isnt blitz still run by wargaming?


Yes, but it's an entirely different department with their own team and whatnot iirc.


im personally looking forward to update 1.20.1 so unfortunately i wont be joining you on blitz.


What?? Care to explain what in this great /s update do you find appealing exactly?


have u tried recon mode yet? see the zeppelin fall of himilsdorf, or the ship crashing through the port??? JUST AWESOME!!! a new line of japan destroyers also awesome! wot plus will be nice mainly because ITS CHEAP and u can demount equipment for free. 1 thing i dont like the the subscription tank, like you loose it if not subscribed i think thats stupid. as for crew rework its meh didnt notice to much of a change on the test server.


Look I don’t even mind the recon stuff or let’s say I even ignore the subscription, the crew rework is actually ridiculous. They are adding like 10 skills that are ALL mandatory for like every tank and giving you just 12 retraining orders. 12?!? I have like hundreds of crew members and not to mention each crew will have to get to like 8 skills to be competitive. Do you really think that’s a good change??


ok 12 orders is a bit light yes, but with wot plus crew training be a bit easier, also everyone will get 12 so well ALLL be in the same playing field so to speak. if some got hundreds and some 12 that would be an issue lol. but everything else about the update i love!


Lmao this thread is hilarious. OP: Join us in WoTBlitz Random commenter: No, I don't think I will I like it. EVERYONE: DOWNVOTE, DOWNVOTE HIM IMMEDIATELY!




Lmao yes go run now and buy wot plus, then buy wot extra, then buy every single shit they will throw at you You are hilarious, the entire fucking crew system will be broken and straight up p2w and you are happy because with the NEW PAID EXTRA SUBSCRIPTION it will be a bit easier Holy jesus fuck, what are you smoking


Recon missions, Wot plus, new vehicles, new perks. Shit I can't wait


Please let us know the things better in Blitz than in WOT. I play in both but like WOT better bec blitz is more cartoonish and arcadey.


Better gamemods, easier combat, quicker games, easier mechanics (crew, loading, etc..) as well as the ability to run it smoothly, the game is also good for "noobs" no battles with players to 1500 battles, time for you to learn things


in other words, less skill required aka boring...in my opinion. yes its easier but to arcadish for me.


Quicker games? Why on Earth would you want quicker games? I LOVE long games where skill is vastly more shown.


i have the feeling wot is the game that is carrying all the other games from wargaming moneywise


No thank you, Blitz is still a mobile game with mobile game monetization rules wich are still worse (at least for me) than what we have currently in WoT.


"invition" how typical for a "quality" post.


Even if wot is terrible. Its still way better than blitz lmfao


lmao that is a funny topic I am not saying things like the BZ were good but hey, I just stopped playing tier 8 in randoms. Anyways, saying a mobile game is better is actually funny. best tank - no pretty game - no 100% free stuff on a mobile game - no better community - hell no Not sure why you try-hard like this but rage topics are never really good. But thanks for making me smile today, I needed that.


With all due respect if I'm gonna jump ship, its going to be to another ship, not to the lower deck.


How about no.