Well, that's a fucking 50TP clone, alright. Like, literally - **it's a god damn 50TP copy**. WTF, WG? I really hope this thing is some kind of Chinese-server-exclusive bullshit.


> 50TP clone, alright. Yep, yawn.


520 alpha instead of 560


Plus a long ass reload and shitty hull armor, but a tier higher. I don't think anyone thought that through.


A tier higher? 50tp is also a tier 9 what?


ha I had the t8 premium in my head lol.


I would love to hear the "history" behind this tank


The same history as the [WZ-111 hull with the Czech VZ 51 turret](https://tanks.gg/tank/wz-111-6/model?vm=visual). WG's crack dreams.


They are getting so fucking lazy. I would really like to see what would happen if wot was owned by a good company, instead of these greedy lazy bastards.


At the point in time we got all historical tanks we ever will have I bet. All new tanks will be something fanciful. Not a bad thing as such, as long as they make things sensible. It was after all inevitable.


I want to draw tanks and make money plz hire me wg


That's the thing, there's still historical tanks left to add. Yet WG focuses on making stuff up.


Wtf is with all these Chinese heavies being released?!


Wargaming decided to mock my favourite tech tree by creating \*bad\* fakes. \*sigh\* I hate this.


Easiest method to release 'new' content. Mainly because the Chinese are masters at copying things.


One of them is bound to be a premium, probably lootboxes, or even the usual end of november marathon


The amount of new Chinese heavies seems notoriously silly with a new tech tree coming with all these new premiums. However, I have a feeling that certain ones (specifically the WZ-113-2, WZ-111 6, and this thing) are going to be Chinese server-exclusive vehicles. You can tell they're very low effort mashups of vehicles, created by purely using existing assets and creating "unique" tanks that way, and then sold on the Chinese server for easy cash. WZ-113-II has been out for some time on the Chinese server (like for a year by now), with no signs of it coming to the other servers. The WZ-111 6 was also just released there, and it seems like it's going to repeat the same story. I have a feeling that the BZ-58-2 will repeat a similar story. It literally has a turret and gun of the 50TP, and while the hull might *seem* unique, it's actually very likely not unique. The tier 7 of the upcoming Chinese rocket booster branch is called "BZ-58" - it seems like the BZ-58-2 reuses the hull of that thing. So the BZ-58-2 really ends up being a very low-effort hybrid of two existing vehicles, with next to no unique modelling.


Chinese copy of a polish tank that only existed as a blueprint, wg really be running low on ideas.


I feel like they have ideas... but they're just too lazy to add them, so they add copy pastes like mad to grab money off the whales and leave the proper ideas till the end, it's why only now are we getting a japanese td... and it's a money grabbing premium at that


China be mass stealing and manufacturing these tanks


I mean at least that way we might get some solid data / experiments done on them! 🤣


What do you mean doesn't the napkin tank drawn by the drunk polish guy not give enough data 🙃


WG devs: CTR C CTRL V = new tank -> Infinity money glitch


You forgot to add the slot machines to your comment :P




they are really running out of ideas


Probably another Chinese server exclusive. From what I know, WZ-113-II and WZ-111 6 are both available on it already... And considering this is another clone of a fake tank, I don't think this will be released on our servers.


How does a Chinese tank have 8 degrees of depression? -3 is max lol


The upper half of it is actually not Chinese (50TP turret and gun, after all), hence why.


I gotta love how they just added the BZ-68 (the tier 9 tech tree tank of the new line), which is basically a Chinese 50TP, yet they STILL decided to one-up that and introduce a **literal** Chinese 50TP clone. Identical turret, identical gun, and even the hull is really similar. Unless it has something like amazing movement dispersion, the tank looks bad. It's flat out worse than the 50TP in every way, other than having better reverse speed and accuracy. Having less alpha *and* much less DPM is pretty painful. It's probably not bad, but you can obviously tell that it's *clearly* worse than the 50TP. Given that it's almost blatantly obvious that it's meant to be mediocre at best, I suspect that this is going to be a tier 9 premium. It is pretty similar to the WZ-114 in a lot of ways (130 mm gun, good gun dep, mediocre DPM, high HP pool, slow speed), just less polarizing. I have a feeling that WG has realized that the WZ-114 is a complete disaster, so they're now adding a "new WZ-114" that's not quite as bad but still fits in the mediocrity of tier 9 premiums. However, I would've much rather see the WZ-114 buffed, as while it's garbage, it's actually very unique and could be fun if it was actually decent, whereas this tank is literally just a very uninspired, watered-down 50TP clone. Could also be the "Lorraine 50t" of next year's Battle Pass (rather mediocre, generic heavy alongside a more quirky "main reward", which could be the new German TD they also added). It probably would make more sense, tbh, because I don't see this tank being *any* succesful as a premium tank.


> I have a feeling that WG has realized that the WZ-114 is a complete disaster, It is funny because the WZ-114 while very likely fake, is a GOOD fake. Also... Ugh like a few small buffs to the WZ-114's mobility and/or aim time and DPM and you actually have a GOOD tank. Not toxic, not too OP, but legit would be quite good. The things holding back the 114 are low side armour (not that big a problem), terrible mobility, and GLACIAL aim time and gun stats. Like... surely changing a few values in a notepad (I am exaggerating, but it probably is ALMOST that easy) file is easier than making a fake model and attaching the 50TP turret to it????


