bounty aiming, bond vents and bond stabs... marked it before field mods came out


Used stabs, vents and optics for marking. Think reqs was at 3.9 or close to 4K so should do today. Now I have irm instead of optics for grinding creds


2 times marked with Bond vent, bounty IA and Bond stab 1 time marked When i was bot i had optics on it and farmed assist to get 3 marks. (Dont do that) Vent, stab, Bounty ia/Irm Is best option. If someone disagrees they just suck Field mods i havent used. Just search from yt


Vents, V stabs and OPTICS - people will say IRM but for 3MOE the optics really allow you to rack up assistance if you know how to scout (I used these 3 all bond equipment). Now that I have 3 marked it though I dropped the optics because there is a big difference between 3MOE and having fun (I don't really play the tank much any more though)


Bounty Aiming over Optics/Turbo gives 0.33 instead of 0.36