#streamQNA: we want +1/-1


These 3d skins are.... extremely lazy, only leopard looks decent, everything else is just copy and paste, that camo net especially #STREAMQNA Monke 3d commander?


Do you mean Monkey. As in tripitakka pigsy and fish face.


I just want the grille camo off pc, man it looks good.


**StreamQNA** Q1: Team health bars right below the team tank icons at the top of the screen, is this possible to add? Q2: on the bottom left beside your tank info, can we add damage values similar to PC where it shows how much and what ammunition hit you? ***GT: monkeyCOWman XBOX***


Will the yellow indicator/numbers when you damage an enemies health return? currently all damage is shown in white, which makes it harder to determine who exactly did damage. #streamQNA


#StreamQNA Bisonte buff? The rest of the line got buffs but this was avoided and it is still so so bad.


Add the ambt to that list as well


No idea when they addressed it, but they said it doesnt have the same room to be adjusted like the TT as the gun already has poor handling and believe they said it was performing okay. Though i could see a small buff myself.


I know they've said this many times before but good lord it's the biggest pile of rubbish at tier 8, like anything short of 3 seconds off each reload and its still rubbish. Maybe one day they'll realize just balancing tanks off performance is a horrible idea.


Boring skins.


-can the 20-pounder get a decrease to its ammo cost? All guns of a similar calibre cost less while having more alpha and comparable penetration. -can the AT-15 get a buff to its gun mantlet? 127 mm that's always pointed at whatever you're shooting at isn't good enough for tier 8. -can we get the damage penalty removed from WWII PvE please? -25% is ridiculous. -can we move purchased equipment around on a tank without selling/rebuying it? -how about some more flags/emblems? I'd love to put an Iraqi flag on my T-55 Enigma and a GDR flag on my T-55A. -what happened to the 30% sale in the PTT for vehicles in store bundles? #streamqna BruteChief117 on Xbox


>what happened to the 30% sale in the PTT for vehicles in store bundles? Good question


#StreamQNA nerf the taran


And all other 850 tds


#streamQNA Will the daily battle op come back?


those skins a bit same-y. I wish there's more variety and maybe more fun with them? More wiggly, moving parts perhaps?


#streamQNA carro 45t when?


streamQNA: 1- The taran is an absurdly strong vehicle. Are there any plans to adjust it? 2- What is the current status as far as artillery goes? Is the result expected? Maybe we can get a poll going to see public feedback. Gamer tag: SableProof48


Is it possible to add a clan list similar to friends list that automatically has clan members listed for invites vice having to manually add each clan member as a friend Upstartjoker083 xbox


All my questions from last week remain the same, do I still need to repost them to enter the giveaway?


Ill try to remember this when i pool the selection. As for the questions, im not sure if they roll over?


I can just post them again if need be.


#StreamQNA When is our next map and what will it be? Got- Handmadebike Xbox


* What? - Swamp * When? - uhhhhhhh.... Q1? eh? maybe.... this year.


#streamqna: Will the WWI Mark 1 special event ever return? Thermalstone, Xbox


\#StreamQNA Please give me the option to turn paging off in the options. ​ \-edit- forgot GT: rhwerkman


#StreamQNA When our teammates use the radial dial to communicate (eg: attention hear!), can we hear their commander over the radio and not our own? Would make you feel part of a bigger team hearing different voices during the battle. GT: Buzzkill183 - PlayStation


StreamQNA: when will we get a new lower tier (3-7) premium tank? Thanks! FuseLiminal-x


#streamqna new gun reload sounds from pc? Can u show the penetration of rounds when switching between in a battle?


I do like the leopard 1 skin and the Chieftain MK6 skin reminds me of the Centennial T95. Just wished they went with a darker color with the MK6. Other than those two the rest look meh.


The taran is an absurdly strong vehicle. Are there any plans to adjust it?


STREAMQNA Italian Lion, 45T and tank destroyer line when?


