His index is a guide only and should be treated as such. Granted a very knowledgeable player, but still an opinion.


Of course it's just a guide, but usually skills judgement applies pretty good and when a tank is purple because of good gunhandling and good hulldown performance it's because the gunhandling and hulldown performance *is* actually good. This is the first tank where I would say, that its outright wrong - but since skill is a way better player than I am, I prefer to blame myself and question what I am doing wrong before blaming the tank for my inability to play it :D


Good players tends to value the gun and mobility over nearly everything else because they put themselves in positions shooting without anyone shooting back most of the time. And especially good gun depression allows you to take cheeky positions and take cover quickly.


Armor also has the least dependability of any other stat. You can be out tiered or outgunned very easily. So it stands to reason that really good players value the other stuff a little more. Especially when good positioning means you don't need armor, or that having armor can be completely negated by the wrong tank. ​ There are no tanks that can negate your other tank stats unless you count being tracked.


> There are no thanks that can negate your other tank stats unless you count being tracked. Yeah, except arty. Maybe that's where the salt comes from, especially from better players. You cunningly position yourself on some hulldown clown-clubbing position and no one can do anything about it unless you are on an arty line of fire.


See I consider hulldown to be armor. So arty is only more reason to ditch it for stuff like mobility and stealth. Gun pen especially wins out over armor. You can have lots of armor and it can mean nothing if you aren't trading damage.


There's a difference between armor thickness and usable armor. Something like the T32 has bad hull armor, but the turret is so good that tier 10 tanks will have trouble penning it. You either go paper thin, or have enough armor in places for very specific roles like sidescraping, hull down, etc. So pen/damage/dpm/speed are always useful, while armor is only useful in specific situations.


Well. During one game i watched in his stream he changed his opinion of a tanks gun handling about 4 times.. I mean, yeah he is a great player but it’s hardly scientific is it? Lol. He also gets a downer on certain tanks and absolutely nothing changes his opinion. Not having a dig at the bloke, he has to entertain and it’s all part of his banter etc..but it’s the impression I come away with.


When I was playing it it was indeed a pretty damn good T8 medium. I honestly did not find it as strong as something like a T-44, but it plays a completely different role and style and I tend to be more of an aggressive player. I think the rating is… well depending on what you like it can be one of the best mediums at tier 8. Mobility is good, gun is good, flexibility is there. Alpha and pen both good as well, and iirc had good shell velocity too. The only thing really lackluster about the tank is the armor. I think certainly the tank is not easy to play for a fair bit of people though.


Yes he is knowledgeable and experienced and a great player but there is a thing called personal preference. You can look at stats, spreadsheets and opinions all day but in the end the only thing that matters is your personal experience. I unlocked my first tier IX 3 days ago, the WZ-120, Mr. 3 degrees of gun depression. Like, objectively it has so much going against itself there is literally no reason to play it over any other MT. And yet now that I unlocked every module I'm loving it and performing really good with it because I LIKE THE WAY IT LOOKS. That was 100% the criteria I used to chose which line to grind, the tank I thought looked the coolest.


Honestly, the way a tank looks is enough to keep me going with it, ST-II for example


Yeah exactly. If you like it the days in which you suck with it won't feel that bad


Glad I am not the only player that keeps tanks for their looks. Eg Centurions, not the greatest in game but they look great.


Cent AX is tier 1 right now




> Mr. 3 degrees of gun depression. With a 122mm that pokes 440 alpha holes trough 340mm armour. Don't forget that small detail ;)


Absolutely true. It's the highest alpha for tIX tree veichles without counting clip alpha. But I mean it has so many drawbacks that if it wasn't the case the tank would actually be dead weight lmao


Hey, I liked that one too! Sadly, it's crew now sits in the 121.


I'm close to the 121 and I prefer the WZ aesthetic so we'll see if the performance can outweight the looks 😂


Idk, it's pretty much the same tank playstyle wise. 440 alpha is nice, but if you enjoy the 120 there's no reason to move to tier 10. And you can always get the 121B from the bond shop if you feel like playing tier 10 anyways.


I had the very same comment. I’m a fairly experienced player (20k+) and I don’t understand the suggestions on this one.


The tank has a very high skill floor but it kicks ass if you use it right. I hated it at the beginning of my gri d for it but eventually grew to love it


I am no where near skills level but when I first started I struggled with that thing but I friggen loved it by the end as I learned how to use it


The tank is very comfortable imo. I liked the gun really much (apart from reload time) and the platform was pretty good. Good gunhandling, decent mobility.


No if u look at his guide scorpion is still rated 5stars it used to be but it isnt op anymore not even su 130pm


Idk i just love it. Its very snappy, and the flexibility with the gun Depression is insane. Play it enough and when you get it its amazing. It is a hard tank though, you need to really understand the game. It has a high skill floor and cealing.


