Also. Exploding an EBR and seeing its carbonized remains flying. Very satisfying and empowering. Each time I think "There guys, he's gone now"


Agree also while driving the ebr its funny some times to see it go abaolutely mad and flip 5 times


Nothing comapres to killing clowns and giving the match a chance at playing a pale shadow of what was once a good tank game. Don't forget to buy the next premium


Especially killing the lefe-fefe-fefe-fe-fe that has been focusing you all game. Oh my I don't like arty, but that thing I despise with every fiber of my being. I have been tainting myself and playing arty lately because I really need the missions. I feel dirty and wish to confess my sins behind the wheel of the M44...


I got a lefe-fefe-fefe-fe-fe in a loot box some years ago. Still 0 games, I refuse to be one of those arseholes.


You sir are a man of culture and merit, glad to see there are still honourable people among us.


I block all people who own it and I wouldn’t block you purely bc you don’t play it. I have like 550 people blacklisted and most of them purely play the lefh. My friend didn’t believe that I had that many blacklisted just for using that tank. And I was like ok I’ll click on a random person in the list and check service record, first guy had it as his top tank with 3k battles on it alone.




Been killed by an m44 last 3/4 times playing my m44


This is a hot take but I’d much rather the Lefh get nerfed before the m44 I really think m44 is only annoying when there are multiple. Because if they alternate shots on a single target that person likely won’t live but I know that m44 is tech tree and lefh is prem and prem tanks don’t seem to be updated really.


Lefh permatrack is a serious problem but it will never get the nerf


It’s worse when you go against people who blatantly cheat with it. I’ve had games where I don’t even get spotted and I’m being railed by the same lef until I’m in the garage again. I haven’t ran into too many people like this but sometimes it just doesn’t add up. Them landing every shot maxed out crew and lowest possible reload times. If WGs defense is that Lefh has no aoe on shells it’s kind of a moot point when it has the accuracy it does. Having a base reload of 9sec with the ability to get it to like 7 sec and to be able to out dmg arty on the same tier and 2 tiers higher is insane to me. The thing’s dpm is miles higher than every other t5 arty with the exception of the bishop but again I think the range limitations make that tank also way more balanced than the lef


Receiving a message saying you cheat


farming a T95 for all its damage with a torty... sexy


Nothing more satisfying than fragging a leFH


killing full speed EBRs is the best


*oneshoting ebrs with jpz or trashbarn!


I had a game recently were I had a gold round loaded, EBR 90 in a bush unrealized he was spotted and I hit him head on. 400+ pen bounced, how does that even happen? Definitely one shotting a EBR


Wheels are spaced armor + and he actual hull of the ebrs is very high above the ground you need to hit in thy upper half of the wheels to hit the hull otherwise it will fly underneath it... Balanced tonks..


I got the bounced notification but yeah I know about the other stuff. Just amazed of the number of rounds that have bounced off those things. 420 pen even with the RNG-25% pen should over pen from that gun regardless. Maybe a tank in front but I was getting full profile and my shoot hit where I aimed.


I'm convinced that WG have chooses a platform this heavy for their cancer premium arty knowing that otherwise their own teammates would push people playing Lefh from the cliffs, into water, into the line of enemy fire etc.


It’s so annoying that you can find them and they are still just as dangerous bc the thing has a decent chance to bounce and obviously it can reload fast.


I once got an ace for a clutch in my LTG. The last tank was a leFH. With c.optics and c.v.s. he spotted me before I spotted him. The map was prokorovka.


tried doing so, ends up dying anyways... but is it worth it?


As a light and TD player, Leffies are indeed very annoying in the battle. Sneaking up to them with an LT and destroying them is very satisfying.


Went with my friend platoons on tier IV... +1 mm. both team lefhs ended up top with more than 2k dmg while there were only 2 other normal tanks with a healthy 1k. Not counting 1 more. Whined for at least 5 minutes.