Around 2030


That is.. unfortunate


TD line is very much in the air of when.


The line most likely will be a CW tank. Edit: Lion*


I want to downvote you, but I’m not u/grogers0930 so I won’t


Mmm... seems my auto corrected Lion to line.


Well then. I’d say still counts. It better be good in CW


#StreamQNA Can we have a way to check tank stats based on upgrades in game in the same way you can on the website, and a way to take into account crew skills and equipment so you can compare tanks you haven’t bought yet? Also, a way to check stats for the secondary weapons on a tank? Example being the ATGM on the T72BU - if I could have checked the reload time for that somehow, I wouldn’t have spent 4.1m silver on that gun, would have bought the standard one with HE secondary. Also also - a way to enable better physics in game? Possibly with a view to slowing down Era 3 a little, the ramming is just boring. Got these modern tanks that can see across the map with TV, ammo that supposedly has a max distance of 3500m (probably with 0 pen, but…) but most games are close range charging/ramming/brawls. Driving into rocks should do damage. If the cannon is a hitbox, it should be damaged at least if you charge into an enemy at 60kph.


#streamQNA I still want a tier 10 premium T30 as a Heavy like the OG American tech tree heavy tier 10 on PC. Please? 🥺


best guess is it will probably not make as to save for the possibility of the T58.


Will the Jagdtiger prototype, previously introduced in the PC version, be implemented in the near future? #StreamQNA


I'd rather have the jag just shoved down a tier... but that require balancing it and the ferd


Stream QNA Any plans to bring the original Cold War maps back to WWII mode? Fredvang, Dezful, etc. GT: thescientist38 Xbox


#streamQNA Double barrels were introduced three years ago on pc… they were supposed to be introduced early 2023… let me spell it out for you. Hold the trigger to begin charging, double shot (no cancellation) So when?


#streamQNA AMX CDC buff.


#streamQNA Could you raise the hetzer to tier 5 to find the moe? thank you. ps4, Sniper_Panzer_56


the M1A2 skin isn’t bad, but perma-camo so much cheaper and better for snow/summer variants #StreamQNA Q1 Any chance of skins closer to 4-camo price? Q2 Any chance of skins for GI Joe tanks? Xbox- GT above 😋


The GI Joe tanks definitely not due to licensing issues




Stream Q&A In the ShPTK trailer it said "the first Czechoslovakian TD" does this mean there are more coming? Playstation 4 Channele902


Highly unlikely there will be a line. Another premium? Eh maybe, but PC hasn't made one.


#streamqna What happened to aggregate arty stats after the changes ? Knowing damage per game would be nice, as well as player vs tank winrate curves. Ourmajormajor - x


\#streamQNA Possible to add more ammo for the Sturmtiger like up to 24? 18 is quite low for a lengthy game...


QnA is a little too informational, I'm looking forward to the easy version next week


About the giveaway, Can I go just for the keycard? Already own the AMBT, if not then just count me out, but If I can tks. SinkableGnu891-x


#streamqna Good one zorin. Questions: can the podium show the mark of excellence we just earnt, rather than what we had going into the game & can we look around the tanks rather than one fixed position. If I win the prize can I get a keycard please. Thanks.


Specifically what do you enjoy as a good one


Are you asking why I wrote "good one zorin"? Edit - just in case I wasn't clear, in the context "good one" meant thanks/nice post/appreciate it.


Streamqna Upstartjoker083 xbox Can we adjust the linear progression system so that it makes more sense. The original progression system allowed you to choose which things you wanted to upgrade first. The basic principle was the focus was on the gun and what was required to get the top tier gun the fastest. The new progression system requires you to update things that no sane player would update first. For example, who would waste point updating the radio first? No one. If the gun requires a turret upgrade, then obviously the turret needs to come first. If the turret requires a suspension upgrade, then that comes before the turret. Engine can go after the last gun upgrade. Radio should be the last item. Also, what sane person makes you regrind the gun you just had in the previous tier?