It wasn't based in russia to begin with


Oh right, oops




Belaya Rus means White Rus, not Little Russia.






Little Russia is the old name of Ukraine (before 20th century). So yeah, there's a difference, a severe one.


Waiting to see what's in the Christmas boxes before I make up my mind 😁


Well, so they left Belarus, right. And since then they've done some really nice things, like 6th sense by default, map changes, quick nerf to AMX. But then they also added the Minotauro. They botched the Kran nerf. We're worried about this new equipment stuff they sent straight to common test. Can't say my confidence has gone up since the changes.


War Gaming is Belarus company.


No difference imo. WG throwed us a bone in update 1.18, and now they are doing stupid things again. Adding P2W equipment, removing BZ-176 weakspot, and similiar things. I think nothing changed. They still have the same policy.


I don't understand why would anyone think WOT would be any different just because of legal restructuring of the company. Its very much the same developers and people behind the game. Its like thinking that Facebook would be any different after it was renamed Meta (its worse most likely, but you get my meaning).


*Its very much the same developers and people behind the game.* *Its like thinking that Facebook would be any different after it was renamed Meta* I know this may shock you, but asking people to move to an entirely new country is not the same as just renaming your company. It's *not* all the same developers and people, a big shift like that is going to cause massive attrition.


To me it seems obvious that they changed their approach, but I still feel that they are making one step forward, two steps back sometimes.


they got very greedy on levels of their games more then normal.


It feels at least like they are working a bit more on balancing tanks and maps. Could as well be that these things have been a long time coming. But considering that the team like shrunk down a bit, it might as well be a cost effective way to change up the game a bit


Immediate nerfs and buffs after they got out of russia Balance is better but other parts of wot... Not as good


I think the fact that changes are happening and the pace they are happening is great. So far the overall impact on the game has been low, but it shows promise.


Kind of weird wording. I think they relatively recently started changing their approach, but it's not like being based in Belarus vs somewhere else makes a difference for that. Just a coincidence and a long time coming in my opinion


*but it's not like being based in Belarus vs somewhere else makes a difference for that* Not directly, but indirectly it does, because going somewhere else means a lot of personnel changes and new people making decisions does mean some things will change.


It's absolutely a good thing they separated from Russia But the lack of really anything interesting going on is a bummer. Combined with the English socials merger and Australia dev team sale, it seems wegees is having to downscale a lot, which is not a great thing for the game


Content creation+ social media is a must for games nowdays, more for the online ones and especially for the pvp ones. The merge of English platforms I can't see as downsizing but rather a need, I play in NA, I'd never watch an EU channel video. Outside of something like 'replay of the week' or the historic tank stuff. Most of their content ends up being wasted, just put out more content in one channel and boom, done Now, if the NA server loses their upper hand in events... It's gonna hurt the smaller server


Belarus is not in Russia. Yet.