampire, I want the full experience...


Depends what burning up is, if it's a mild burn then I'm not taking it but if I'm being set ablaze, I'm ditching that


Yeah you’ll catch on fire within a few minutes


I picked the blood thing so I wouldn't have to be a murderer. Although I guess I could be all "Dexter" about it and only drink the blood of violent criminals...


Or you can work at a blood bank and be the person that’s in charge of the disposal of expired blood. You can then just take all the blood that will expire soon to drink


It's gotta be food. I'm not going on the hunt for humans or animals Everytime I need a meal. Maybe if I only needed blood to sustain myself for like once a month. Not being able to go out during the day sucks, but you gotta deal with it.


If I don’t have garlic break why am I even alive. Second choice


Life without garlic sounds too cruel for me. Can't go anywhere during the day? Fine by me. Have to prey on others blood for sustenance? Dope. Can't have garlic in any of your meals? You're out of your fucking mind


Sun would be the obvious choice... but both me and my mom really like garlic soooo...


First one is for ethics or whatever, but you can ethically source blood, fetishists and blood banks. Also nobody said anything about not being able to eat food, yes no nutritional value but does any junk food have any nutritional value now? Second one: I do love garlic but it would be easy to hide saying I have a deadly garlic allergy. Third one: would make me look normal but all the other things I can't do are a problem. Fourth one: I could make a living testing which objects are holy and which aren't, plus I'm not even religious so I'm not losing on much. Fifth one: as much as I don't want to be staked, I could currently get staked through the heart and die as a human too so it wouldn't be so much of a difference, your chances of currently getting staked through the heart are low but never zero. Sixth one: I can pretend to be extremely polite and chuck it off to being raised by very polite parents, plus I normally don't go inside someone's house if I'm not invited so yeah


I love garlic so much this is a sick joke lmao


Can I eat food anyways for the taste even though it wouldn’t nourish me at all?




Sunlight it is then


If I get blood from death row criminals or I'm all set without the moral repercussions


I'd rather live as a normal being, sunlight....plus I prefer TVD rules on vampires.


sun one because i live in fucking desert, imagine being weak to the sun in the desert. Also most of this aren't too bad, and can be given good excuses, example 1. You drink blood, just put it into a cup or something and drink it like a normal drink, and it doesn't specify if it needs to be human blood. 2. Just say you dislike it or have an allergy 4. Just had bad experiences with religion and/or just not touch them 5. Most people would die to this if not all so you are just more normal 6. Just pretend that you have a weird habit or good manners/some good manners.


Not being able to *ever* go in the sun would be horrendous, so I’d pick that. Assuming the blood I would drink doesn’t have to be *human* blood, as it is not specified, I’m thinking I buy bagged, say, pig’s blood or something on the regular from a butcher or do something similar. Now if it turns out that I’d actually need to feed on human blood, I’d absolutely pick the first option.


Nah, just volunteer at a blood bank and take some of the soon to be expired blood bags everyday and you’ll be good