Yep, he for instance puts vents on nearly everything but is also a guy who runs food and can afford bond equipment on most stuff. A great guide but not gospel, knowing how bad you are in the game compared to him helps a lot.


This exactly.


The UDES is very hard to play well. For most players, its a very tricky tank that can feel overwhelmingly punishing to play. Its a weird pseudo-TD disguised as a MT, and should be treated as such. Most of the tech tree mediums at tier 8 also happen to be mediocre at best, often way worse than that. There’s a good amount of terrible tech tree tier 8 MTs, like the TVP VTU, Pershing, CS-53 and T69. The competition is thus very low, so being one of the best *tech tree* medium tanks doesn’t mean much. The UDES still gets shit on really hard by a lot of premiums, particularly the Bourrasque.


Did you just talk shit about my boy, the T69? Ill have you know that it's my favourite T8 tech tree medium and is therefore the best tank there is. Please correct your opinion as it's different to mine and thus objectively wrong. All jokes aside, I find its clip potential rather hilarious. Playing it on full gold and with some bond equipment obviously makes it more viable but doing so is quite worthwhile.


I played it a bunch in FL, sometimes even over the Progetto. It was rather good imo. The cool thing is, noone respects you. Noone. Not even those below 1k hp, wich is rather bold considering the 960 clip damage tbh... ;)


rip Pershing, it used to be so nice :-(


I’m old enough to remember when T69 HEAT spam was all the rage.


I miss when the T69 was playable. It's a neat looking tank that has been absolutely dickslapped by the ever growing power creep at tier 8 that is destroying my will to play the game.


T69 heat was the only means for a T69 to contribute to the match. Your only other option was to have a meat shield push in so you could clip a tanks side.


Used to? The only thing it ever had going for it was the gold pen.


The mantlet used to be 305mm vs AP, and the rest of the turret had adjusted slope/thicknesses so the odds of going through anywhere else were slim to none. It wasn't much thinner than a T32. Now it only takes 210mm AP to go straight through just about anything on it


had pretty bouncy turret and great view range and was allround versatile tank with good soft stats. But we are talking 2011 when competition was different from now.


The Pershing is still good if played well. I don’t mind peeps underestimating it ;-)


T8 tech trees are at best worse than their premium versions and at worst completely outmatched by a premium not on the tree.


this honestly is pretty close to the lansen c, which was my favorite tank in the game for a long time. idk how it performs *now* since I haven't played in nearly two years, but still.


I am a triangle player and for me UDES 14/15 is very good. Maybe because every tank is a TD for me.


Tvp is defender killer


I once saw a streamer (circon iirc) kill a Defender while driving a TVP VTU. Once.


Outta em all the CS 53 was the shittiest thing. I've marked the other 3 lol. CS I sold so fast the credits were still glowing with heat from the mint.


It's pretty mobile and has big dick alpha gun combined with decent DPM - it's scales with the player to a ridiculous degree, can go from "literally the best tank ever" to "literally the worst piece of shit I've ever played" in an instant, depending on how comfortable you are with these weird TD/medium, glass cannon hybrid tanks.


Pretty much this. If the OP ever played the American T20, this tank is the same thing but tier 8. Same playstyle, similar strengths and disadvantages, with the difference being one has a front turret while the other has a back turret.


T20 is the first tank I ever 3 marked. Love that little beast! The amount of games that I was bottom tier and top players on our team… so much fun


Regarding tech tree tanks it is one of the best Tier VIII mediums in my opinion, but it’s competition in the tech tree at Tier VIII is pretty dire. Only the Centurion, UDES 14 5, Pantera and the T-44 are even worth playing at Tier VIII medium, and UDES is up there with the Pantera for the best ones. In all honesty I think the gun is what makes it good. The handling isn’t ‘good’ but for the alpha it handles surprisingly well, considering most high alpha mediums at this tier have way worst accuracy or aim time. The camo and view range are both pretty good for this tier as well, and whilst the turret has no armour, it is very small and not the easiest thing to hit considering the gun depression is insane. It’s also decently fast, good p/w, the hull can auto bounce a lot of shells and the DPM isn’t high but it’s perfectly acceptable for 360 alpha.


T 34 2 since gun buff is very strong imo one of the best meds i played in tech tree


i struggled so much in that tank, the gun depression fucking kills me inside. not to say its bad but i hate how inflexible it feels


It has high dpm, high alpha, decent aim, great HE rounds that fuck up other low armor meds etc, and armor capable of bouncing some rounds, nice enough camo and view range, and those outweigh it's low gun depression by mile.


