Is no one here not going to talk about why this guy has 1.8k games in a ke-ho?


Keho might be the best tier 4 tech tree tank


Luchs exists.


Autoloaders require to much skill.


I forgot about luchs for a second. But without a full indepth comparison I'll still argue the keho might have the edge due to gun depression and a more reliable gun. Both are gems of tier 4 though.


and yet this guys wn8 in the KeHo over almost 2k battles is 570


Exactly the same first thing I thought!


He was a man of focus. Commitment. Sheer will. Something you you know very little about. 24 .000 game on bishop. wtf.


It's bot... I'm 95% sure


Not sure you can sustain a 53% winrate over 24k games as a bot, he might just like arty


I gues but you know... Playing arty isn't that hard


wtf what is that player


Dedicated seal clubber determined to rain down cancer on all unsuspecting newbies


666 games in T69. 2nd class. That must be an achievement.


So many people bitching here, I bet he's having a lot more fun playing whatever he wants to compared to you salty lot who only go with the "cool reddit crowd"


How could you say something so controversial, yet so brave? (quoting a meme)


You could say the same thing about the guy who knows he's hiv positive and goes around dumping his pos load in unsuspecting partners.


Ah yes, classic arty hater reasoning. Compare a fatal disease to a valid game class.


boy I sure hope you don't complain about the use of gold ammo, complete valid ammo class.


I don't. Even as someone who mainly plays arty I have no problem whatsoever with armoured cars either. Its all part of the game, if you don't like a part or parts of the game the just quit.


What a ridicolous defeatist attitude. So anytime someone does not like one particular aspect of a game they should just quit alltogether?


Perhaps you need to go to specsavers. One look at how salty some people here are about the game tells me that for the sake of themselves and those that actually like playing the game, they should quit. ​ Its obvious SPGs and armoured cars won't be removed. Neither will gold ammo. No amount of hurling abuse at those who play or use it/them will change WGs stance or the players of these vehicles. So yes, the best thing for everyone involved is to quit if you hate it.


His name means in German Artillerytank Klaus




Maybe he cannot play "normal" tanks because of a physical disability or age? This sub is so toxic.


Or maybe he just enjoys playing SPGs... You don't need to make excuses for him to play a valid game class.


Ye the class is in the game, but still with the worst balance. Battles without arty are so much more relaxed and less RNG based


you do!! arty is ruining the game. people like this make many other quit the game. the only reason wargaming keeps clickers in the game is that they found some way to make money like this. btw, with 1.8k games in a ke-ho he is for sure able to play TANKS in the game world of TANKS


SPG is more a tank than a wheeled vehicles. Also SPG is as much as tank as TDs, and historically, often, they were the same thing. If the arty is ruining the game for you and you think you should leave because of that, maybe you should do so instead of getting frustrated.


i didnt said that cars are tanks. they dont fit in the game either. while a TD needs a direct line of fire, an SPG can miss you for 500 dmg from the other side of the map without any chance to counter them. why not introduce planes, mines and some more stupid stuff into the game? if all normal TANK players already stoped playing wot because of some disabled arty players, you clicker morons wouldnt have much fun. btw, most games with one arty max are quite fun...




Probably going to get negged here but I enjoy artillery and yet I only have a little over 3k games played, in arty, combined. How the Hell does anyone play 24k games in a single artillery? It is enjoyable but the Bishop is slow, short ranged, and tier 5 game play sucks, especially with 0 splash. Why?!? On the flip slide, this is the prototypical target for arty haters. Does "well" in arty but then the rest of his tanks are pure garbage. So, I guess that we shouldn't be too down, since that is what you'd expect, anyway.


Well, father of my ex really loves Bishop too. I played it as well and have to say, it's pretty enjoyable. As pretty much every tank, it has strengths and weaknesses. It's slow, short ranged and has no splash, but its firing arc is so high, you can hide behind rocks and hit people that think they're arty safe. It also aims quickly and has pretty okay accuracy in addition to having pretty high hp for an SPG, so even if you get spotted, you can survive few low alpha shots. It's a niche, map dependent vehicle, but when it works, it really works.


It's because WG have set spg up so free to players can play spg completely for free. As you can see in the picture, not a single premium tank, and it's almost impossible to not have a premium tank these days, WG throw them at players. This is likely why there are no premium tier 8 spg, or hardly any premium spg at all. And it helps if you really love playing spg too.


Dutch in video games just hurts to read. And I'm Dutch.


Your mother tounge always hurts to read in games, I have no idea how native English speakers do it.


I don't think I understand what you mean, is it that game devs use bad translations, or something else?


I fully respect this kind of players XD


Here is a guy who is even worse...33k games in the tier 6 french arty, 3k games in the SU-14-2 and leFh, and hundreds of battles in most other arty. https://imgur.com/a/8KZsXRD


how can you say someone is a strong arta player? thats like saying this black shirt is white.


strong arta player means person who didn't focus on xvm, but focus on situation on minimap and help in hot spots. also arty players usually is field commanders during clan battles. they can see map, and give orders, or track where enemies destroying trees, fences and buildings. So basically good/strong arty player is that one who have not only xvm, but brains and eyes. :)




I have a friend who is disabled, sitting in wheel chair and barely can move both hands and can control only 1 or 2 fingers on each hand. But he like to play with arty.. any problems for you with that? or you whining just because you are bad at game? i know one guy with 18k games on t62a, but that one is healthy. why not barking about that? i have 3k on t92, another \~2k on fcm and cdc. **peoples play tanks what they like to play**, so accept that or go play hello kitty offline.




That doesn't surprise me.


In the flipping Bishop aswell, that thing is horrible with its short range... So glad i skipped that piece of horrid junk.


Look I found a witch! She's got a wart and everything!


I want to throw up


What a dickhead


Could you please set your ingame language to English. I'm Dutch myself but it's just grinchy to see WoT in Dutch :o


like, i love arty but i know that no one like when i play them so i try to play other tanks but man this dude has played twice as many game in one tire 5 arty then i have in this entier game, i have 3.5 k games in arty and i out of 12k games and i almost have all the tire 9s headin to tire 10. yet this dude has PLAYED ONLY AT TIRE 5.




That's how arty players spell "tier".


Makes sense, they probably used their inferior left hand to type it.


Makes sense


Arta? Artillara? I think it's arty for artillery.