Surely my Type 5 heavy will be competitive


HE was too mean to Chieftains and Krans so it had to take a huge L for the sake of balance.


U could never balance these tanks... Has crazy armor with standard. But with gold its butter. And guns are decent i guess. Just give it a but more pen... But the HE gun is just troll


It wasnt a problem to chiefs and krans. It was a problem to the game ? Have you played anything in the type 5 meta ? 15 types was just best thing everywhere LUL


Lol that's why Type 5s were so popular in ranked and randoms, because they were just too good... Also for CW don't you want 15 identical tanks? No one can claim the other clan had an advantage because they had access to tanks no one else could get, everyone gets the same tank, even playing field right?


It was the dumbest shit ever, point and shoot no aim matters no armor matters just point and shoot and better RNG wins


Lol "no aim matters" is the biggest cope for people who don't know how HE works. Yea 1v1 go ahead and auto-aim on a Maus with a Type 5 and see who wins.


I just wont argue with someone who thought that type 5 meta was good or balanced in any way


You won't argue with me because you can't. Every one of us played the first season of ranked, a Type 5 on your team was an automatic loss and a huge damage pinata. It was *only* a meta in CW which is inconsequential to 90% of the player base and a poor argument for nerfing HE and shadow buffing the Chieftain and Kran, which immediately replaced the Type 5 as the new meta and lead to the subsequent banning of the Chieftain from Ranked and the nerfing of the Kran.


Ah yes i loved playing my tier 10 heavies , peaking hull down or sidescraping perfectly and recieving 600 damage. Very fun


Such a cope, they would have to hit one inch away from a part of the armor thats 10mm then high roll to get that much damage, and that requires, you know, aiming. If you are more than 4 inches away from a part of the armor the calculation is going to go through the armor armor at impact which will be at least 100mm, that's already 110 damage reduction from 600. Even then no one's deck is 10mm, the IS-7s deck is 30mm. Also you know, HE can also do 0 damage if it hits someone's gun or side skirts, with an 18 second reload, you can't counter an 18 second reload? That's a skill issue. Sorry your Kran that has a 1,400 HEAT clip can't out DPM a Type 5 with flat armor while it's reloading for 18 seconds.


The real kicker would be if they buffed type 5’s armor to 400 except on weak points. Now we’re talking. Keep the shoulders and cupola weak, the rest straight up to 400. Can’t see anything wrong with it.


You're asking to much because that would make it an actual playable tank. Then again WeeGee could give you that buff so people dump Free XP on the line then nerf it in a worse state later on like the French Heavy line.


nah, I can hardly imagine spending days of my time to earn few tiny emblems and 2d-style.


WG : " but would you do it for a DogTag?"


No but I'll let the Twitch stream runnfor a TOGII


Tog II is always worth it


I created a whole new account, email address included, just for an invite code from TheRussianBadger that included the TOG.


wdym TOG is up there for most broken tank, just look at that HP pool at T6!


Half way there buddy. Fingers crossed I haven't missed a day.


perfect for grinding crew skills, creds and field mods in your new tier X. I got 3 ready to go


Also battle pass points and hopefully daily missions like you could in the last onslaught season.


nice to see a person who doesnt need bonds.


on old ranked you were like 7k bonds per few weeks + free equip (bond turbo/bond hardening) at the end. now its like 1500 with daily missions? not even comparable.


not sure what you are talking about, but onslaught was 3k bonds + free equip last time.


thats the problem, not anymore. there are daily tasks which will give you 1.5k and thats it.


They really slashed the kind of rewards you can get for these events now. Like when Frontline came out, it was SOOOO good, now, meh.


Well, FL had a few... [issues...](https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/gci8f7/welcome_to_frontlines/)


I like how WG is admitting that a tank that went into the game just over a year ago is forgotten lmao


Freudian slip


No ranked shop access => no onslaught for me.


Playing the M48 Patton again was fun. It was my first tier 10 😃


I love my patton. My first tier ten. It was never forgotten


It’s really frustrating to play. It was my only med on my first season of ranked, it’s really hard to play it over a stb. I was repeatedly getting raped by STBs and UDES, the turret is so fat and unreliable and it feels very sluggish. Personally, once I unlocked my Leo I sold it and never looked back. Patton has a nice gun, but it isn’t very accurate. It doesn’t have anything else to really make it fun to play. Which is a shame.


\>be me \> not play wot for years \>come back \>America tank fan \>wtf is a pawlack tank? \>newest videos on youtube say M-V-Y is next best meta tank \>start grinding \>finish tier 8 and decide to go no further cause M-V-Y is clearly bad \>wg gives me sick skin for it \>fuck now I have to grind it \>stuck with shitass tier 10 that I don't enjoy


That dude's voice is awesome. He's like the Don LaFontaine of WoT.


if im gonna play toxically i want atleast something cool for the work i put in, not a skin


Not my yoh :(((


Where is the agrimotor?


Sorry what's the point of this? Useless Bonds? Pass


how are bonds useless lmao, most important currency


2nd most important. The new meta are these shitty components you get from breaking down the special equipment.


Ok you got me, not useless, but 1/2 of a bond equipment, or 1/50th of a shitty bond tank to dedicate every non sleeping or working hour I have to grind for 6 weeks. Oh and its not the most important currency anymore. Why grind whats on its way out? Still hard pass.


yeah I get what you mean, really bad rewards for a gamemode you need to actually tryhard


perfect for grinding crew skills, creds and field mods in your new tier X. Also gives you a break from randoms


Great answer. You just outlined the only valid reason to play this mode.


Silver income for playing a tank in randoms should be directly tied to it's global win rate. Give people a reason beyond meming and grinding through a line to play shit tanks.


People are still going to yell at you for your offmeta pick