I mean the accuracy is garbage though, along with shell velocity. Any engagement outside of 200 metres is very inconsistent. I agree though, the damage output is very decent at close range


Hard agree, it's a very capable tank nowadays.


Agree, and I couldn't agree with your flair more. The tier 9 is awesome to play, despite the lack of pen.


The Tier IX is basically an OP chassis balanced by a below average gun. It can easily square off with most Tier IX mediums it fights, which is why I love it.


there is a reason it has 1 stars on "beginner friendliness" (imo it should be 0) it can be an insane BS tank IF you learn to use its quirks, you arguably do not play this like any other T8 med well not like any other has hydro suspension. I would say watch his vids on the marking of this tank.


Kunze? STB 1? owO


a tier 9 with "siege mechanic" and a tier 10 with no mechanic. already failed at tiers. that the tank had that suspension means nothing for the in-game mechanics.


I’m grinding this line as it’s top of the tree and I really liked it, but it’s not really a medium tank, you have to play it more like a turreted TD, it plays like TVP 100 with gun depression. If you are looking for a full on mobile flanking med then it probably isn’t for you.


The TVP is my favorite tank, but it actually has fantastic gunhandling unlike the UDES here. I swear, with the UDES I am the king of trackshots. Just that I'm usually not even aiming at tracks, unless I can do damage at the same time. It feels like with the UDES you have to seek close combat, but at the same time youre outgunned against everyone in close combat just because of how unreliable the gun is. What equipment did you mount?


The UDES is amazing. Armor is trash, but the gun is a beauty. Not easy go play tho.


It is truly one of the best mediums in the game, the gun is amazing and has good mobility and gun depression, you have to play it as a support tank to make it work well but in my opinion it is really underrated


you forgot to mention the 1.4k m/s shell velocity


Yea both standard and premium rounds are APCR and both feel great.


One of the few tech tree tier 8s that I’ve kept


It also got 1 star as beginner friendly, maybe its a skill issue.


If you are struggling with it you are probably playing it wrong. Play it as a very mobile TD. Move from Bush to Bush and ridge to ridge. Most TDS with the exception of Doom turtles like the t95, t28 and turtles you play in the very back in a bush and snipe. With this one you take advantage of flanks and support your team in the mid-range area. It works best peeking the hill in maps like "provocamp in a bushka".


I wouldnt even say that I'm struggling.. It feels worse, but after 40 battles I got my 2.5k wn8/1.7 dpg, which is alright for me - I just don't see how this tank might be a keeper or what I'm doing wrong that I find it so infuriating, hence the question :D But apparently its just all about being a sneaky bushwanker and not playing aggressively at all


Not necessarily A bushwanker. You can use it anywhere that you can go and peak the top of a hill. I play it more like I play a boresque. Zip around the map and try to find targets of opportunity. If you're peaking at the right angle you can bounce just about any shell that comes at you. You just don't want to be so close that they can get to your sides because then you're scrwed. It is a medium tank so it's not really meant to be played too aggressive anyway. Here is a good video on how to play it. [skills video](https://youtu.be/o7dVlbUIj7M)


It isn't a keeper because it gets better at tier 9 and 10 because you get some armour but it is all about abusing the gun depression and the low profile




360 alpha at T8 is really great. 390 at T9 is meh and worse shell velocity together with a worse power-to-weight ratio, speed and camo make the T9 one a downgrade. The T9 turret is not reliable, so it baits you into a playstyle that you would not dare in the T8 one.


This is a tank, that to stay with Skill, you either hate or love, no middle ground. If you love it you will do well (or of.you do well you'll love it).


Less gun depression


If you are doing 1.7k damage on AVERAGE you doing more than fine with it given the thing only has 1.4k hp (and no upgraded turret to add HP).


It just seems underwhelming because bullshit premium balancing shits in the face of any tier 8 tech tree tank


blasphemy! this is not acceptable - everyone knows best tanks in game are premiums. /s :D


I play this tank a lot ever since. Been in top 500 and top 1000 in Feb and March in it. It is frustrating but you play it for that satisfaction when the game is good. I don't know about hull-down performance of this tank. It's practically made of paper. Good gun depression is just so you can make shots in some weird positions. But hydraulics are slow and automatic so it kinda sucks. Bofors gun is the best thing about this tank. When it hits and when it pens, woohooo 450dmg. I suggest improving gun dispersion and view range and not sure about the speed. It is slow for me even with bounty turbo. Sometimes I use turbo, sometimes I use rammer to get that faster reload but stabilizer also works. But definitely, since I put bounty aiming my stats improved. Gun is not precise without help. I have 5x skill crew. Here's how it works on Glacier http://wotreplays.eu/site/6494037#glacier-higgsbosson1-udes\_14\_alt\_5