Easier, but buffing an existing premium won't make them as much money. Doesn't help that the WZ-114 has notoriously poor reputation, so even if you buffed so that it's actually good, it likely wouldn't sell well in the future, unless it gets actually overbuffed or something. Besides, this Chinese 50TP is likely very easy to make, too. The gun and turret model exists, but it seems like the hull is the same as the tier 7 tech tree Rocket heavy (both are called BZ-58). So it looks like they didn't even give an unique hull to it, but it's literally just two existing vehicles fused together, just that the other vehicle isn't shown yet.


\*Sigh\* Perhaps you are correct. Why not do both though? Why not both buff the WZ-114 till its a reasonable vehicle and also add a fake BZ-68-2 but with a turret that isnt copy pasta? The 114's turret itself is based off the SU-152 Taran design. It is NOT the same, but it is insipred by it for sure. Surely WG's legit talented artists could do better than copy pasting... right?


I don't know if you know, but the "50TP" is also a fake vehicle (they couldn't find the drawings for the brief just like for the "60TP" so they created a whole model on a "what if" basis) so it's just a combination of fake and fake xD (like most of the recent vehicles made by WG)


I am fine with fake. The 50 TP is probably a fake vehicle, I agree with you. But it looks cool and I can imagine the Poles outlining that thing. A good fake. Like the 114 or the VZ 55. But this Chinese Tier 9, the BZ-68-2? Bad fake. Real bad.


and I really don't like fake's if they are not typical "improvements" of existing designs ~ the worst thing is that in the Polish tree fake vehicles are: 45TP (fully fake), 53TP (based on fake documents), 50TP/50TP Prototype (this is based only on a short description without drawing), 60TP (also based on an even shorter description without drawing), DS PZInż (probably based on a fake T-39 drawing from German documents), B.U.G.I. (this is a fake made by a forum user) - as for MT 7-10 tier there is no data but there are probably also fakes based on T-44 and T-54/55 upgrades... even low tiers are incorrectly done or are a several designs in one ("25TP), 14TP and 40TP (wrong name) we don't know what they were supposed to look like because there are no drawings or photos and are based on descriptions and interviews... so most PL vehicles are fake 🙃


I agree, most PL vehicles are mostly fake. But I like fake tanks too. My only issue is when a fake is presented as real. Be an actual Gigachad game designer and say "Yeah this one we made up fully. Let me tell you what historical events or designs inspired us to make this fake for the game." This is both good game design (possibly) and still can be based on real world designs or events. But its easier to "claim" it is a real vehicle or something IDK...annoys me.


yes it's really true, I would love it if they didn't fake up at least in the descriptions by saying "it only existed as a blueprint" or "was a real vehicle" when we know that's not true... if something is made-up by wg because they didn't have what to give on a this tier to make a full line in tech tree then it's ok, it can be a fake but write that it is a fake based on the capabilities of the given years by this country - I want to know when something is a fake, a drawing, a prototype or a production version of vehicle -.-


Yeah. And it could even be a history or game design lesson too. For example the IS-3's BL-9... that was never planned for an IS-3. However, it is a real gun with a fascinating history and it was planned for the ISU 152. On the other hand with things like the VZ or 60TP, we can see these 90%+ fake vehicles - how the dev imagined it being made into a vehicle for the game... Alas, this is harder than 4 uninspired sentences + fake history :(


What the f*ck is this shit?


Can we get the 50TP? 50TP at home:


Wow another high alpha ,shit DPM, slow heavy tank. WG is feeling extremely original I see.


Damn Chinese, copies even tanks /s


The hell is this lazy ass behaviour wg First Peregrine and gonsalo, then Cs 52 c, T32M, Wz 111 6, now this??? REALLY?? Also when are we actually seeing any of these...


At least the premium T32 existed in real life, even if it never got the "M" designation.


Is this another premium?


50 toilet paper but 70mm hull. Dawg wtf


What’s the point?


Shitty dpm, looks like a tier 9 premium to me


In case you're thinking this tank is identical to 50TP, take note that the hull is substantially different. It just copies the turret, like another recently tested chinese tank.


Why does this even exist? It's literary a chinese 50TP


I know it's probably not true, but I feel it's WG's way poking fun at China for making knockoffs, by having these knockoff premiums specifically be Chinese.


Another copy just like the one with the VZ turret


17s And 520 alfa?


I guess we are at this point of a new low when wg just copies tank over. Yikes this game has fallen from little grace it had


Damn this year Christmas boxes will be full of Chinese tanks...


WG doesn't even profit from the Chinese server anymore, right? Why do they keep spamming out ask these random Chinese tanks, which I can only assume is to cash in on the crazy nationalism.


I know they are scraping the barrel and all But why not just do like the Type-69, OF.40, or Type 74 by this point? Im not even asking for T-64s or T-72s, but you can easily make a T-62 with the 115mm gun it actually uses and balance it perfectly fine


They didn't even make the T-62 in game to be the actual T-62 for whatever reason


IRL T-62 had a smoothbore gun, and we all know smoothbores can't be in the game. But I don't see why WG could just fictionalize it and make the T-62's historical 115mm a "regular" gun


I doubt a smoothbore gun can make any difference aside from having definitely more modern rounds They've made shit up like "autoreloaders" already at this point


China at this point basically translates to "Copy"


in the spirit of china, they are making off brands of everything


Now i believe the "made in china" is true


100% a Marathon tank, and a fucking cheap ass one at that. Fuck that. Atleast the WZ114 is cool. This is a 50TP clone.