Fv215b my most played Tank got my best game so far in it and it’s hesh


i think its only natural people dont sell their tier X tanks.


SU-100Y. More reliable than the kv2, but I can still nuke tier 5 tanks


i don't sell any tech tree tanks, ever lol they all have somethin going for em all


But how do you deal with having so many tanks unlocked.. garage space limits you pretty hard


not sure, they just come out of nowhere tbh I've got hundreds and never had a problem probably got them from a while ago when they weren't that hard to obtain


Me neither, hated the old days of sell back and rebuy with a loss on the deal. At least with prems you can now buy them back for the gold you got from them. Like PREMMO they are the bank of WOTB to get us grinders over the silver crunch times in our careers.


I sold my IS-3 when i got 53TP


I love my sp1c too. taught me how to play lts. have 3 hard earned masteries. If you like that playstyle. try t71 and prem amx 13 57. I bet your gonna love those.


SP1C gang rise up, I'm at rank 38 atm, well on my way to rank 50


AMXmas. Fast, deadly, and cute as a button! Edit: oh, tech tree. Then, T71 for basically the same reasons.


AMX 50 B. Great mobility, great gun and armor profile that’s helpful from time to time. Only downside is probably the 20+ seconds reload time.


Any tips on the play style of it?


Tiger(P). The thing can go toe to toe with vehicles higher than it an survive pretty well due to the amazing front armor


Yeah it's a VII beast and not either of the other tryhard, P2W scum-bag VII hvys!


Mine is the black prince, very hard to pen, and good dps


Juste drive without ever stopping and start blasting. One of the most fun tank to play when MM allows it.


Ahh yeah I learned to fear that thing once I entered t6, t7. Unless you can sneak up on it from the rear or sides that thing is a monster


Is it really hard to pen? To me with the tiger p its so eas to pen


The toaster. What a beautiful gun!


Love to play it with the bathtub, to have the Bathing Toaster Toon!


Pretty much all of them. That's why my garage has 342 tanks! And I still have 100 odd slots free


Same. I've got over 220 tanks, and I couldn't bear to part with any of them. I always try to play them when they pop up with the birthday 5x2 awards, which is almost daily with that many.


T49 is the most fun light tank to play in tier 8 ngl. AMX AC 48 and the stupid strong traverse speed and gud dpm, plus gud armor Sheridan and Foch 155 are my favorite tier 10s


Sheridan is really fun, but personally i enjoy the T92E1 more. the smaller profile is more fun for me than the absolute brick that Sheridan is.


to each of their own i guess i liked T92E1 more than Sheridan when i first bought the Sheridan. now 263 games in, i fell in love w the sheridan more than the T92E1 cus of the uniqueness of the tank. no tier 10 can do what it does rlly


mauschen for me its the only tier 9 tank that i love and kept in my garage


The STA-1. I first played it when I was really improving at the game and it grew on me because I saw potential in it that nobody seemed to have noticed. I don't play it much anymore, but every time I do I have a blast. It's unforgiving but very satisfactory to do well in. Now it's even better than it was back then.


My T49. I even have it enriched.


Usually I wouldn’t waste gold on enriching, but I feel like I’m gonna save up to enrich the SP.


What does enrich actually DO?!


Gives it prem credit and xp earnings. So you'd be basically getting all the goodies you get when you play a prem tank.


ah cool so basically +50% right?


Yeah pretty much dude, it's not cheap though. I'd rather save the gold and buy an actual prem tonk.


It was with a 70% discount.


T49. I love driving around and going \*BOINK\* for 900


why are the two “T49” comments here downvoted? do ppl hate T49s that much? they’re not hard to deal with


Action X


I’m sure others agree but KV-2 is my choice. A mix of fun and aggravating I can’t find anywhere else.


M4A3E8… it sucks tbh, but it’s my first tank that I bought premium camo for, and I’ve had fun playing it


KV5, its a monster


Tiger 1, 2 and E75


All of them tier for tier are top heavies


Yeah, and extremely fun


Tiger II and KV-2


Panzer iii and the jageroo


Amx 13 75, loving this tank aint enough, i gottafuck it.


Tech tree tank - T30


Although I don’t part with anything. I’ve almost completely researched 4 tech trees, still grinding silver for a couple high tier purchases. And the rest of the lines are about 70-80% completed research Total tanks - 367


SU-152. I haven’t used it in roughly a year but I always loved its derp. Just can’t convince myself to sell it.


FV215B 183, Chimera, Emil 1951, ISU-152


KV-1 and KV-2. They were the first tanks that I spent a lot of time with, and hold a special place in my heart even though I never play them.


T110E4 I love regardless of how much I hate it


Gotta be the progetto 65, grille 15, and leopard 1 for me.


T29 SP I C t34-1 and of course a tank that I’ve had since the start the t1


T30, and Chinese mediums past tier 8 already sold the tier 7 but want it back, although not gonna get it now cause I am grinding currency to buy a tier 10 which big surprise is the Chinese heavy


t62a. my baby fr


Jagdpanther. Shits dope nice armor good gun great mobility what more does a man want


Oh SP 1 C 100%. My all time favorite tank, it just never gets old.


Lupus,it might not be the best but it looks cool


I see a lot of people talk shit about the t20 but I just really really enjoy playing with it


tbh.. my favourite tech tree tank is the gruesome Contracarro MK-1. one of the hardest tanks to do well in, and basically a sucky Minotauro, which is bad cause "apparently" it sucks.. ive done 18K dmg in it on AVERAGE in Uprising, and in realistic its untouchable, it oblierates tier 8's and does better so far then the Mino, and its pretty


The T30. I've never had as much fun playing the game until I got the T30 and had it fully trained and upgraded and was detonating russian tanks ammo racks almost every match for full hp. That was fun.


SU-130PM and Bourrasque. Brsq gave me loads of fun and 130 taught me how to use a TD.


If I told ya, you'd all get them and be better at them than I am, so I'd no longer be Hall of Fame. lol Will say the SU100Y which is a go-to fun tank for when your nights when all your teams were butter and the RNG of WOT hated you!


The AMX 13 and the Wz 112-2. The ladder's so small and funny and the former is easy to play with my playstyle. Theres also the M4A3E8 which I like because of the mastery I have and the good mobility and semi op gun and the fact that i can angle on rocks


SU-100M1 cuz I'm a masochist!


E100, big gun fun


KV1, because once upon a time, when you all were sucking your momma’s titties, it was a beast.


My tiger P good lord is it amazing no matter how bad i do i VERY RARELY do under 1k damage its always so good decent mobility decent damage amazing reload decent armor Now that i talked about my good tank im gonna talk about the tank that im still suffering with the t34/100 jeez the damage is ok and mobilites ok but thats about it its not even small so its easy to hit and the WHOLE thing has like 0 armor and the reload Oh god is it bad


Lorraine fearless :P But if I'm being honest its probably the Em1951 due to how much I love the playstyle or the Fv4202 as it was my first ever tier 10 tank


T67 so happy I got it back even if it is just tier 5


50tp is just such a strong tier 9 HT i really love its play style because its fast, good hull-down armor, and tungsten ofc.


For me it's AMX 13 75, it has the best of everything i think


53TP, ISU-152, Emil 1, Jagdpanther, SU-152. The list will keep increasing as I grind more lines.


At 15 , 183 :)


My stupid skoda t56. Slow moving, slow shooting. Horrible armor except for the turret. Buttttttt I have around a 50% win rate.


T71, I don't know what it is because normally I don't like lights too much, but it just works for me. It's a go-cart with a pop gun which makes it a flanking machine.