This medium tank is more like a turreted TD in fact... Playstyle quite similar to the Skorpion: OKish gunhandling, good mobility, 0 armor, good Alpha and mediocre camo after firing (TD speaking)


I loved it but couldnt wait to get some armor on that hulldown beast and when i got to tier 9/10 i reaally wws disappointed at the gun accuracy. Gun accuracy is such an amazing trait of this tank


Okay, I may be a bit spoiled after playing tanks Like the ShPTK, Leo PtA, Kunze, Caernavon a lot lately But the gun accuracy is amazing? 🥲 It feels like it cant hit a House from the inside sometimes Not even sure If I should keep playing the line reading stuff like that :D


Oh yeah i also got pta and hands down there is no comparison between the two. If you dont like the accuracy and shell speed already then beware other two are much worse. Point of this tank is to brawl and use its amazing gun depression so on the bad maps it can do much more than pta shptk etc.


In my experience, Udes 16 is about as (in)accurate as 14 alt 5, but at least has decent turret armor. Both are very good if you figured out how to play them.


You should swap vents for IAU, it helps with the accuracy.


Thought the same, but I kinda wanted to keep the bit of viewrange I have with vents .. but I'm gonna try it, I'm only 19k XP (or 35k dp, depends on what happens first) short of the UDES 16 anyway


Just unlocked the top gun. Accuracy is not as bad as you make it out to be. It stings as much as the Leo but the Leo imo has WAY worse gun handling than the T8. I run skills Vents + rammer + IA so the gun handles fairly well


Honestly I loved mine up until I decided to research the Charioteer, since then I haven't looked back at this thing lol. Play it like a mobile TD and it can work quite well for you, but if you try to brawl you're gonna have a pretty horrific time most of the time. Basically, if you like the Charioteer, you can probably enjoy this tank.


I love the look of British tanks, but god, do they not hit what you want. The charioteer is especially bad in that. The udes I can at least trust to hit what I aim at, but with any british tank, it feels like rolling the dice every shot.


I'm personally playing this tank rn, and it works very well for me. It has wonderful alpha damage, shell velocity and an accurate gun. It has no armor, but it's turret is very small and hard to hit from a distance, so if you know how to hide behind a ridgeline, you can pretty much safely snipe there. I also recommend moving a little every time when you get spotted, because if the enemy pre-aims you, you will most likely get shot. Also, use the top gun on it, everything else sucks.


I mean, it has okay mobility, it has okay camo and some weird extra-gundepression thats kinda useless, because you cant play hulldown anyway but comes in handy sometimes. But five stars for gunhandling? I swear, every shot that isn't fully aimed flies god knows where and every second shot that actually is fully aimed, manages to somehow fly into the tracks or bounce off an engine deck. It's like an AMX ELC bis on Tier 8 Five stars for hullldown performance? A flippin Skoda T 25 has absolutely no frickin trouble penetrating the turret front with his standard AP. How is that hulldown performance? Whats the purpose of this tank? It cant snipe, it cant trade, it can only zoom around trying not to get hit while getting free shots. But there are a lot better tanks to do that.


It doesn't have 5 starts on hulldown or gunhandling, 4 on both and I have to assume that he has taken into account what type of gun it is, so for a 360 alpha gun at tier 8 it has pretty good handling. As for hulldown performance you'll get penned in a Kran if you sit still on a ridge, so good hulldown performance doesn't mean idiot-proof, you can peek over a hill then retreat after you fire with relative ease and the turret is not huge so you can reasonably dodge shots as well.


Hulldown performance doesn't purely mean armor, but rather general ability to utilize ridgelines, which the udes is good at because it has great gun depression and p/w ratio + forward and reverse speed. Armor plays into it, but doesn't account for most of it.


Actually I totally agree with you, this thing is overrated imo. The gun cant hit shit and when it does hit it wont pen. I hated it quite a lot. I tend to use its camo to be a sneaky bruiser most of the time. I would actually prefer something like the t44 for t8 tech tree mts.


It's "one of the best" tech tree tech tanks for its tier and with it having a 47% global winrate you can make it work if you play sneaky and hull down. With so many tier 8 prems in the game, most of the tech tree tanks at tier 8 are all outdated and under powered. Also if you're not a good player you're not magically going to do great in it


This makes zero sense


meant tech tree not none.


He probable meant to say "non-premium tanks"


git gud


He says it is one of the best tech tree mediums, and you are right, he is wrong (2nd edit - and I digress, because it's the best tier 8, he is right in his language calling it one of the best tech tree mediums!). But not the way you think, because, statistically (edit - NA & EU), it is **the best tier 8 tech tree medium** in the game. Is is literally the best rated tank in all categories except spots. WN8 WR DPG Frags DD/DR K/D Survival


What site you used to see this




I like the udes line. it was the second tier 10 I managed to get after the T110E3. If you know how to use the depression on the right hills it can bounce shots.


