Wow...they retired those premium tanks for so long....2 or 3 weeks? Way to restrain yourself WG


You know, good old FOMO, but it's crippled by WG incompetence.


It’s FOMOA - fear of missing out AGAIN 😂


Profits must be down this month


Well, this is why they retired them. So they could bring them back for special occasions like anniversaries, holidays, brisses, etc.


You left off quinceañeras. You missed the comedic impact and now your comment will never be funny....


We don't have any Spanish tanks, and the only teenage girl playing is u/np_3009 who is at least 2 years away from a quinceanera.


Yeah, this is stupid. They could've pushed the removal of these vehicles back until *after* the anniversary, but I guess that would've required too much planning. Also, can we just appreciate the fact that the Kanonenjägdpanzer 105 is available *right now, right this instant* from the season pass and it's one of the vehicles they chose to bring back?


Oh the abuse of the dopamine by evil marketers... Gimme more, Gimme, Gimme, Gimme more. Now they've got group therapy for gamers... 🙄 🌰's. 🍌🧠's.


You can join fomo anonymous at gimmegimme.now


Actually a genuine thank you to several gamers who stated they never buy premiums... I finally broke the addiction... I'll take the free tanks and the reward tanks. I confess developing my addiction back in early 2014... I had suffered childhood trauma from Counter-Strike and Half-life... As with all children, I had no idea the PGTS (Post Game Trauma Syndrome)... Would screw deep into my psyche....


Somua worth? I think I used to have it ages ago, traded it in.


Honestly i like mine whenever I play it, but I wouldn't purchase it again. Heavies are affected by bad mm the most, and cold War exists to get your silver.


Question. Just came back recently but are there ever any earn ops for CW premiums, and can they be found in loot boxes. I got plenty of earned Teir 8 premiums, but Silver gain is slow compared to what I hear about CW, so looking for a way to get a CW premium tank through gameplay. Looking to do this without spending IRL money lol.


CW premiums seem to be in the season pass frequently. Hopefully you have 2k gold


I got 7k atm. Had 5k 2 weeks ago from my before time and the free gold from way back when and between long haul and season pass got it bumped to 7k. Thanks for the info, have 4 tanks on my wishlist I'm saving my gold for (waiting for 50% off) before I want to use it on CW. The info about CW tanks being on season pass is great, means I can keep hoarding until one of my wish tanks pops up (AMX ELC 90, Draugon, Borrask (yes that's butchered), and that 2-shot British Teir 8 Heavy Auto-Reloader with HESH). (I love me some derp)


Not really. Plenty of other Tier 8 autos have come out that are better.


They've missed the most important thing. What colour is the 9 year emblem going to be?


So how much longer for you to warm up?


Shame I accidentally spent my 250k free xp 2 weeks ago by a misclick really annoyed myself by that 🙃 🤯


Oh boy packs I can’t afford