Ohhh no, it’s the last chance. 🤣


CS52, T54E2, SU130PM and the bourrasque, those are some pretty popular tanks they're choosing to remove


So they can sell them for double the price in 3 months time probably




All these colors you can pick, and you choose to be cynical.


Still annoyed I missed out on the £5 Borrasque by getting the dates wrong and thinking through tank of the month bundle would expire... at the end of the month and not on reset day


Shocked to see the Panther and Jagdtig 88 on this list, when they said they were making the tank availability more like the days we had the tech tree premiums, I thought they'd keep those tanks around


Same. They are the basic prems like the Löwe


Tanks to consider: CS52LIS - good all around medium. Bourrasque - Lemon and u/np_3009 need more bad people playing it so they have a shot at 3 marks. Atomic - makes a lot of silver, has a cool historical backstory, and is a great performer. Panther 8.8 - PMM (never sees Xs if you do it right) and still a decent performer. Tanks to avoid: Bisonte, Vindicator, Lansen C (poor version of the Draugen).


>Bourrasque - Lemon and u/np_3009 need more bad people playing it so they have a shot at ~~3~~ 2 marks. T1 LPC (Stone cold) , T54E2 (Sgt Slaughter) , Su 130 Am, GSOR 108 also worth getting. Kirovets possibly for people that dont have a Hydra


Uuh, have all the consider tanks and none of the avoid tanks. Today was a good day;)


Lancen C despite being a poor mabs draugen does have some additional benefits like being able to duel train Swedish and British crews allowing for a way to freely transfer crews between nations without spending the 60 gold fee


Any premium tank can be a crew trainer with the boosts and OPs that get thrown at us these days. A dual nation novelty isn’t what it was pre 6.


Yeah in relation to crew training specifically it doesn't really matter as much as it did. But for me I still find duel crew trainers handy just for the ability to nation swap crews without paying the gold fee. Edit That being Said though the Lancen C is a poor mans draugen its a some what over looked vehicle that still offers great performance. Its just nit as good as the Draugen given that has the tge same toned down L7 105mm as the Earthshaker has.


I will agree Vindicator even with the buffs it got is still meh And the Trashonte the less said the better


I love the Bisonte, but it did take a little getting used to.


There's probably someone somewhere who thinks the UK Cobra is a great tank, or the Panz 5/4 needs a buff, or the Tog isn't a majestic beast.


Ugh... The 5/4 is easily the most ridiculous tank when it's top tier. I remember the first time I saw the Tog. Sure, the battle was almost over before it lumbered over the hill, but all the enemy tanks self-destructed from its gloriousness.


Same, i like my pizza tank


Bullshit, no one likes the tuna here.


there's a lid for every pot.. a zig for every zag.. a butt for every chair..


I’m just happy I can finally get the Brick 30% off


Pretty sure you could get the same deal, and results by going to home depot. I'll show myself out.


Bourrasque is tempting...


That’s a lot of prem 8s being removed wow


I currently have 8,000ish gold, so what tank(s) would you recommend I get? I already have the K91, Bourrasque & C-52. I was considering the SU-130PM, but don’t know whether I’d be better placed saving my gold for the next season pass? TIA.


Always have enough gold for the season pass