If you want to have a complete answer, then get on Twitch and check out Skills marking session of this tank. He plays it really well. My answer would be to play it very carefully, prioritise not getting spotted and snipe from a distance. Gun handling isn't great, but when aimed fully, you usually will hit your target. This tank has 3 stong points, which is gun depression (probably what skill counted as hull-down), alpha and shell velocity. Combined with decent camo, it makes it pretty good for ambushing oponents and shooting them from unusual positions. Given that it's made out of paper, burns really easily and has really bad traverse speed, I generally avoid getting close at least for the first half of the game. When you play it to it's strengths, it's a really decent tank, but I value Udes 16 much higher as it actually has decent armor, while the gun is very similar. In this case my experience is much different than Skill's.


It is a good tank, but it's very difficult to play well. You need to make most of the gun depression, but you can't play it in the first line in a lot of games due to the lack of turret armour. Sometimes you need to snipe until better opportunities become available. The 360 alpha also makes it surprisingly good for city maps where you can support heavies. I had one big game in Ensk where I kept supporting my heavies while they took all the hits. Personally I would give it 4 stars.


Have you ever tried swedish mediums? I think they are better than (as i can understand) your underrated thoughts.


I remember loving this Udes several years ago. And now that I started playing it again... I love it even more. Maybe it's a style thing, as it fits me really well. It hits hard. 360 every 10 seconds is good. It has good gun depression and camo. So you can shoot and retreat behind the ridge as you didn't expose yourself too much or use bushes as a mobile TD. Gun handling is decent if you fully aim (important!). Shell velocity is awesome. You have no armor and you're not a brawler. But you know that, so you don't engage in dpm fights. You find a way to punish your opponent for 360, hide and repeat it again. If needed, you can even spot (again, camo, don't underestimate it). Amazing vehicle!


It plays extremely similar to the STRV 74 and Leo. You might notice that it’s the best T8 medium in the tech tree and yet it has paper for armor and has a 1 star beginner friendly rating It’s not an easy tank to play but if you enjoyed the T6 and 7 play style you are right at home. I don’t even have the top gun yet and I am very happy with its performance. Another tank I assume plays similarly (but don’t have yet) is the Char Futur 4. They both have no armor but great gun depression and powerful guns. If you can play that you can play this for sure. Also the T9 and 10 get more armor so that’s good


To be "the best" in something, it needs to be great at some things, which to balance things out means it must be bad at other things. UDES 14 5 is one of the best (good gun handling, good alpha, good pen) when you can play it to its strength (hull down, sniping from bushes etc) but less so when caught out in the open.


Because it is one of the best. It's fine if you can't make it work. It's not a Škoda so not everyone can do extremely well in it, it has to fit your style.


The udes line is amazing, my favorite grind of all. Don't play it like a regular medium tho


360 alpha


What makes it among the best tech tree timers is the lack of competition. Only the Pantera and perhaps the panther can really compete. Co pared to premium t8 meds this thing definitely is not a strong contender


Love the Udes. But you have to play really sneaky/cowardly for it to work. Act as a support flanker for heavies and bigger mediums.


Well it runs a winrate of 47.87% according to tomato.gg, so I'd say for the average player it's not a good tank. That's the problem will Skill's ratings, they are mainly for the unicums.


As others have mentioned, this is just a tricky tank to play. It's not a conventional do-it-all med. It has excellent camo, good gun depression, and decent spotting. This tank really accels at being a back-up passive spotter. I play it like my Char. Equip- Optics, Exhaust/Vents, commanders vision system, Skills- all camo, situational awareness and recon. On maps where you don't have any light tanks or only one, the UDES can play as one with its camo. It's not the most exciting tank to play, but when you play it in its niche roles correctly, it's really good. Try playing as a passive scout and see how you like it.


honestly its just a very high skill cap tank. the armour basically doesnt exist, but you have nice alpha, solid mobility, and excellent gun depression. you can play a variety of positions with it, but frontal engagements at close range are never advisable until necessary for late game carrying. its more of a tank destroyer medium hybrid. if you arent a unicum you will probably struggle in it. map knowledge, gold spam and the use of food are paramount to performance. its one of my favourite mediums in the game.


Skill doesnt rate tanks based ln their performance alone, but how they stack against other similar vehicles on same tier. Which is why tanks like Pantera get lower marks because Progetto is better. But UDES doesnt have direct competiton so its 5 stars.


