SU-100Y double derp version


Me wants


At least half of them will be loot box tanks for christmas


they all look like trash though, except the double derp cutie


I still can't believe they seem to be serious with that T32M bullshit, lol. For the longest time KV-2(R) was the laziest premium tank ever, but at least they make a special 3D style for it so it was kinda OK. Then was the IS-3A, but at least it had an autoreloader - a new thing for a Soviet tank to have. OK, I guess. Then they added the ISU-152K, which was literally the same as tech tree tank, but had a different gun (as in: the gun tech tree tank used to have, lol) so... yeah, maybe? Now this. T32M, literally a 1:1 copy of the tech tree tank, changes to the 3D model are so unnoticeable you won't be able to spot them if you don't know what to look for, the only difference between the two is that the M version is *slightly* more accurate and gets a **massive** DPM "nerf" in return. I mean... what the actual fuck, Wargaming? If ISU-152K can be called a "lazy cash grab" then I don't have the words to describe this bullshit, lol. It's even worse than the CS-52 C and that Chinese heavy tank they showed some time ago, you know, the one with the Chinese heavy hull and Czech heavy turret strapped to it - even these abominations are somewhat *less* lazy than T32M, lol. Honestly, WG, if you really want to have another American premium heavy at tier VIII, just fucking delete T32M and buff T34, making it desirable again. That's it, you're done, you can get back to counting money or whatever it is you do in your spare time.


T32M (not called that though) is a real vehicle. T32 started off with a rounded hull but go upgraded to an angular hull for better protection.


T32M is **not** T32E1 you're thinking about - the MG port was removed on E1, yet it's still present on both tech tree T32 and T32M. They both are using the same 3D model, it's literally the same tank with the rounded front minus some minor changes made to the gun performance and a big one in regards to DPM.


Which is odd... why was the hull MG kept when the T32E1 had it deleted? All they had to do was make a T32E1.


honestly, i'd rather have them make premiums that are tech tree tanks making more credits then them adding fucking broken tanks like the skoda t56...


Society if doubebarrel TD line


CS-52C: Flanker tank? ​ T32M: A T32 with a 25% slower loader but the gunner is now meth-fueled with it's 0.32 accuracy and overall better gun dynamics. ​ 116-F3: The actual next Workshop Tank (imo). Or maybe there will be two options for the Workshop Tank this time around?


definitely flanker because it has 190 standard pen lol (290 gold pen tho)


I can see most of these becoming Christmas lootbox tanks. The su-2-122 and hopkins becoming stocking stuffers, the bz-whatever as the highlight, and the t-32m as the other new tier 8. The crazy tier 10 idk, could see it as a ranked or clan wars reward. I'm expecting the lion to be the new workshop tank.


Do they go as low as tier IV? I'm guessing it's going to be this year's well deserved reward. Tier II-V is more in line with their free tank give aways.


Double barrel had absurd 280 meters of view range, tied for the worst in the tier with SU-85


idk mate 450 dmg X2 seems much more threatening than su 85


I hope they will be in packs Especially CS and BZ


The CS-52 C is just a worse T-44-100 but with a turbo mode. It does have really good HEAT pen and oddly powerful HE shells. Pen is pretty average at 53mm, but 410d HE is more inline with that the tier IX/X 320d 100mm guns get, and the 250d guns usually have ~330d HE. My one concern with the CS-52 C is it turboing into LT positions and absolutely crushing anything there with the huge HE alpha damage. It's 2 highrolls (or 2 shots and a bump) away from 2-shotting a few tier 8 light tanks. Regarding the new Chinese tanks, I really with they just adopted the mindset around balancing the 122TM instead of what we actually got. I'd really like a line of tanks with really strong hard stats with powerful and accurate guns, balanced with very poor DPM.


wtf is that BZ-176 gun 1100 dmg and 75 pen 800 dmg and 225 pen


A gun that every light tank and tier 6 should be afraid of (If it were to hit something)


You don't want to park next to their target


The perfect gun for flanking HT


holiday box tanks i presume, BZ for sure.