The first game I played after buying top tier gun I thought the same. It's not an easy tank, and I'm not the best player but the playstyle suits me, and I told my dad that also plays the game, that it is one of the best tier 8 tanks I've played. It's a great vehicle.


I understand why people like it. Good camo, great alpha, gun depression, ok-ish gun handling. But I loathe this thing. Probably because of my play style tbh (don't like sniping, want to be active near front line). This thing doesn't have the gun handling to peak fight and snapshot, and it doesn't have the armor to stay exposed for longer than a second. Combine that with the rear mounted turret and you have a tank that's basically incapable of being anywhere near a brawl. I guess I just hate tanks that combine meh gun handling and bad armor, idk. Even sniping in this thing feels awful for me though. Accuracy just isn't good enough.


Skill tends to like very mobile tanks, and really hate slow ones. UDES is fast with 360 alpha and APCR/APCR. That's essentially all it has going for it.


Quite frankly, this is one of the worst performances I've had on a T8 medium. On the tier IX I finished the grind with 60 games and I ended up being 11th on the leaderboard for all Udes 16 players. I really loved the tier IX. I don't know why people say it's trash, but compared to the tier VIII it is 10 times better. It also has armor. The Udes 14 5 is absolute garbage IMO


**Considering what is "standard" for Tier VIII MTs:** 1. 90mm gun with 240 alpha damage, bad handling 2. Huge silhouette + bad camo 3. 210–220 pen 4. Decent VR + DPM The UDES 14 alt 5 may be very weak in regards to armor and gun handling, but it has a low silhouette, good camo, siege mode, 217 pen, good shell velocity, and higher-than-average alpha damage. I would 10 times out of 10 prefer an UDES to a TVP VTU, Panther II, Indien Panzer, STA-1, M26 Pershing, etc.


It's Awsome tank. One of my favs. Of course 3 moe on it.


I personally love it. It's shit at 1vs1, but it will bounce a round or two if you do it right and has a somehow powerful gun It's a great tank but I think it's very hard to play right and cannot be the one leading offensive, but it's a very neat tank


I liked the tank, so I agree. Hard to play well, kinda plays like a Leopard 1 as far as I can remember. So if you like that, you’ll love this tank


TBH I think there's a bit of Skill bias here, while the Udes is great with it's 6+6 degrees of depression, I don't see why it gets a 5★ in hull down when the AMX altproto gets 4★ with 11 degrees of non-seige limited depression and actual frontal turret armor.


Lol no idea. I hated it. No turret armour. Can't go hull down. Udes 16 is much more fun


your missing something


Play it as a stealthy sniper, with the 14⁰ of gun depression you can take some cheeky positions and be able to hide behind even smaller bushes made for light tanks on hills. The gun has decent alpha and handling, but I personally think the shell velocity is its biggest asset. You can easily take out EBRs or ELCs with the laser of a gun on the UDES. Take out the lights for your team and you'll have a hell of a better time getting your win rate up. Just remember to double bush when you fire, if you're able to that is. Arty and tanks with big guns will easily overmatch you but even some pretty normal heavies will too, so not being seen in the first place is a big key to playing this tank. You have decent base view range at 390m and decent moving camo of 13% (which is closer to the Bourrasque at 14.5% than it is to most other mediums around 10.5%) so you should be able to outspot most other tanks. Be patient, play the role of a stealthy sniper, never fire without a bush.


Udes 14 5 was an honor to play, I somehow aced that thing


Snipe well and don't get hit.


It’s a pretty average medium, with a very useful gimmick. The combo makes it a pretty good tank, but you have to actively play it. You can’t rely on the muscle memory you’ve built up playing more traditional meds.


Just a very good tank but not for everyone. Good gun all around, got flexibility, depression,... Precise tank which is seriously good in good hands. Also its pleasure to play


The tank is very strong in the right hands, for me it was a perfect fit 3 marked it in 93 games. The alpha is great the gun is very Swedish, meaning that you must fully aim and it will still miss 1/4 of the shots, the shell velocity is very good, gold apcr even better 1560m/s. The tank is very flexible and has super good camouflage (very underrated statistic in my opinion). This tank needs to be played at medium, long range. You want to be unspotted and sneaky have the first shot, reload get unspotted and repeat. Because of the high alpha the DMG will stack up quite quickly and the tank can spot for itself. Good luck!


14° gun depression


"Best" doesn't necessarily mean easy to play. The 14 alt 5 has a combination of things that make it useful- really great gun depression, it can get across the map pretty quickly, it has stationary camo only exceeded by 3 other medium tanks- the borat, the CS-52, and the Object 416 same for moving camo. There are 3 or so light tanks with worse stationary camo. All these things combine to give it the ability to get the drop on a lot of other tanks. Alpha and pen are both good for tier 8 mediums too. Unfortunately, the lack of armor means if you make a mistake, you'll be punished for it pretty easily, but skilled players tend to make fewer mistakes and those that can capitalize on the advantages mentioned above without making mistakes can rack up some pretty serious damage. As for what specifically to do in this tank to do well, someone else will have to answer that, I haven't got the map knowledge to really perform well in any specific tank, but a generic answer would probably include things like putting yourself somewhere you can make use of your camo and gun depression as much as possible and relocate as needed.


I'm a part time tomato and I got this thing to work out well for me. Whenever it performed well, it was in an environment where I could use the gun depression and not meet too many tanks at once. It's good at a distance and when the enemy isn't looking, even if RNG robs you of one or ten seemingly safe shots. Also make a habit of releasing the w key right before you go over a ridge to enable siege mode, I died alot in the beginning BC I didn't


the gun is AMAZING. good mobility, great depression and camo rating. its like playing a leo PT A


The Pt A is one of my favorites and it is literally better at almost everything Dont get me wrong, the UDES is far from Bad or horrible to play and personal-stats-wise theres not a big difference for me between UDES and Leo, but the Leo feels so much more comfortable to play imho


This tank is fucking amazing. Its a td with a turret. Has above avarage hp and no armour but buuuuut has good mobility, alright gun handling for 360 alpha and insane gun depression. Depression and camo allows you to peek the most ridicilous ways and get spotted after you fire. And you be perfectly fine bcz suspension mechanic is good on this. I turn my ass get into some random ass bush, fire and begone for 10 secs which is exactly the reload. What a fucking gem this tank is. And also 217 pen is alright but i use all gold for better pen and insane shell velocity for tier 8s.


it takes some time to figure it out, but once you do it's pretty good came out on top for an entire match as low tier vs. tier 10 once with around 4500 damage


Much of skills index is wack, but the uses is good.. flexibility is the main thing..


This is one of the few tanks I not only kept, but 3 marked during my grind. The gun handling isn’t great, but it has good camo and alpha. Late game this thing is a beast. What you should do: get a better grasp of camo mechanics and make sure your tank has concealment crew skills and camo paint. Shooting from unspotted is a big part of the gameplay.


360 Alpha with good pen and amazing depression and good mobility, nuff said


“One of the best tech tree mediums,” it’s a VERY different standard than “One of the best tier 8 mediums.” Especially at tier 8, the mediums get pretty rough.


Looking/following skill's index = 47% who cant look at tanks.gg and make up their opinion


Basically play it like a leo pta or leopard. You can play close if you know when to peek, but you are mostly just a decent gun on a pretty fast platform. The tank is definitely one of the better tech tree meds at tier 8 imo and can keep up with some premiums


Tank is good, but it has been a while since I played it. Might not be idiotproof but nice all around.


I am a newish Player (1 year now) and i just finished this line. It think this tank was pretty decent and i was just doing my thing. But i really wouldnt know why i would keep this tank after all. The next 2 Tanks in the other hand really were the best Tech tree Tanks ive played so far. I didnt even notice how i finished the t9 udes cause gameplay was so nice.


As Skill often says - it is a combination of the things. I myself just bought that tank cause top of the tree yada yada, and i am surprised. Altough i play that tank as a somekind TD instead of playing like a regular medium. Hulldown is a tricky thing do to automatic suspension. Remember, everyone has its own playstyle and everyone might find some "bad" vehicles as Epic and Epic Vehicles as bad but no one will ever say that CS 53 is good :D :D :D


I'll do a short and an in-depth explanation. Short answer? Layers of opinions on opinions. Overall at tier 8? it's decent to great depending on what stuff you run on it. 7/10. Here's the long explanation. Essentially, skill is weird. He tries to both have a public opinion and his own opinion in one rating. He does not judge it from the average players stand point with standard equipment, but from his fully-kitted viewpoint with all the bells and whistles. He tries to be mindful of how good a tank is in comparison to other categories, such as: tank class, playstyle, tech-tree or premium, etc. So you could find a tank that has 5 stars in gun handling, and it can be worse than a tank from another class (or playstyle or something) with less than 5 stars. IMO he really should have a more thorough explanation on his website, either with how his grading criteria works, or with each individual rating he gives to a tank. So why does skill think this tank is good. It's good when compared to other tech tree 'mediums'. The easy positives are: it's fast, has camo, and has good gun depression (albeit finicky to use). The gun is where some confusion is at. He rates the gun 4/5 for the following reasons. Its accurate when fully tricked out with equipment and consumables. Its accurate when considering it's alpha. It's accurate when considering it's class. It's accurate when considering it's a tech tree tank. And the great shell velocity boosts the "gun handling" stat as well. All in all, it's not very accurate, but after all the comparisons (and taking into account full bounty + food + his playstyle) it has pretty decent gun handling from his point of view. IMO this is a good tank, but skills index is not an objective review site. It's a well articulated blog. While he certainly has experience to back it up, there are a few issues that you might run into when looking at his site. You have to remember, it's not a general review catered towards everyones playstyle with standard equipment and everything. It's an opinion from skill.


360 dmg combined with pretty good accuracy and shell velocity, good mobility and very good gun deppression - cant be Bad, the gun tends to troll and many People think it has any armor beacuse the next tanks are having some armor, but this tank hasnt got pretty much any armor.


The UDES 15 16 better


High alpha dmg with relatively good accuarcy and shell velocity, very good camo with decent mobility + good gun depresion. One of the most underrated tier 8 meds in the game.


I'm sorry, but the gun accuracy and handling is so infuriatingly bad even with VStabs and IAU, I think its the main reason i dont like the tank... I dont get why people keep saying that, even the alpha doesn't make up for it. What good is alpha, if half the shots fly to the edge of the aiming circle Grille-style?


I mean... gun handling is far from being ideal, BUT its reasonable if you consider high shell velocity and alpha damage.


This tank in in my opinion one of grates tanks at tier 8. The key is to not be spoted. You have extreamly good camo with crew skill and field mod and use it to your adventage. You can reverse peek corners when needed but this tank is penned by any he shell basicly. Mobility is very good, good top speed and horse power ratio. The gun is the sweet spot. 360 apha apcr combined with the suspension that allow you to play inconvinient position. Also tank is very small so small trees or high grass gives full camo bonus. Dont fear to use gold on this one since its just straight up better with no downsides. And go the love of god dont try to play it hull-down.


It is NOT a good medium, a good TD.... yes..


Looks like this is one of those tanks with what I believe is called a "high skill cap". Note the 1-star armour and beginner-friendly ratings. This is not a tank for tomatoes, it would seem. One of those tanks where you have to be good enough not to get shot much. I guess you really have to know your maps, be able to read the game and just generally where and when to move. So I would totally suck in it! 😬


His guide calls the wz-114 a "bad" tank, meanwhile i had god tier matches with it.


The Wz-114 is an awesome tank, my wz-114 has a hp of 2640, a tier 10 Hp at tier 9, Bascially unkillable (can take alot of punishment) especially if you facing tier 7. Hard-hitting gun. Great AP pen. The only down side is Aim time (Great accuracy at 0.33 dispersion, but the aim time takes sniping frustating) Reload time (16 sec.) Reverse speed.


hmmm. What did I say? I did create a post about how bad this tank is 12 days ago. But now I add vert stab this tank is actually pretty good. The equipment should be vents, gun rammer, and vert stab. ​ Playstyle should be a mix between a leopard and an E50 (obj 140 or tvp would be a better comparison) You have a somewhat accurate gun, you play passive-aggressive. You snipe like a leo (but as far back as the leo) and brawl/flank (mostly flank) only when you know you can spend HP and survive, or you have to ​ In a nutshell, you support/snipe from the back not as far back as TD and sniping med like leo. You flank to support your allies. You brawl if you have to. ​ Note: You have a suspension like UDES 03 so snapshotting over a ridge will make you accuracy bad (aiming down in general) Unlike the STB. The dispersion is noticable when u use your suspension.


Check out Jingles video on it (it’s the second game in the vid you might have to skip forward) https://youtu.be/uWoH0cUH8TI


This is not a meta tank. Purple is a bit too much I think. Green should be enough. Good tank, not great


This is correct. Good gun, vamo, depression. Decent monility. Only weakness is no armour and hood players can play around it. And Skill has said multiple times that these ratings are just opinnions and not necesseraly best for everyone. And there arent that many great t8 tech tree mediums, but udes is definitely a great tank.


I disagree with playing it like a TD. Its view range, camo, and speed can make a big difference for your team in the early game. The alpha, DPM, and gun depression mean that no one is really eager to push you even though you're made of paper. All else being equal, any hill is a reasonably comfortable position for this vehicle. So the only downside is that you have no armor, but I see that as the norm. In general you shouldn't plan on blocking damage in mediums. Tanks that give you that option (like the IX-X Swedium turrets) are the exception. Source: 2000WN8 and 64%WR in it after 47 battles.


The index is sometimes accurate but very often reads like a senile fever dream transcript. Not sure how a competent player couldve put those opinions together


Lm an average player and more of a sniper, I’m not good with fast maneuverable tanks. Fast and a really good gun gets me every time. Fast reloads or an auto loader, well I know I’m not going to come out on top, I don’t give up because once in a while I do come out on top.